So dick what’s that logo like alight guys today is a good day follow me Spencer After months of preparation and due diligence guys. I give you the brand new impulsive So guys you know I’ve been talking about this I’ve been hinting at it today is the very first episode The link for the podcast, which is also like as you can see a show the set cost $90,000 5 submerge so we can pay that although So yeah make sure to subscribe to that it’s gonna be Monday Wednesday and Friday you guys will see like what it’s about today but basically it’s gonna be like educational entertainment Edutainment let’s calm but really, I want to show you guys the amount of work that went into this if you remember before there’s absolutely nothing here hey Let’s go Once again I’m back around Russia back inside Haley’s reconcile I’m so black and proud first fo Our guests today we? Also have a guest coming as we’re gonna try to do most episodes is a a licensed sex therapist yeah gonna get juicy real you know see Also you know some other good news Thanksgiving is this week at I’m full of funds family friends blender Also Black Friday is this week this is this is a very big week for Maverick this Wednesday the 21st we’re doing a 20% off Sale through Cyber Monday Logan Paul Cobb shop, or link in description literally everything and the favorite two-tone hoodies are back I’m wearing one right now you’re Spencer’s actually wearing D favor Hoodie bang bang bang first scene and help me help you music video got my favorite hoodie, also I’m wearing actually two two-tone Hoodies that’s why I’m looking a little thick right now would that be for tone Plus why are you speaking in the mic hey man what’s up welcome to positive we got the red to tone this one was seen in the other Santa dis track so yeah they’re all back and if you go to the side you buy something again now through Cyber Monday we are gonna take two people to fly out you and a friend to come hang with us on the set of impulsive Arrived a little bit go get lunch do some dog shit And basically be awesome together so yeah for all my Mavericks out there the ones Who are doing it different the ones who are gonna change the world Logan Paul calm /op or link description is our guest here sex therapist Hey Man I’m gonna be honest this is like one of the best worst ideas I’m good at Controversy you think she knows a lot of us expert enjoy saying does she watch did you invent sex I’ll ask her, no Scientist Hey hi hi I’m Logan a lot of big big a lot of big Did you invent sex no I did not I talked about sexual issues with people I help people with intimacy issues this sounds like in my life Guessing me great there’s our first episode of the podcast the first one yes we figure we’d open up with that with Kate with a juicy Topic you know yeah we’re gonna scare the doctor but she’s already pissed off my cat Oh, no it’s not the broke the beard is bringing out my acne, okay? I’m gonna saw me think oh wait oh, oh by the way yo Podcast before we do we’ve done a couple Drive runs So, we like kind of know what we’re doing my boy Spencer gets his hair braided Members but only were two of them talking yeah Are you All mine everyone has questions and a lot of people are afraid to ask them so here we are Five four three Two one Yo what is that my name is Logan Paul controversial YouTube star boxer X vegan and now I guess Podcaster welcome to a pulse of the most thought-provoking mentally stimulating podcast on the planet also thank you to everyone who rated as 5 stars on the iTunes Store making us the Number one podcast in the world number one in the world really just great anyways like I said we are impulsive guys I’m here with my roommates we got Spencer Taylor hey I like plants and we got at hey Big Mike 6 foot 3 I like long Walks if you clap at the end of flights I don’t like you whoa my special guest today is a licensed psychologist that specializes in sexual health and wellness she is a certified sex ologist and sex coach I don’t know what that means we are going to dive in Wow, that was a lot a lot of talk about sex For not ever having done a podcast like we kind of Know you guys if you saw my first vlog I was shit right What is up people of the internet? My name is Logan Pauling welcome to my vlog channel that’s right I’m vlogging now you get to see more of me ha ha ha Sick right it’s probably eyes the link for the the podcast we just did is in the description? also Subscribe to the new channel and subscribe I think it’s on like iTunes and Spotify Wherever you listen to podcasts it will be available you subscribe to this channel dude if you’re not subscribed to anything. I don’t do subscribe to everything yes Also guys for all my Mavericks out there you know that And there’s a site-wide 20% sale through cyber monday if you go on the site and grab something we are gonna fly out you and a friend to people To come out hanging out watching you pause the podcast see how it’s done here with the Memphis house you can be caught Assuming again we still have him well begun our guest for the podcast on Wednesday is I’m just gonna say Jo Jo see WA who is brother get your giant bows down we’d love to see Hello gang I freaking love you guys and I will see

100 thoughts on “MY NEW $90,000 PODCAST (WITH A SEX EXPERT)!

  1. Hehehe, when she was like: A lot of male energy, I fell off my chair laughing 😂, like literally isn’t she 2 old 4 them or something? (I bet she’s married.)

  2. This podcast is actually dope I love it – I never really watched Logan’s YouTube idk why, but I honestly love the vibe of the podcast and the great info and value I have been getting out of it. Entertainment mixed with education truly is the best of it all

  3. Hay Logan on every video that you post and say you are going to fly one or two of your followers and in any other video I always say something nice and I still want to be able to meat you in person to see if you are real and always will my hole life and I have never been on a airplane before and I have always wanted to

  4. Hey,logan
    I really have you as my roll modle my mom said you are never gonna notice me and i told her im a mavrick for life.
    I want to make a diffrence im 11 so my brother said im just a dumb kid but ive watched you since zoosh came out.
    I know u wont see this but i love u and hope to be able to see u if i ever dk i would give u a big hug.
    I love u
    From loganhster #1

  5. I got one of ur hoodies today….I'm so happy 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Spencer is wearing the one I got

  6. Ya’ll know it’ sad for me that I love maverick merch, but my fu***ng parents hate won’t even let meh

  7. I’ve been subscribed to LP since 400k. So it’s been awesome seeing how much of a success he has became since starting youtube.

  8. When did Logan ever have "good" days. He's always been a brat that destroys things, screams around, does dumb stuff. He hasn't changed at all.

  9. When listening to the podcast on iTunes it’s weird not seeing Lohan talk on a screen you just hear him lol

    Like if agree

  10. 6:04 Logan says “assuming we will still have him”,and then Spencer waves Kong’s hand and says “I’ll be gone” wtf

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