My Podcast — The Create Unknown (ANNOUNCEMENT)

My Podcast — The Create Unknown (ANNOUNCEMENT)

Vsauce! Kevin here. Welcoming you to The Create Unknown — my
brand new podcast ripe and ready for consumption in your earholes and brain folds. There are two episodes up already, one where
I speak with Destin from SmarterEveryday. We discuss the engineering complexity of putting
sprinkles on snack cakes and he tells me his real dream job which you’d never guess in
a googol years… In the second episode I speak with meme lord
generals Dr. Grandayy and Dolan Dark. I discover a secret about Dr Grandayy that
blows my mind and I ask Dolan Dark about the origin of making Vsauce memes. And then I bring them together for their first
ever conversation using their voices. I made my first YouTube account in 2006 and
since then I’ve always found it fascinating how people get into being YouTubers. How they start, how they survive, how they
develop and grow. Like, I was living above a hot dog shack,
working at a chicken wing joint and making videos on a laptop when I first started. You’ll get to hear those stories about me
— and those types of stories from your favorite creators. And this podcast is finally my opportunity
to pick the brains of the biggest YouTubers and allow them to talk about their incredibly
unique journeys. Joining me is longtime Vsauce2 contributor
and friend, Matthew Tabor. He’s able to lend his globe-trotting, interdisciplinary
outsider’s perspective on the business of being an online creator. I’ve actually brought together a ton of
talent for this. BloodyChrome did the branding, Eric Langley
created an incredible animation, the custom music was produced by Mega Drive, and each
guest getting a hand drawn illustration from Tim Webster. And that’s not even getting into the actual
guest list. All of your favorite YouTubers — and you
get to hear me crack open their creative minds for free. Every link that you need is down in the description
below. No matter where you are — The Create Unknown
is there. Subscribe for free on Apple Podcasts, Google
Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, Castbox, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Overcast, RadioPublic, Breaker,
Swoot, TuneIn and pretty much everywhere else. Just search The Create Unknown on your favorite
podcast app and you’ll find me. And if you want to support the podcast please
leave a review. It really helps spread the word. New episodes will be releasing every other
week and in-between episodes you can connect with me on The Create Unknown twitter, facebook
and instagram. Oh and episodes with Michael and Jake are
happening. To hear them, though, you have to subscribe
to The Create Unknown. New Vsauce2 videos will be coming soon. Let me know down in the comments who you’d
like me to speak to. But for now — you are about to enter The
Create Unknown. And as always — thanks for listening.

100 thoughts on “My Podcast — The Create Unknown (ANNOUNCEMENT)

  1. I'm actually looking forward to Monday now so I can listen to this in work! I'm excited. Love the lighting/aesthetic and music by the way.

  2. I wish you'd kicked it off with YouTubers I cared about. I think I'm going to violate my rule with podcasts and only listen to episodes I think I'll like.

  3. Felix Kjelberg, Matt Carriker, Felipe Castanhari, Jane Douglas, Ashley Jenkins, Derek Muller, John and Hank Green, Ian McCollum, James Reeves…. This is a diverse list..

  4. how the hell are you financing such things!? And then make it for free! Great jobs to all of you guys who was involved in such an amazing project!

  5. It may only be the style in which this is filmed or some sort of frame rate editing that has occurred – but this reads in a way that makes me think you recorded the audio separately… and then mouthed the words. With extra expression in your face to make it more visually interesting. If I'm right can I have a cookie?

  6. Can you make a video on the biggest number that exists? Not like infinity, but maybe the biggest temperature or the biggest scientifically proven to be type deal

  7. Please get MatPat 😀 There are no podcasts with him unfortunately, my favourite YouTubers are the Vsacue team and MatPat 🙂

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