Mood Imbalances and their Root Causes | Podcast #250

Evan Brand: It says live on my end. We must
be rolling. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And we live hit the
record button one sec. And we are live. It’s not to Jay and Evan brand here in the house.
Were going to be chatting about root causes to mood issues Evan. How are you doing today?
Man? Evan Brand: I’m doing very well. This is an
exciting topic because depression is the number one leading cause of disability in the US
and there’s a ton of other mood issues that come along with depression and your psychiatrist
is not telling you that you need to detox heavy metals and get infections out of your
gut and stop eating pesticides and all the other things that are causing a mood issues.
They just give you a drug to treat it and give you a Band-Aid which has save lives but
it’s not the root cause so we always love root cause. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: 100% So let’s talk
about some root cause foundational mood stuff first and we kind of have the Nuance nitty-gritty
stuff and then we have the foundational stuff. So the first thing is just your diet, right?
We need a nutrient dense anti-inflammatory low toxin dietary template and I I like to
talk about diets me template. It provides a lot more flexibility and then we have a
framework premise and why we recommend the things that we recommend part of it is foods
that are evolutionarily appropriate Foods. We had enough time to adapt to eat, food that
are going to be low in toxins, whether it’s anti-nutrients are oxalates are five dates
or natural plant Oxalis plants have claws and feet to run and Fun Run and fight so they
have berries toxins, right? So we want to make sure were using cooking methods and avoiding
toxic plants, especially the more got issues we have and that anti-inflammatory, right?
We know foods have the ability to move us to an anti-inflammatory environment good healthy,
omega-3 fatty acids good healthy saturated fats of the more process refined omega-6 that
are more fragile and they can move it move us more in that Pro in from inflammatory State
and then of course the nutrient density foods are going to be super nutrient dense B vitamins
minerals. Obviously the food quality is now a big deal because you can have the same kind
of meat on on your plate. Looks totally different under a microscope because of the hormones
because of the feeding practices cuz the medications and the and the drugs given to the animal
while they were having their life and growing so to speak. So we have to look at nutrient
density anti-inflammatory status and hormones and toxins are the big things off the bat. Evan Brand: I’m glad you about this before
but we could just bring it up briefly which studies done on prisoners and when they were
giving Omega-3 supplements basically fish oil supplements, they had less violence and
less just crazy behavior overall and there’s been some like Psychiatry studies looking
at just overall like homicidal rage and suicidal thoughts and those things in there directly
correlated with a deficiency of omega-3. Fatty acids Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Omega-3 is really
important. Also blood sugar stability. There’s also data on the fact that’s Information I
should say. Are you able to see me hear the screen? Evan Brand: Yeah, I see you perfectly. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Good excellence. All
right, so there’s information showing that. Mood issues anxiety and depression is a result
of inflammation in the brain. And we also know that anytime low blood sugar environment
can happen right refined carbohydrates blood sugar Spike followed by a drop that’s called
reactive hypoglycemia. Those kind of those kind of situations are going to create mood
issues and this data on the fact that a lot of violent crimes are committed in a hypoglycemic
environment and some of the data on that is because of the fact that low blood sugar and
are making shutdown activation of the frontal cortex in the frontal cortex is the part of
the brain that’s going to predict the outcome of an action so it can say Hey, you know that
person that just pissed you off. I want to go hit him or go call him out. And then that
frontal cortex has that like 20 milliseconds of hey, you know, if you do that you may get
arrested and it can dampen the impulse so to speak so the more you have good activation
of that frontal cortex through reducing inflammation. And then also maintaining good blood sugar
and part of that as we become more fat burners and that fat burning environment put logs
on our metabolic fire was future blood sugar from going up and down and then avoiding a
lot of a refined carbohydrate which tends to make our blood sugar go up and down as
well. Evan Brand: Well, this is part of the reason
people make bad decisions when they go out to a bar into a club and they drink alcohol
and go home with somebody that they don’t want to partial partially due to what is alcohol.
I mean, it’s basically correct liquid. It’s basically liquid sugar. It’s going to crank
up the blood sugar but it’s also going to crank up serotonin and then the serotonin
is going to just flat line and when you run out of Serotonin, you can’t make decisions
that are smart. And so if you are somebody who is struggling with mood issues alcohol
needs to be out of the picture completely for multiple reasons that we just met- Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Blood sugar or I should
alcohol actually lowers your blood sugar can create a hypoglycemic and where I might just
go take a for instance a shot of vodka and just test your blood sugar your blood sugar.
Drop restaurants do this on purpose because they know if they can get you some refined
carbohydrates and pretzels and some bread and then they can get you some alcohol pretty
fast. They’re going to cause a reactive hypoglycemia environments and you’re going to be ordering
more food and getting more carbohydrates may be ordering a bigger desert whether or not
they understand the biochemistry of it all they understand that if they do these kind
of things in the beginning of the meal they can create a larger bill for you at the end
of the meal. Evan Brand: Should have clarified like margaritas
and things that have like agave syrup and all the sugary stuff mixed with the alcohol.
That’s when your blood sugar is going to go crazy, but I haven’t tested the Vodka by itself.
That would be cool to see on a glucose monitor. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly yup 100% you
can really create some significant significant issues of significant stressor 100%. Evan Brand: So we could spend time and talk
about this isn’t for today. But I mean, there’s like a traumas for example, you know any trauma
that’s left over in your body, you know physical mental abuse or anything like that yet. You
must address promise. I don’t want somebody listening and thinking if they just perfect
their diet and get rid of alcohol. Their mood issues will go way there could be super deep
traumatic issues that need to be addressed but no we were trying to focus on more like
the biochemistry aspect the blood sugar affect adrenals hormones thyroid got those things. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: 100% Yeah. I totally
totally get that for sure. So in general we have the inflammation components to so of
course gluten to be a big one there the main mechanism how gluten is in a create more mood
issue is going to be through inflammation and it can create gut permeability and that
gut permeability can allow various inflammatory cytokines and Undigested food particles to
get in the bloodstream that can create more of an inflammatory response and then create
leaky brain as well. And then a lot of these inflammatory compounds whether it’s lipopolysaccharides
or just inflammatory foods that are unprocessed that you have that immune response these particular
can get into the brain but through the astrocytes which of the blood-brain barrier and then
that can activate our glial cells in our brain and that can create more cognitive issues
more information in the brain and some of the newer families of antidepressants that
are coming out very soon. These medications are actually working more on inflammation
in the brain problem is like any medication is going to be at have inherent side effects
just because of the fact that Any medication does when you block and inhibit various enzymatic
Pathways other things happen as a result, like the old vioxx days with these cox-2 inhibitor
medications the cox-2 enzyme the cyclooxygenase to enzyme that was being blocked by some of
these medications like vioxx. Well, those enzymes also have beneficial effects on recovering
liver heart and gut tissue to then you had a lot more stroke and cardiovascular incidences.
When you were on this medication. Do you know they worked at enzyme and other important
roles outside of just blocking paint. Evan Brand: Where they pulled from the shelves.
I mean, that’s like long gone, isn’t it? Maybe I should look it up. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah that was pulled
like 10 years ago. I make more cat a massive lawsuit around that I think it was on record
of killing 60,000 people. Yeah. Yeah. I know really sad but we are going to do you know? Evan Brand: All right. So let’s talk about
the Sleep aspect like for example 3rd shift workers much much higher incidence it personally
when you’re working a third shift. You’re messing up your circadian rhythm your serotonin
in your dopamine your melatonin your cortisol all these hormones and neurotransmitters that
can act as both neurotransmitters and hormones. They all have a circadian rhythm. And if you’re
not going to bed with the sun and getting up with the sun, you’re probably not going
to be optimally happy now. There may be a few people listening. So I work 3rd Shift
for 20 years and Im as happy as a lark. Okay, Mike, maybe you’re unique but as a general
human rule going against the sun is not going to result in Good Moods. It’s that simple. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep, 100% shiftworks
a big one. We know that I can definitely Cradle by The Moody she’s partly because we are hardwired
to kind of be on a natural circadian rhythm Right light stimulates cortisol cortisol stimulates,
you know alertness and and being awake and then that cortisol drop throughout the day
and a Miralax at night and darkness stimulates melatonin antioxidant information helps you
recover. So yeah, that’s a really important step into this. Equation for sure. So they
sleep component, the food the nutrient density component think it’s really big. Lets go to
the next low hanging fruit– digestion. Okay, great. Were eating a really good diet. But
now we got to actually break down those nutrients those nutrients so we gotta make sure what
you and our food up. Well, we got to make sure we have enough acid and enzymes to break
down those amino acids. Those fatty acids those cholesterol compounds cuz they are building
blocks for a brain is cholesterol and saturated fats are hormones are building blocks from
cholesterol as well. And then our brain amino brain chemicals. They’re all going to come
from amino acids, which come from protein. So all of our brain chemicals norepinephrine
dopamine Gaba serotonin serotonin than Converse the Melatonin which is our sleep hormone and
our antioxidant for the brain, they all come from protein. So we really have poor digestion
and their studies actually on H. Pylori for instance cant create mood issues. And what’s
the major mechanism? My opinion, the mechanism is the fact that you have poor digestion you
have less stomach acid. You have less breakdown of these important building blocks and then
hes building blocks can be used to make these healthy brain chemicals that allow you to
feel good sleep good and deal with stress. Evan Brand: Yeah. I agree. I was depressed
when I had h-pylori could attest that my mood was not good and I lost a lot of muscle too,
I mean you looked at me and you told me Evan man. I remember seeing a picture of you you
had some muscles what happened to you. I was so skinny. Luckily. I’ve regained a lot of
that muscle back but mood issues are definitely related to gut infections and I just want
to talk about kids for a minute because a lot of parents blame their children or just
being kids and that’s why they have a bad mood. I’ll tell you as a father of two mood
issues are totally related to what’s going on with your kids diet as well and your kids
got so if you send your kid to school with crackers and goldfish and other garbage that’s
going to be inflammatory. But also it’s going to affect your blood sugar and they’re not
having good protein with their lunch. It’s no wonder they crash. I have bad moods and
then they are getting in trouble in school in the teachers calling you saying hey, you
know Johnny hit another student today. What would have happened if his blood sugar was
well regulated and go ahead. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. I saw my son
a picture of him. it’s snack time last week. It was really funny. All the kids are there
had their lunch box is open and you could see he had like some green apples that were
cut off. He had this like grass-fed organic, like beef jerky. They’re just really easy
and Ill kind of cut off and he had I think some little bit of almond butter is a hit
a really nice snack and he has seen a lot of the other kids. You see the Goldfish. You
see a lot of sugary drinks. I’m like oh man, and these kids are just really getting their
blood sugar on a roller coaster ride, and they’re not going to be as good I mean, don’t
get me wrong nutritions not going to make your one or two year-old a three-year-old
who is developing be a perfect angel but it’s going to significantly improve things and
make it much much better and it’s in a provide the building blocks. They need one to heal
in to grow their nervous system and connect all these synapses in the brain. All these
neural connections from all these new skills that there that they are using but two are
keeping a lot of the inflammatory dies and chemicals and Foods out that could make things
even worse as well. Evan Brand: There’s been countless studies
on the artificial colors and flavorings increasing the risk of ADD and ADHD. And a lot of these
behavioral cognitive issues that are deemed as common so the teachers, you know, well
just recommend that the parents speak with the doctor in the doctor puts the kid on Ritalin
and that calms the kid down but that’s not the root cause he there’s a root cause of
that and this is not hey, you know, Justin and I are awesome in our kids are better than
you but I’m just telling you I’ve seen it my daughter hanging out a plate at a playground
versus other kids where other kids in the same age group are having emotional breakdowns
and they’re crying and rolling on the floor and screaming and just acting out like not
how you think a kid would act out just not in control. Where is my daughter would be
controlled or emotions would be controlled. Does she still have outburst and cry? Over
silly Small Things. Yes, totally. But she’s three years old at the time of this recording.
So I’m just saying that as a general rule, but also the chemicals to write when Im just
talkin food. Were talkin that you and I both are you’re giving your son detoxification
support. I give my daughter detoxification support. We’ve given both of our kids herbs
to help treat gut infections and bacterial and things like that in the gut too. So maybe
if the diet is dialed in but you’re not seeing any progress Improvement this applies for
adults, but also children since were on the subject run a stool test on your 3 4 5 6 10
year old 15 year old kid and you may find gut infections like the H pylori just to mention
as another root cause of the mood issue. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly plus it’s
probably incidences where maybe some not-so-great food or more refined processed food slipped
in with your child at all. And then you probably saw an outburst or behavioral issue, you know,
we had an incident. I think on a birthday. We gave him a little bit of gluten-free cake
and there’s a little bit of a crash afterwards we could see that in this by observations
from you. So it’s all wrong with it. Right now. We definitely want to provide the hormone
environment where it allows our kids to grow in NBA Staples possible think it’s really
really important. We hit the the food component the digestion component. Let’s talk about
four months. So obviously blood sugar has a major effect on our hormones the more I
blood sugar goes up and down the more cortisol and adrenaline to get call to the rescue to
to bar for that out to the mortgage Reno stress gets put on our body in archery know our stress
handling system and the adrenals are a part of the hormonal system is connected with the
sympathetic nervous system. So the sympathetic nervous system is the part of the nervous
system that deals with fight-or-flight stress running fighting, fleeing confronting and
that part of the nervous system the more it gets turned on or flare the more adrenaline
and cortisol and stress hormones that are catabolic the break tissue down or going to
be secreted and the adrenals also produce a significant amount of sex hormone precursor.
So the more we’re stressed and dealing with the catabolic stress side last week and allocate
resources to the anabolic repair and Recovery parasympathetic size. And then it makes it
harder for us to recover put on muscle feel good turnover on neurotransmitters and just
be able to deal with and adapt to stress. So there is that on one side and the adrenals
affect the kind of men and women relatively equally but then women have their hormonal
side from the ovaries that cycle throughout the month and that part of the Cascades a
little bit more unique because cortisol, which is that major stress hormone that we talked
about can also be made from progesterone. And so the more we are stressed, the more
we can pull from the progesterone. I was thinking create more estrogen dominance so are relative
ratio of progesterone estrogen which is typically 20 to 25 to 1 on average for progesterone
Dash inserts asked you and this condition called estrogen dominance starts to occur
with a percent of that returns coming up and this can create more mood issues more PMS
kind of issues breast tenderness cramping back pain in the mood components of they want
irritability anxiety depression. All those symptoms can happen as a result of that. So
the more we can take away that up and down with our cortisol in the movie that takes
out of that the less estrogen dominance will kick in. Evan Brand: I just want to point out one key
Point you’re speaking about ratios a lot of women come to us and say I’ve got so much
estrogen. I’m so estrogen dominant know he’s not saying that you have tons of estrogen
you saying in relationship to your progesterone. So it’s not that the estrogen is literally
overwhelming and you have more estrogen than progesterone. that’s not what’s happening.
Correct, correct? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And it could be that
your estrogen is actually really really high. Im seeing with a lot of my female patients
is progesterone is low really low acids also low, but the ratio is still skewed. So Im
seeing it like if you are as progesterone, right and he is estrogen what’s happening.
Both are low, but progesterone is even lower. So it’s like that. Evan Brand: Are you saying estrogen overwhelmed
progesterone or would that be like an extreme case? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That being extreme
case and almost all the time with cases like that. There may be an exhausting is pit Ashton
being taken right? You’re definitely would see on the birth control pill side. You may
not see it come back like that because a lot of egestion metabolites me to come back on
the test cuz youre not, you know the actual the actual estradiol or estradiol hormone.
They’re like the analog that it’s a metabolite that has still in that shouldn’t affect but
it’s not coming back in the lab. So we just know the fact that if these levels are that
high cuz you’re taking it then the warm out there going to be Might as well. Evan Brand: OK make sense would be a mechanism
to cuz if you had like yes High B6 recirculating all those hormones hormones would just make
it works. Right if your recirculating hormones. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: correct Plastics that
I have seen no estrogen kind of facts whether [inaudible] egg. And then of course, you’re
going to have hormones in the states right to give it a lot of estrogen type of hormones
to make them fatter and kind of woke up. So to speak to the farmers can make more money
on the slaughter there is that too. So that’s why you have to mitigate the toxins in the
hormones and all the food and then you have to look at detoxification pathway. So well
run on the docks tested a little gas gauge in the bottom left-hand corner of stop H3.
it’s called the two methoxy hydroxy acid metabolites panel, or I should say reading and it’s a
little gas gauge you want to at least in the middle, but you’ll see a lot of decreased
methylation so it’s way to the left and that’s a sign that were not metabolizing are Estrogen. Evan Brand: Yeah, that’s important. So you
have to address hormones and were not saying hey, you just go on thyroid medication. Like
that’s not you know, this is a whole system here adrenals are connected to your thyroid
thyroids connects. The brains involved. You mentioned the sympathetic nervous system.
So if you’re somebody whos working 70 hours a week or not taking days off in your nervous
system is so revved up. You can eat a paleo-diet and still have mood issues. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Correct. Yep. that’s
very possible. So we have those kind of hormone issue is and of course any women listening
to it mood maybe one component of that. It could be other things as well could be the
energy you could be back pain and cramping breast tenderness fluid retention. It could
be all the above. Evan Brand: We should talk about toxicity
and liver and chemicals and metals and stuff for a minute. But why don’t we just briefly
mention autoimmunity and the role that I could play in hormone. So if you’re someone who
has autoimmune thyroid, isn’t it possible that if you’re going from hypo to hyperthyroid,
you may have some mood issues associated with that autoimmune attack or some day is the
immune system is bang bang and then some days he knew system is not. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So we look at hormones.
it’s either ATM or ATF and it’s not you know, the ATM where you get money or the Alcohol
Tobacco and Firearms government agency ATM is Adrenals Thyroid Male Hormones, ATF is
Adrenal Thyroid Female Hormones. So we already talked about the adrenal and the female and
the adrenal and the mail. Yes the same mechanism are as we complete DHEA and we kind of lets
just say deplete our sex hormone precursor from the adrenals testosterone can also drop
and then testosterone can have a significant mood depleting fact as well. So same on the
men the little bit less has less pronounced because women have a hormone cycle that that
rhythms up and down throughout the cycle or manner kind of like a flat kind of Foghorn.
So to speak there isn’t quite as much rhythmic activity. Therefore it’s harder to knock that
off so to speak but now with the thyroid issues women are going to be five times more prone
to But men still listen because if you have symptoms, we definitely want to rule out the
thyroid like you said just having low levels of thyroid hormone can create anxiety for
sure and also having high levels can also create anxiety and irritability and also having
Hashimoto autoimmune flares which would eventually end with low thyroid but like you mentioned
that autoimmune flare can flare up your thyroid autoimmune response was Canaan cause more
hormones to dump in the system, which can then create mood swings and irritability and
anxiety difficulty sleeping and that can create issues as well. So you really want to look
at autoimmune markers for the thyroid TPO thyroglobulin antibodies. You want to look
at your thyroid levels because high or low or going to be significantly driving a lot
of mood issues most of the time it’s going to be low because low is The Chronic place
that people tend to end up but you will see with a cute flares that it will go high or
more in the hyper side again in general. it’s going to be harder to catch that but if we
see Levels of antibodies we can definitely assume those level of flares may be happening
whether or not we catch the high-level on the test. If we know High antibodies are there
then it makes sense that’s possible. And then of course some graves for sure, graves will
be the other condition where were making antibodies. Where is thyroid receptor site antibodies
are TSI with your thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins those can cause thyroid to make more hormones
and that’s an autoimmune condition as well. Get ninety-five. 99% are going to be Hoshis,
Hashimoto’s 1% grave. So in general, it’s more plausible. If you’re gambling person
that you’re going to go on the Hashi side Less on the graves, but you know, you’ll typically
were not going to ever run for Graves antibodies unless we see very high levels of thyroid
levels like very high levels of T4 and T3, then we’ll definitely say, okay. Lets run
TSI. Lets run thyroid what receptor antibodies. Evan Brand: Your endocrinologist would probably
even run even if you beg them. So a lot of times were ordering Special Labs because the
primary doctor that someone may have the working with us. We may try to push them. Hey, you
don’t try to get your endocrinologist to run this and they just won’t they’re very stubborn.
Even when it comes to the TPO and TG antibodies despite the mass of massive increase even
just the past 5 to 10 years of autoimmunity with thyroid. You would think that it’s like
part of standard procedure and protocol now, but it’s still not my grandfather got his
thyroid Labs run. It was literally just TSH and T4 and maybe like T3 uptake, but still
nothing else and it’s just crazy. So what are they doing? They they modified your drug
based on TSH, TSH one up. Lets give you a little bit more synthroid and people just
don’t know why they’re not getting better. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly and then conventional
medicine will look at the graves thing and they’ll just say, okay. Well if you’re not
in any hormone the right when you come in and your TSH is buried meaning it’s very low
and let’s say below point 3.2.1. Then they may want to look Downstream at them some of
those antibodies right? They may look at T4 and then I’m a look at TSI in the thyroid
receptor site markers, but outside of that unless they see that they’re probably not
going to do much. Evan Brand: Yeah, hopefully that’s what they
do. But in some cases they may go straight to hey, we need to do radioactive iodine and
try to just kill your thyroid off because youre youre over your thyroid overactive.
I’m sorry that. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: If they saw grave
markers, that would be the next logical step. They didn’t want a thyroidectomy or they give
u p t u or more time is all the shutdown of the thyroid activity or they give the radioactive
iodine to just kill the thyroid to begin with. Evan Brand: Not pretty. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: No it’s not so thyroid
flares because of Hashimoto’s well that may never come back on the TSH may never come
out of balance enough for it to be an issue and your TSH may still be relatively in range,
even though your antibodies are going up and down and your T3 may be low or could be going
up or down to so you may not even see a problem with that. Evan Brand: Alright so let’s talk about that
was a good diversion. So I just wanted to make sure we hit. Community Casa del Carmen
and no pesticides damaging the gut barrier damaging the blood-brain barrier. Even if
you’re a vegan listening, please eat some meat but if you’re not, you know the vegetables
or not benign neither you can still get a different herbicides pesticides excetera that
still damaged your good gut bacteria and create leaky gut, even if youre saying everything
I don’t need hormone me. Okay? Well the plants could do at 2 and then also the heavy metals,
you know, we’ve seen a lot there’s just Google it look it up on PubMed your Googles evil
because they’re suppressing a lot of help people. So use another search engine like
one called ecosia ecosia. They plant trees every time you do a search every 10 searches
the plant a tree for you so search on a Ecosia, PubMed Mercury depression or you know Mercury
anxiety and any like bad mood something that you type up you can find a correlation with
a various heavy metal. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Excellent. I think
it’s really really important. So heavy metals various pasta sides various toxins Roundup
glyphosate. These are all going to be potentially stressors on your nervous system on your immune
system on your brain. I told easiest thing is one just decrease the toxic overload. Just
be eating organic higher-quality food. Drink really good clean filtered water. And then
number two we can always give support to help run our Phase 1 Phase 2 and R2 toxification
Pathways, that’s really important. We could do simple things like activated charcoal with
you give sulfur-based Obito acids, we can get glutathione straight into liposomal former
reduced form. We can get back Extra B vitamins and antioxidants like milk thistle with cumin
and Resveratrol and really powerful things to help with inflammation and in donating
antioxidants anything else. You want to highlight their on the detox. Evan Brand: I started over the weekend doing
some glutathione and a nebulizer. there’s actually a brand out there which I can tell
you about a bluetooth ion this mixed with a sodium bicarbonate that you can make Saline
solution. I’ve read a Stephen Buhner, the herbalist that you and I love because of his
work on Lyme and co-infections. He made a COPD protocol for people suffering with asthma
and other lung conditions and came up with a nebulizer protocol with essential oils.
And so I’m doing the nebulized glutathione by itself and you just need to put the face
mask on you got the nebulizer and I just took a of 200 mg of glutathione intranasally and
I tell you my brain yesterday was so clear like, amazingly clear and I’ve actually spoke
with some of these people at the company who’ve gotten their patients off of IV glutathione
and onto the nebulizer because they don’t have to drive anywhere to get poked with a
needle is much cheaper and the results are being seen much better because it’s getting
through the blood-brain barrier when you inhale the glutathione vs. IV is not so that’s like
my new development on detox and I haven’t done it enough yet to to give you the full,
you know the whole story but for right now, My story is very positive. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Excellent. Very good.
So I think we talked about some of the toxic things. And again, it’s pretty simple. it’s
like you just got to look at the food. Look at the environments try to increase sweating
the infrared sauna good clean hydration could get a grill to go clean water filter
or the ones that I specifically used Evan probably has some as well and
you can look at his shop as well. But that’s kind of things. I actually use and I recommend
personally clean water organic food being able to digest your food and then we talked
about some of the various binders that we can do like chlorella for that some of the
heavy metals activated charcoal as it’s a really good multi-tasker for a lot very spent
the night Clays or folded minerals are really good too. And then they also you know from
what we may also do things like Z light or maybe even Coley star means to help that bind
up some of that mold as well that could be there environmentally if that’s the case then
well have to do some testing on the house and and look again. Is the root cause of that
Dilantin I have a guest that were going to get on just a few minutes. It will talk all
about that in the next podcast. I will be right after this show. Evan Brand: Yeah, we got to wrap it up so
that you all can chat about mold. it’s going to be fun. But the sauna would be the last
thing I would add animal wrap it up the sauna and I love sweating sweating is the key and
you can look at if you just look up PubMed typing like ochratoxin sweat. You can read
that mold toxins. In fact do come out when you sweat so there is proof behind that and
there’s a reason that our ancestors did like sweat lodges and some of these ceremonial
practices they sweat their butt often those things and they were probably detoxing too
good thing for them as they did not have any of the hundreds of thousands of manmade modern
chemicals that we have today. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I think it’s important.
that’s great. Awesome animal today was a great chat as always. Hope everyone enjoyed the
podcast in the interview before you put your comment down below. Let us know things that
you have used to help you detoxify good experience that you had and if you enjoy today¡̄s show,
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reach out around the world. We can send test kit’s to your door. You don’t have to drive
anywhere and wait in a boring dirty doctors office and read People magazine. You can do
it from your house. So, and then my side is We look forward
to helping you were very grateful for the opportunity. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Love it, excellent.
Awesome Evan, have a phenomenal day great chat with you is always will be back next
week. Thank you. Everyone. Evan Brand: See you later. Bye. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Bye. Bye.

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