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  1. So the N number on this virus is 2. meaning everyone who gets it infects 2 others. There's 210 people in the US infected. anyone wanna play a scary numbers game and figure that number out?

  2. i live in Tampa, FL and work next to the cruise port.. I CAN NOT BELIEVE that i am still seeing people this week with their luggage walking pass my office to go jump on a cruise..

  3. the doctor said its not necessary to self quarantine but then says to stay home to not go to work for 14 days 🤷‍♂️

  4. All of a sudden, if a man does not vote for a woman because he doesn't believe that she is qualified, he's a sexist!? FOH Forcing the elicitation of a vote by trying to shame men is so manipulative.

  5. See if we had a UBI, not from taxes we would not have to worry about losing work for weeks easy to solve.


  7. The solution to most daycare needs while little children are out of school is to take the high school seniors and pay them to watch children. Seniors always need money and they like to have something to do.

  8. Those people aren't scammers I believe that's what we call a capitalist those people are capitalizing on the misfortune of the rest of the country there's nothing illegal about it Republicans have encouraged this type of behavior for decades

  9. That's it! Now I'm starting to get a little paranoid about this coronavirus speading, or maybe I shouldn't watch the news on a daily basis,which is the main source of my paranoia.

  10. Take vitamin D & C & cut sugar / carbs from diet. Washing hands with soap is superior to hand-sanitizer.

  11. Maybe thise $47 bottles of sanitizer are all tnat is available? If someone wants to pay the price, then they shoukd be able too. And thats that. Its called Capitalism. Supply vs demand. I wont pay that but i shoukdnt be abke to prevent someone else from buying it just because I feelmits wrong. Facists.

  12. It is depressing to see people and politicians in the USA still pushing to keep the Healthcare for PROFIT system. The crisis is now expanding its infectious reach in the USA and the present system is aiding and abetting it. Let alone all the clusterfucks the Stable Genius in Chief is making, is making it doubly worse. Even people in 'shithole countries', as the Orange Buffoon likes to refer to them, are getting a better response from their government than this Trump Republican Administration is.
    Way to go MAGA.

  13. 😳SEXISM? How can sexism be a suitable rationale for her loss when more women vote than do men? SHE COULDN'T EVEN WIN HER OWN STATE! If we constantly have women losing to men, it means WOMEN aren't ready to have America's first female president, not MEN. 😒Shame on you, Liz.

  14. We are lucky this virus is not deadly in the huge majority of cases. We can (we MUST, if we want to survive in future) look upon this as a test run that we are failing miserably. All governments on the planet should be sitting up and paying attention, and using this experience to make a proactive plan for the next instance, which COULD be the big one. Then we won't be running around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off, like we've been doing this time.

  15. This animation contains a basic overview of microbial disease transmission concepts and basic ways to minimize such transmissions. Watch and download here in English: https://sawbo-animations.org/274

  16. Dirty hands can carry germs that can spread diseases to others. Microorganisms such as viruses can enter our bodies when we touch our face, eyes, nose or mouth. This animation describes the importance of hand washing. Watch here in English (USA) https://sawbo-animations.org/76

  17. Hey, um, about not wearing masks…I get that the masks are to prevent someone who might be infected from spreading a virus, but…the whole reason this virus is so difficult to contain is that we don't know we're infected until we start showing symptoms, for somewhere around two weeks, possibly longer, AND WE CAN INFECT OTHERS DURING THAT TIME. Shouldn't we all have been wearing masks from the first moment we realized the threat, so that the disease could have been contained?

  18. So the upside is that Trump supporters will follow his advice. I hope he continues to hold big rallied and tell his supporters lies.

  19. Why show someone who claims "It's not so bad…" ???
    There are 3,461 official deaths as of now.
    Due to questionable reporting from China and the Middle East, the REAL death toll is many factors higher.
    Instead of showing someone who 'revovered', why don't you show people who have lost family members?
    By not showing the whole picture, NBC is downplaying the seriousness of the CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC.

  20. Elizabeth Warren faltered the moment she lied about claiming she was Cherokee and used that to further her career. She even said her parents eloped because her maternal grandparents didn’t approve of her father’s side being native. She had some balls for making those claims!

  21. Dear doctors, 6' distance does not work for people in cities and particularly on mass transit. Get real.

  22. Fear mongers..
    Lester the moles…. You should check out Corona, then report back on how it goes… Mr trusted name in news… We need your expertise on…. Something¿

  23. Gender didn't play a role. She's just stupid. Tulsi Gabard would be in the front if the Dems didn't push her out for not being their puppet. It's not about the voters, it's about the corrupt party.

  24. Ummm nbc leftists Gabbard is still in !
    Soo democrats are sexist ? You lefties attack each other w the same dramarama as you do the right soon as its needed.
    Sick people. Sick sick people.

  25. I walked onto my local drug store and they have hand sanitizer for regular price. Amazon shoppers are dumb and hurt local economy.

  26. The Government will one day be corrupt and filled with liars, and the people will flock to the one that tells the truth."- Thomas Jefferson

  27. Eat halapenuos hot peppers, drink whiskey or vodka, and lower your body temperature, a virus can't survive any of them

  28. Godspeed recovery to all the Good ole southern folks of Cookeville, TN. I lived in Lebanon, TN years ago. I also am a native of signal Mt. TN.
    God bless you all… Hang tough! ❤️


  30. April 2020 every us citizen must have a real ID or you can't enter federal buildings. You kind of think it's this virus thats going start separating people ???

  31. Don't believe anything they tell us about this virus. If this was real deadly they be acting quicker this is all political garbage

  32. Not enough test kit, however majority pharmaceutical LLCz popping up with their vaccines. Sounds epic/ fishy.

  33. the Health insurance industry typically will not provide coverage for NEW, Experimental, non FDA approved medical procedures. I think it is pretty obvious that if any hospital; submits a claim to any insurance carrier for treating a patient for the corona virus, the insurance company will simply say "Oh, we can't cover the patient for that. It isn't within the policy."

    This and only this is the reason why there has been very little testing being done.

  34. Straight rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Clean with it and spray on hands. That's what we clean with at doctor's offices. That hand sanitizer is glorified

  35. Having enough test is impossible, you cant prepare until you know what your working with, prevention is best, your asking for a miracle, be efficient with what test you have till they can get the number of test needed produced.

  36. "The Presisident's characterization of the crisis has come under scrutiny" is an understatement. Everything President Trump has said or done is heavily criticized.

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