Minecraft Bees  1.15 are Here – How to Download Minecraft 1.15 Bees Update – Buzzy Bees

Minecraft Bees 1.15 are Here – How to Download Minecraft 1.15 Bees Update – Buzzy Bees

Minecraft 1.15 Bees are Here! Hi I’m George Peirson and I’ll be showing you how to get Bees in Minecraft. Okay let’s get to it [Music] Alright let’s start right here at the loader page and take a look at where the bees are hiding. If you go up here to Installations make sure that you have snapshots checked, normally it’ll be like this, you’ll see your stable versions but make sure you check the snapshots right there and take a look. Initially the latest snapshot is showing, right now it’s at 19w35a and that one contains the bees. So snapshots, and then click play, it will then launch us into that snapshot and we can take a look and see how these bees perform. There we go now to see the bees you need to start a new game since the bees are basically a beta version of the game you don’t want to start up in your existing world you want to actually create a new world so I’ll go in here to single-player and you wanna come right down here to create new world and then just give that one a name now I’ve already made one up here let’s go ahead and start here is gonna see that so give it a name if you want to I personally like using the creative mode when I’m testing things out so go right there at creative mode everything else you can really leave all this stuff as is doesn’t really matter and then create your new world and you’ll then be able to find the bees look at me just cancel and back out I already have my new world created right here let’s go ahead and launch this world we’ll take a look at the bees and the see what can do with these bees there we go now to find the bees if you’re in creative mode this is real easy just go into your blocks in here go to the decoration blocks and then scroll down to the bottom of your decoration blocks actually right here first right there there’s your scaffolding you’ll want that as well so keep an eye on that one and then clear to the bottom right there there’s your bee nest there’s your beehive bee nests are in the wild and bee hive are what beekeepers placed around their farms to work with the bees now to get your actual bees over here to the miscellaneous bucket and scroll down until we get down into all the eggs in here our spawners and that first one right there that’s your bee spawner and of course it’s yellow with black spots as you a guess that can then create your bees once you have those pieces right down here they’re all set let’s go back into the game again there we are so I have my bee spawn or set and just come in here and this come down a little bit there click around and you can get a bunch of your bees do you fly around okay the first thing about bees we’re not going to see that in this because I’m working in creative mode but that bees will sting you if you annoy them normally they’ll just fly around there okay they’re nice very happy little bees but if you punch one it’ll get mad and so will the other bees around it and they will swarm you and they will sting you if you’re in survival mode so just keep that in mind you don’t want to be doing they won’t be real nice now there are a couple of ways to get around that the easiest is if you just grab a flower there we go if you’re holding a flower the bees will leave you alone of course they’re coming to me because I have a flower in my hand so they’re attracted to the flower but they won’t sting you if you’re holding a flower also if you put a campfire underneath a bee nest or a beehive you can then get honey out of that Venus Tour bee hive without being stung so it’s kind of like putting smoke on a beehive which farmers do all the time right now those little bees are down there getting pollen out of that one allow it all kinda like that same one flower now the way that you would normally do this let’s just walk over here a little bit is that you put a scaffolding down like that and then put a beehive on top of go ahead and do that there’s a scaffolding and beehive right on top there it is so that’s a standard way to set up a typical kind of farm set up for your beehive if you watch over here look closer just walk in you can see right there these beehives are dripping honey’s this is ready to actually pull the honey out of this and I need four that is just a glass bottle you can then pull the honey out all right let’s move over to a beehive I have setup way over here we’ll ignore that traitor down there there you go you’ll normally find the bee nests like this hanging underneath trees now if there are bees around them begin to use the bee nest and you’ll then begin to fill up with honey and if you want to make sure that you don’t get stung as you’re collecting honey just put a campfire right down underneath this go ahead and just see how that’s done this switch back over here back to our decorative blocks go to the bottom of this there’s the campfire just grab one of those and move in a little bit closer and come down a bit there we go and let’s see that beehive is right about will fix the dirt quickly grab some dirt over here there we go I’ll just put that right there and put our campfire in there we have the campfire right underneath of the hive notice how the smoke is going up onto the hive that’s going to calm the bees down we can now take the honey out of that hive without worrying about being stung by any bees all right let’s go back over there and take a look at our beehives in here notice in the background I have this giant beehive that I built so you can use these as regular construction blocks this thing back there is all built out of bee nests the whole big huge structure it’s all big bee nests in there you know the same thing of course with a hive so you can use these as building blocks as well just keep in mind if you do that these things will attract bees so if you want to have a whole bunch of these in your house that’s fine but maybe you want to campfire if you do that as well keep them kind of passive but there you go you can use these as building blocks and they’re great for that as building blocks notice also on these blocks on here on the hives they’re facing different directions a little stir right there that’s the door so you can have these facing different directions gives you some more options on using those as textures now the nests over here these are all facing the same direction and that’s what happens with the nest they all face the same direction Seattle don’t have quite as much ability in there for using these as decorative blocks but there you go that’s where you’ll find your bees you can look for the nest of they’re not really frequent you’ll find these about 5% of the time in treed areas where they’re just nice trees the more trees the more beehives you’re going to find more bee nests in there again the easy way to play with this easily to kind of come in here and just see what these things will do is to just go into creative mode you can then make as many bees as you want to see how they behave and kind of get used to this at this point these are still in the snapshot mode which is basically a beta mode so that means that this isn’t really a completed game yet I wouldn’t be using this as your regular play game they’re gonna be coming in version 1.1 5 you know bees are coming in Wilpon 5 so don’t worry about that you’ll have these real soon in the regular game but for now go ahead and do a little small plays in here play around through B is key just how the bees work and have a lot of fun I think these bees are great it’s really fun to watch anyway so there you go that’s the new bees inside of Minecraft coming in version 1.1 5 if you like this video and you’ll want to see more make sure you hit that like button don’t forget to share you can support my channel through patreon don’t forget to subscribe I do 1 to 2 minecraft videos a week mostly I do photoshop and photoshop elements videos how to use those programs but I also toss in some minecraft stuff as well [Music]

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  1. Hi, so as you probably know, I have been making a texture pack. Now its a problem with it: I can't look through the water. Im trying to take the opacity of the water colour low but nothing changes, its just blue. Im editing on Paint3D, i think its on windows. Can you please make a quick video on how to fix it? I can't find any other videoes that shows it :/

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