Motorola Radio Programming – The work I do.

Motorola Radio Programming – The work I do.

So these are the APX radios I keep talking about. They’re very intelligent. [RADIO] ZONE ALPHA [RADIO] CENTRAL MAIN
They’ve got the ability to do voice announcements… We’re doing two different flavors,
this is a top only display. You can see it only has the display on the top. This one, when you turn it on…
[RADIO] ZONE ALPHA It has the display in the top…
..and it has another display down here. that makes it so when they change channels… [RADIO] CENTRAL DISPATCH [RADIO] V-FIRE 21
[RADIO] CENTRAL MAIN that makes it so they can find their
channels even if its smoky or … you know for whatever reason they can’t
look down at the screen so that’s what I’m programming.
(Fade) This is the Mobile Version… this is mounted in a vehicle usually
under the seat or someplace out of view and then this is a control head.
This is what is visible to the operator [RADIO] ZONE BRAVO
[RADIO] 7 TAC 55 DIRECT you see it’s similar to the the portables…
it’s got…. [RADIO] CITY FIRE
…so it’s got all the different… functions just like portable would have.
… and the’ve got their channels… [RADIO] V COMMAND ALPHA
…so they can select what they want. And that’s what I’m programming.

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  1. Same as in Spokane. Thanks for touring the North side with me. BTW, the reason for the break down in Deer Park was a disconnected wire harness on the passenger fire wall under the glove box. Just so you know, made it an interesting day. How did the time lapse of the tow come out?

  2. With the portable radios if you have a mic connected to them do they have the talk back mode set to speak out of the mic and not just the radio?

  3. +Raw Hide I'm doing some now… VHF, 700, 800… once you have the data set up right… not too hard. Getting the scan lists and all that stuff… that's the tedious part.

  4. Are you ready for the 8000? I sure am it would make life easier instead of carrying 3 different radios in car or on me.

  5. could you explain or do a video on how properly program a zone and personality for FPP, My APX-7000 needs some assistance

  6. Was that 7500 a dual head unit? I see 2 canbus connectors. Is the audio announcement on the 7500 a computer generated or separately recorded? I need to mess with my recent acquirement (XTS2500) for that and might look into it for the 7500 I'm due to get shortly.

  7. Damn, makes my old batlab hacking on jedi seem very lame! But on the other hand I did get 27 HT1000's and 3 gang chargers for $200 shipped. Good post, but would have loved some screen shots of you programming them.

  8. Wow, its so nice to hear them say something other than "Zone One, Channel One". I work in one of the facilities that makes some of the in vehicle and hand held units. No matter where you are on the production floor you can almost always hear "Zone one, channel one".

  9. Question: when programming apx series radios, is the talkgroup programming the same as xpr radios? In other words, is the talkgroup Id in hex format or decimal format?

  10. I noticed that those radios had St. Louis area departments programmed in them. Are you in the St. Louis area?

  11. Do you have any info on the stubby antenna? My department was told the stubby antenna cuts output and signal strength in half. I find this hard to believe. If you have any info to support or disprove this can you send me the link? Thanks

  12. I have 50 APX6000 radios they tell me need firmware and auto tune/test completed in next couple months. What should I expect to pay for this? Thanks

  13. I have apx 6000 and trying to scan the zone but it different then my old 4000 what button is it normally on the radio

  14. Is there a way for that type a radio to be programmed to be a private channel? i'm trying to start a community that roleplays fire/ems/police and i would like a way to page fire and talk to police and ems on different channels without talking to a Emergency department

  15. I am looking at a APX 7000 dual band 700/800 VHF as secondary frequency
    I have the cps. Can I program just the vhf side and not program the 700/800 digital side.
    Also is it possible to do a non affiliate scan on 700 MHz TDMA phase 2. I am in NJ and we are on a state run network. All programming goes thru the state.
    Is this possible.

  16. I can't believe they still haven't made the top display auto populate in CPS instead of having to type everything twice.

  17. Hello, you know where I can buy the apx 8000 xe model 1. I am from Chile and here they do not sell this radio.

    Also if I wanted to buy the price is high.

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