Multi-Band Ham Radio Antenna Vertical – Long Term Test Part 1 by DX Commander

Multi-Band Ham Radio Antenna Vertical – Long Term Test Part 1 by DX Commander

Callum (left) and James (right) chatting
James explains the he’s worked a voice keyer .. in a contest. The report was given out by three different ladies voices Callum laughs.. ladies and gentlemen .. Welcome to DX Commander my name’s Callum callsign M0MCX. I’m an amateur radio operator and today we’ve been at James’s house M0YOM
We’ve built a DX commander around the paddock out the back here and had a tremendous
result actually and great SWR curves. For those of you interested I’ve put them below If you want to build your own maybe an nested vertical from 40 all the way through 10 I’ve given the dimensions below if you’ve got a tree maybe and you just
want to string some verticals up with a single feed point this will do the job
we’ve got 35 radials between 4.5m (well most of them are four and a half
meters long) apart from four. They happen to be a bit longer because we
would potentially gonna run 80 up on it we built it and if you look back at the
catalogue on this channel you’ll see some of the builds we’ve done with DX
Commander .. and we’re out the countryside here so James was particularly was
interested in what the the sound of a vertical was like when you in the middle
of nowhere and it is absolutely a delight to be able to transmit and
receive from all directions from 40 upwards .. we checked the SWR with the Metro VNA best is 1.2:1 at 28.212 megs
24.640 is 1.35 and 24 900 1.6 so we can just shorten it? Yep.
21.150 is very good at 1.06 at 21.150.. 18.100 is 1.35 and 14.1 showing 1.2:1
.. um .. 10.150 is 1.26:1 .. same with 40m band 1.26:1 as well.. (voice over) James hasn’t operated on hf probably for three or four years so it was a
real pleasure to come up and help him since he’s just moved house and we got
some coax in through the window (James dials around the band.. M0YOM
Okay .. the call is M0YOM .. QSO in progress ..
Name here also James .. Thanks for 59. You are also 59
.. have a good afternoon ..
take care bye .. thank you! Happy? Happy – yeah very happy
Working a treat! .. But the reason for the film really is for those of you are
into into DX Commander and you want to know the absolute
finite length I think I’ve drilled this down to the quarter-inch and see
below further for those and some of this is out of focus as some of the audios is
pretty shit sorry about that and but overall we had a good time and
we’ve got the long term test now up and running and we’ll review this next year.. We just coming into the middle of the winter now so we’ll come back March or
April and see if it survived the winter so there we are all in all just a bit of
fun a ham radio at a weekend .. enjoy your radio chaps and thanks for supporting
the channel remember to Like comment subscribe all those lovely things but a
little Like button always helps and of course if you don’t like the
channel you can dislike it and surf on dude! OK that’s it.. See you another day
My name’s Callum this has been James and all the best
enjoy your radio cheers for now

4 thoughts on “Multi-Band Ham Radio Antenna Vertical – Long Term Test Part 1 by DX Commander

  1. Learning so so much by watching your videos Callum. I have the foundation exam in a few weeks, then hoping I pass I will be looking for a rig and antenna, so your expertise will be invaluable. Greetings from South Wales. 👍

  2. These dimensions differ a little from those in the DX Commander November 2017 Release Notes. I'm guessing the ones in the notes on this video are more refined than the release notes?

    Enjoying your videos, my permanent install DX Commander has been up for 5 months without any trouble now! I did put some self-amalgamating tape around each joint under the jubilee clips to try to stop water getting inside the pole. Whether it's worked or not is another story!

  3. Thanks for pointing out correct lengths of elements as above due last Manual hiccups. By the way is the 80m (option) length correct at 19.5m with 6.7m up pole then throw rest over tree? I plan to build very soon now weather improving here in Oz cheers Graeme VK6MIL

  4. Hi – I know that 2018 has only just finished and I'm probably pushing my luck but when will pt.2 be published – I'm really interested to know the results of this test. Thanks and sorry for being pushy!!

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