My Boyfriend Who Was Off The Grid Was With Another Girl | XX | EP.01 (Click CC for ENG sub)

My Boyfriend Who Was Off The Grid Was With Another Girl | XX | EP.01 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Have a drink. (Danny) It’s our signature cocktail. This is suitable for those
who are new to cocktails. That’s why I’ve recommended it. You’re more than welcome
to take photos but… I know. We won’t post them. Hey, I’m almost there. (Are you sure this will work?) (I heard they refused
everyone else.) That’s probably because
they didn’t offer enough money. But why can’t I find
its address and the sign? (That’s the bar’s concept.) (They want the bar
to feel private.) They must be very content. They should focus on promoting
the bar as much as possible. Could you tell me your number? I’m sorry,
but I have a girlfriend. I knew it. How did you two meet? We met at the bar
she part-timed at. It was two years ago. What a shame. I should’ve come here
two years earlier. I know. I think I found it.
I’m hanging up. (Ms. Lee, have you done
your research) (on the head bartender?) One look at his face
and I’ll know. I hope he’s handsome so that I’ll be motivated
to show up for work. (What?
Did you think it was a guy?) Then is it a woman? I see that you like
your drinks strong. This one is for you.
Whiskey-based. It’s far from smooth,
but I think you will like it. (Yes, she’s female.) (Her name is Na Na.) Na Na? That’s her real name? (I think it’s a nickname
she uses at the bar.) All right. I’ll see you later. (Okay.) Hello, would you like a table? Sure. Please wait for a moment. I’ll just sit by the bar. It’s been a while. You can at least say hi. We’re not close enough
to greet each other, are we? It’s been five years already. Isn’t it about time we started
talking again? It’s all in the past, you know. Na Na,
let me go around the tables. Okay. I’d like a glass of cocktail. Shouldn’t you bring me a drink?
I’m here as a customer. I should’ve visited sooner if I knew we were working
in the same line of work. I’m the CEO of Number A. Were you aware of that? Why should I be interested
in your affairs? That’s hurtful. Fine,
you don’t have to be interested. But you do know Number A, right? We’re the best bar
in this country. Famous places tend
to not have business cards. I guess you’re not that famous
just yet. This is vodka-based. Vodka is the cheapest. What’s the name of this drink? Adios, Bitch. That was the only drink
I could think of. If you’re here
for market research, drink that and get out. Na Na. Do you want to come to our bar? I’m here to scout you. I’m going to open another bar, and I need a head bartender. I heard you won first place
at an international competition. I believe you’re competent enough
to work for us. I’ll pay you handsomely. Working at such a tiny bar won’t get you far. Look at the furniture
and choice of songs. Your boss must be old. Wait a minute. Is this you? I think it is. But then again, you were so old-fashioned
back then as well. I had to pick out your clothes. Remember? I finally remember. Number A, you said? I think that’s the place
our customers dissed for having such awful drinks. They said you put
too many ice cubes so the drinks were so bland. Forget about the scouting. But I’ll make sure
to visit your bar. I can teach you how to make
cocktails if you wish. And let me tell you something
about those clothes. Every single one of them
was so fashionable that they all had
expiration dates. I threw them all away. Aren’t clothes supposed to be
disposable like that? I’m happy to finally see the cranky Na Na once again. Think about it. -I’ll call you later.
-No. Don’t bother. I won’t go. It’s so good. It’s so good. Thank you. I’m going to eat dumplings. No, have rice cakes. How dare she visit you? After what she did to you? She’s gone insane.
And what’s with the scouting? How could she be even more
thoughtless and stupid? She’s become worse. Forget it. If she has any brains left,
she won’t come back. This is so upsetting. Let’s eat. What do you want? Should we have malatang? Hot pot? Mille-feuille nabe? Gosh, my head hurts. How’s Number A doing these days? Are the sales still on the low? Were we ever like that? Mr. Kim, I heard you were
looking for a new bartender. Yes, we’re thinking
about branching out. Do you remember the international competition
in Hong Kong recently? I met with the bartender who won first prize. But she has no plans to move
just yet. It’s not easy to find
competent bartenders. Try to persuade her. I will. I’m sorry, but I have
somewhere to be. Are you leaving already? You must be busy preparing
for your second bar. You seem to be struggling
with managing Number A. Are you sure
you can handle another bar? I had started it as a hobby. But seeing how
you’re so concerned about me, I’m going to do even better. Goodbye. That rude brat is younger
than us but leaves the earliest. She must be like that
since her family gave up on her. It’s fine to be a brat
if you have wealthy parents. They even set up a bar for you. Those fogies must think
I’m on their level since I spend time with them. How dare they patronize me? It’s me. I think Mr. Kim met with Na Na. Did you hear anything
about that? (Taking over XX Bar:
40,860,020 won) Are you looking at that again? Of course. I say this every time, but you really go over the top. How could I eat
something so pretty? In life,
everything needs to be pretty. How close are you
to taking over the bar? Roughly speaking, I have about three years
and eight months left. That is, with a loan. That’s so depressing. What do you mean? XX is going to be mine
after that. You should’ve
cashed in your bitcoins. Why are you talking
about that right now? I kept telling you to do so,
but you didn’t listen. You finally came to your senses
once you saw them disappear. If you had
taken them out earlier, you would’ve bought the bar
by now. Perseverance is the key. Or at least,
that’s what I thought. You better be careful.
If you take too long, your boss might sell the bar
to someone who’ll pay him more. Hey, Jeong Deun. Hey! I told you not to call me that.
My name is Jayden. Sure, Jeong Deun. Jeong Deun. What? This is really good. My dishes
have never been a flop. I know. Thanks to you, I now have
high standards for food. Eat up. Don’t talk like you cooked it. You should eat up, you wench. Mr. Kim offered to pay her
a lot of money, but Na Na said
she wasn’t interested. She said she likes
her current workplace. (Gyu Min) Hey, how’s your business trip? (It’s good, but I miss you.) Look at you. (Didn’t you go
to scout someone last night?) (How did it go?) Oh, I visited her, but she has no plans
to move just yet. (Really?) (Is she not happy
with the conditions?) I’m not sure. I think she’s content. (So? Will you give up?) No. Have you ever seen me give up? What? Aren’t you working today? I am. But I’m going to show up late. It’s my place anyway. Don’t tell me you’ll be
putting on that lipstick. Why not? I got this because they said
dried rose color was suitable for warm autumns. This is why ignorant people
are so scary. You should avoid using pink. You need to use red. Make sure to confirm with me before buying lipsticks
from now on. Okay. (Boss) Hello? (Hey, are you at the bar?) No, I’m about to go. What is it? (I have something to tell you.) What’s wrong? (Someone offered to buy
the bar today.) -What?
-(I was in need of money.) So… Did you sell it? (I couldn’t say no) (since someone offered to buy it
immediately. I’m sorry.) You could’ve given me
a heads-up. You told me you’d wait
until I saved up enough money. You said you’d let me buy it. (I’m truly sorry.) (I was in need of money
at the moment.) (My wife kept pressing me
to sell it.) (You know her temper.) (But they’ll keep
the current bartenders.) (I made sure of it.) (Anyway, thank you
for everything thus far.) (Thanks. The new owner
will visit the bar today.) Okay. Thank you. What? He sold it? I thought he was going
to let you have it. It’s not like
we signed a contract. And what? You’re thankful? How could you say that to him
when he gave you no bonuses and finally raised your pay
by 100,000 won after 3 years? I won’t confirm this. Darn it. What gives you the right
to confirm this or not? What’s with him
and confirming things? By the way… Are you two really roommates? Yes. Didn’t I tell you last time that we lived together? We live in a two-room apartment,
remember? Be precise. Since you’re not, he thinks we’re dating. Don’t ruin my love life. But still, a guy and a girl
are living together. No matter what we say,
no one will believe us. It’s tiring to explain it
every single time. You’re right. What is that? I thought it was pretty,
so I bought it. This isn’t even your bar,
but you keep donating things. It’s true. Your boss sold
this bar to someone else. Our bar was sold? I didn’t even know
it was on the market. Yes, it just happened to be so. Does that mean
we’re getting fired? He just handed over the bar, so I don’t think so. I’m leaving. Okay. See you at home. (Battery) Na Na, let me pick this up. Okay. You told me you’d wait
until I saved up enough money. You said you’d let me buy it. Are you disappointed
that he sold the bar? It wasn’t mine, to begin with. Still. It was pretty much yours. You managed
every nook and cranny. You were the one
who hired me as well. It’s already been two years. Usually, don’t people
save their lovers’ numbers as “Honey”, “Mine”, “My Baby”, or things like that? What? Or it could be as simple as
just “My Girlfriend”. I’ve never seen anyone save their girlfriend’s number
as “Battery”. You sound like my dad. You got that nickname
from “Love Battery”, right? That’s not it. Sorry. The new owner is almost there. Danny, our new owner
is almost here. Na Na, let me play
the song of my choice before our customers come. Sure, you can listen
to whatever you wish. We ran out of ice cubes
and other ingredients, right? I’ll order them. Na Na? (Did you go home safely
yesterday?) (Are you up? Why didn’t you
text me yesterday?) Did he even come home
last night? Hey. Why are you here?
Did you call me? Gosh, I don’t know what to say.
It’s not what you think. Na Na… (What a sXXtty reunion)

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  2. I'm NaNa and I quit IPSO FACTO when I see her coming in the bar. NaNa has won a bartending international competition, won't have any problem finding a new job.

  3. Hey guys and girls, as a high school baseball player, I can tell you that "battery" Danny is referring to are the pitcher and the catcher in baseball and they usually have the strongest bond in the team.

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