Mystery Christmas Gift Challenge ft. Megan Fox

Mystery Christmas Gift Challenge ft. Megan Fox

– What does the fox–
– Get for Christmas? – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning. – And please welcome star of
the new Travel Channel series, Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox, it’s Megan Fox.
– Woo! (crew applauding) Welcome.
– Thank you. – Okay, now this show, Legends
of the Lost with Megan Fox, now you are gonna be
traveling around the globe with archeologists and
experts to re-examine history and kinda challenge some
age-old conventions. Now I moonlight as an
archaeologist in my mind. – Do you? – Is it as amazing as I imagine it to be? – I mean I feel like it’s
pretty, I do the same thing, I grew up, I always wanted
to be Indiana Jones. Not like playing Indiana Jones in a movie but actually if that could be a vocation, I would want it to be Indiana Jones. – Right. – He made it look quite appealing. – Yeah but I didn’t wanna
have to get a tenure at Harvard University,
I wanted to just be able to go do all the fun stuff and it is fun, it also… – Lots of brushes involved, like brushing. – It can be tedious and it can be, you realize how dumb you
are when you’re around– (laughing) When you’re around actual
archaeologists or scientists. – I think that would be
great for you, Rhett. – No, I’m picturing myself out there. I don’t want any real scientists. – Feeling dumb, that’s good. – I just wanna be out
there with a little brush and a big bone. (chuckles) – Well that would probably
be paleontologist. – Oh right, yeah, okay. – Ooh!
– You see I’m smart. – Now I moonlight as a present opener. – Okay. – So today we’re gonna open some presents. Are you game? – Yeah.
– Well then let’s play a game. It’s time for, What’s
In That Christmas Box with Megan Fox. – Now most of the fun
of Christmas presents is going under the tree, shaking them, trying to figure out what’s inside. – Ooh, are you a sneaky snaker? – No, I like to be surprised. – Me too.
– I’m a sneaky shaker. I’m gonna be an aggressive
shaker today because that’s what this game’s all about. We have a tree manned by Elf Davin, otherwise known as Delfin. (chuckles) – Hello Delfin.
– Hello Link. – And we’re gonna be
picking out one of these and then bringing it
over here to try to guess what is inside it. – All right and there’s
points associated with this, so if you can guess just
based on shaking it, you get three points, but
if you need extra help, you can close your eyes,
open the top and smell it for a chance at two points. If you still need more help,
you can keep your eyes closed and then actually feel of the present and guess for one point. – Are there gonna be live
things inside any of our boxes? – I have no clue–
– We don’t know. – What’s in anything.
– I mean knowing this show, potentially. (chuckles) – Yeah, and whoever gets the
most points at the end wins this amazing Christmas sweater. – Cats.
– Look at that. – I think I’m gonna throw this one. (upbeat chiming music) – All right Rhett, why
don’t you go first since you’re tallest and you’re
closest to the presents. – [Rhett] Okay, let’s
just go with something that looks benign. The green cube.
– Green cube. – [Link] He has chosen
the green cube, Megan. – [Davin] Merry Christmas, Rhett. – Thank you, Delfin. – Three points for just a shake. – That would be incredible
if you guessed it based off– – Oh. (liquid slopping) Liquid, that’s my guess, liquid. – And you only get one final guess, so, is liquid your guess? – No no, it is a liquid but
there’s no way I’m gonna be able to tell what it is unless I smelt it. – Okay. Honor system, you gotta keep
your eyes tightly closed. – Mm. Mm. I mean it smells like chocolate. – Chocolate, your guess for two points? – I guess I’ll feel–
– Do it. – Because I really, oh gosh. It’s pudding. – You’re not quite there. I will say that. – It’s just liquid chocolate. Chocolate syrup. – We need a final answer. – It’s pudding, man. – What’s your final answer? – Pudding is my final answer! – All right open your eyes. It was tapioca pudding, and
I think with smelling it, we have to decide, with smelling it, he’s gotta be more specific–
– It’s just one point! Come on, give me a point, man. Get in the freaking Christmas spirit. Megan, tell him to get
in the Christmas spirit. – Can I look at it for a second? Here, I’ll show you why I’m about to say what I’m about to say. I feel like there’s not a lot
of tapioca in the pudding, so maybe that’s not fair
in terms of him touching, he couldn’t really feel the sphere. – Megan, you’re falling
for his pity party. Fine, give him the point, Megan. – I think you get one point. – Thank you, Megan. (upbeat chiming music) All right Megan, since you’re not Link, you get to go second. – Okay, I’m gonna choose
the square, rectangular, red shiny gloss on the top of the round. – Oh.
– Wow, the flat one. – A little small one here.
– Merry Christmas, Megan. – Thank you. – He’s so friendly–
– Stop flirting. – [Rhett] He’s so friendly, that Delfin. – All right give it a shaky shaky. – Okay. (clattering) – It’s got some travel to it.
– Yeah. I don’t feel like this is gonna understand any more by smelling it but I’m gonna– (Rhett laughs) – [Link] Close those eyes. – [Megan] You wanna flip it for me? Just tell me if, is it
alive before I put my face? – It is not alive.
– It’s not alive. – I can safely say that.
– I can already smell. Ugh, okay.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s pretty intense, huh? – I’ve got an instant headache. – Obviously it’s a synthetic,
it’s not an essential oil set. – No. (chuckles) – I’m just gonna go with
a type of air freshener, because it’s too strong
to be anything else. – Oh ho ho ho! – Dang! – Yes.
– You got two points! – Got two points, yes, it’s– – There’s some coconut–
– Woo! – There’s some vanilla. – This one smells like America. (upbeat chiming music) – Okay Delvin, I’m
gonna take the blue box. – Is it Delvin or Delfin? ‘Cause I like Delfin. – Oh because he’s an elf. – I like to take the F from the elf. – Happy Hanukkah, Link.
– Are you Delfin or Delvin? – [Davin] Delvin. – He would be Elvin, not Elfin, right? That’s the elves are Elvin creatures. – Right but his name is Davin. – Guys, I’m sorry, this
is kind of my moment. (Rhett laughs) All right I’m gonna shake. – We’ll talk about elves later. (softly rumbling) – This is hard. Guessing with a shake. – This way is not giving me too much. This way, it’s got a moist
kind of a sound to it. Like a smacking, and then a pop. I got nothing.
– I don’t hear that. Do you hear a moist sound?
– I don’t hear moist. – That’s a weird projection I think. – Yeah you hear moisture where it’s not. I don’t know what that says about you. – Eyes are closing. What’s the gasp? Wow. (chuckling) It doesn’t smell good. – Don’t get too close,
you’ll end up feeling it with your nose (chuckles). – It smells sea-ish. I think it had a moisture,
I think it’s got some heft. I think it’s a octopus, but, I don’t wanna risk. I’m gonna feel it. That’s the only way to
know that I’m wrong. A little slimy. Moist! (Rhett laughs) – You were right about
that, that’s pretty amazing. – Yeah yeah yeah, oh whoa. – There’s multiple ones, oh my gosh, what? What do we have here? What do we have here? Okay. It could be a squid but
I’m going with octopus. – Look down, Link. (laughs) – That is, that’s horrible. – You know what, you did hear moisture. – I feel like he deserves
an extra point for that ’cause that was amazing. – I got one point and you’re
gonna give me a moisture point? – I feel like you deserve two points. – [Rhett] Link got a
moisture point from Megan. – [Link] You got some octopus on you. – [Megan] Ugh yeah, why? (upbeat chiming music) – Okay, I’m up again. I’m feeling somewhat cylindrical. I’m gonna go with the fat cylinder. – The fat cylinder?
– The fat flat big daddy. – Everyone feels cylindrical. – Pretty much most days.
– Complete and whole. – Yeah most days I do that. – At his highest level of being. – Oh gosh.
– Round and elongated? – This is heavy. (objects clanging) – Okay, all right. (clanging) – Wait, something just flew out. – Some moisture fell out, oh gosh. Oh I got moisture on me, do
I get points for that, Megan? (laughs) – No, that’s negative
points, that’s a hint. – Sometimes you shake and you get clues. That’s what shaking’s alL about. – The universe gave him that gift. – Are you formulating a
guess for three points? – No I’m gonna smell it. – Okay. – Oh. I wanted to, I wanna say tea
but that just seems boring. I didn’t ask for tea for Christmas. I’m gonna have to feel it. – Wait, hold on. Santa says be safe. – Santa says be safe? (crew laughing) You have a direct line to Santa? – [Davin] Yeah. – [Rhett] That’s a weird glove. Oh. – For one point.
– It is tea. It was a tea set and I broke
it and Santa wanted me to have a glove because he’s
worried about my fingers. Tea set.
– Final answer? Okay, you get the one point but you thought it smelled nasty? – You know, this show has scarred me. – It doesn’t, I smelled it. I don’t think it smells, smell it. – (sniffs) No, it just smells like tea. It’s oolong, I’m a fan of oolong tea, but it’s been so long since
I had oolong. (chuckles) (upbeat chiming music) – Megan, make your choice. – [Megan] Well I too
feel cylindrical today– – Oh do you?
– Yeah, I do. – [Rhett] It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? – [Megan] It does feel nice. – [Rhett] I wish more
days were cylindrical. I was cylindrical.
– Happy holidays, Megan. – Thank you. – Just slow your roll, man. (Rhett laughs) (rattling) This is kinda like an
archeological exercise. – Obviously I’m gonna have to, I’m gonna have to smell, so. – I think you just need to shake harder. You should get angry. – [Megan] So, what, hear the difference? – It’s changed.
– Yeah it’s almost like, now it almost feels more like
cake batter or something, so. – Okay. Close the eyes and give it a sniff. – Okay. – [Rhett] Mm, ugh. – Anything there? – I’m gonna say that that’s eggs. – Open your eyes. – You got it, scrambled eggs to be exact, but that’s more of your doing. (upbeat chiming music) Okay so with no choice left,
I’m feeling cylindrical but I’m gonna take that gold one. – Okay.
– ‘Cause that’s it. Let’s see, the only way
for me to win outright is to get this only on shake. – Yep. (rattling) – Oh, it’s sifty. – It’s sifty. – Okay I’m immediately thinking cereal, but that’s–
(rattling) – Some slipping out, don’t
look, don’t look, don’t look. – All right I’ll close my eyes. I’m thinking about archeology. I’m not looking at you,
my eyes are closed, I’m just pointing my face at you, Megan. Are you looking at me?
– I am, yeah. – I can feel it. (rattling) I think this is a fossil in
sand, and if I guess that, I could win, or I could go for a tie and then Megan and I have to
get in that shirt together. Probably not, right, I respect that. – Definitely not.
– As your friend, Link, I think you need to smell this. – I’m going for the tie with the smell. (groans) Oh gosh, it’s kitty litter! It’s cat! Cat litter, final answer! – Hold on, don’t you wanna
feel it to make sure? – No, no! Yes that is what it is. Oh gosh, is this Josh’s cat? – What the (bleep)? – Oh I’m sorry. – Okay, all right, that
means that y’all are tied. The only way to settle
this is for me to think of a Christmas number in my
head and whoever gets closer is our winner of the sweater. – Whisper it to the elf. All right, between what, one and 12? Okay, and the loser has to
clean up the litter box. – So the number is between one and 12? – Uh-huh.
– Okay, what if we say, we should say our
numbers at the same time. – Say the number at the same time. – Yeah. – Okay.
– Or wait– – I’m gonna count three two
one, then you’re gonna do it. – So three two one, say the number. – Say the number. – Not three two, say the number. – You’re competitive. (laughs) Three, two, one– – Five!
– Three. – Oh you went low. – I went three. – How did you do that? – Is it three? – It was three–
– Did he say three? – Yeah, three French hens. – Three French hens.
– Congratulations, Megan! – Oh gosh.
– Not only are you having a cylindrical day,
you’re having a Caturday. – And I will be cleaning
out this litter box later. – That’s real poo poo in there. That’s not pretend. – Have a Good Mythical Morning, Megan, and thanks so much for being here. You can catch Megan’s new
show Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox, premiering on
the Travel Channel tomorrow! – Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – Now you say–
– You know what time it is. – Uh, you know what time it is. – [Together] Hi! – My name is Jade.
– My name is Jillian. – My name is Anna. – We’re medical students from Indonesia. – We just finished our
secret Santa exchange. – It’s time to– – [Together] Spin the
Wheel of Mythicality! – Hopefully they didn’t
give each other cat poop. Click the top link to watch
us look at some of the worst Christmas light displays
ever in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Be your Mythical best with these logos on your chest. New logo tees available
in a variety of colors. Get ’em now at

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  1. I'll give Megan a thumbs up for her effort in this episode… It's not always easy to be a guest on GMM, but you gotta hand it to her………

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    I couldn't be more wrong.
    She so nice and kind. She being herself made her one of my favorite guests. I really don't understand the hate that she received from some of people in the comments.
    I was in love in her when i was a teenager because of her looks, later i was in love with her for her movies and her skills, and now i'm in love with her personality.
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  5. I think they should try to get Dwayne Johnson on the show and eat nasty stuff because he would do it and it would be funny and awesome

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  16. Trust me, I used to be an extremely introverted person and I'm still am introverted but not as much I used to be, but the bottom line is, that I know one when I see one. I'm near certain that Megan is just maybe introverted and is not all that easy to get accustomed to new people, shit I know I'm not, and if I went to GMM I would probably be like her, just chillin and listening (I like listening to people, especially if they are interesting, which Rhett and Link are) and certainly not talking as much as Rhett or Link.

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