My Entire Workflow & All Apps

My Entire Workflow & All Apps

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Keep Productive YouTube channel on today’s feature We’re doing a tour of all of my applications and my workflow I’m going to be sharing you all of the productivity tools that I use Combining them with a little bit of the ways that I use them on a day to day basis Now, of course, there’s going to be lots of apps recommended here But I don’t necessarily recommend you jump on with them Oh mention a little word before we start but without further ado guys Let’s dive into my workflow and applications So as I said just before we begin if you’ve spawned an application you like today Make sure you do your research on it. Make sure it’s you find out it’s suitable for you before necessarily moving I don’t recommend recommend switching I will talk through all of the applications and how long I’ve been with these applications for and The reasons why so I’m gonna start with the longest application I’ve been with I started using Evernote back in 2011 I just use it back in 2009 or something like that, but I decided to fully commit in 2011 I was very young then I think probably Fifteen or sixteen years old and I started using it is a very basic note-taker Now skip board to 2019 this application has been a pretty consistent filing cabinet for me I believe someone put that in the comments a few weeks ago and I sort of stolen the way that they’ve said that I’ve been using as a filing cabinet and that’s probably better Way to say it than necessarily a note-taker so the reason why I’ve been using as filing cabinet I saw anything from British Gas numbers to a crib sheet for pension notes to train line to health information finance Documents for you know, when you’re voting and stuff like that. It’s literally like my base for Easy to access documents then I’ll need on the go now The reason why I use it still is because it’s a great way to capture stuff so each week I will grab some time to clear my inbox my inbox is normally a physical impacts and what I’ll do is I’ll process those documents that I get through the post and that I’ve printed out and I will actually just scan them in using the iPhone application and Then process them here on the laptop now I have to admit I’ve not been very good at sorting them into an inbox, but I love the all notes view Which allow me to just to see all of the notes I have and whenever I tend to have a problem now, for example We like calling up British Gas I just type in into Evernote and it will find all of my British Gas related information and that’s been the case for all of The places I’ve been in and all of the places or the jobs I’ve worked in. I always have useful information Numbers notes and files and documents that I can easily access and that’s probably the best way to describe it is it’s great Filing cabinet access now. I am on the free account. That’s just be clear. I Don’t think I’ll use much more features than that, unless they change their setup But I thoroughly enjoy using it and I think it’s a very reliable robust application one that I’ve been with for eight years Almost nine. So obviously there’s that conversation of notion. Now I’ve been using notion for roughly two and a half years now Almost two and a half years and I’ve fairly enjoyed it. Now notion is my planning hub I have used this application pretty routinely and I whilst haven’t made the best base I don’t think in my opinion. I think it’s been a great application For managing all of my work now I use it mainly to plan on my goals for the rest of the year be able to track Upcoming meetings and activities but not in the sense of a calendar Replacement but in the sense of a notes meeting notes and being up to track all of that as well as capture articles min Becca plan the house information through there and we also track off finances to and I also have been trying to use it as a fitness planner as well and I continue to find new ways to use it that I previously probably did inside of Evernote now, I would say this is more my Project management hub as an individual than it is Nestle my filing cabinet So at the moment we have Evernote Which is my filing cabinet and notion which is my project management hub now moving on to the third major Application I news and that is todoist todoist is my 30 days of actionable tasks I can click into this application every single morning and see what I need to do for tomorrow Now I can tick things off and basically start working on them and this application I’ve been using for I think Seven years now roughly and I really love it. It’s an application and I’ve grown with over time so for example I’ll have any tasks that I’ve got to do anything actionable Anything for example for today to edit YouTube to recording list that I’m doing now to editing the course to Admin tasks literally everything and I will capture stuff across my day and dump it into the inbox feature here I’ll also use a tertiary Capture point which is called weekly review where I save certain links or certain topics that I want to include in my Thursday Week review now my Thursday week review typically happens inside of notion I’ll go to my goals for the month and I will start to pull out actionable items and add them into todoist now I typically just capture these in the inbox area and then sort where they’re gonna go in the week and basically That’s a way for me to plan my week ahead based on the goals that I have coming up So to do is to has been a really good experience and I get a lot of questions about whether I would move from todoist into notion and Centralize experience and the answer is no I think to do is does a really good job helping to me to manage those Actionable items very well keeping it calm collected whilst notion does a good job at helping me plan forward For all of the other aspects of life that I can’t necessarily manage inside it todoist So my core workflow I guess is to do is functional tasks notion for project management of planning and Evernote for being able to Find and search for filing cabinet related items. Ok, let’s talk to you about my Calendar situation and I did a video recently about how I’m using woven calendar to organize the majority of my work now I have a little bit of a I guess a free pass for calendars main reason is I think calendar is Totally dependent on how you use the application so for example If you use like a stability application like Outlook or Google Calendar to organize as a base point of your calendar Then I think it’s absolutely fine. Whatever software you lay over the top of it So for example on my iPhone I use an application called time page which I help and love to view my upcoming Tasks on there now on desktop. I will use woven which will allow me to plan and organize the majority of my upcoming Meetings and be able to let me see all of my calendar items so it’s almost like a Skin for your Google Calendar the same with time page and that’s why I I guess I’d give myself a free pass in using these applications So I just be clear use Google Calendar as my basis but use woven as my viewing option and time page is my viewing option on iOS This is just a very small sort of overlay and it really depends on how you find and view your experiences But at the moment if you want to learn how I use woven and organize it you can find the video in the link in description Ok, so a lot of questions come to me about how I use email now I run off an email app called missive now. It is a $12 per month application. It’s just bit clear It is a more of a premium application. But on I really enjoy it for a lot of different things One thing I really enjoy it for is the ability to schedule emails plan ahead Add reminders and snooze. That’s all stuff you can do on Gmail The application just looks nicer and it brings together and unifies your inbox now. I’ve been using this one for about seven or eight months now and I obviously previously use Newton but I thoroughly enjoy this application and have no Interest in moving from other applications, even if it was super human. I am pretty stable I find this application good I like features like responses and I’m still yet to set up the automation abilities inside a missive and I think the iOS Applications the web applications work very very smoothly of which I’m always impressed But again, this is another application Experience. It is more of a skin of your Gmail and other experiences and doesn’t necessarily take time to set up like something like Evernote or Notion would so it’s really up to you on how you use your email now I also use same later and same news as a way to Add a more I guess clarity to my inbox. I’ll use same box to basically filter emails so that it actually Takes away some that are less important and ants news letters to another folder So I don’t necessarily have to get that through my inbox And actually they’ll save me a lot of time now just be clear same box as a sponsor of this month But I already was a user of them and paying for the application so you can check out them in link in description Okay other sort of tools that I use Nord VPN is one that I really like This is a great VPN service. I work from a lot of coffee shops So being able to use a VPN service actually saves me time I use loom for sharing videos with the community and cloud out for creating gifts from those so that I can send them to other people or post them on social media and Me analysis will use a combination of notion and twist So we have a notion workspace that allow us to organize the editorial calendar then we have twist which is a team communication application which will allow us to chat in real time and Also in threads to discuss articles and other stuff and this is quite useful It’s very simple process but we really both enjoy it and find it a very stable experience now in terms of The hardware i’m using I still have a macbook pro 13 inch. I find it’s perfect for editing I use applications like Camtasia to manage and process all of my editing work that I do here on YouTube and I find the experience pretty good. I probably wouldn’t move from those applications So guys, my phone is pretty similar to my laptop, although on my phone I have Audible and Castro which have both my podcasting sort of book applications I’ve written love audio as a way to read Castro does a great way to triage your incoming podcast and I recommend and it I also have an application called 1password Which I’ve actually started using as a way to manage all of my passwords. I realized I was going crazy Owen Williams Definitely mentioned. I have a problem with my passwords and although he didn’t say that straight out he said you should definitely try a pod a password application and I definitely have been the last couple of weeks at the very least guys obviously I review a lot of productivity applications here on the channel and I find that Obviously a lot of people get tempted by the applications I talk about the main reason I review applications is to introduce you to them When you’ve done your research when you’ve looked at whether these applications could be suitable for you now I’m trying to do more videos about Optimizing your software and I’ll try and share more ways how I used to do it and other applications like that But the important thing is that you stay with the applications as long as possible Now the typical cycle for someone should be two to three years with an application Ah if you can get longer perfect But I definitely think your situations can change in a period of time so for example with me I Move from being a student to working full-time as a freelancer to working as a creator So naturally some of my systems and my processes have changed Moving almost careers to some extent I guess not that extreme But you can get those cycles and that’s why I say 2 to 3 years is a relative term For a person but the longer you can stay the better like winter duyst I’ve been with it for six seven years with Evernote eight years with notion two and a half like I’m not moving Routinely and that’s really really important and something that I guess I don’t talk about as much on the channel I try and cover as many tools. So my job is to be like the Martin Lewis of productivity tools versus necessarily Someone who’s recommending new different stuff So guys I’ll be talking about more apps that you guys will need help with and optimize But I really hope you enjoyed today’s feature Please do share your and setup in the description below the comments below like this video and if you’re not Subscribed yet. I really applaud you to subscribe and you’ll be a real fan of this community. They’re fantastic people So guys a big thank you, and I’ll talk to you guys very very soon Cheers ever

14 thoughts on “My Entire Workflow & All Apps

  1. This is my full workflow guys
    Again, I'd love to hear yours, but if all systems are strong with your set-up, that's fantastic, no need to change!

    Comment below with your set-up and how long you've been with each tool!

  2. Currently, I am using notion and google calendar. Once Notion has the gcal integration (coming very soon I hope!!) I'll connect notion and gcal. For now though, I have a read only view of one of my gcals inside notion. I want to keep everything in Notion, but because the calendar feature in Notion is lacking integrations and views that gcal has, I have to do this weird dance between Notion and gcal to keep it all in sync. I've been using Notion for roughly 3 weeks and I'm still refining processes and workflows so they work for me.

  3. Thanks Francesco!

    Lately I've been obsessed with digital minimalism and I have been over the past year in a half trimming and cutting down the apps and accounts I have accumulated over the years (especially after trying out so many cool new productivity apps and committing to them!) My work style and jobs have changed in that period as well. I used to be a freelancer and now I am a project manager, so my tools both personally and professionally have evolved a lot. I'm mainly using the full G Suite for personal use with some other apps sprinkled around mainly for personal development like podcasts and language apps (no, not Duolingo) and for work it's the full blown Office Suite with Float that I am presently testing out for resource management.

    It's been an interesting journey simplifying my work style and the apps I use but it's been worth it.

  4. I already use at least half of the apps you've mentioned; doubt I'll use any of the others, as I'm not a Mac user (other than my iPad).

    I agree about Notion, as [for me] it's more of a checklist manager, than for tasks!

  5. Fascinating to get a look "behind the curtain", are you strictly using Camtasia for all video work or do you also use Screenflow or other? Also what are you using for audio? Great video as usual thanks for the great content!

  6. It would drive me crazy using separate apps on laptop/desktop from the ones I use on mobile. That’s a nonstarter for me.

  7. 😭 don’t do this Francesco! I’m working right now but wanting to see your vid so badly!! (should I turn your notifications off?… just kidding! 😅 I’ll be watching in the next break time!)

  8. You should do a "What do I have on my iPhone" video. It would be fascinating to watch. Not only the apps you use but how you use them.

  9. I was waiting for a good video, but instead I found a great video. Very well articulated, well explained, super solid, Congrats Francesco.

    About your workflow: the needs of yours are very similar to mine.

    About your apps: the only app we have in common is Timepage (and I really don’t use it as much – I really like to see the actual blocks of time <which are a request feature since ever to that team>) and the time it takes to arrive somewhere, there for I use the stock iOS Calendar app.

    So very similar needs, very different apps.

    Love your evolution and work! Cheers, man!

  10. I have the same laptop as you, but have to plug it into a display (LG27) for substantive work. How do you manage with out? More screens = productivity……

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