100 thoughts on “Nasty Balloon Dart Challenge

  1. I wish on this episode they told us what they were drinking like they do on the actual Good Mythical Morning show.

  2. I love them so so so much together!! I really hope this kind of thing happens again! I’m going to go watch all their show now!

  3. You guys don't need to do this. Emily and Christine you can do taste tests like R&L and it would have probably been just as entertaining. Or the whole dart throw to guess were something is from. The two of you make great alternate and fun hosts. No need for the nasty stuff.

  4. Emily is funny. This needs to be redone, all the balloons different, not just each different color being a different liquid, each balloon individually, and Rhett and link play it.

  5. I can’t imagine the bending over and having to pick up their buckets and drinks helped any with the vomiting 🤣

  6. The reason i stopped watching smosh many years ago is becausr they let new people host the show and i hated it , im hoping gmm womt turn to have the same fate in my book , im a little dissapointed in you guys

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