MXL BCD 1 Microphone Combo that you NEED!! (Review)

MXL BCD 1 Microphone Combo that you NEED!! (Review)

in today’s video we’re gonna be talking
about this awesome combo kit from the folks over at MXL and i’m gonna show you
guys why this could be the best deal on the market
let’s take a look how’s it going everybody my name is Michael Panetta and
this is spec examines and if you’re looking for any real world reviews on
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get the next video we’re gonna take a quick peek at what comes in this combo
but really what I want to do is show you guys this in action I think this thing
is absolutely awesome I’ve messed around with it a little bit
you got your instructions in there a nice cleaning cloth and the microphone
itself which has some great weight to it it comes with this shock mounts esque
style here along with a nice thread and then you’ve got the reducer in there as
well and that’s pretty much it nice carrying case I gotta say the other item
that comes in this kit allows you if you don’t have a mixer you can actually use
this and hook it up to your computer comes with the attachment which will go
into your microphone and you got your USB cable here now the nice thing about
this is this is phantom powered even though this microphone does not require
phantom power and we’ll get into a little bit of that later on once I’m
discussing this very very cool this is the boom arm
now most boom arms that you see is just the arm itself you’ve got some great
tension on here we’ve all seen what most people use is the rode a mic arm which I
even had that but there’s something different about this one the wire is
included it’s actually run through here for you which gives you a nice clean
look which I love and they give you enough extension here to plug into a
mixer or in this case we’re going to be using this adapter to go into the
computer and I’ll show you both setups there on the other side they do give you
a nice room here to be able to hook up or whatever it is that you’re running on
here but we’ll take a look at that in a second they also include a couple
possible mounting options if you have a desk but you don’t have a like you know
the the thick part he or whatever to to put on you can do a
more permanent solution where you can screw it into the desk or if you have
that option you can go ahead and use this arm here to link on the side of the
desk and then you drop the microphone arm in there I will go ahead and hook
all that up I’ll show you guys real quick but we’ll get into the audio
samples which I think you will be pleasantly surprised and then we’ll talk
price so here we go the new microphone is all hooked up we’re gonna be doing
the rest of the video from this so you guys can get an idea of how it sounds
as far as specs go I’m not really gonna go over those for the simple fact that
for most people they are pretty confusing I will put them down below if
you want to check them out for those who might be interested I want you to hear
what this sounds like and how I can use this now the nice thing is you do have
the ability to go to the side here a little bit you do lose a little bit of
bass compared to pushing it towards the front but you don’t lose a whole lot
going towards a side if that’s how your setup will be the nice thing is you
don’t necessarily need to stay super close to get a quality audio out of this
and I don’t feel like you’re straining to have yourself heard while you’re
using this microphone as well right now this setup is going into my mixer what I
want to do now is switch over and show you guys this adapter which will go from
the XLR to a USB right into your computer and that way if you don’t have
a mixer you still have the ability to adapt from a XLR style and it gives you
the benefits down the road if you do decide to hook up but if you’re on the
road and you don’t want to take your mixer you can still bring your favorite
microphone and we’ll see how this sounds so it’s officially hooked up to the mic
mate Pro I have the gain set I have my headphone set and plugged into the back
it allows me to monitor what’s going on and what I did was I took the XLR from
the back of the boom arm and I just ran it down so we can go ahead and set the
unit down to the side whether you’re plugging it into a laptop and you’ve got
this set on a stand you can use this at the end of the XLR you don’t need to
plug it into the back here which I made a mistake earlier thanks Jay appreciate
that and here is how this works this does have phantom
our in it so if you have a mic that requires phantom power this can handle
it in most cases if you have phantom power enabled or turned on a mic that
doesn’t require it doesn’t work or doesn’t work very well at all in most
cases for me it doesn’t work at all the idea that this has phantom power and it
works twofold it allows for the processing and the mic to actually give
you that sound that we’re hearing of it technically going through a mixer and of
course because you have the phantom power you can do the monitoring on it as
well I think it sounds absolutely awesome I’ve messed with this earlier it
could technically replace the mixer now obviously the mixer does a lot of things
when I’m here at home so besides the studio this is perfect for on the road
whether you’re doing podcasting gaming voiceovers recording music this does it
all in a compact form and it just sounds good
the proof is in the pudding you’re listening to this we had it hooked
through the mixer and it sounds absolutely awesome so now let’s talk
about price 300 hours for this whole setup you got the mic the boom arm the
XLR included in the boom arm as well as the mic mate Pro so individually these
run about 170 dollars for the microphone about 70 to 80 dollars for the boom arm
and this unit itself I believe is about $100 don’t quote me on that and don’t
judge my math here I’m guessing 350 360 something like that but I’ll put the
link for the kit down below I don’t think you can go wrong for the value
that you get out of this and how this sounds so I want to thank MXL for
sending this kit out for a review in the meantime if you want to check out this
video right here that is my favorite video and one right here on top of me
then that’s one that YouTube suggested and of course hit that subscribe button
you guys take it easy and I’ll see in the next video

10 thoughts on “MXL BCD 1 Microphone Combo that you NEED!! (Review)

  1. Nice I was looking on reviewing that setup for some time
    The microphone sounded really good / great job Mike!

  2. This mic is great for recording Podcasts, voiceovers and Gaming. But it you want to hear some other options check out this video on some killer options!!

  3. I have a similar setup in my studio but did not buy it as a bundle; and I am running my mic into a mixer. But the bundle deal is a great buy for those wanting affordable and yet fantastic sound. I love how it eliminates almost all ambient noises and so I am not always chasing sounds making their way into the shows. And with laptop fans, desktop/tower computer fans and HD clicking, and other noises this is VERY important. I have upgraded and changed mics several times and have settled in on this one at this time. And I am very pleased with it. And processing it through a mixer with eq you get exactly the sound you want for your voice qualities and honestly a listener would never know the difference between it and mics hundreds of dollars more. It is the place I suggest anyone START if they want to have professional recordings/podcasts/broadcasts. You can then upgrade from here, or may very well be all you ever need (but again, using with a mixer). On that note, using a mixer will allow you to do multiple lines, on the fly controlling of audio, mix minus for guests (either in studio or skype/phone/etc.) and tweak each line to best optimize each input source.

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