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  1. Hannah really interested in the event you are talking about for content creators. My channel is not yet big enough to make money from it but would like it to be and would luv to attend the event to get further ideas and insight.

  2. You have inspired me to do my own goal setting video so rather then saying my goals will come back later with a link to my future video 😎

  3. For vlognukah it would be really cool to see if there is anyway of including the Hormone diaries eg Jewish history of periods, ancient methods of dealing with periods, jewish period taboos something like that 🙂

  4. I would love to attend that education event, that sounds absolutely fantastic. I am a full time YouTuber, blogger and book box owner (all online!). If I could have some more info, that would be great. Really excited for Vlognukah; I always enjoy that. Great video!

  5. Hannah please put more ads in your videos, I want you to make more money lol. I already love this channel and these types of videos are just the best 💕

  6. That you have done so much this year and have accomplished so much is awesome. Helps me to look back at my year and see all the things I've done.

  7. Love the idea of home stretch – it’s so easy to get really demotivated towards the end of the year, but it’s never too late in the year to get productive!

  8. I looove this new channel Hannah, but I've noticed there are no subtitles on this one? I've always appreciated that all your vids on main channel have subtitles so are there any plans to add some to the vids on this channel later? Anyway, can't wait to see more, love some productivity content 👏♥️

  9. Do you think you’d consider opening the event up to people who create part time and recreationally, as opposed to just those who do it full time? I’ve created a lot of content, but I’m not making any money from it as unfortunately none of it’s really picked up. I’ve been to VidCon and SitC, but an event specifically for learning would be so much more beneficial to me!

  10. Would be interested in a video of you talking about life before being a full-time content creator /self-employed. What jobs have you had? How did you balance work with youtube etc? How did going full-time /self-employed happen?

  11. I recently read Giovanni's room, it's great! Very quick to read and I couldn't put it down!
    Also I love Vlognukah (Idk how to spell that). I would love to see another Baking with Layton, also a bit more of the educational stuff, maybe documenting one of the nights with your family (if you're comfortable with that), and maybe a look at other Jewish holidays (either during this or just on this channel)!

  12. my end goals are 1) re-publishing a novel i self published last year, 2) a spoken word ep, 3) finishing edits on my second novel, 4) self publishing another collection of poetry, 4) finishing a peer support employee mentor project for work (my own worst enemy suggested it at work started last year never quite finished it. p.s. you're awesome and definately an inspiration, keep up the great work

  13. honestly i have so little going on in my life im inspired by you but have no idea what i should do to give my life meaning again

  14. I too have to write “relax” on my goal/to-do list if I want it to happen.

    Also, a content creator event sounds WONDERFUL and gives me yet another reason to want to come back to London. ☺️

  15. I keep all of the books that I haven't read in a different place from the ones I have read. It really helps me be motivated to read them because they're already separated and I get the satisfaction of putting it on my read shelf when I'm done.

  16. I'm loving this new channel and I really want to make my own video like this. I also forgot about unbound but that's the system my English teacher from last year used to get his book published. Interesting to hear you've supported on there. I rarely buy books if I haven't already read them and decided I want to reread it and have my own copy so it's interesting to see your system, so cool that you have so many interesting books in your home that you've never read before.

  17. Maybe one of the vlognukah videos could be a wrap up of the tbr you just showed us?? I'm always advocating for booktube!hannah 😅

  18. If you read whilst relaxing, you achieve two goals at the same time… I know right. Genius. 📖😆 Good luck. 😁

  19. Maybe you could do a series on relaxing activities like trying out new ways and forms to relax and de-stress and taking us with you. Maybe with a video on what your go-to self care rituals are?!
    But then you bring the job aspect to relaxing and I don't know if that is the best way to "FUCKING RELAX" 😉
    For me it would be great to see what ways to relax are out there especially because you live in such a big city – the oppurtunities must be abundant!

  20. For my last part of this year it’s all music
    #1 I just want to kind of “finish” off a couple of pieces mostly Chopin nocturnes
    #2 learn to improvise over John Coltrane’s giant steps
    #3 learn some of Bach’s Goldberg variations
    #4 finally learn some Liszt

    (Also when you said “RELAX HANNAH!” You reminded me of my piano teacher lol)

  21. end of year goals, be well, enjoy family time, grow my youtube channel to 200 plus subscribers, get a famous youtuber to subscribe to my channel

  22. I’d love to see you make some typical Hanukkah food just because watching you bake those genitalia cookies was really entertaining. Also a video about sex and the jews (religion or society) would be interesting. I just like the idea of vlognukkah being related to the holiday/culture rather than just a period of time in which the uploads are daily

  23. LOVE the idea of a home stretch! Mine would probably be finally pass my driving test and get over my post-Masters reading slump. Also, all I could focus on around the 4 minute mark was the fact I have the same 50/50 coloured pencils 😂

  24. This is a great idea! I have a few work things that are halfway done and I plan to finish as much as I can until the end of the year (I guess I need to set some priorities). I also need to make a report for work of the things I've done this year so it's extra important to finish everything 😄 I'm also planning to buy a home until the end of the year and organize a February wedding 😄

  25. Idea for vlognukah: your favourite synagogue(s) in London/exploring London synagogues. I know that you aren't religious (I think you said it in one of your videos) but tbh I just want to know how they look)

  26. I'm so excited for Vlognukah! Maybe you could make some delicious Jewish treats.
    I'm not setting any goals right now because just getting through pregnancy with chronic illness is enough of a challenge, but I'm looking forward to being in a place where I can set some. And I guess preparing for my baby is a goal!

  27. 1) Have two beautiful family memories before Christmas.
    2) Stay on top of current Uni work.
    3) Checking in with my friends who have moved away.
    4) Do my archive work.
    5) Get sunglasses.
    6) Take it easy.
    They are kind of random because they are what I just came up with and I'm surprisingly content with how things are going. I don't really want to stress myself out. That's one goal I have already reached. Took me long enough.

  28. Pausing mid-video to write: I’d love to see some content about your Jewishness, if you feel comfortable doing so!

  29. I would love a video about your reasons and psychology behind your tendency of being a high achiever. I'm totally the opposit and have difficulties getting things done. I always have loved relaxing and having as less as possible on my to-do list.(I'm enneagram type 9) I'm interested in what makes u to be high achieving and why? What makes it hard for u to slow down etc, just diving into the subject.
    By the way my mom is a psychologist and gives courses about Enneagram, it was so nice and familiar to see your video about it.☺
    I also love love analysing people's personalities. x

  30. Just started reading the no1 lady's detective agency myself because my mum loves it and WOULD NOT REST until I did too so if that's not a good indicator then idk what is

  31. Awesome video!!! My plans for the rest of 2019 is to stay positive. I recently turned 25 last Saturday October 19th! 🤗💛💛💛💛😘🥰😊☺️😍

  32. Hannah, love your reading goal! It’s a challenge, but small enough to be feasible!
    2018 was a really crappy year for me from the get go so I set a New Year’s Resolution for the first time in my life to read 52 books in 52 weeks…. my final total was over 80!
    Anyway, one thing I learnt from that is that it’s ok to give up on a book if you’re not enjoying it. I’ve wasted too much time in my life begrudgingly finishing books full of characters I hated because I felt like I owed it to someone. No one else cares what books I’ve read and the author’s already made their money.
    TL:DR; if any book starts to feel like hard work, give yourself a break.

  33. I also love books that are kinda ruined? Makes them properly yours and gives them a kind of personality, like I’ve had an impact on them as they have to me 😁 people in my seminars hate me bc the first thing I do with a new book is crack it’s spine 😂😂

  34. If you end up organizing the event before Christmas, a video on the process of creating/running the event would be cool to see for Vlognukah! I also am a full-time content creator and am very interested in the event series in general

  35. Love the idea of a home stretch! I'm barely a month into a PhD so most of my current goals are much longer term and hard to focus on, so I think I'm going to find myself some reasonable ones for the end of 2019. I'm only 6 books into my "read a book a month" new years resolution so I've got some catching up to do, whoops.. if I counted academic journal articles I'd be into the hundreds for the year for sure!

  36. It’s my first time doing a homestretch, it’s the last couple of months of the decade after all, and I’ve been feeling kind of meh so I want to feel good about myself again and achieve things! So I focused on two: a) study for the exams and get in the master’s that I want sooooo much, and b) work on myself and towards an anxiety-free life.

    PS:I’ve given up on my book list, I’m like 60% in this year’s goal but I want to read a couple more non uni books until Christmas.

  37. I love learning how you organize and set goals, please keep making more content about that, it really helps me! My 2019 homestretch goals: work, more work, and also try to relax, haha. Mostly I'd like to keep up posting my illustration vids once a week and get to a point where I can do more illustration for income instead of what I do now.

  38. For Vlognukah I would LOVE to see a video about Jewish authors/content creators. If it helps I managed to read Melanie’s book in one day so if you can dedicate a good chunk of a cosy day to it you’ll get through it pretty quickly and enjoy it like I did! I’m also wanting to read a book a month as well and sort my physical and mental health out. So excited for this channel to be full of wholesome Hannah content🧡

  39. Of course audiobooks count! It doesn't matter how you consume a book it's all still reading and valid. When people say listening to audiobooks isn't reading it discounts the experiences of people who can't physically read a book for whatever reason; difficultly with vision or even just not having time.

  40. Hoping to have a draft of the first chapter of my MSc thesis done by Jan 1…data analysis is kicking by butt right now though so we'll see.

  41. as a non-jew, i'd be interested to see your explanation of other jewish holidays throughout the year. loved the one about the history of hanukah back in the first vlognukah series because it was really easy to understand and digest

  42. Hi! Not sure which channel this would go on, but could you do a video on interfaith relationships? I know mine (Judeo-Christian) has come with some interesting cultural quirks, learning experiences, and challenges. It would be great to hear your perspective!

  43. My biggest home stretch goal is to start working on a podcast idea I've had for a lot time. I'm new to podcasting but I have an idea I'm really passionate about so I'm going to make it happen!!

  44. Idea for video: how to say no over the holidays! Aka Practicing consent at holiday parties, with families, and at work/How to make space for yourself and keep yourself safe

  45. I love this idea!
    For my 2019 homestretch I want to publish on women in Peacekeeping for this Think Tank I volunteer for and cross-Stich something for my parents for Christmas. I also love the idea of making your reading goals visible, so I'll also try and read another… 8 books?

  46. My home stretch:
    Get inroled in another uni course for next year
    Keep enjoying photography as I have been doing all year long
    Possibly move into another flat??
    ALSO pass all my tests ALMOST FORGOT ABT THAT ONE

  47. My homestretch is basically getting a job! I'm unemployed right now so I'm job hunting like crazy, hopefully I get something that involves writing since my degree is in Creative and Professional Writing but who knows what will land? Watch me re-stocking supermarkets on Christmas 😭😂 I know you're self-employed, but any tips on job hunting and job interviews?
    When it comes to making content for the internet, would writing count? I don't make money with it so far because I have… no following unless you count fanfiction. I could really use help in how to start producing content that attracts audiences. I would love for my original writing to reach people.

  48. It’s always a great idea to keep setting goals. It definitely keeps you motivated, and gives you something to look forward to. Excited for your Vlognukah videos. It would be interested to see you do a Vlognukah video about your favorite foods of the holiday season. Thanks so much, and I look forward to your next video.

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