– I’m often asked about
what my biggest mistake as an entrepreneur is, and I think it’s an interesting question. I would say that probably
the biggest mistake I’ve ever made as an entrepreneur is how long I stayed a solo entrepreneur and just utilized the occasional project-to-project freelancer instead of getting at least part-time
help and building out a team. I would say that from the
standpoint of personal care I also kind of like dropped the ball a lot of different times
when it came to that. And I don’t think that
it’s that I overworked or worked too hard, it’s that I think that I didn’t appreciate
the mental fortitude that it takes to do this long-term. And I didn’t always give
myself the bandwidth, and the amount of necessary relaxation, or keep up with my nutrition
enough to really think about my mental capacity to
balance all of these things. Then, combining that with
not having other people to prioritize something and to give it the attention and focus it deserves. It meant that there were
areas where I slacked, or I let myself down, or even
where I let the audience down in terms of either not
being consistent enough or not producing, not
I would say my content, but other things to the quality or the standards that I want. Like not being able initially
to have done the podcast as consistently as I would’ve
liked when I launched it. Or the fact that I didn’t keep up with the show notes on the
website for the podcast or even the design aspect of that. Because I had a focus in other things, like my coaching clients,
or the workshops, and consulting, the public speaking. Those things take up so
much of my mental energy, and physical energy, and bandwidth that I was letting a lot of
admin work go by the side, or not updating the website properties, or not giving people
the attention sometimes that I felt they deserved
that I was working with. So I feel that there’s a
real sense of I think pride in knowing that you’re doing things by yourself, you’re relying on yourself. I think self-reliance,
individual responsibility is so much a part of my personality that in many cases
maybe I took it too for. And I maybe took too much pride in that, and was unwilling to let go of things that I absolutely should’ve
so that I could prioritize and focus on things that truly, truly demanded my personal
care, and attention, and even people that I should
have invested more time in. And I feel that this is a
trap that a lot of people, especially content creators or people who they are a solo in their business. And a lot of people, they have to be. A lot of people have to be
a solo in their business for a lot of different reasons. Primary example, I have
a very good friend. She is a single mom, and she
runs a stay-at-home business. And she also has a chronic illness. And the option of like
being a solopreneur, it wasn’t that it was an option. It was that it was the circumstances
that she was faced with when she started and built her business. But the smart thing that she
ended up doing down the road was she ended up getting
a personal assistant and somebody that could
help her part-time. And then she was able
to shift her priorities. For her, that meant like,
well, being at home, and taking care of her
health, and taking care of her kid was her real
number one priority. And it’s part of why when
things didn’t work out for her in corporate she had to become a stay-at-home entrepreneur
in a solo business. But she didn’t have to be in it completely by herself the entire time
because once she had traction, and success, and had some money coming in she was smart enough to realize that she needed to take
things off of her plate so that they could get done to the best of her ability, so she could make the most of her health and the most of her time. And I’ve taken for granted my good health and my good fortune in
many ways to the point of riding the line, not of like
mental or emotional burnout, but physical exhaustion,
or physical fatigue, or overexerting my body, and
creating problems for myself. But, also, dropping the
ball or not producing my maximum potential of
quality in things that I do because then mentally
I’m stretched too thin. I have the capacity to keep
up and to do the things, but maybe not to the best of my ability. So I think that, for me, I think
that staying solo too long, not being willing to let things go, not willing to trust other
people to deliver for me was a barrier to a
greater level of success. And I’ve since kind of adjusted
and corrected those things. So, I think that if there’s a lesson that I want people to learn from that, it’s that you have to not
only attract the right tribe in terms of your people when
it comes to your customers, your following, your audience, you have to attract
the right people to you in terms of who you’re gonna work with. For me, that process was very slow because of my own issues with trust. And some of that is in
my past experiences, but you have to be able
to move passed that pain. And you have to also trust yourself that, you know, this is not gonna be so bad. And you have to really,
like, not be doom and gloom about the worst case scenario with that. It sucks to be let down, it
sucks to be disappointed. No one likes to feel
that, and we certainly don’t like to feel rejection,
but those are just part of the process of building
something successful. There is going to be pitfalls,
and failures, and setbacks. But they’re really learning opportunities, and they’re developmental
opportunities to grow. So, for me, I think that there are parts of the process where I accept the pain. And I think there are parts of the process where I was practicing avoidance. And, for me, I think that that represents my largest overall mistake. I think, for me, the largest
mistake was not recognizing that there are people who want to help me, and that can contribute the
value that I’m looking for at the level that I’m looking for. And that I’m just not
giving them the opportunity, and that I was rationalizing that, oh, I can do it faster, or I
can do it just as well. Or I can do it on my
own, I’ve been doing it on my own all this time,
when that’s not something that needed to continue as long as it did. And it’s not something that
I had to put on myself. There were people more than happy to help. And I just wasn’t open to it. I wasn’t looking and
seeing the value in it. And I think that you can make an argument that some of it might have been pride, but I really just believed
that most of it was just fear or pain of past experiences
much more than it’s pride. I think that pride became
the rationalization. And I think that a level
of what could be argued as overconfidence in the ability to get everything done all
the time became a liability. And I think that that’s something that you don’t have to go
through if you understand that what you really need to look for is to look for people
that have proven to you that they have your
best interest at heart. People who have not really
asked much or anything of you, but have kept trying to give,
and give, and give to you. Those are the people that you
want to give opportunities to, and trust, and that you want to work with. Also, be willing to reach
out to your friends, and to ask them how they are doing things. I think sometimes we
don’t want to look bad. I mean, not me because I
ask my friends all the time. How’d you do it, how’d you
do it, how’d you do it? What’d you use, what’d you
buy, like who’d you hire? I try to do those things all the time. Most of the freelancers that I’ve ever worked with were referrals. If it wasn’t somebody who
hustled from this community, like for free to get my
attention, and then I hired them, then it was often referrals
from people in my network of someone that they
thought would be a good fit. And having the right people
around you that know you and know what your personality is is where you’re gonna get good referrals, and resources, and things like that. Because then those friends, or colleagues, or contemporaries, they know you, they have your best interest at heart. And they also themselves don’t necessarily want to give bad advice or bad referrals. So they’re going to connect
you with the right people. So I think that having people who look out for you is the best. And you might not have that right now, but your vibe attracts your tribe. And if you keep putting out work, and if you keep showing
people who you are, then other people are
gonna show up for you. And other people are gonna
gravitate towards you. And then you’re gonna be able to build those relationships, as
long as you allow yourself to be open to it and
to be vulnerable there. I know it’s hard because,
again, it’s hard for me. Like, I’ve had very bad
experiences partnering or working with people
many, many, many years ago. And I think that some of those scars sometimes make me hesitant
in areas that I shouldn’t be. So it’s a lesson even for me. A lot of people have
asked over this video, they want to know where I was like what was your biggest mistake? And it’s very hard for
me, not because it’s hard to admit mistakes, at least
not for me in that sense, it’s hard to recognize them as mistakes. Because I’m just so
grateful for where I am, and what I have, and the opportunities that I don’t look at those things as much as mistakes or
things to dread as much as part of the process and
part of how I’ve learned. But I think for all of you hearing, well, what was your biggest
mistake is motivating, or it allows you to relate to something. Or it’s a learning opportunity for you. But I just try to not regret those things because there’s no point
in dwelling on them. And learning those things and
having those painful lessons still got me where I am today. So I don’t choose to
acknowledge them as mistakes. I look at them as growth opportunities or learning opportunities. I either win or I learn, I
don’t lose, I don’t take Ls. I make it a very important part
of my life to say I refuse. Like, ’cause so many people, there are some of you watching this, you find every excuse and every reason to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Like winning is right there for you, and you still find a way to
quote unquote lose somehow because of limiting
beliefs or things you have. It’s like people are
literally trying to slap you in the face with a W, but
you’re just reaching for that L. You have to have it somehow. So, I think that there
was a point in my life where I could say that
was probably me too, so I’m probably projecting. (laughs) Yeah, but today it’s very hard
for me to call it a mistake because I think it was part
of the process of growth. And I think that growth sometimes is going to require a little bit of pain. And that’s what growing pains are. I mean, that’s just the way it is. That’s my experience, that’s
like the quote unquote biggest mistake I ever
made as an entrepreneur. Question of the day,
what is the most painful but most valuable lesson
you’ve learned in your career, or your journey, or in your life? Let me know in the comment section. Like this video if you like
it, don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff here on the channel. As always you guys, thanks
so very much for watching. And don’t forget, go out there, and create something awesome today. Go make some mistakes, take care. (soft rhythmic instrumental music)

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