My New Room and Workspace

My New Room and Workspace

– [Thomas] Your turn to
hold the camera this time. – Fine. – What’s up, guys? So I know a lot of you have been asking me to do an updated room tour, and I thought it is high time to do it because I actually just moved to Denver, which is probably one of
the biggest life changes I have ever gone through, but luckily my good friend Martin, who is holding the camera right now, is here with me, so that’s pretty cool, and as a result of moving here, I have a brand-new room
slash studio slash workspace, so I want to give you guys a tour and show you some of
the gear that’s in it. Let’s go. Welcome to the brand-new studio. So the biggest thing about this room is that it’s no longer a room for me to really hang out in or sleep in. It is entirely a work room at this point. It’s my studio. It’s my editing space. It’s where I do a lot of
my B-roll and animations. I’ve been able to actually turn this space into something that I dedicate 100% to creating videos and podcasts, and I’m gonna show you some of the gear that I use to make all that happen. So let’s start with the desk gear. I think the most standout
part of the desk gear is these monitors which
are on these arms here. So these are the Dell U2412M monitors. I got these a few years ago, and if you’re looking to
get monitors like this, these are excellent, but there’s actually a new
model called the U21524, I think it is, and it’s
basically the same price, but it’s pretty in every single way. It has more ports. So definitely get that if you’re looking for double monitors. They are each on a
Freedom Arm from Ergotech. I decided on two singular arms rather than one dual arm, because the desk goes up against the wall and I wanted to help a
little bit more flexibility with how the arms were structured. And then let’s see, what else we got here? The desk itself is the
Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk, so I can actually move it
up to a standing height. I can move it down to a sitting height, and that lets me vary up my workday. I can spend some time standing
and spend some time sitting, and that is much better for
my back and my overall health. On the desk we have a
Logitech gaming mouse. We’ve got a SteelSeries mousepad, which my absolutely favorite mousepad. I think it’s the best mousepad that exists on the face of the planet, so definitely get that one if you’re looking for a new mousepad, and the Razor BlackWidow keyboard, which I’ve had for a few years and is still going strong. These are Mackie, I think
they’re called CR4s, and they are studio monitor speakers, so these have a very flat sound profile and they allow me to mix audio in a very accurate way that’s good for a lot of different
types of audio systems. Podcasting setup. We’ve got a boom arm. This is, I think it’s a Heil boom arm, and on the end of this boom arm there is a Shure SM7B microphone. This is actually the microphone that Michael Jackson recorded Thriller on and is what I record all of my podcasts and voiceovers for videos on, and that goes into a Mackie ProFX8 mixer, and this basically gives
me fine-tuned control over all of the audio levels. I’ve also got little TASCAM
recorder hooked up to it, and this thing just lets
me take a backup recording every time I’m making a
podcast or doing an interview, so if the power goes out or something, I’m good and I’ve got a backup recording. One other cool little feature of this desk is that it’s got this
swiveling drawer built in, so I’ve got quick access to
the stuff I use most often, scissors, pair of headphones
that I use for phone calls, Sharpies, pens, pencils. Got some sticky note pads in here, a pencil sharpener, and I do stash some SD cards down there for when I need ’em as well, and then over here we have
a flip-out box cutter, which is useful for when packages come in. And then there is the chair. This is the Office Master OM5, and it’s an ergonomically designed chair. I figured that if I’m gonna spending 40 or 50 hours a week sitting
on my butt editing videos, I’d better be doing it in
something that is designed for keeping my back healthy, so I got this a few months
ago and it is excellent. It was an excellent investment. So over here we have a curtain that basically never moves. In fact, it is attached to the wall. Over here I’ve got my whiteboard, where every single night I write what I’m gonna do the next day, so Thursday, this is
what I wrote last night. I’ve also got a cube organizer here. This is from Target. You can get it at pretty much
any Target that you want, and this is where I store
pretty much everything that I need to access on a regular basis. So down here I’ve got
a lot of filming here. There’s mic cables, XLR cables, my DJI Osmo camera’s in here. GorillaPod’s in here. All sorts of cords and an iPhone mount for filming on the iPhone. Top drawer, got more pens and pencils, all the, like, office stuff you get from Staples, pretty much. A whole lot of other
kind of stuff in here, extra batteries, lots
of really boring stuff, but this thing is probably
my favorite thing here. This is the Perplexus Ultimate, and it’s not really for work, but it’s, like, my favorite toy ever, and it’s just really
good for taking a break and doing something kind of tactile when you don’t want to work. Another thing I’ll mention
about the cube organizer here is I have this plug strip. It’s actually Velcro-ed
down to the surface, and this just gives me
easy and instant access to outlets for charging
my camera batteries, my iPad, and keeping
the shredder plugged in when I want to shred stuff. Also got some Command hooks on the wall to keep this headphones
nice and organized. This is the one I use for podcasting and this is just a pair of headphones that I love and that Sony
doesn’t make anymore, so I try to keep them in as
perfect a condition as possible, and then we have the
YouTube subscriber button. So let’s move on to the part
that I am most excited about. So for the past two and a half years, I have had to set up and tear down some part of my filming setup every single time I
wanted to move a video, and now I don’t have to do
that because I have room for the tripod, for the boom arm, for the shotgun mic. This stuff can stay set up. I can walk in here and I can film a video just like in 20 seconds, pretty much. And actually to that end, one other little piece
of automation I’ve built into the room is over there. You can see there’s this
little remote on the wall, and this actually controls some remote-controlled outlet plugins, and that controls the video lights. So if I hit one of those buttons, the video lights over
there are gonna turn on, and if I hit another one, these back lights behind the desk turn on. Also, this is another part of the setup I’m really excited about. This is my overhead shooting setup, and basically what this allows me to do is slot my camera right into this overhead hanging tripod mount, and that let’s me do my
whiteboard animations and all sorts of other overhead demonstrations really easily. This thing is something I built out of stuff from Home Depot, but I used to have to
fold it up an put it away every single time I got done using it because there was no room. But now I’ve got this space. This is just a simple tabletop and some A-frame legs from IKEA, and that helps me keep it up at all times. Over here I’ve also got my
lenses so I can easily swap out. I probably use two lenses
or three lenses per video, at least two, sometimes three. And then over here we’ve
got the different surfaces I use for the overhead setup. So if I want to do a wood background, I can just slot the wood
right there and go to town. Or maybe I want to do
this nice green pattern, bam, there you go. Or I can do cork. So I guess the last
thing is the closet here, and this isn’t really all that exciting, but I know some people
are gonna want to see it, so I’ll just show it off here. This is basically where we’re keeping all of the stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else in the apartment, but I do have easy access to some other things like my toolkit, so any time something
needs fixed or upgraded, all the tools I would
ever need are in here. Been building a collection
for quite a while and now it’s pretty useful. Now the one thing that
you don’t see in here that you’ve probably seen in every other iteration of my room is my bookshelf, and because I wanted to have the tripod and the boom arm set up all the time, I couldn’t fit the bookshelf in here, but that’s okay, because I actually found
a better spot for it. The last part out here, welcome to my brand-new reading corner. I thought this was a much better use of this piece of furniture than just sitting behind my tripod all the time, and now I’ve got a great spot to read during my morning routine, which I do every single morning. I’ve got a glorious picture
of Nick Offerman right there, picture of Professor Layton back there, nice lamp, and all these
books that I haven’t read yet. So this is where I’m gonna be spending a lot of time in the future. So guys, that wraps up the room tour. Hopefully you enjoyed it, and if you’re curious about any of the specific model numbers or you want links to any of the gear that was on my desk or around the room, I’ll link to as much of it as I can down in the description below. Now before I wrap this video up, I do want to let you know
about one other thing, and that is that my podcast, the College Info Geek Podcast, has a YouTube channel now. So if you haven’t gotten
to the podcast yet, there are over 50 episodes
over on the YouTube channel. I’ll have that link in the
description down below as well, and if you like the stuff on this channel, I think you’re really gonna
like the podcast as well. It’s got a mix of fun
banter and conversation, but also a lot of in-depth content. Sometimes I interview other experts, sometimes I just talk
with my friend Martin and we take questions from you guys, and sometimes we each go and do research on a particular topic
and then come and share the lessons we’ve learned, and I think you’re gonna get
a lot out of it in any case. So definitely go check it out. Subscribe to the channel if you enjoy it, and if you have questions
or topics you want us to cover on the podcast
or on this channel, let me know about it down
in the comments below. Thanks for watching and I will
see you in the next video.

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