Music Podcasting Guide : How to Record Podcast with Garageband

So we just talked about audacity, and we’re
going to go to Garageband. I chose the podcasting setup for Garageband. It gives you automatically;
voices, male, female, jingo, jingle sound tracked. We’re just going to record my voice
as I’m speaking here (as you can see down at the bottom here) is the wave form. So,
if I get away from the microphone the waves get smaller. See that’s how sound actually
records. If I get closer, the wave gets bigger and probably distorted, which we don’t want.
But just to show you how a wave is recorded when doing a podcast. So, I’m going to stop
that recording, and play back this last section. We’ll see how distorted it is. Testing 1,
2 Testing! So, if I didn’t want that I could always cut that piece out by selecting that,
deleting that and just moving the other two sections together.

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