100 thoughts on “MISSING THE CLIMAX – Movie Podcast

  1. I really like Bones. He's probably the most straightforward down-to-earth guy in Funhaus. 10/10, would grab a beer.

    But I'm getting real tired of Jon's "goofiness". It's getting obnoxious. Observing an unattractive naked man for half the runtime is not funny. That's just me tho.

  2. Please find some way to keep this going, be it new terrible movies or re-visiting terrible franchises. I need the insanity to continue

  3. When i proposed to my wife it was in our kitchen, she had just got off work and she was in the shittiest mood i had ever seen. while she was washing her face doing her night time stuff i got into position. One knee just around the corner just out of view. I yell her name and she yells back WHAT!?! I yell back come here. She says why!?! I say just come here. so she comes stomping around the comer lotion all over her hands, sees me on my knees with the ring. I get to say "will yo…" and she looses her mind. she starts cry laughing and says "I have lotion on my hands" then she washes her hands still cry laughing i put the ring on her ""Cry Laugh intensifies"" and she barely get an audible yes out and she collapses on the floor like a maniac rolling around not even making words anymore. this goes on for over an hour. The reaction alone was worth the money i spent on the ring. Best day of my life

  4. Contraceptives lesson: Some of the most popular forms include the pill, coil, implant and injection (shot). The injection has to be done every 3 months, so if she missed 4 of them then she wouldn't have had it for a year. No wonder she got pregnant.

  5. I love the Movie podcast and I listen to it and Dude Soup while driving. But geez, that last 10 seconds of Jon screaming almost killed my speakers and ears. Can we please please please have some kind of volume threshold? Way too loud.

  6. soooo…bones wasnt able to oil himself up enough to get in that sweet black latex dom dress? jesus bones…everyone else is in top physical shape….cmon man…

  7. Jon is a goddamn champion with his devotion to these costume roles.
    Also now nobody will ever eat those apples he sweat all over.

  8. This format is excellent. I would love to see the three of you review many more movies together. Also amazing work Jon, keep being great and I hope you're enjoying the responsibility of being a puppy dad.

  9. I want them to make another Fifty Shades movie so that I can watch more commentary about it from Funhaus. Keep it up! 😀

  10. I've read this on on a cracked article and laughed so hard : "[W]ith hardcore torture techniques that would make a bondage enthusiast blush."

  11. spin off of a spin off. jack hyde actually gets christian greys life so the two are switched. then the kind head of the journalism company has to save Anna from a possessive an abusive Jack Grey

  12. Pls do this for other movie series, not only new series though, you guys should go back and do other old movie franchises ( the godfather , etc,)
    -ps i only suggested the godfather just so i can see Jon dressed as Vito Corleone. MAKE IT HAPPEN

  13. I usually just listen to these in the background while drawing and glanced at the video in the middle. Jon. T H I C C

  14. holy shit i was wacthing this minimized while i played games and when i went to pause it to go get something to eat it just cuts to naked gimp john. i had no idea.

  15. The guys look so drained it's almost as if this franchise has taken off several years of their lives, and I don't just mean the time wasted.

  16. Why does Funhaus have legit BDSM gear? Their stuff is way more hardcore than what's shown in the 50 Shades movies

  17. Looove this format, but maybe you guys can rotate the people in it. Maybe have James host with Don and Jacob or have Larry host with Jon and Elyse. Either way, keep it up.

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