Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

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  1. 1 hr 43 min…. that's a movie…1.9 million views…$10 per ticket…$19 million dollars in revenue……..

  2. Anyone whom this video deeply resonated with (especially other women), please reach out to me on here or via IG at @lindsaytempleexpress . It is very challenging finding other 20-somethings who see what I see of our world, of the Western world. There is such an attack on our isolated sense of self, on sociology, psychology and so forth, and attempting to express an altered opinion ends in name calling. I don't blame the brainwashed for thinking the way they do; social media and universities are training us all to think this way. But if you found yourself agreeing with Peterson and Paglia, I would love to form some semblance of camaraderie with you. Does not matter who you are.

  3. Around the 58:00min mark. Camille says men will rebuild civilization again whilst the women cower in the houses. Well no we fuckin won't. All this equality, independent, "we can do what you can do" feminism bullshit will backfire. And it will be their turn to go out there and work and rebuild it. I'll be damned if men are manshamed at the moment for women to pick and choose the times they're so empowered and capable. Let them go out into the world and slave 40+hours a week in the sun doing labour and see how they turn out. It'll be the men's turn to stay inside cosey and cook a meal. Sounds good to me. 👍

  4. Thank you so much Dr. Peterson. You and Camille are a refugee of sanity for me during this time of year when we are bombarded by wave after wave of Rainbow rampage.

  5. This discussion compares favorably to what I grew up listening to in the Red Meadow Bar in Helena, Montana, as I cleared tables and washed dishes as a teenager. Yup, I worked in a bar as a teenager. But, I don't drink and never have. But, I did listen. Maybe that is why I wish there were still real men and women growing up these days. Sigh.

  6. What a magnificent duo. Proff.Peterson is calm and collected and Proff.Paglia speaks her mind as fast as she can. Both complement each other.

  7. Ok, Both is extraordinary and brilliant. She is one of the smart woman I've ever listen. But, how come such smart person, who trashed Hillary Clinton and is completely (correctly) against Trump can endorse Sanders? He is pretty much what she despite of 60s and 70s.

  8. Men are needed.
    If they arent ,then all men troops come home and replace them with an allllll female roster.
    Would any one do that? Lol. Fuck no!!- we would all be speaking russian.

  9. I hope she reads this. She is very smart, but when she gets excited… difficult to listen to.

    I tried to count the amount of times she said "Okey?" and "Right?"… Her poor students. When she teaches with such passion she dilutes the pleasure of listening to a bright woman, with borderline sounding old (and wrong) steriotype of hysteria.

    Not trying to offend.

  10. Terrifyingly fantastic woman! I feel like if I present an argument against some of her propositions, I'd get ripped apart. lol

  11. I am a catholic who just LOVE AND ENJOY so much this almost 2 hours of a deep and dense conversation. Oh! How we need to see this: a real and sincere search for the truth. I thank you Jordan Peterson to make possible we – normal people!!! – be represented by you! I wrote a book about the women vocation and I quote Camille because she is sincere talking about a obvious fact: the maternity IS natural for women, and if you don´t link this still be truth. As catholic I would have some points to add from catholic theology and I hope to have a chance to do it 🙂 God bless you!!! And THANK YOU!

  12. we are still analyzing present and possible future with old history as reference, there is a new variable which has never been before and it is the pandora's box called internet.

  13. pathfinder – From 18 to 23, I travelled around the world teaching myself. I didn't know what to read, so I read all the Penguin Classics. READ THE ORIGINAL SOURCE. Each has its own spirit of wisdom and beauty. Do no read second or third-hand accounts. Do not even read the introduction to these classics written by someone else. Dive right into it. Immerse yourself uncritically. The Illiad, The Odyssey, The Bible, Nietzsche, Jung, Dante, the Upanishads, etc.

    Second, every genius had SOME bureaucratic structure to deal with – the mafia of the mediocre – Michelangelo and da Vinci had the Catholic Church, others the Roman Empire, other the Sadducees and Pharisees, etc. Genius arises from the individual, not a committee… Believe in the LOGOS operating within you, in your own thinking, evaluation, TAO, GRACE… Understand what moved geniuses of the past, catch the wind and add your own interpretation. Know what they were up against and what problem they were trying to solve. William James, Quantum Mechanics, World Religions…

    By the time I entered university at 23, I was so far beyond the professors that it was ridiculous… I studied at five universities in four countries in three languages up to my Ph.D. in Philosophy… Then I left academia to help my father in his business…

    It's a risk, life is short, go for it… With passion, enthusiasm and inspirtation. Have no fear. Believe in Divine Providence.

    Or you can join the mafia of the mediocre and make a safe and steady salary… I don't know… I don't know how much hardship and ridicule you can deal with… How much passion you have to drive you ahead… Good luck!

  14. Freedom entails risk. They want the "freedom" without the risk. Whenever their free-choice risk-taking goes wrong, they want someone else to blame.

  15. They want to replace men with the state. Men are superfluous. Then they complain that there are no "real men" anymore. The "real men" they envision is an impossible Disney Princess fantasy. Rich and strong and good looking and completely committed to them no matter what they do. You cannot win a boxing match while performing brain surgery. Choose! Basically, they never grew up.

  16. Oh, everyone else are ignorant, these two ate unfortunately their own little islands of intelligence and rationality.

  17. Female hysteria personifying nothing but her inner weaknesses and highly disrupting her message and its impact… Jordan please provide her with an anxiety pill script asap… Damn i need a deep breath… Speaking fast doesn't make you right or more relevant, your body language is even worse, completely obstructing your message to the world… Dislike and pass…

  18. To paraphrase Chris Hedges,
    "I don't believe in Atheists."

    That said, when Paglia states
    that although an Atheist, she
    advocates a foundation in the
    learning of religion and its
    rationale are of value and
    are a way to contextualize
    reality, I cannot disagree.

    Religion and the study of
    religious matters serve to put
    our present reality into a
    context that is not achieved

    Good content. Keep up the
    good work!!

  19. Camile Paglia is an intellectual powerhouse. It'd be really interesting to see her on Rubin's show. This is a fascinating conversation, though it was a tad hard to keep up with at times, lol. Thanks to both of you for doing it!

    I recall Joseph Campbell writing about mother as both goddess and monster and the importance of understanding how female can be one or both or neither at once

  20. Camille has an awesome overview of history, she doesn't judge or make things personal, she just tells you what she saw when she studied cultures and civilizations

  21. The way to listen to this is one paragraph at a time. Then let it percolate for hours or days, then come back & listen to another paragraph. Take weeks or months to listen to the entire thing.

  22. Ever see “mean girls” females work like the youngest child, They charm to get their way, then they connive, then they work the pity/weakling needing help, then they get viscous.
    Women have hormones too, and look as sexy as possible. They want attention, but think they are still under protection of someone, mom, teachers someone other than themselves. They are after all, Awesome!

  23. Couples who are honest with themselves acknowledge the differences between sex's. Also they play there parts well and plan together there lives. Usually when they both have university degrees and there own careers the wife would leave work to raise the kids until the youngest reaches a certain age, and the wife than goes back to the workforce.

  24. That zebra analogy, holy fuck LOL did Peterson just took a herd, marked it as an individual and made it his prey? Yes, he did. Ok, this guy is cool.

  25. This lady is on point with her observation of the modern household. It is not alright to be confined to a modern house with your parents and siblings as it is today. asphyxiating comes to mind.

  26. My take on Postmodernism and Constructivism:

  27. she's the unicorn represented in the hot crazy matrix that needs to be captured safely, studied and respected. what a great conversation of two brilliant minds.

  28. 1:21:30 Their not directly terrified of the girl itself(her abillities etc.).

    They generally are likely evolutionarely afraid of potential other stronger and more violent males, who might just be about to smash their skull.

  29. 1:32:32 Also note, how the women imagine a hugely opressive system, in which they want to transfer the power to women.
    They do not want to transfer the power, in the acctual reality of our "power" structure, but in to the imagined "existing" structure.

  30. THIS, should be politics. Older wise intellectuals that can listen and go way beyond what us peasants could reach or understand. Yet we do. They manage to make us wiser.

  31. 40:04 LOL!!! These critiques are rigorous and intelligent. But why all the fear?? Both of these speakers are well aware of the patterns of civilization. Toxic masculinity has been the norm, now toxic femininity can have a turn. Is that horrible or is it natural? Is decline not inevitable? Should it be feared all the way down? Fatal? God forbid…

    Obviously, even if there is a rise in toxic femininity, it will eventually subside without intellectual intervention.

    It seems also that many economic and technological variables are being grossly under-represented (perhaps only in this particular discussion) in terms of their influence on gender roles and attitudes.
    Perhaps these variables are also not being fully considered in their relationship to the utility of university education, tuition finance and the natural progression of civilizations, as generally understood by history.
    Maybe if those factors were properly accounted for they would demonstrate that the post-modern situation is precisely as it should be,
    with and end heretofore unknown.

  32. I'm not gonna lie, it took every bit of my current brain power to understand even half of what they said, but great talk nonetheless lmao

  33. She’s (admittedly) not religious, but appreciates and honours the artistry of religion. Why is this concept so hard for people to fathom? Beauty is transcendent. Such a brilliant dialog.

  34. So right. We are a product of HISTORY. Anyone who refuses to not to include this in their understanding of their being is lost. Nothing to do with politics.Problem is they have a BIG say these days . Got to stop. Good work you people…but who is bloody well listed? They choose not to watch or learn. That's the problem. Recipe for Civil War. Ooooh My God. And yours. Vote properly otherwise …dig in.

  35. More people should read slapstick by vonnegut…pretty much the same thing they are talking about with the lack of the extended family and the destruction of America. Underrated book

  36. Interesting. (vis around 5:15) I happened to find myself the target of a SJW dominance display yesterday. In annoyance, I apologised for stepping into their pit of vipers and said I would leave their array of white washed graves. (Biblical reference to Matthew 23.) Indeed. "High priests murmuring to each other."

  37. At first I thought that the sirens heard from around 1.25.45 was the gender police arriving to arrest and detain JBP for arranging a subversive congregation.
    Almost surprised Jordan didnt hide under the table upon hearing them.

  38. Fascinating but frustrating. Coments praised JBP for being an intent listener. He is, but he had to be more than usual because she kept changing the subject.

  39. "we're living in the delusional fantasy of a 13 year old girl." that's what's wrong in our society.

  40. Well the conical narrative is deritive of the neomarxist respresentation of the infrastructure that is so prodimant in relativistic psychobiongraphy. Obviously. As a historicist, the postprestidistic neoplastisism is unintelligible.

  41. The only thing that sucks the vitality out of culture is an atmosphere of lies. That your lies manifest as insanity- awe poor me!!! Sorry boomer- you dug your own grave. Hope your comfort and privilege was worth it.

  42. "If you're talking to a man who wouldn't fight you under any circumstances, then you're talking to a man for whom you have no respect". No, Dr. P; if you can't get past some primaeval wish to size up every man you talk to for a fight, you have Daddy issues. God help us if he ever goes into gerontics.

  43. SHe's a hell of a lot of fun to listen to, but good Lord being her student must be tough if you're trying to take notes. She barrels through her thoughts at a ridiculous pace.

  44. The difference in speed between their speech is disorienting as hell. Camille hits the gas as hard as possible and Jordan gently taps the break.

  45. I only want to thank the editor/uploader for using a real Historical Performance version of Bach for the intro music (as a working HP musician myself). Good conversation, refreshing in our modern times.

  46. JP 40 years ago we were told we were great and we were…30 years ago oprah springer and friends told us we were all retarded trailer park emotional basket cases ,20 years ago we were told we were monsters (vamps and werewolves…..demons)and for the last ten we are all victims and basically people spend 6+ hours a day downloading those "programs"…..I guess they work… dont think MTV destroyed generations of young kids/black people etcetc???you act surprised guess you should have watched more tv 🙂

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