Microsoft Surface 2019 event in under 11 minutes

– Now I’m pretty pumped
to get into the product, so let me jump in. This is Surface Laptop 3. We deliver 1.3 millimeters
of perfect travel, about a 19 millimeter pitch between keys in this ever-so-subtle dish on the keys. We’ve also increased the track pad by 20%. We’re using a Quad Core 10th Gen Intel part, and this is in the 10 nanometer
Ice Lake family from Intel. If you’re using a Macbook Air right now, this product is three times more powerful. Now we’re excited to announce to you the new Surface 15 inch Laptop 3. I’d like to introduce to you the AMD Ryzen Microsoft
Surface Edition processor. It’s actually the fastest processor for any laptop in its class today. Now we also created unique
cores on the GPU for Surface because we wanted to push
the performance to levels. You still get all-day battery life, but I also want to introduce
you to fast charging across the entire Surface
product line you’ll see today. What you see there is 80%
charge on a full powered PC in less than an hour. The 13 inch laptop is
on pre-order right now, as is the 15 inch laptop, with the 13 inch staring at $999 and the 15 inch starting
at an amazing $1,199. We’re pretty excited for you to get it. It’ll be in your hands on October 22nd. Let’s talk about Surface Pro. – I’m holding the new Surface Pro 7. Our design and engineering focus has been on power, performance,
and better experiences. Oh, and adding USBC. This is the new Edge browser. Great browsing experience
optimized for battery life. So it’s fantastic. And I’m using one of our type covers. Fantastic typing experience,
1.3 millimeter key travel, and a precision track pad. It can now do inline editing, which means you can literally delete or add with your
pen in the document. (applause) And that sound was captured
by the new studio mics, which are also in Surface Laptop. But there’s another product
that uses the studio mics and that’s the Your Phone app, where your phone calls are integrated right into the Surface
where you’re working. So my Samsung phone can stay in my pocket and I can either accept this call or I’ll just reject it and it will send a text message right out. When are you going to bring pen to Excel? And so let me show you this new feature. This is my hiking tracker. And I’m gonna do Anthony’ nose. And that 7.6 miles.
(applause) Two, four, two, one.
(applause) This is the Surface Pro 7 and some amazing features of Office. It’s available for pre-order today and it starts at only $749. Today, I want to talk
about our latest edition to the Surface Audio lineup. These are the new Surface Earbuds. (applause) True wireless earbuds with amazing sound. Each earbud has two mics per ear and filters for better noise reduction, letting us pick up your voice rather than the sounds around you. They work on any platform and have 24 hours of battery life. There are touch sensors on each earbud to help you navigate music and calls. On Android, with a few simple taps, you can open Spotify and it will start to play
the right music for you in that moment. There’s no screen required. You can play, pause, skip, or change the volume with just gestures. The captions you see on the screen are created by the earbud in my ear. Microsoft Office and
Azure Cognitive Services coming together to create
captions in real time. We can also change the language. So if you aren’t presenting and speaking the language
of your audience, we support over 60 languages. And it will translate as you
speak just as it did here. Surface Earbuds will be
available later this year starting at $249. – So this is Surface Pro X. It’s a cutting edge two-in-one, it’s 5.3 millimeters thin
at it’s thinnest point, it’s worth looking at if you can see that. Incredibly light, it’s 1.68 pounds. You can see how easy it is to hold. It’s got these gorgeous chamfered edges so when you put it in your
hand it doesn’t feel wonky. Start with the display on this product. This still has that same 12 inch chassis. We have a 13 inch diagonal. It’s soft on the eyes, 2080 by 1920 resolution with 267 DPI. Let me introduce you to the
custom Microsoft SQ1 chip set. The Snapdragon mobile DNA alongside an integrated AI accelerator. And together with Qualcomm,
we also redesigned the GPU. This product has three times
more performance per watt that the Surface Pro 6. Better battery life,
faster, thinner, lighter, unprecedented performance, all while running the
full power of Windows. The first Windows PC ever to
have an integrated AI engine. I’m gonna open the type cover and I’m gonna pull out the
pen that’s stored right in it. This is the Surface Slim pen.
(applause) Now what did I do? I just pulled out a pen
that’s constantly recharging, that’s always there for you and if you want to be in your flow. The minute I pull it out, if you look here on the screen,
the Whiteboard app opens. Once I put it in, it finds
its spot, it starts charging. I close it, I take it with me. It is a very, very,
very powerful scenario. What do you think of that, cool? Surface Pro X is gonna be
available early in November. You can pre-order it right now. I suggest if you want it, you
should probably pre-order it. So get on that. This is Surface Neo.
(applause) Right?
(laughter) Should I even talk? The device was created
to be light and thin so you can hold it in all its postures. Each side of this product
is 5.6 millimeters thin. It’s the thinnest LCD
that’s ever been created. It’s 655 grams. So when you carry it, it
feels incredibly light. It’s surrounded by Gorilla glass. It’s a 360 degree hinge that you see here in what this product can do. And as you feel it, it feels incredible. It’s a combination of micro
gears adding a torque system that create this perfect feel
when opening and closing. There’s over 60 micro-coax cables that run between these two
hinges to create perfect synergy, bringing these two nine
inch screens together. Those coax cables are
thinner than a human hair. In any position you want
to put this product in, your pen’s on the back
magnetically charging. Now the keyboard also magnetically seals
to the back of the product and integrates perfectly. And when you fold it, the transition that
happens in the perfect flow between Windows, software, the hardware of this
device coming to life, it almost feels like
you’re using the Force when the keyboard comes,
you go (exclaims). That’s exactly what I expected to happen! This thing is designed through and through with a brand new
continuation and expression, you can pick your words, of Windows 10 built for dual screens. – Today, I am proud to
introduce Windows 10X. It was designed and optimized
for dual-screen devices just like Surface Neo. First, when I launch an app, it launches on the side of the
device in which I invoked it, and inviting me to launch
another application on the right side of the device so I can cross-reference
information or even multitask using an interaction we call spanning, and I can span the application
across the two screens. (applause) As I’m going through my
mail, I come across a link. Watch what happens. As I tap this, you will notice that it
launches on the second screen, keeping me in my flow. I can now view that website or continue to go through my mail. There are many times in my day where I need to send a longer
reply or edit a Word document. And for that, I need a real keyboard. It magnetically attaches,
it’s wirelessly charging, and it’s always there when I need it. But watch this. The magic is really when we
marry that with the software. (cameras clicking) (applause) Look at what Neo does. It recognized the keyboard,
and it revealed the WonderBar. It even gives me a full track pad for mouse and cursor input. And it gives me the ability
to ink right on there. With the ease of
interactions in Windows 10X and the presence of the
second screen on Surface Neo, I can move my content
to the second screen. – In this product is a brand
new processor created by Intel called the Intel Lakefield processor. We know that magical experiences are gonna come off this product, so when you can get it next
holiday it will be perfect. This is Surface Duo. (applause) The premium fit finish, the thinness, all the adaptable postures
you saw on Surface Neo enabled right here by that
same 365 degree hinge. The two side-by-side 5.6
inch displays come together in an incredibly powerful way, enabling every single one of
the postures you see there. And we’re partnering with Google to bring together the
absolute best of Android into one product. And the opportunity that
I’m most excited about announcing this product early is fundamentally bringing
developers along with us, creating APIs that create
magically experiences accost dual screens. This is a powerful product. This’ll come holiday 2020. We are excited to see what you will do with dual-screen devices, both across Windows and across Android. We showed you today where
Surface and Microsoft are. Thank you so much for having me today. (applause) I am pretty excited to show this to you. (laughter) This me excited. There–

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