Microsoft Surface Earbuds hands-on

Microsoft Surface Earbuds hands-on

– [Dan] Hey this is Dan with The Verge, and this is Microsoft’s
new Surface Earbuds. This is the companies first
truly wireless earbuds and they follow along
the Surface Headphones that were announced last year in the companies new
audio line-up of products. As you can see they’re pretty similar to other wireless earbuds
we’ve seen before. You wear them in your ears, you’ve got a little case that
you put them in to charge, and it’s got a USB-C port
to charge it back up, and Microsoft says these will last about eight hours on a charge, and in the case you get a full 24 hours. So it’s pretty standard
stuff that we’ve seen from other companies before. Now if you look at the design of these, you can tell that they do
look a little bit different. They’re quite a bit bigger than maybe you’re used to from say
Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, or even Apple’s AirPods. But they’re so big because there is this touchpad on the outside that you can use to control a bunch of functions, you can skip tracks, you can raise volume, you can launch applications if you’ve got it connected
to an Android phone, play Spotify automatically,
things like that. And they like are
typical sounding earbuds, these do not seal out sound, they are designed to
allow ambient sound in, and here we are in the demo area. It’s super loud, there’s
some bumping music like a club at I don’t know, it’s at noon right now. So it’s kind of hard to tell how these things actually sound in here. But if I were playing music, I would be able to hear it through my ears and also be able to
hear the ambient sound. There’s no noise cancellation, or anything else like that. Now because this is Microsoft, they don’t just play music. They actually do some other things, then there’s some microphones on here and some technology
Microsoft has developed with PowerPoint and its AI processing to allow you to speak into the headphones while you’re presenting say
a PowerPoint slide show, and it will live transcribe what you’re saying on the screen. So I can say, “Hey this
is Dan with The Verge, “and these are Microsoft’s
new Surface Earbuds. “This is the companies
first truly wireless earbuds “and they accompany the Surface Headphones “that were announced last year “as part of Microsoft’s
new audio product line-up.” Pretty wild. The design on the inside is a little bit different than other earbuds, this ear tip does not actually go inside your ear canal like I said before, it’s not designed to block out sounds. It’s supposed to let sounds in, so it kind of just rests in there and then there’s a little hook on the back side of it
that when you rotate the earbud into your ear
it kind of locks in place. Microsoft’s including a few
different sizes with this so you can customize it to fit your ears and find whichever size
is most comfortable and fits you best without
falling out of your ear. And Microsoft says these will be available before the holidays this year, so real soon. They’re gonna sell for about $250 which is a bit more expensive than what we’re used to seeing from say like AirPods which start at 160, or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds
which are about 130. So Microsoft is really counting on the added productivity features that are coming with these
to justify that price. Obviously we’re gonna have a review coming for them when these are released and we’ll have lost more time to test out their audio quality and see what they’re
like in the real world. But that’s a real quick first look at Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds. Hey thanks for watching. There’s a ton of other stuff that Microsoft announced today, there’s new Surface Pro laptops, there’s new Surface laptop laptops, and then the company actually announced a new foldable thing that’s
not coming for another year we’ve got it, all of it on and also so please go check it out.

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  1. Sorry – this is a horrible design – there are so many earbuds out there that have touch control and fit in the ear without sticking way out – Bragi Dash Pro – offered all of this and more many, many years ago. i really can't believe this is the best that a super tech giant can produce after years of development. These have to be the worst looking buds – and at $250!

  2. I usually saw that in a carton before where everything is futuristic and they got these things on there ears and they just swipe it like your on tinder lookin for love and something happens.

  3. Those in black colour would look like really big ear rings tattoo artists or rock stars wear!! Don’t want to wear those to work 😅

  4. The automated captioning feature is pretty great esp since it can translate the captions into other languages as well. That's the most amazing (and the obvious innovation actually) I've seen on an earphone/mic piece. However, the touch pad concept on the earbuds does not sell to me. It is not intuitive and it looks really clumsy & awkward in public spaces. We probably don't need the high prices of thees as well- they'd do pretty well at half the price they are currently retailing at.

  5. so ur saying they can play pause and open apps like spotify with a touch pad LIKE ANY OTHER WIRELESS EARBUDS WITH TOUCH SENSITIVITY? yet… they are that huge?! wow. innovation.

  6. These are soooo bad. I gasped when the presenter stuck them in her ears. They might as well just put the Word and Powerpoint logos on the discs. You could at least wear them ironically if that was the case.

  7. $250? I don’t understand Microsoft’s strategy here. Do they not realize that most smartphone companies already have proprietary wireless earbuds for their flagships? And all of them are at a drastically lower price. No rational person would buy these.

  8. Everyone in the comments are complaining about how weird or useless they think these are but that’s obviously because you’re not the target demo. These are not for music. That much is clear. It’s functionality is designed for an office setting. That’s what these new features are for. Who knows how practical they’ll be once they come out but this is not for the average consumer.

  9. I’d like to meet the people on the team who’s entire purpose of existence is to meet day in and day out that designed these…. and kick them in the mouth 🤮

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