– Ho, ho, ho. It’s Christmas time and Santa
Ben has a Christmas gift for all the boy and girl
360 photographers out there. But first, I wanna stop
and say thank you very much to everybody who has
supported me and my channel over the past three years. Your support means a lot
and I thank you very much. I really only started a YouTube channel because I was getting so
many messages on Instagram and posting a video
onto YouTube was my way of answering the exact same questions I was getting over and
over in video format to save me having to
write hundreds of DMs. Then, over time, more and
more questions came in and this whole YouTube thing
started gaining momentum. While I wasn’t really making
money from it at first, I did it because I loved
the creative challenge of putting out a video every week and I loved helping people, however this lack of monetization and prioritizing my creativity
over generating income came back to bite me hard in 2016. I remember, it was Christmas and I let my finances run so low that I couldn’t even afford
to buy presents for my family. Now that, words that come to mind are embarrassing, humiliating. Yeah, that’s not fun. Here, I’m here for Christmas
and here’s nothing. (chuckling) I was literally down to my
last dollar at that point and I didn’t even know how I was going to pay the rent that week. It sucks being poor and showing up on Christmas day without
any presents at all was definitely a low point for me and it disturbed me
enough to say never again. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I became determined to find
a way to turn things around and never, ever get down to
my last dollar ever again. The first thing I did was
sell my Ricoh Theta M15, the very first 360 camera I ever owned. It was a really tough decision to make and I hated having to make it, ’cause that was my very first 360 camera. It was my pride and joy but I had to sell it to make
it through to the next week. After I did that, I sat
down and forced myself to write out a big, long
list of things I could do to get right back on my feet straight away. I was over being poor! and over the next three
years I worked my butt off pursuing every form of monetization I could possibly think of. I went full out and slowly my income grew. I could pay rent again. Then I could pay rent and
buy lots of 360 cameras. Then I could pay rent,
buy lots of 360 cameras, and travel anywhere I wanted. Slowly I scaled my business
up over the next few years to six figures and now it’s crazy to say but I’ve begun the journey
towards seven figures. And I don’t say this to brag
but more so to stress the point that monetization should not be neglected because making money is
what’s going to help you have more of your time back
which will allow you in turn to work on your creative stuff more. Being a full time creative
is just not sustainable if you don’t have a solid
monetization strategy in place to have your rent paid every week, to put food on the table every night, and hopefully some nice Christmas
presents for your family. So I’ve been working on
something I know you guys are going to get a lot of value from. Over the past few years,
I’ve been observing how the top 360 content creators out there are monetizing their 360 content and how these select few
people, myself included, have made a full time income
out of their 360 work. So what I’ve done is
written a mini e-book filled with these strategies and called it “Top 10 Ways to Make Money
With Your 360 Camera,” to give you guys an idea
of the different paths you can be taking on your
journey to monetization. I’ve used most of these methods myself to earn income over the years and a lot of my professional 360 friends are also using them to great success. The e-book is filled
with ideas and mindsets that were crucial in helping me turn my terrible
financial situation around to the point that I could eventually pursue 360 content creation
as my full time job and the good news is,
it’s completely free. Just follow the link in the
description to get access to it. It’s a PDF and it should only
take you 30 minutes to read. I’m not asking for anything in return, I just want to fulfill my mission of helping you guys have success as 360 content creators
and from my experience, the only way you’re going to
do that and make it sustainable is finding some really good
monetization strategies and putting them into action. So if you want me to email you the e-book, follow the link down there and
let me know where to send it. By the way, I was recently
having a look on Amazon and I found a second hand Theta M15, the very first 360 camera
I ever owned that I sold. And here it is, this is the
camera that got me started. I’m probably never going to use it but I am going to keep it
on display as a reminder to never get into the same position again where I had to sell it to survive. That’s all from Santa Ben, wishing you all a very merry
Christmas and happy 360ing!

77 thoughts on “MY GIFT TO YOU

  1. Thank you Santa Ben 🙂 I follow you a quite while and you are really inspiring me. Merry Christmas and all the best for the future!

  2. Merry Christmas Santa Ben. I've been following you awhile now. Excellent content kept me coming back for more. I had no plans to monetize 360 photography but you've opened up the door to try something new. PS my first camera was the M15. 👍👍

  3. thanks Ben for the gift. One question, did u got any news about the new insta360X release date? my thetha S is battery is dying and i dun want to buy the product year before that going to have a new ver coming up…(i believe). thanks and Merry X'Mas…

  4. im new to the 360 arena these past few weeks and I thank you for all the content you have created. Every question I have had so far has been answered in one way or another via your channel. I cant wait to read thru the ebook as monetization and doing something that I love for a living is my #1 goal. Im sure the tips and strategies will be worth the read for sure 🙂 take care and Happy Holidays from Wisconsin!

  5. Just downloaded my copy!!!! Thank you SO MUCH, Ben!!! This is the BEST Christmas gift, for ANYONE with a 360 camera, EVER!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!! Have a safe and Happy New Year!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Ben is Ben… no one is like Ben.. i remember waaaaayyy back when he was kind of the only one doing propper good 360 content

  7. Know the feeling, done it may times, in a similar situation right now… never give up and use your talent… if you don't know want your talent is, ask someone you trust… "what's my talent?" I'm 59 and my life has been "binge and bust" it's been a great ride… I've ended up on the island of Tenerife as a magician and I'm looking to get into 360° real estate photography as a day job… wish me luck…

  8. “Here’s my FREE ebook. I’m not asking for anything in return.”

    With all respect, that’s a lie. Your free ebook serves you as an email address collection tool. It’s a classic marketing ploy.

    I like you, Ben. But please cut the BS. Most will fall for it, yes, but some see through it and it’s unfortunate that a young guy in 2019 is still using somewhat deceptive tactics to make money. I know the grind is hard. I’m struggling with paving a secure future online too but with tricks like the “free” ebook one you risk it backfiring when more people become aware of it in the future, if they do.

    All the best. I will keep watching your videos and not blocking the ads on them. But I won’t be giving you my email address to get your ebook, unless you just come out and say next time “I’ll give you the ebook in exchange for your name and email address so I can add you to my mailing list that I’m building in order to increase my revenue through personal data acquisition.”

  9. Hi Ben! Thx for everything you contributed to this incredible 360 community! For me you are an incredible inspiration. I didn't know how hard you had to struggle to get to the point where you are now. Kudos, or 'Chapeau' as the French say. You are incredible generous. I did learn so much from your YouTube channel and your ebooks! Blessings to you and your family for Christmas and the new year! Best regards from Austria, Klaus Huber

  10. thank you Ben… i know exactly you are saying… i had my low moment and know how bad can be… i came out with the same kind of decision and some luck… thank you for sharing and for your present! buon natale da firenze

  11. Thank you and keep up the great work. You are my go to guy for my 360 camera purchases and for the best tips and tricks for my pics and videos. Your reviews helped my with my Insta360 One and One X purchases.

  12. That is very cool of you to share why you know and for free… you’re doing a lot better than I thought too! Kudos and keep up the good work.

  13. Thank you Santa Ben! Thanks to you, I saved and got myself an Insta360 one X for Christmas. My very first project with it was shooting a Bmx/Skateboard/hardrock event, right here in my country Cameroon! And oh boy, the footages are more than awesome! Will gladly share them with you as soon as I edit them and post on my official page. You inspired me. Still got so much to learn from you, and how I can generate income as a 360 photographer and content creator in my country. Thank you once more Ben. Merry Christmas!!!

  14. Thank You Ben, You Rock!
    Just went out on Christmas day and did 360 images out side of local businesses for Google Maps to at least get my name seen.
    Next step, get me a better 360 camera, I am using the Yi360 VR and it now has a scratched lens.

  15. Merry Christmas Ben! thanks for the amazing tips and your new video tour course! i already made money from using the tips in your course 🙂

  16. Merry Christmas Ben! Thank you too!
    You were one of the first videographers I started to follow. I miss you more frequent content postings. I know it takes time, but you have inspired so many on so much. Thank you for what you do…hopefully we will see more of you in 2020.

  17. Thank you Ben! Still loving your Virtual Tour Pro and 360 video courses. Using a GoPro Max, and am very happy with its performance!

  18. Wow.. great rags to riches story Ben. Wanna say big THANKYOU for a freebie..:0) not many who make it – remember where they came from and become super selfish.
    This shows me you have a good heart Ben. It shows in your work and is prob the reason your where you are now.
    I have it in me I think.. just need to break through a few personal walls. Finding it almost impossible.
    Thanks again Ben

  19. Cheers Ben! Thank you for the gift! I'm lovin' how I can make even more vids by revisiting my older 360 stuff and reframing…

  20. Ben, thank you for your consideration to your subscribers and followers. I hope you had a merry Christmas and the next year continues full of successes.

  21. Hey Ben, I'm from Ethiopia and wanted to thank you for all the great content you post….you have been a real inspiration for us aspiring 360 photographers here in Ethiopia.

  22. thanks Ben ! Merry Christmas and keep up the good work ! when is the review to that Kandao cam coming, is it good for Virtual Tours?

  23. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Also my best wishes for the Australian firefighters who do their best to keep you all safe down under.

  24. Honstely I appreciate your efforts and consider you as professional in the field of 360 photography and I hope to you all the best from my heart. I give you a little advice from an experimenter. Ask Allah(God) for success and sustenance because its keys are in his hand and also you may do goodness deeds .

  25. Merry Christmas 🎄 Ben thanks a lot for your videos. I got inspiration from you to shoot 360 content and I have started earning my lively hood

  26. Thank you, Ben! Looking for another job because I don't like my current one at the moment (real estate photographer, which is fun but I don't like my employer).

  27. You are so right! Having money helps you have more of your time back. Your channel is not just technical learning but of wisdom too. Thanks for that and thanks for the e-book. Merry Christmas!

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