100 thoughts on “My Followers Choose How I Spend $1000 in 1 Day!

  1. please do a donation to O.C.E.A.N.S. it help the sea life and make sure beaches are clean. the beach has always been close to me because of my grandfather who sadly passed away…

  2. Hey Sierra! The donation was so lovely and meaningful 💜🌺 maybe next time you could include some smaller charities as well! Often smaller charities have less bureaucracy so more money goes directly to the people they are trying to help, and quite often they are grassroots so the people who run the charities are directly involved and related to the issue at hand! Just a thought 🌳🧡

  3. You should look into donating to Paws New England. They are an organization who helps rescue dogs and it’s where I got my dog. 💗💗

  4. Omg you should come down here and buy some teen girls in the st judes teen ward stuff! That would make their day!

  5. What I get for my dogs please please please. That would be such a good video. I love dogs they are so so cute!!!

  6. "You can get your own at the curvycrew.com" no i can't, because despite promoting body positivity the tops still won't fit me. Guess you can only promote up to a certain size, then anyone bigger doesn't count.

  7. as an LGBT fan, the trevor project is something that i would love to see donated to, but every charity is worth a donation and this was so sweet!!!

  8. you make a video where I expect you to try and bargain hunt and put together a bunch of outfits, but then no, you make a video of you buying gifts for friends and donating money you're such a gem!!

    video idea: a shopping spree for a kid going back to school in your area! it would be fun for you to give a curvier teen a new wardrobe and have you help with styling tips and self confidence!

  9. https://www.facebook.com/800273talk/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARBkSdfR0guf8TNSgGipLbLMxSKt9rqtDXnGCdI-fPNjtOgBoqasHLlxXqi6gEmv2SOxkGWpDhfsjkls&hc_ref=ARS7CuR9q_5P_zb4YiNm_MpsqHrVtI4dfg3Lc7mSm9m-2y50T7B4OKEggzmTiB7II4I&fref=nf&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCXo_L7qoEBmUJz9WtaSmpccWNhXR9RHvw7sfMgfxCipz8JXK-pUoDncnJz0H75RTAHzsit0Na5Z2brphcJ5lhLJlAxwIwJBJQlj8KAKazE4-9D6a-5V8GmmDeO0rgVEWYErdokJ9hym1FJ898hQexFgRx0T0uG_oJptdpOPbHeOYiq6RfsA3AQwUuhhEB2yfSopPVfgGKb8RESyq7SmKjYSRn8oOQqV9sxC8WdKey54snrr2Jg0dNplQ8c5eGECW71g4QS1-uEoCL-1-I1-WQRHVdd4vxLwPLMKcR7yp5mZE7SG_gqFzB05dmh-2atou6Lq6v-EKpEVw
    is a good one u should donate to they are close to my heart and it helps to put it out there that ppl deal with this

  10. Dear Sierra! I love this idea with donations to charity! I have also a little suggestion. May be, you could find a local tailor/seamstress, and order an elegant dress or a classy suit, which would be made EXACTLY according to your wishes: from that textile, which you like most, of that color, which makes your complexion to look even better and your eyes shine even more, and, of course, of that model, which presents your curves in the best way and makes you feel beautiful&comfortable. In this way you would promote both service of local specialists and the nice way of getting clothes, which fit all the individual shapes of people of any sizes. Because shop-bought clothes – both cheap and expensive ones – are made for some nonexistent "average" body, and 9 times out of 10 don't fit properly even very slim girls, leave alone curvy women. And that's why shopping for clothes often causes feeling of disappointment or ever desperation instead of satisfaction and happiness.

  11. Whaaat!? Is skylar pregnant? Omg congratulations 😍❤️ you said it so causally I was like "should I know this"? 😅

  12. You should find a random family that’s back to school shopping and buy them like school supplies and some basic clothes!

  13. Wow, at minute 4:08 she used a Brazilian meme of Nazaré doing math (from the Globo Channel soap opera)! I am a Brazilian girl that happens to be here because 1. I like her channel and she is cool, 2. I am training my listening skills (improving my English).. and I know it might makes no sense but I like Sierra even more now hahahahaha 😂

  14. It’s so awesome that you donated to st. Jude my sister-in-law works there as a nurse. On the bone marrow floor!

  15. Hi there is no hate but just a question why is there a check mark beside forever 21 no hate what so ever I love u❤️

  16. honestly i’ve been watching you for months now and i glances down and realized i hadn’t subscribed and i feel like a terrible person 😂 i love your positivity and i guess me bingewatching your videos led to youtube recommending them to me therefore leading me to believe i had subscribed 😂 wow

  17. I just randomly stumbled upon your channel this morning and I just wanted to let you know that even though I won't be subscribing since this isn't my kind of content, I love your look, your personality, everything about you. You are awesome and I hope you never change!

  18. Loved this so much. Awww love you donated to st Jude’s. I work with them too they are ahmazing. loved what you did for your subscriber. Girl we need to do a video together. Your body positivity needs to
    Rub off on me please. 🥰

  19. Where is your nude bra/tank from? I think it’s the same one from the video with Carrie Dayton, right? Do you wear that over a bra like a cami only it doesn’t tuck in? I was thinking that might be nice for wrap dresses.

  20. Omg ur seriously the most unselfish sweetest person ever. Like you have a heart that’s out of this world. I try to give back as much as I can which is hard when ur a single mom making like nothing lol but it’s worth it

  21. This was such a great video. Most ppl would have spent all that money on themselves. And the fact that she bought her sub a pair of shoes she wanted is EVERYTHING! 💜💜

  22. Should’ve gave 100 to each of the charities. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So awesome of you!
    Wait you didn’t buy the fur baby anything I’m so upset. 😳🥺🥺🥺❤️🐶

  23. I just found your channel yesterday and haven't stopped watching. You have such a gorgeous heart, and you just make me smile. Keep being you, Sierra! I'm recovering from a pretty intense surgery, and binging your videos is better than pain killers for numbing the pain and keeping me distracted. Much love!

  24. St. Jude’s is an amazing institution
    My bf had a brain tumor removed at 17 spent 6!l months relearning everything
    They will pay to transport you from wherever you live in the country they put up the families at no cost and he said the doctors are involved before and after
    He still to this day 12 years later still keeps in touch w his nurses🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  25. maybe it's bc im psming but i cried during this video omg dnkjfvkj you're so freaking cute and such a good person ♥ ♥ ♥

  26. i just found your channel and you seem so nice and open-hearted. i feel like if we went to school together you would always be nice to me and you'd be the person i'd want to be paired up on a project with.


  28. What a great person, friend and wife you are – it was fun watching and the charity donation at the end, bless u 💖😇🙌

  29. THE PUG QUEEN!! Please check out her instagram, she does amazing work for animals all around the world. She literally eat, breaths and, sleeps pug rescue.

  30. I freaking loved this! So sweet and kind to get gifts for everyone! The donation part almost had me crying! I love that you are aware of the influence you have and took that to donate to such a great charity!

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