Microphones for iPhone & Android (NO Headphone Jack!)

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  1. Hi Justin. Love your videos. Any suggestions for a remote control to operate the Iphone when Im filming my own interviews ?

  2. MonkeyJack Type C to 3.5mm Headphone Audio Adapter has one star and review says it doesn't do analog audio for Pixel 2's. What gives?

  3. Great tip on using the lightning to audio adapter to use any microphone! I'm just wondering do you need to set anything on the iphone (other than being properly paired) to be able to use the microphone of bluetooth headphones instead of the iphone's built-in microphone? I've tried recording video (using the standard iphone camera app) with the beats-x as well as bose qc 35 headphones and in both cases the iphone video recorder continued using the iphone's microphone instead of the bluetooth headphone's microphone.

  4. what about option to connect a microphone while using a gimbal like osmo or zhiyun ? couldn't find a 90 degree adapter or other options …

  5. I was naive as I got one microphone from Amazon but is not working on X: beginner experience I suppose🙏😊Is it possible a wireles microphone is about 700$ 🙄

  6. Thanks for the product reviews and tip!
    >> Problem though: for iPhone, the lightning adapter that you recommended thru Amazon (for simultaneously charging and using external mic) has in its disclaimer: "ATTENTION PLEASE 1.Not Support Microphone " I bought a very similar one on Amazon (with more stars) and it truly DOES NOT work with external mic. DOES work with headphones and DOES charge properly. Tested with iPhone 8 and iPad Air using Ferrite app (which indicates when external mic is in use). I think the $35 Belkin adapter is my only hope now 🙁

  7. Salut je suis tes video et je voudrais faire des video
    Je voudrais savoir le templette Que tu utilises

  8. 2 out of the 3 mv88 mics I bought failed. Also doesn’t work well unless it’s on airplane mode and occasionally audio cuts off. Such a shame because it has beautiful audio quality.

  9. Trying to find a lav mic that will pair DIRECTLY to the iPhone or to any other device that accepts a bluetooth microphone, but can't seem to locate one that doesn't need a receiver device that then converts the bluetooth back to a mini-plug. The Sony AW4 reviews I've read state that it only pairs to the included receiver or I would try that. My use case is a 360Fly 4k camera suspended over a room inverted and a lav mic on a presenter. This gives me 360 field of view of a room full of seated people and good audio of the person presenting to them, but the 360Fly 4k camera only accepts bluetooth microphone, it has zero external physical mic ports.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  10. Hey Justin, I have a question for you. I bought the set of items you recommended for use with my iPhone X. I plugged the BOYA lavalier mic into the Rode SC4 adapter and then plugged the Rode adapter into the Apple lighting adapter. From there it was plugged into the phone.

    I tried several test videos but they didn't have any sound. So I removed the Rode adapter and plugged the BOYA straight into the Lightning adapter. It worked and I had sound on my test videos.

    So my question to you is, "What was the point of me buying the Rode SC4 adapter?" Am I missing something?

  11. Hi, you didn't cover the android phones. Is it true that android phones use only internal mic while video recording and to bypass that you should use a specific app in order to be able to use the Rode MicroVideo and others? Thx!

  12. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! However I already tried using my Rode directional mic & AudioTechnica lavalier mic with my iPhone7 lightening jack and the sound is soooo quiet when I take it into FCPX. Am I missing some kind of other adapter in this set up? Many thanks, Claire

  13. Hey Justin. I assumed that you could use something like the Apple air pods to record Bluetooth audio while shooting video. However I now realize it was capturing my phone audio, and I have not been able to find any solution to this problem. It does not work with the DJI Go App for Android whike using the Osmo mobile 2, and does not even work on my Galaxy S8+ native tecording app.
    The only thing I have seen is possibly using Filmic Pro, but it does not look like Filmic Pro currently supports Bluetooth microphones on the android application. It also does not appear to work with open camera. I I have tried Airpods and another Bluetooth source (Axgio Dash headphones), and neither have captured audio while I am recording video. Any solutions?

  14. How do I set up my iPhone 8 to recognize the bluetooth headset as the audio source for the video? It is connected but still uses the built-in mic.

  15. I’m podcasting with Anchor. The iPhone or tablet is the best option for that platform. Been looking at the blue yeti but like the ride mic you showed here. If I’m podcasting with my iPhone 7 do you like the rode mic for that?

  16. I do live shows every week, and my problem is that I am playing instruments mainly my piano and the lav mics just don't pick up the piano or if I clip it near the piano, the sound is ok – but not good. I am looking for a mic that I can use with my iPhone that will create good sound while I play and talk. Any suggestions?

  17. I have a lighting to usb cable , it works I can record but I can’t listen to my audio while recording , so how would I be able to make my songs

  18. Any idea on a bluetooth wireless that doesn't have a wire to the phone jack. I have an iPhone and I am using the Osmo Mobile 2 Gimble which helps stabilize videos. The issue is that the phone sits in the device and the jack is covered by the arm of the device. Are there any wireless bluetooth mics that do not have a jack plug in?

  19. Hello I find your videos very informative, and very well done, but i have a question about this one particullary, because you like the most on internet never mentioned it. I have an iphone 7 plus, and I used my lightning adaptor to plug in my Boya external microphone…is there any way to hear myself and others's voice during a videocall, while recording a video using an external microphone (with lightning adaptor) on the iphone 7 plus?

  20. So if you have a bluetooth mic, and you also have a bluetooth headset, can you use both at the same time as in a phone call, meaning I can wander around the room while my cell phone (iPhone 7 plus) is set on a desk but my headset is over my ears and my mic is in my shirt pocket?

  21. Take a look at the new Rode TX M2 wireless microphone that pairs up with the Rode Filmmaker Receiver. I love my new mic.

  22. I have the purple panda lav mic. It works on all of my devices except for the iPhone 8. It works with regular smartphones, but once I plug it into the 8, the audio goes straight back to recording on the phone’s internal mic. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  23. I think what I need to do is spend 500 on a ton of mics and make my own 'review' video because literally every "Which is best" video I've watched says a different mic is the one. Here it's Boya, Think Media pushes the expensive stuff, another says JK Mic-J 044, or Rode VideoMicro.. Then there's Apple's proprietary swapping of the Mic and Ground rings making every other mic incompatible WTF REALLY??
    Next up are the wireless options. 3.5mm wireless is 200-500 whereas a bluetooth receiver to send audio from a flip phone to my home stereo is just 20… Incredible the amount of greed audio developers have!

  24. I've tried the TRS to TRRS adaptor to connect the Rode Filmmaker set to the iPhone 8 Plus. Tested a few times tonight using Filmic Pro. Turned the mic and the receiver. Connected the receiver to the iPhone 8 Plus. Zero sound. I cannot figure out the problem. Any suggestions?

  25. I have a samsung S4 and I have bought several lapel mics and many adapters – no one works… the only thing that works is to put an adapter between the Aputure A-Lav or a Sony ECM-C3 and the laptop with Audacity – this way the sound is indeed captured by the mic. But I see in this video the adapter I need for Android is… 3.5 jack – to – micro Usb ?? And about the android bluetooth options – my S4 doesn´t seem to recognize audio input at all ! I need a complete advice – thank you. Francisco, Lisbon – Portugal.

  26. Hi Justin I was just wondering is Boya dual lav mic is usable doubled up for just one person when using for vlogging? I bought a dual lav for on-the-spot two person interview, but wondered if I need to buy another mic that is just a single lav if using for myself only. I have seen setups that have dual lavs, but did not know if using the Boya dual lav mic could be used in this way. I hope that made sense. Thank you in advance for your response. I really do enjoy your videos thank you so much for doing them! 🙂

  27. Hey, instead of getting the hot shoe and Rode Video Micro, do you think there is an option to simply attach the microphone directly to the phone instead? So I'd be looking at the Arkon tripod, Huawei P20 Pro and a Rode Mic.

    I've seen the VideoMic Me but of course… no USB-C version just yet!

  28. Hi Justin , I have a wireless sennheiser ew 100 g3 . How can I use this with my android Galaxy s5 or any other android for that matter. Thanks a lot , luv your stuff !

  29. The RØDE Mic Me-L is a NICE Microphone 🎙 Plugs right in and makes a HUGE different. Here is a sound comparison video : https://youtu.be/PJ0h7-tC-B8

  30. Thanks Justin! Great video tips! I have a Jabra noise cancelling earpiece and never thought it could be a great option! Thank you for saving me money!

  31. i actully have the boya mi1,my biggest question is this mic has no indicator or whatsoever, how do i know its time to change new battery? i am so afriad the battery is gonna die in the middle of the video shooting

  32. Question: have you had any issues with the MV88 now that there have been several iOS updates (which I see is a complaint with many Amazon reviews). I have an iPhone 7 Plus.

  33. Hi there! Thank you for the great video! Do you have a recommendation for an android compatible microphone? I will need to be standing fairly far away and will be walking/moving around. So the lapel microphones connected to the phone don't sound like a good option for me. What do you suggest? Thank you!

  34. Hi Justin. Thanks for the rundown. I have a question. I am using an iPhone XR with a Zhiune Smooth 4 gimbal to record video. What in your opinion is the best way to record the soundtrack of the video to cut out the wind noise? I am using the USB C port to keep the phone charged while recording via the built in port on the gimbal. Is there a Bluetooth microphone with a wind sock that I can use that will work. Thank you in advance.

  35. I've been searching for a Bluetooth stereo line-in, but have yet to find anything. I did find that there does exist a TRRRS (or T3RS) 3.5mm jack now which allows for stereo input, but it has limited support and only a handful of phones actually have it.

  36. Hi I just got a boya bym1, I connected to my new Huawei mate20 pro using the dongle they gave me with the phone. When I recorded a video I couldn't hear my voice. Will I need to use a trs to trrs or is there a setting on my phone I need to change?

  37. I have the boya microphone. I use it in my videos connected to my iPhone. So far the sound qualify has been great, as a person that’s soft spoken it really pics up my voice.

  38. What about for HIGH SOUND PRESSURE Levels when filming a live band with drums & amplified guitars, bass guitars & keyboards – when using newer iPhones ???

  39. Thanks for this video. Just bought a Huawei P20 pro and realised no Jack. Hunted the interview to find little choice. Started listening to your video and you prompted me look in the box. I found an adaptor! Thank you!!!

  40. Love your videos! I'm having a rough time choosing a mic. I occasionally film interview videos at events with my Android tablet (ASUS), and I think a shotgun mic with a long cord is what I am looking for- but I would like to use it for possible podcasting too (with my laptop and external keyboard). I'm also looking for something coming in under $60, at least for the mic itself. Something that could be mounted on the tablet would be ideal…but all of the mounts that have been on the show seem to be only for phones.
    I have a standard clamp for mounting my tablet on a tripod, and I'm not sure that the solutions proposed for smartphones will work. Those mics look so tiny!

  41. Hi, Justin thank you so much for the video. I'd like to purchase the RODE VideoMicro however I cannot find a mount for it as I'd like to use my iphone and it seems that without the mount I won't be able to use it. Is there any out there that you recommend? I have a pretty cheap tripod but need a mount for it. Any suggestions are much appreciated, thank you.

  42. Hi justin! I have sony xperia xz3 smartphone, and this phone actually doesnt support rode microphones with 3,5mm headphone dongle. Yes it records audio, but doesnt work when I record a video. Can you help me?

  43. My jbuds mic sounds like I’m 6 feet away and talking through a tube. I wouldn’t recommend them for videos

  44. This video is just over 1 year old. What about blu-tooth Mics? Are you or have you made a new cell phone mic video?

  45. @Justin Brown @Primal Video, nice video. One question. Not all video recording apps on Android allow you to stream audio from a Bluetooth headset. Do you know which apps do? Thanks

  46. Hello, ? Or request I have a Android LG V20 unlocked Smart phone and I have been slowly getting into editing and vlogging but I want or wish I could use my Bluetooth headset ( blue parrot headsetor plantronics which are both upper tear bluetooth. Well how can I do this while shooting video wireless Mic, thanks enjoy your channel Dave Atl, Usa

  47. My Boya works just fine BUT how am I supposed to hear myself? I have a splitter for mic and earbuds but it's not working.

  48. Do you know how to use it for PC because my granddaughter has a PC and the mic didn't work so it wouldn't record the voice

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