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Hello Friends, Today we have with us Mossab Khan urf Macho Khan. So you have created a layout a few days ago and marched from Roshan Gate area It says, Today it’s Amazon, Tomorrow it’s maybe Aarey and later it can be Himaya t Bagh. So what was the reason behind your presentation? My main motto was to aware people what’s happening in the world and environment The importance of plants and it’s a necessity Why bio-diversity is necessary for human existence Plants and animals too… So have done some preparations by making like we have seen your photographs you’ve not only written a message … attire Added plants and a bulb. So please tell us… Actually, there was no bulb The bottle was filled with plants And i was wearing an oxygen mask So, i was showing people if this happens then cutting of forests and an increase in pollution then there will be no fresh air and we use to breathe in such air. So i was attracting people… when they were approaching to me so i was explaining them about it. So you have worn the mask and demonstrating people that we’re getting oxygen from plants. yes So what reaction or feedback do you get from the people? I received 2 kinds of feedbacks 1st. People encouraged and appreciated me and understood my demonstration Secondly, There were people who were reacting that what a single person can make a difference? They weren’t abusing or using bad words but they were like… what foolish person is this? So there were few people like that but it doesn’t matter to me. Because i know it’s worth it. So, People understood your message.. yes… yes I also heard that people thought that you were promoting the Amazon shopping website? When i was asking people ‘Do you know about Amazon?’ They were like yes… it’s an online shopping website So exactly what is happening in Amazon? Ok.. Amazon is one of the biggest forests of the world it’s also known as lungs of the planet. we received 20% of the oxygen from Amazon So, Amazon forest catches fire occasionally every year naturally. yes… Then it gets stopped. Due to not just deforestation but other factors too… the natural environment over there… and now whoever is the president they’re not taking care of the amazon. They’re not making their agenda. So what according to you should we learn and what is necessary to us? Oxygen So we need to stop such burning and plant more trees around as Amazon itself gives us 20% of the oxygen and is vanishing from there Apart from oxygen, there are other benefits we received such as medicines Yes, we get medicines but the main thing is here bio-diversity… the animals are necessary here The birds we get are migrated from one place to another and it also comes to our city. If we don’t plant trees. Then where they will travel and live. So what’s your opinion upon Aarey, Mumbai? There are many people and celebrities who have opposed this order. Metro So what you think about Aarey? We Indians and Maharashtrians don’t know about? Like Amazon is called the lungs of the planet. Aarey is called the lungs of Mumbai. Already Mumbai has so much of pollution and in the centre it has Aarey So it has its importance and the second things is… Aarey has too many animals The animals living there will come on roads Like there are 7-9 cheetahs. More than 2500 plants if cut down there will be floods in Mumbai The rivers will get overflow An article i read in Mumbai Mirror Newspaper. Where it has been written that if rainfall occurs after the cutting of trees… Then there is a possibility that floods can reach the airport. So this is an International Airport and it may cause inconvenience to the passengers and tourists coming from outside India. People and the Airport both have to suffer. The people living in the city will also be affected anyway… it will affect too much. So what else do we need to know… and the people living in the city and even Maharashtrians don’t know… So exactly what we should learn from all these examples? Why exactly you were correlating it to Himayat bagh? So i was correlating it to Himayat bagh because we have this in the center of our Aurangabad City. I was comparing with Array because people know about the importance of Himayat Bagh. It’s in the center of the city and we go there for walking and we get fresh air… If there will no Himayat Bagh there will be no fresh air for the city. That is why i am correlating it from Aaray, Mumbai. So you mean to say you’re spreading awareness on this if it happens in the future. Yes… I was showing the importance So tell us more about Aarey and what it has. As you have been studying upon this topic and you can say better. Ok… We heard about species… Aaray Forest consists of around 77 bird species, 8-9 cheetahs, 17 species of flowers. In fact, wild plants have more than 17 We should know that … This bio-diversity, we exist because of these plants and animals And these plants are taken cared for by these animals… they depend on each other. And we live because of them. So, We’re these birds from neighborhood forest. If forests get cut down then everything around will get disturbed. The whole cycle will get disturbed. Because they are all connected. We’re seeing that there is no space in the city for plantation. So what steps do you think that we should take to save our environment? For decreasing pollution or for saving plants? For saving plants, actually… The benefits that we get from plants that take carbon dioxide and gives us oxygen, rain etc. So to grow more plants and stop cuttings of trees. What steps should you suggest us to take as a citizen? As far as plantation is concerned… i would suggest that people should plant 2-3 trees in every lane at least. Like people say that they need Wi-Fi to sustain then they should also desire to plant more trees. When there is an expansion of roads make sure that there shouldn’t be cutting of trees. There should be proper management of roads too. So in this way trees can make their way in our city… yes… yes. What else do you want to share… I have listed some points The first i want to share is to vote for the right candidate. Because this issue is connected to the future…. to human life. yes… Secondly The use of public transport and make less use of our vehicles. Because it is increasing pollution So make sure to use electric vehicles. And another thing is that the ‘Odd & Even’ Policy should be implemented just like Delhi Government. So there should be such implementation in the city. People will say otherwise, but do we really act when it’s too late? You’ve said goos points on transportation. That people should really use public transport. Tell us something about yourself? And apart from this on what other things you’re doing research? Actually, i am an Engineering student And precisely, my main focus is upon a sustainable future. Total 17 things which i work upon. Some of them are poverty, hunger, proper health, education, equality, life on land and water, climate action, sustainable energy, water, and sanitation So i am watching the very first Engineer in my life that has so much love for bio-diversity. So your views were really precious and you’re doing amazing research. i really appreciate what you do society. And may you get success and i also wish that human life would be benefited from your work in the future. So thank you Mossab for joining us in this podcast. Thank You.

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