Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Greetings in Russian

Hello friends! I just came from
work as always … Today we are not rehearsing the dance, today we don’t have a rehearsal and this is my last video in this year, yes, in this year and I would like to start this video with an explanation: how we congratulate someone in Russian, how we do it. Surely, you probably have Russian
friends or people who live in your country and speak Russian and you can
congratulate them and do it correctly! And the first thing I want to start with is
how to say “happy new year” – the simplest first phrase is “happy new year”,
Yes, this is the instrumental case – “happy new year.” We can also say “Merry Christmas”,
Yes, “Merry Christmas” is also the instrumental. “Merry Christmas!”
Hey, hello! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year or Happy Birthday!
Yes, the same with happy birthday. Happy birthday, Vasya! Happy Birthday to you,
Peter and so on. But, usually, we have something to wish yes we want to wish something to
a person, to say something warm to himher, good, important … And we can do it
so: Wishing you … bla bla bla bla bla bla bla … in the genitive case.
So, I wish you a lot of happiness, I wish you a lot of love in China heart is shown
like this… here is … Heart. Okay a lot of love, wish you much of joy, wish
you a lot of money, a lot of wisdom, a lot of anything. ok
Genitive. And we can add:
“I wish you much good, I wish you much love this year!” Or in the new year, yes,
it’s better to say “new”: I wish you a lot of love, lots of happiness, lots of money in the new
year! Fine! We can also say: I want to wish you
bla bla bla bla bla … also genitive case Hey, hello! I want to wish you
good luck love and patience and … a lot of patience!
I know that you are learning Russian! Wish you have a lot of patience ­čÖé
I want to wish you a lot of patience! Fine!
The next phrase is – “Happy New Of the year!”.
Short phrase “happy new year” and here we also use
Genitive. Wish you happy new year or a merry christmas
or wish you a merry christmas! We rarely say “happy birthday”,
better to say “happy birthday!” And one more detail, it’s such a phrase: Let all that you want come true! May all your dreams come true! “Come true” –
very good word. Come true means – “something will become real in the future.”
For example, I wish your idea come true in the new year!
Or I wish that what you want will come true in the new year. Yeah, this is very cool!
May all your dreams come true! Therefore, friends,
May all your dreams come true in the new year! And this is the second thing that I would
wanted to talk about today. The second thing! I will sit down
a little closer, closer to you … here it is … I like it better. I think that
It is very important to have a plan for the next year. Long term plan, yes, not short term
plan, but long-term plan. And why is this important? I would like to quote one good guy.
Maybe not very good, but nevertheless, the phrase is excellent, the quote is excellent! This
quote is from the movie Game of Thrones. Yes, from the series (TV show) – Game of Thrones, and Petyr Baelish said it. Also known as ‘little finger’. And he said
the following … listen, I will read! Super phrase! Super! That is, Petyr Baelish has a plan, there is a long-term plan.
And every day, when he writes… or takes some notes,
makes some plans for today, for one day or a week, every time, Petyr Baelish thinks: “Aha! This item, this item, number one … will it help me to make my
dream come true? Will it flesh out my idea – to be on the iron throne, sit on the iron throne.
If it helps, I do it; if it does not help, I do not do it! “. And how can this be implemented?
How can one do that? My example, my example. Before I went to China, a
half a year, I had been preparing. I studied different methods of working
with children, yes, how to work with children, English teaching methods to children I myself, of course, also studied, tried to increase my language level and I had a plan, a long plan. And every day I,
one hour or two hours, I did something for it. That is, I did something that helped me realize my plan. Therefore, friends, it seems to me very important
have long term plans! By the way, and you, do you do long-term
plans? Do you plan something in advance? Some idea, some thought, some …
what do you want to realize? Let me know in the comments,
happy new year to you! Wish you, I wish you, in fact, your plans,
which you have written or you will do it soon, they will come true
so that they flesh out! Good?! See you, write me about your plans, bye!

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