Michael Pritchard: How to make filthy water drinkable

Michael Pritchard: How to make filthy water drinkable

Good morning everybody. I’d like to talk about a couple of things today. The first thing is water. Now I see you’ve all been enjoying the water that’s been provided for you here at the conference, over the past couple of days. And I’m sure you’ll feel that it’s from a safe source. But what if it wasn’t? What if it was from a source like this? Then statistics would actually say that half of you would now be suffering with diarrhea. I talked a lot in the past about statistics, and the provision of safe drinking water for all. But they just don’t seem to get through. And I think I’ve worked out why. It’s because, using current thinking, the scale of the problem just seems too huge to contemplate solving. So we just switch off: us, governments and aid agencies. Well, today, I’d like to show you that through thinking differently, the problem has been solved. By the way, since I’ve been speaking, another 13,000 people around the world are suffering now with diarrhea. And four children have just died. I invented Lifesaver bottle because I got angry. I, like most of you, was sitting down, the day after Christmas in 2004, when I was watching the devastating news of the Asian tsunami as it rolled in, playing out on TV. The days and weeks that followed, people fleeing to the hills, being forced to drink contaminated water or face death. That really stuck with me. Then, a few months later, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the side of America. “Okay,” I thought, “here’s a First World country, let’s see what they can do.” Day one: nothing. Day two: nothing. Do you know it took five days to get water to the Superdome? People were shooting each other on the streets for TV sets and water. That’s when I decided I had to do something. Now I spent a lot of time in my garage, over the next weeks and months, and also in my kitchen — much to the dismay of my wife. (Laughter) However, after a few failed prototypes, I finally came up with this, the Lifesaver bottle. Okay, now for the science bit. Before Lifesaver, the best hand filters were only capable of filtering down to about 200 nanometers. The smallest bacteria is about 200 nanometers. So a 200-nanometer bacteria is going to get through a 200-nanometer hole. The smallest virus, on the other hand, is about 25 nanometers. So that’s definitely going to get through those 200 nanometer holes. Lifesaver pores are 15 nanometers. So nothing is getting through. Okay, I’m going to give you a bit of a demonstration. Would you like to see that? I spent all the time setting this up, so I guess I should. We’re in the fine city of Oxford. So — someone’s done that up. Fine city of Oxford, so what I’ve done is I’ve gone and got some water from the River Cherwell, and the River Thames, that flow through here. And this is the water. But I got to thinking, you know, if we were in the middle of a flood zone in Bangladesh, the water wouldn’t look like this. So I’ve gone and got some stuff to add into it. And this is from my pond. (Sniffs) (Coughs) Have a smell of that, mister cameraman. Okay. (Laughs) Right. We’re just going to pour that in there. Audience: Ugh! Michael Pritchard: Okay. We’ve got some runoff from a sewage plant farm. So I’m just going to put that in there. (Laughter) Put that in there. There we go. (Laughter) And some other bits and pieces, chuck that in there. And I’ve got a gift here from a friend of mine’s rabbit. So we’re just going to put that in there as well. (Laughter) Okay. (Laughter) Now. The Lifesaver bottle works really simply. You just scoop the water up. Today I’m going to use a jug just to show you all. Let’s get a bit of that poo in there. That’s not dirty enough. Let’s just stir that up a little bit. Okay, so I’m going to take this really filthy water, and put it in here. Do you want a drink yet? (Laughter) Okay. There we go. Replace the top. Give it a few pumps. Okay? That’s all that’s necessary. Now as soon as I pop the teat, sterile drinking water is going to come out. I’ve got to be quick. Okay, ready? There we go. Mind the electrics. That is safe, sterile drinking water. (Applause) Cheers. (Applause) There you go Chris. (Applause) What’s it taste of? Chris Anderson: Delicious. Michael Pritchard: Okay. Let’s see Chris’s program throughout the rest of the show. Okay? (Laughter) Okay. Lifesaver bottle is used by thousands of people around the world. It’ll last for 6,000 liters. And when it’s expired, using failsafe technology, the system will shut off, protecting the user. Pop the cartridge out. Pop a new one in. It’s good for another 6,000 liters. So let’s look at the applications. Traditionally, in a crisis, what do we do? We ship water. Then, after a few weeks, we set up camps. And people are forced to come into the camps to get their safe drinking water. What happens when 20,000 people congregate in a camp? Diseases spread. More resources are required. The problem just becomes self-perpetuating. But by thinking differently, and shipping these, people can stay put. They can make their own sterile drinking water, and start to get on with rebuilding their homes and their lives. Now, it doesn’t require a natural disaster for this to work. Using the old thinking, of national infrastructure and pipe work, is too expensive. When you run the numbers on a calculator, you run out of noughts. So here is the “thinking different” bit. Instead of shipping water, and using man-made processes to do it, let’s use Mother Nature. She’s got a fantastic system. She picks the water up from there, desalinates it, for free, transports it over there, and dumps it onto the mountains, rivers, and streams. And where do people live? Near water. All we’ve go to do is make it sterile. How do we do that? Well, we could use the Lifesaver bottle. Or we could use one of these. The same technology, in a jerry can. This will process 25,000 liters of water; that’s good enough for a family of four, for three years. And how much does it cost? About half a cent a day to run. Thank you. (Applause) So, by thinking differently, and processing water at the point of use, mothers and children no longer have to walk four hours a day to collect their water. They can get it from a source nearby. So with just eight billion dollars, we can hit the millennium goal’s target of halving the number of people without access to safe drinking water. To put that into context, The U.K. government spends about 12 billion pounds a year on foreign aid. But why stop there? With 20 billion dollars, everyone can have access to safe drinking water. So the three-and-a-half billion people that suffer every year as a result, and the two million kids that die every year, will live. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. 2 Million to lnvade White Countries ,,, Because these people cant ( CANT??? ) do this by them selves !!!

  2. If these are the ones from kickstarter I have the very first ones put out. So glad I could help get this off the ground. I habe not used them much I'm saving them for when I have to have them
    Thanks ever so much for caring.

  3. Same thing, but affordable from TATA.


  4. So you donate $ to an aid agency which buys cases of these LIFESAVER water filters…making the inventor and manufacturer wealthy. The cases of filters are sent to some shithole "country" in Africa where the current government or some warlord confiscates them. He sells them on the black market, and the people who were to benefit from the aid originally do without. This is how Africa works.

  5. No one ever talks about how to get rid of the pesticides, herbicides, drugs and other chemicals that we dump out 24/7 . We're killing ourselves.

  6. In the old days, people just used to boil water. In the new days, 20 drops of household bleach per gallon of water will do the trick. And you can filter the water through a cloth when you gather it. Much cheaper and much simpler than the Lifesaver filter. I am a first worlder and I cannot afford a Lifesaver, so I don't know how third worlders are going to. But then, that is the nature of the scam isn't it?

  7. This is a great product for emergency water consumption in devastated areas and for survival, but not regular use.

  8. Why not manufacture large scale filter systems for city and town use. Have it set up so they can pull it out during moments of crysis. Local townships can manage injured communities in a very short time. But hold on, lets go a step further. Flint Michigan could really use this on a large scale. What do you think?

  9. I stoped watching ,one minute into the vidio !! THIS is an Infomercial isnt it ?? and its going to ask for large cost for whatever it is ,, thats why its done this way,,?? im still not going to watch.. OH !! one other thing ,is if this is what I said I think it is ,, then the gadget is something really useful

  10. So what is happening with all of the contaminants that were in the water? They have to be accumulating and multiplying making the 6,000 liter claim bs in my humble opinion. Another disaster capitalist profiting off of one more engineered tragedy and our common fear of sickness and death.

  11. i know two guys who drank river water after filtering it with one of these things. They still got diarrhea.

  12. So water is now owned by someone ? by polluting it and then sell u things to clean it hmmmmm why didnt i think of that


  14. Actually good drinking water should have beneficial microbes in it. Pure sterile water is dead water and may hydrate but doubt it has any health value. Still governments can buy these in bulk at a saner price and keep for emergencies. Water is water after all sterile or living.

  15. But our governments don’t won’t the problems they donate to end. They will no longer be useful and, jobs will be lost. Plus its part of depopulation plan. I’m sorry to be a bearer of bad news 😂

  16. I wonder how many World agencies, government agencies, are racing to buy this?
    I bet not a single fucking one.
    That's the sad part. They just don't care.

  17. I believe the tsunami in Japan had everything to do with China and its under the ocean floor construction. massive tunnels that have collapsed in creating the water displacement that caused the event. Were they hurting that bad in Louisiana the had to steal water and TV's lol

  18. Pathetic ,do what Israel does build a Thorium fast breed reactors use it for energy and desalination, a country out of the desert who export water , your children . Think first.

  19. Michael fails to mention that the filters do not filter out chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals; it can only filter out particles in suspension not paticles in solution.

  20. Truly brilliant, but a bit cheeky to use that video-title to do CHEAP ADVERTISING! Now, 10 years later, I wonder how much money Mr Pritchard made for himself and, more importantly: How many filters DID HE DONATE to needy people???

  21. A real solution is one that requires nothing from the outside world !

    CAN you SAY SAND ! Check out Sand filters !

  22. Give your life to Jesus Christ. Believe and Pray: God, I know that I am a sinner and unless you save me I will be lost forever. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and arose on the 3rd day. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  23. Hace tiempo lei un articulo aqui https://casasincreibles.com/polvos-que-podrian-salvar-muchas-vidas/. Pero realmente interesa salvar vidas ?

  24. Money money money, that's all this is about, like he cares about starving thirsty Africans who have only survived for millions of years with what little water they have, even the charities are just starting to buy pumps to get water to villages, why didn't they do that in the 1950s..because they wanted to make as much profit as they can before really helping, conning bastards

  25. It reminds me of that bomb detector that was being sold to Iran only to discover it was initially used to detect lost golf balls and didn't work at all

  26. What a tool! Africa is fucked by design, in poverty by design, that’s what happens when greedy fucks come to visit, this an ad for hikers living in the west, you ain’t saving people in Africa

  27. I love how he makes it sound like its about helping poor people get clean water, then you look it up on Amazon and the price kills you 🙁

  28. The Navajo Reservation is worse than a third world country. Where water is concerned. At $170 each, it's not affordable, the poverty is too high. Unemployment is at >70%. Since greed 'trumps' reason. You should test it there, to see if in fact it's safe.

  29. That demonstration reminds me of the old days when a traveling sales man would come to your house with a vacuum cleaner and start putting dirt, and other stuff no one wants on their carpets, and then show how great the vacuum cleaner is.
    This happened to me and my Mother when I was around 5, the guy starts pouring dirt on our floor, I am looking at my Mom, like this is insane, the guy was really nice, but his vacuum didn't work, the carpet was a mess, and all we could do is laugh.
    All jokes aside, this looks great, I wonder how long it would last in the conditions the experiment was done, I would think that those small pores would clog up kinda fast and it wouldn't be efficient if you need to change the filter often, I don't see how you can clean it, but I have never built anything quite like this.

  30. Guy creates a revolutionary water bottle; the entire comment section is full of socialists that call him a slime ball.

    I guess his company should go bankrupt, and his product should be lost forever, and he should die in poverty. All of the money should be spent manufacturing a couple thousand of them for free, and then close it's doors. Better yet, i guess everyone should be forced to pay a "clean water in africa tax" to purchase these things for all of those poor guys. Ive got an idea. How about you socialist idiots spend all of your money to build a water purification system and send it to strangers in africa for free. Your kids have enough food right?

  31. They need clean water? Give them a pot, a lid, and a glass bowl. Distilled water is as easy to make as fire. Some nations are just disgusting and lazy. What they really need is Jesus, not a water filter.

  32. I'm not sure how people in poor parts of the world where this product is truly needed would be able to buy it. And from what I could find on the internet, it's being used by the military. So although it's pitched as a solution to the problems of poor countries, I'm afraid it'll be used to facilitate the invasion and destruction of these countries.

  33. It's a man looking to sell things. Not an information how we all get clean water. The typical TED talk. Just liberal capitalist ideology, yes we all want world peace and no starving children but FREE MARKET comes first blahbedihooblah.

  34. $350??…Another englishman trying to get rich off poor people. This one for $60 is far superior at filtration.

  35. Water filtration is so easy, all you need is charcoal, sand, grass and rocks….then you purify it by boiling the water. desterilizing add a drop of Clorox….and your water is crestal clean and purified.

  36. 123 USD on amazon? Do you think this is affordable for people in need overseas?
    TED talks should be ashamed they invited this guy to give a commercial for his magic bottle.

  37. No one wants to stop the pollution. Making money is more important. So now it has become to big of a thing for Governments and business to take on.Change their ways , change their mentality. We can't keep living on earth in the same way as before.we have to change our mentality. Producing and producing and big business. Maybe be we should have a citizen paycheck for all, so we can still live decent as a human being living on earth. People need money to live for but not necessary through a traditional work of producing that pollute the environment. The less we produce the less we pollute. Money wise, that is not big business, so we have to find other ways to be here in a positive way.we are one.

  38. A TDS tester costs 6 or 7 dollars. this tells part per million(ppm). it does not tell you what those parts are but do you really need to know ? what do you want in your water besides water ?? if your intelligent you should say nothing !!!! of course there are always idiots who say" i want minerals in my water" that is stupid but i will not go into that right now. this guy should test the damn water . Every filter improves water even chicken wire will keep out some things. so his filter I'm sure is helpful. but you should have a goal of water with NOTHING else but water . that would be water with zero solids . that is pure water which nature produces through distillation or evaporation. its true a small amount of VOC or alcohols can also happen but basically only H2O is what you get. check distilled water with your tester and you will see it is zero. check municipal water and on the average it will test between 100- 400 ppm. which would you like to drink. what are those 400 parts in your water ?? chlorine,drugs,fluoride(nasty poisons),gunk,fertilizers you name it. non-organized minerals that your body cannot absorb, these will collect in your body and cause harm too.  
    you can make your own distilled water by boiling and condensing the steam ,or buy distilled . i have been doing it for 2 years,the results are huge. and it tastes much better. do yourself a favor, buy a 6 dollar tester ,check your water and drink clean pure water, its a basic healthy thing that is an obvious smart thing to do that is not done by the majority of people today.

  39. Here is a way to contact them as a Humanitarian, to get involved. I think everyone, including myself, should write to them and give them your opinions and ask them why they are charging so much and what are they doing to help people with their lifesaver bottles instead of just making more money for themselves. GO TO THE SOURCE AND ASK instead of just WHINING!!!


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