Michael’s Bathroom Blastoff – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

Michael’s Bathroom Blastoff – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

SO Last…last Call right? I did the banana and Sprite challenge which is the thing we discovered where you’re supposed to eat two bananas immediately by Followed by a can or two of sprite!
You were lying on the cushion in the achievement hunter office for like an hour and a half So what does it do to you? It’s just like all the phase and carbonation of like buurrrrr Which is like in your stomach so it’s just like it’s supposed to produce tons and tons of like gas. make you vomit. Never threw up! I had a tummy ache for-ever for hours the end of the day I’m leaving this is gotta be three to four hours after I did it. We’re walking out. I say that Lindsay I was like I got no bathroom quick say I go to the bathroom. I sit down Gavin, I sat on the toilet for maybe 25 minutes just farting! Literally Nothing, but gas coming out of it was all the sprite like all of it came out my back end not through my mouth like it was Incredible I’m I’m talking I’m sitting there. It’s like fart fart and like FAARRRRRRRRRRRT! And I was like DAMM like eight seconds at a time. I left the bathroom. I felt like a million bucks!

42 thoughts on “Michael’s Bathroom Blastoff – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

  1. The fact that Micheal, the horrible swearing problem and best accent I’ve ever heard, uses the term ‘Tummy Ache’ makes me want to tear up

  2. [if i were there] (Me) hey do you feel that?

    (me friend) yeah


    (me) EARTHQUAKE!!!!!

    (Lindsey) no its just my friend Micheal

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