100 thoughts on “My Random Thoughts (James Edition)

  1. Im from the south and i have literally never heard "the devil meeting/beating/whatever-ing his wife" 🤣🤣 eveyone i lnow just says Sun Showers

  2. 3:06 my dad expect me to say a quarter to 8 too and I just want him to look at his digital watch and not say it's a quarter to 8 I just want him to say it is 8:31 or any other time

  3. I looked at hairless animals but %99 of them weren’t scary or ugly, the only one that was scary was a hairless giraffe. But it wasn’t scary because I have a hairless cat as a pet

  4. Some people choose to own hairless cats, when there are perfectly good hairy ones. Some people actually like the emaciated scrotum look for their cats.

  5. Dude. In Tennessee we all say the devil is beating his wife. At least my family. I was born in Tennessee by the way..

  6. in some places theres "the devil and his wife are fighting for a bone" and theirs also "the devil and his wife are getting married behind the church"

  7. Ok i didn’t know that the devil beating his wife was not a thing in other places and so now I know why every body looked at me when I said that Georgia

  8. I don’t watch the safety video… there’s a good reason… I have it memorized because my parents are pilots

  9. I love your videos so much. There are so funny, cool and relatable. I watch them all day. And I really want me you. You're videos put a smile my face. Keep up the good work. Your awesome.😘☺️😋😛

  10. One form class my teacher was doing riddles and he had that armies, sleevies joke and someone in my class got the answer and i said Theodd1sout? He said yes

  11. Actually I’m B blood type and my father is an O blood type and I get like 2 mosquito bites(per hour outside!) and he gets like 1 in a day

  12. James: just go to google and search hairless animals

    Also James: – Types hair lase am=iansls

    I feel im being scammed

  13. Restaurant Menu For Mosquitos.

    Blood type1
    Blood type2
    Blood type3
    Blood type4
    Blood type5
    Blood type6
    Blood type7
    Blood type8
    Blood type9
    Blood type10


    Colin’s Blood
    Blood of Colin’s grandma

  14. Me while watching the video: I think hairless animals are cute!!! How DARE they say hairless animals are ugly!

    My other me: your probably the only one who thinks hairless animals are cute. Stop yelling at people about it!!

  15. What do you expect from Mississippi then? People marrying their cousins or siblings? Only 8% of people in Mississippi do that? Love your videos tho! KEEP MAKING MORE!

  16. They said up your sleeves and he has no sleeves and so it’s on the ground and there gonna dig it up in the future

  17. Right now I’m watching this in Tennessee and I thought it was weird that it was pouring rain when i got here AND A VIDEO THAT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH RAIN AND TENNESSEE IS CRAZY

  18. In my country when it’s raining and the sun it’s out we say “La bruja se está casando!” wich translates to “The witch is getting married”

  19. The Wikipedia article said that in Estonia, Lativa, and Lithuania, they call the sun-rain 'orphan tears.'

    So now we know what became of the devil's wife and daughter.

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