100 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter (Official Video)

  1. i dunno but i found this mv so cute, especially in the last scene, she sat alone, looking very small and warm and cute.

  2. In USA WOMEN are free , in beach in the club in the street , behind the scene , and etc ,your culture humiliate women ,even in this damn video . . .

  3. Блеать, что курят создатели этого клипа, я тоже хочу, что бы меня так штырило 😂😂

  4. It's hard telling what was being conveyed here. I don't think POP music has any ideal either. Just empty hearts screaming out for attention. LOOK AT ME!.. Look what I can do. Or say… It's sad. This sound and all the other sounds now have destroyed the older music. Radio doesn't play em very much now. Some, but not many will. Save our country…

  5. Whats the point in using so much Gods name in this song? Dont you realise that if you start singing this song youre risking to use Gods name in vain? Probably many thinks that this video like many others have some "deep" messages but why there is using so much things from the Bible? Remeber "The best place to keep a secret is right in front somebody.. ". God loves you people and i urge you to consider this message! Peace…

  6. Women are smarter. Look at Egypt women ruled lol 😊 women have power dont matter what color you are, remember your power 😘❤

  7. Не злите женщину. Тем более никогда не обижайте её. В ярости своей ей нет равных.

  8. Very devil related and guiding teenagers and youngs to sins! God is our creator and his power is the greatest forever.

  9. 2:50
    Anyone else notice the tear or?

    Got to give this girl credit. For someone going through personal things, she can still blend that, with other personal messages in film clips like this.

    And, they're way under rated than what they deserve or should be credited for.
    #aussiefan #loveyamiley

  10. First time watching and I’m crying
    – the words
    – the images
    – the meaning
    Just everything about this is powerful

  11. She knows how to make MUSIC, so raw, so vulgar…when she sheds a single tear…Im so sorry girl, hope she finds her true love.

  12. All about that woman power. This is some freaky AF art work. American Femenist Horror Story Season 12 coming to a block buster near you.

  13. And now, the polish government is about to ban the sex education in polish schools. #JesieńŚredniowiecza #StopMordoIuris #KrewNaRękach #DontFuckWithMyFreedom

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