– [Gary] How’d it go? – [Maddie] Amazing.
– [Emily] Amazing. – [Maddie] That was so sick. – I listen to you every
day but today I teared up. Four people have already tweeted
you should run for president. Am I getting emails like crazy?
– [Alex] Yeah. It was really good. – I listened to you
this morning, I loved it. – [Woman] Hello. – [Gary] Did you like it?
– I loved it. – What’s up Facebook? – Katz. – GaryVee. – Of course, Mumoya. I love you very much. No, Mumoya just keep
beating him, please. Mumoya, I’m going to
FaceTime you and say hi to him. Okay. Max? Hi Max, how are you? Max, cheating is
never a good idea. It doesn’t make it a fair game. And when you win when
you cheat, it’s not fun. Okay? You’re not going to
cheat anymore, okay? You want play checkers? You know what, Max? I don’t think you’re ever going to beat me in checkers
in your whole life. When you play me I’m
going to destroy you. We’ll see. You better practice a lot, okay? I love, okay. Love you.
(blows kiss) My nephew’s got it.
– [DRock] Yeah? – Max has it. He’s got the Vaynerchuk
competitive gene. He’s super competitive. I really genuinely believe
competition, competitive nature is a real blessing. It’s a real blessing. I talked so much, we’ve
been talking so much about self-awareness let me
break the wall here guys. Do you have a new lens? – [DRock] No,
I just have a new thing. – It looks huge. Your lens looks huge, DRock. Talk so much about
self-awareness and work ethic. Have been themes but one of the
great things about this journey of filming so much is I get
to expand on some thoughts. And truth is this is a good
segue from this little FaceTime with little Max Novello. I really I don’t think I’ve
talked a lot about competitive nature and competition. And what happens with the
chemicals in my body when I lose or when somebody is beating me in something
or outperforming me. It’s almost like the
weird Incredible Hulk thing. It’s unbelievable what starts transpiring inside. How much it suffocates me. How driven I become. How motivated
I am by competition. I would tell you that when
I started thinking that I was, whether I was right or wrong,
as we became the wine shop in America in my prime
in the mid-2000s it just became
far less interesting. Even VaynerMedia in the
last three or four years being underestimated, competing,
it drives me so much. I think being
competitive is a gift. I think a lot of parents in today’s society try
to curtail it. We get into way too
heavy political correctness. I think it’s, I think there’s good in crying
when you’re losing. I think there is good in
spitting in your hand when you shake the other teams hand
’cause you’re mad at them. Something I did in third grade. I think it’s appropriate to
be a spoiled sport early on. I think it should take you
some time to figure out how to calibrate those emotions. I think what we frown on and
Draymond Green or other players that get suspended or things of that nature is
really their gift. I spent an enormous amount of
time and I’m 40 years old now. Took me well into my
30s to even begin to be somewhat normal with my calibration of my
competitive spirit. But I wouldn’t trade it for
the world and if I could say anything to anybody who’s
watching this as you’re raising little ones or building a
team (speaking Russian). It’s a Russian saying
everything’s great, everything’s best
when it’s balanced. All these things we talk about: work ethic, competitiveness, please understand I do believe
that balance is an important part I just think a little kiltered to
the insane or a little bit further down the path
of what is not acceptable to most of you is a
magic zone. I really do. I really do think that and so
yeah hopefully we’ll find some more ways to start thinking
a little bit more about the competitive thing because it’s a big factor. Katz. So legendary. So New York for people
outside of New York. – [DRock] Yeah. – [Gary] I’m going to be
interviewed by Elvis Duran, legend, super excited about it. Hope you enjoy the
Z 100 experience. – Elvis is so excited. Everyone is but he will
not stop talking about you. (Gary laughs) For weeks.
– That’s awesome. – Yeah. – Can I take a quick
picture real quick? – [Woman 2] Oh yeah, definitely.
– Yeah. – [Woman 2] Green room.
– Thank you. – [Woman 2] This is relatively
new so please excuse the clean four white walls. – We’re pretty low-budget.
– [Woman 2] We’re always like… – [Gary] Awesome, thank you.
– [Woman 2] Are you? – It’s weird being financially
independent in a city where a lot of people my age are
significantly supported by their parents.
– Sure. Of course.
– Still. At 30, still. – Of course.
It’s a tough city. – Yes. – And you know, if you can afford
it a lot of parents don’t, it such a tough
battle for parents. Figuring out when to
cut a child off or not. I talk to a lot of 50,
60-year-old executives and it’s one of the biggest
things on their mind. You love your kids, you know,
it’s like everything else. It’s like gifts. It’s like when I get my
kids toys, I struggle with it. – But you’re conscious of it.
– I’m very conscious of it. – I think that’s the beauty. You’re not just like,
“Oh, this is happening. “Here you go.”
Blank check. – Yeah, but it’s really funny. I’m like, “I’m never I’m never, “I’m not going to fuckin’
fuck these kids. “I’m not going to
make them spoiled,” and then Xander’s like,
“Can we go to Clare’s?” (laughter) – What is Xander
do at Clare’s? – Zoom zooms. – [Woman 2] You guys okay?
– Yeah. – Thank you. – Are you doing well?
– [Woman 2] What? – Are you doing well?
– [Woman 2] Yes. – Great. – Zoom Zooms are these little
toys that are little characters, little characters like Disney
characters and other characters in little form. Anyway, nonetheless I go from
like, “I’m not buying anything” to like, Xander’s like,
“Daddy, can we go to Clare’s?” I’m like, “Of course,
let’s go,” and I buy Clare’s. The store.
– Clear the store out. – No, I’m like how much
do you want for the store? (laughter) Xander’s.
– Xander’s? Xander’s Zoom Zooms. – You know what I mean?
That’s what happens. How are you? – [Nate] Nice to meet you man.
– Such a pleasure. – Thank you so
much for coming in. Elvis was we gotta get GaryVee. We gotta get him on. And I know you’re friends
with Charlamagne, right? – [Gary] Yes. – Charlamagne’s like
“He’s in the building today.” I’m like, “Come on down.”
– That’s awesome. – Reached out through your
website and now it’s crazy that you’re here.
I don’t know. – [Gary] Thank you.
– It’s exciting. – [Gary] I’m excited.
– Good. – [Gary As a Jersey boy, this
is a big moment for me too. Where I’m like promoting
it heavily right now, I’m like this is the best. So many of my high school
friends are like, “Oh my God!” – [Nate] That is so great.
– It’s going to be fun. Oh my God, GrannyVee is back?
– [DRock] Really? – I think so.
– [DRock] Oh no. – [Emily] GrannyVee listened
to the radio every day. – I’m so excited to be back. Snapchat finally paid attention. Sounds like Gary’s
going on the radio. I was there when
it was invented. Yes. – Vayner Nation.
– Thank you, brother. – Thank you very
much for everything. – My pleasure.
What is your name? – Garrett.
– Garrett. – The three words to live by
your gonna die has fucking stuck with me for the last.
– It sticks right? – Oh, yeah big time. My wife started a business at
home where she’s a physician assistant but on the side she’s
selling leggings and clothes to women online.
– I love it. Love it. – After your idea of
going out to the store– – The thrift stores
and stuff like that? – No, no, no.
Flower shop– – Oh yes. – and saying, “Hey, can
I put some thing up?” So started putting business
cards in there are around town in Westfield, New Jersey. And then started in Hoboken too. Fuckin’ have been
inspired so thank you very much. I appreciate it. – It makes me so happy,
man. So happy. – Thank you.
Seriously. – Thanks for saying hello.
– No, no problem. – [Danielle] I have to meet the
man that keeps my husband awake at night.
– Here he is. – Let me tell you something–
– [Gary] Yes? – he loves you so much. He has 10 closings this week.
He’s a realtor. He’s doing amazingly well.
– That’s amazing. – But every time
I see him I’m like, “Who the (censored)
are you listening to?” He found out, he didn’t know you
are coming on the show and I’m like, “He’s coming.” “He’s on the show?
You didn’t tell me. “My life is built
around this guy.” I’m like okay so I need you to
do a huge favor would you say hi to him in a video?
– Yes. – His name is Sheldon. – Sheldon, it’s GaryVee. I’m here with your lovely wife.
– [Danielle] Hi. – Now I need to know
why you’re not here? Why is Sheldon not here? – [Danielle] He didn’t know you
were coming in but he loves you. – Sounds like it’s your fault. – [Danielle] (laughs)
It’s always my fault. – [Gary] See Sheldon, I know. Hey, congrats on everything
man thanks for the love. I hope we do get
to meet someday. My life is gettin’ weird. You know what’s
interesting about this DRock? I’m really pumped we did
this fuckin’ DailyVee thing because I have a funny feeling a year from today it’s going to seem interesting like, you know?
– [DRock] Yeah. – [Elvis] Hard to try to
figure out how to make them happen. This guy not only had a dream,
made his dream come true, now he’s helping other
people figure it out. Gary Vaynerchuk, not born in
the United States, but came over and started with very little to
work with and has everything to work with now.
And now he wants to make sure that we have the
same opportunities. We are so excited to have him
here. Just talking about him coming in today it has caused
quite a storm and he’s a local guy too so he’s gonna have a little great New Jersey
energy for me. Please welcome to
the show GaryVee! (applause)
– [Gary] Yay. – [Elvis] Nice to meet you.
– [Gary] Elvis, such a pleasure. – [Elvis] Come on in.
Don’t mind the dog. – I’m thrilled with the dog.
Hey gang. – There’s your first–
– How are you? – wisdom of the day,
“I’m thrilled with the dog.” Hope your writing
all these down. – I am. Do I have to put these on?
– [Elvis] No. – [Gary] Yes? No, Great. – [Elvis] Will if we
take a phone call. – [Gary] I’ll take it, okay.
I love phone calls. – [Elvis] Whatever
you want to do. – [Gary] So wait a minute, real
quick just to set the tone you have a gold mic and
everybody else doesn’t? – [Group] Yes! – [Danielle] It’s Elvis Duran
And The Morning Show. – Got it.
– I’m the pompous ass. – It’s a pleasure.
– You know what it is? – I’m excited to be here. Gary, first of all, Charlamagne
is a very dear friend of ours and when he found that you’re
going to be on the show you’re going to love GaryVee.
– [Gary] He’s great. We had a lot of fun together
and he’s a really sharp dude. – [Woman 3] Yeah,
he’s wonderful. – He is and he’s off on his
own and doing so well so many different things and he
gives you a lot of credit. – That’s super nice. But I think his hustle and his
ambition has a lot to do with that but I’ll take any credit I don’t deserve any
day of the week. – Who do you know other than
Gary who is a C, D or F student but because they
just didn’t thrive in a preset, the test were already written for you society. But when they came out of that
and could make their own rules, come up with their own test for
themselves they could thrive and fly like an eagle?
And that’s the thing. When you live by other people’s
rules, you’re not going to give yourself a chance to succeed. – Take a step back now and think about who we all admire
in the world, right? They’re all people
that punted the system. They’re people that practiced
singing since they were five. They’re people that shot 10,000
basketballs every morning. It’s always that. It’s always that. 99% of the people right now
that are listening to this are playing in the middle. They’re playing in a game that
was structured for them, they’re risk adverse, they fear
and most importantly they fear what other
people think. Elvis, I think the best thing
that ever happened to me, much like you
with your gold mic, I didn’t care what
other people said. And it’s not because
I didn’t respect it. I actually, I get feedback all
the time that might be negative, this and that. I respect it, I listen to it but
at the end of the day I’m just not built to have it dictate my one at-bat at life. – Okay. But you found yourself? – I found myself, you know it’s
funny, I remember it was like fourth grade I got an F on a
science test and for some reason unknown reason, remember you’re
really young at fourth grade for some weird reason I was like,
“I just don’t care about Saturn “and I have a funny feeling is
not going to matter to me.” – Wow, there you go. What about Uranus?
– Yeah, I care about Uranus. – Alright.
(laughter) – By the way that was
set up so perfectly. Gary Vaynerchuk is here,
GaryVee we call him. Make sure you’re following him
everywhere you can because every day he gives us some thoughts that really, really catapult
us into the day. And books, yeah, he’s got books. He’s got everything. You don’t want to be known
as a motivational speaker. You’re more of a– – Listen I’ve built a
$50 million business and $100 million business and
I think a lot of people when they hear motivational speakers and
things of that nature– – It creeps us out. – It creeps me out. I mean somebody who’s,
I love practicality. I am very motivating.
I understand that. Mom and dad had sex at the right
moment and gave me that DNA. I get that but I like that
I didn’t start telling the world you can do it until I did
it instead of what we see on Instagram which is 22-year-old life coaches trying to
tell us what to do. Cha, we talked about him, when
I was on his show I talked about selling stuff in
your house on eBay. I’ve gotten 50 to 100 emails in
the last 30 to 60 days of people auditing their home selling
everything they didn’t want on eBay and people literally making
$1,000, $3,000, $10,000 to take a vacation on
literally just stuff. – Stuff. – Like an owl lamp.
– Hey, hey, hey. – Oh, sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry, sorry– – Stay away from the owl lamp.
Who do you think you are? – Sorry, sorry. Everything was going so well until I referenced
the damn owl lamp. – We’ll get everyone
here before the owl lamp. – Got it. Got it. – I wish we had like
another five hours. – [Group] Yeah. – I can come back.
– When can you come back? – Tomorrow’s good. (group laughter) Is this over?
– No, no. Yeah, almost. – I’m very upset.
– I hate that. I know, I hate that but
no, no, no do me a favor. – I feel like were just getting
the East Coast hustlers going. – I know. I know. – I feel like people are sitting
at their desk right now and saying “Yeah.” – I know it’s like
foreplay with GaryVee. We gotta like oh sorry I
gotta go do something else. GaryVee.
Gotta follow him today. (applause) GaryV-E-E.
– GaryV-E-E. – Follow him. Very important.
Thank you for the time, Gary. Excellent.
– [Elvis and Gary] Thank you. – [Gary] You had
an amazing career. – Let me tell you something–
– Yeah? – you sharing your
gift like this it’s the best. He’s incredible. Is that on?
– [DRock] Yeah. – Okay. He’s incredible. – Awesome. Alright Elvis. – [Elvis] Thank you,
thank you, thank you. – Thank you guys. (hip hop music) Elvis Duran, I listen to you
every day but today I teared up. – [Emily and Maddie] Aw.
– [Emily] What? – Four people have already tweeted you should
run for president. DRock, I’m going to surprise and
delight 25 people that mention the radio with the pretzels. – [Emily] Yes. Yes.
That’s the best idea. – [Gary] Anne Marie,
it’s Gary Vaynerchuk. I’m well, how are you? You’re welcome. Two calls in one day. I have a really cool idea that you’re going to be
very excited about. My team and I are going to pick
25 to 50 random people right now on Twitter that are commenting
about the interview and I’m going to send
them your pretzels. (Gary laughs)
I love you back. Yes, that’s appropriate. Normally people fall in
love with me very quickly. You’ll be hearing from
us in a couple hours. You’re welcome. Awesome. Take care.
Okay, bye-bye. So this is a super fun DailyVee. This is going super meta. We had a call-in
on the Elvis show. – Alright, let’s get
Anne Marie on the phone. I can’t believe your making
fun of my owl lamp. Anne Marie, say good
morning to GaryVee. What’s on your mind
today, Anne Marie? – About a company,
a pretzel shop. I told the story about
surprising and delighting on Twitter now going to surprise
and delight people on Twitter that listened to the show
with the pretzels from the show. And she’s in Jersey, I love it. Hey India.
– Hey Gary. Gary just walked by, sorry. – [Alex] Gettin’
emails like crazy. – [Gary] Am I getting
emails like crazy? – [Alex] Yeah.
– It was really good. – [Alex] My sister was like, “Wow. What a dude.” – [Gary] Your sister’s like, “You’re really
lucky to know him.” – Yes. Thank you. – What’s up? – [Woman 4] I listened you
this morning, I loved it. – Made my commute good.
First time in a while. – [Gary] Did you like it?
– I loved it. I’ve heard the
story but I loved it. – [Woman 5] I used to Elvis
every single day for 10 years. – [Gary] It’s super fun. We all did, we
all did everybody. It’s why listening to
society is a bad idea. If you listen to society the
world’s on fire and we’re all going to die. If you listen to society
everybody’s going to build Facebook and Snapchat. – Then who do we listen to? Ourself?
– Yourself. – Listen to yourself. – Now the problem is a lot of
us don’t like what ourselves are telling to ourselves. – Right, the inner voice
can be our worst enemy. – Uh-huh, that’s right. So first and foremost what
I think everybody should do and even I’m saying this actually I’m giving myself
advice right now I’m just getting meta and stepping
away from this interview. You need to do things that
make you a little uncomfortable. Way too many people have made
decisions without ever trying. Right? That’s one
thing that I think. – [Woman 4] It’s too scary.
I don’t want to do it. – That’s right and you
have to taste things. I love when people are
like, “Oh, I hate sushi.” I’m like, “Have you had it?”
They’re like, “No.” And so to me that’s the most fascinating thing of
how humans are. Right?
That’s what we do. The punchline is this, look,
here’s what I’ll say on this little genre as we’re
jamming on it you have one life. (light music)

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