Meet the World’s Most Unlikely Viral Star (feat. Impractical Jokers’s Sal Vulcano)

Meet the World’s Most Unlikely Viral Star (feat. Impractical Jokers’s Sal Vulcano)

– They put cameras,
you could go online and see the Titanic
at any time you want. – That’s pretty cool. – [Radio Host] Then
it would protect– – So, in a way
they’re gonna turn the Titanic into a
webcam girl (laughing)? – Yeah, the first, like,
uh, the first, yeah… – Do you wanna see
a piece of my hull? – You wanna see an old doll
that rotted in the ocean? – This is a blanket from the captain’s room.
– Oh, hey guys. (imitating water bubbling) All the coins.
(imitating water bubbling) Oh, I guess I could
go grab a plate. (imitating water bubbling)
(guys laugh) – But, um… – Wanna see a sticky
wagon wheel from an old… – Mm, this is a
pearl hair brush. (laughs)
(imitating water bubbling) – This is a very serious topic. – I’m so sorry, Jacob. I didn’t mean to
turn the Titanic into a webcam girl.
– I apologize. (heavy guitar music) – So, to catch up, Sal, on
what we’re talking about is a girl flipped
out on her boyfriend and keyed his car
and he filmed it. And Jay saw it on Worldstar, and we talked about
it on The Bonfire. This is the video, it’s like
maybe a 30 second video. – You think I care? (laughs)
– [Dan] Oh man. – I don’t care anymore! – Ah!
– [Boyfriend] Quit hitting me. – I’ve lost my mind! – [Boyfriend] Quit hitting me. – I’ve lost my mind! (key scratching car)
(beep) – Yeah.
(beep) – [Boyfriend] You
need to give a (beep). That’s cool, I’ve got video
proof of you doing this. You’re crazy, bruh. You’re crazy. Let me leave, you
have me blocked in. Let me leave, you’re
kidnapping me. Let me leave, leave me
alone, let me leave. – I just totally
understand that point, because I’ve gotten there
so many times where I go, okay now, but I’m
being serious now. You gotta move
because I gotta leave. You’re gonna get me in trouble. You’re gonna get me
in trouble at work. – I’ve said that I’ve done
that thing with Christine where if we’re arguing
and she’ll be like, “Jay, stop,” or put
a hand on my arm, and I go, “I don’t
want you to touch me. “You’re assaulting me,
technically, right now.” (laughing) “You’re assaulting me by
touching me right now. “You know that, right? “I don’t wanna be
touched by you right now, “and you’re touching me! “You’re assaulting me!” – Habeas corpus, right
now this is a mistrial. It’s a double jeopardy. You can’t get em twice
for the same crime. – Get off my property–
– Yeah. (laughs) – Napoleon Dynamite. (laughs)
– You’re on my property. – You assaulted me. You’re assaulting me. – I have accused Christine of
assault 75 times in our house. – You know drunk
Christine accuses you of not being able
to produce anything. (laughs)
– It’s true. – I don’t know if
you know this… – It does get volatile. – You don’t have a
producer bone in your body. – [Jay] You don’t have a
production bone in your body. – One of my favorite, because it’s such a
sweet, funny thing to me that you were going, you don’t have a production
bone in your body. – I wanna see if I
can ever cut the video of it just for Lou to
get the audio of it, it’s a great thing. – Here’s the thing though,
you gotta ask Christine. Because hearing your drunk self is on of the worst
things in the world. It’s like seeing
yourself as a werewolf. – If Christine doesn’t believe that one of the funniest
things ever in the world to be said out loud is, you
think I’m so susposable. (group laughing) Well I go, “Susposable?” And she goes, “Yeah.” She goes, “Susposable.” She goes, “It’s a word Jay, “look it up in the
Urban dictionary.” And then I went, “I’ll look
it up where ever you want me “to look it up, that’s
not a word anywhere.” And she goes, “Exactly.”
(group laughing) – That’s so funny. She did the Cecily Strong girl you never wanna
talk to at a party. – Yeah, yes. – You became that,
that’s who you are. – While she’s putting all
her makeup back in her bag, because she dumped the purse out three times in one
conversation by accident. – Yeah, there was…
– Where’s my favorite penny? – So anyways, to bring
everyone up to point, that’s who we’re calling,
the girl from this video. – Her name…
– Black Lou, what’s her name? – Her name is Autumn Rowe.
– Autumn Rowe. – Okay.
Cute chick. – Very friendly.
– Super hot. And Black Lou you’ve
talked to her already. – [Black Lou] Yeah, a few times. – A few times? Have you spoken on words yet? – On the phone?
– Yeah. – No, no, no, no. – This will be the first time
you’re hearing her voice? – Yes.
– You went back and forth. (crosstalk)
– Jesus. – I feel like she’s young. – [Black Lou] Ah, you know what? – I’ll tell you why. – [Dan] She wearing a
school girl uniform? (group laughing) – Yeah, she’s definitely
your possible foot soldier with (laughter drowns
out speaker) h. No but, every photo is
just a selfie of her. And everyone has on those
filters with the big fake eyes and all that stuff.
– Yeah, yeah. – It’s a younger thing.
– Or Japanese culture. – [Jay] Yeah. – You’re either in a
Japanese anime or… – Oh yeah, her mom is
Irish, her dad is Anime. (group laughing) – Her dad was actually,
he’s half Dragon Ball Z. (group laughing)
(speaking Japanese) – So if you thought she
was a little bit exotic, it’s probably the Japanime side. – Y’all just mad I’m cute, LOL. Bitches just hate me,
because they ain’t me. – True that. – Christine, you have that
tattooed on your forearm? (Christine laughs) – You know, in Latin. – Autudious bitches
(group laughs). – ‘Cause you ain’tes meus. – There you go, ain’tes meus. – Has she become virally
– She’s 20. Has her identity been
revealed from that video, and she’s gotten viral? – I think she’s leaning in,
she’s calling in to this show. So she has to be leaning
in at some point. Black Lou, you said
she’s leaning into it? – Yeah. She told me, I don’t
know how true it is, but she has been in LA all week. Last week she told me she was
going to LA to shoot Dr. Phil. So I wanted to get
with her before that. – Can we convince her that
Dr. Phil’s on the show? Good to see you again Autumn. How are you? By the way, there’s rumors,
I saw someone on Twitter said that Maggie got put down. I’m serious, look it up. – I saw that too. – Because if Maggie’s dead, there has to be a
Chicago dets funeral. – A lot of filters. What it is right now, is that it’s probably just
raining dick offers on her. – Oh my God, the first
question has to be, how many unsolicited
dick pic’s did you get? – Well, she’s just
like a normal civilian in the world, right? How many followers
does she have now? – 10.8 thousand. – That’s a lot for
– That’s this week. a girl in a place. – A girl in a place,
a girl in a place, she’s in a tough place. I’m gonna write a
musical with her, called the summer of Autumn. (group laughs)
You guys dig it? It’s about a man that
makes you fall in love and then you gotta trap him in an apartment
complex parking lot. Keying up his Nissan,
it is a Nissan. – Black Lou where are you
at with her in conversation? What’s going on? She’s calling in to defend
her case of why she did this? – Yeah, she wants to tell
her side of the story. – Absolutely. – I didn’t want to
get into it to deep, I wanted to let
you guys do that. – So you feel that
she’ll be forthcoming? I want to know, is that
her first keyed car? – Oh, probably.
– Yes, exactly. What’s your technique,
is it a downward thing, or is it a up and down
kind of scratches? – I give the guy props
for not being like, I have to stop you
from keying my car. – No, doo, doo, doo,
doo, and grab her wrist. – That’s hard to watch. – [Dan] It’s a Nissan
too, watch the video. – Behind the scenes they’re trying to figure
out the boyfriends race. – Yes, behind the scenes…
– Can we bet on that, because I really think
it’s a great (crosstalk). – All right, let’s do it, let’s open up the
betting pool right now I say…
– Most of us are locked in with the same thing I think. – Hispanic?
– Yeah, I think this guys Hispanic. – Latino.
What do you think? – Oh, black and white mix. – [Dan] You think he’s mixed? – Blake Griffin,
basketball player… – [Dan] Christine
what do you got? – He’s Spanish.
– You think Hispanic. – DJ Lou?
(upbeat Spanish music) – Ahhh, see, see. Jacob, what do you think?
Jew? – Just to be different I’m
gonna say he’s a black man. – Black man.
– Yeah. – Sal?
– From what I gleamed that one play, I
think Dominican. – Dominican, so you’re
gonna go Hispanic? We’re gonna go Latino. – Super Hispanic.
And where is she? She lives in LA? – She didn’t say
where she lives, she just said she
was flying to LA. – But this is good. Good blind bet, because
if we knew the region, it would effect everything. – Can I change mine?
– Yes. – Because we didn’t
find out anything. – Yeah.
– I’m gonna go Mexicano. – Mexicano, got it. I’m gonna go Polish. – I think we should have to go, if we’re going
specific Hispanic, my answer would be
different than Dominican. I would go with Puerto Rican. – I was gonna go Colombiano. Colombiano, maybe Guatemalan (group laughs), he’s Guatemalan. – That’s a cool headed
Colombian, if he’s Colombian. – He goes, “Bruh, you
gotta let me out bro. “You’re assaulting me.” He’s this little Colombian,
a little Guatemalan. – I don’t like you kidnapped me. – Peruvian, I’m going Peruvian,
I’m going South America. – Ecuadorian.
– Ecuadorian. – Just get shorter and shorter. – [Dan] No, no, no. You see a little arm. Stop it, stop it,
Stop it, stop it. That’s not my car.
– Don’t key my car. – Emadre say, no. – She keyed my car. – I would say, I’m actually,
Black Lou makes a good point. He might… – Can we play it one more time? – I’m changing mine. You know what, can we
play it one more time? Just one more time,
because I might change. I think I like the
black and white mix. I’ve lost my mind. – Scrape, she’s
gonna work on it. – [Autumn] You think I care? – That’s…
– I don’t care anymore. – What’s scary to me
is the (crosstalk). – Hold on. – [Autumn] (key scratching
car) give a fuck. Fuck. – You don’t need to give a fuck. That’s cool, I got video
proof of you doing this. You’re crazy, bruh. – Yeah, I’m changing it, I
think he’s black and white. I think he’s mixed. I think he’s a mixed black guy. – I’m gonna go crazy left field. – Okay.
– I’m gonna go an Asian with urban flare. – Oh, I love it. Did not think that. – Oh, you think this
girls getting dicked down by an Asian dude? – Oh.
– It is a Nissan. – Ooh, shit that’s right. – It was weird that
we almost sunk up. They went, “Aah”, and Jacob was moving his head
to the left and he goes, “Oh.” Meow. – On the phone line, very
excited to have her on. We prepped you a little bit
before the break on the story. So intrigued now
to hear the story. – A lot of questions, but also we know a
lot of perspectives that we haven’t heard. – Well, and I’m saying it’s
something upon watching it, it’s black or white,
everyone is either behind her or going ugh crazy brod. So we’d love to have her
here, on the line here, to explain the story. And we’ll get to know
her a little bit. Everyone, Autumn Rowe. Autumn you there?
– Yeah, I’m still here. How are you?
Thank you for being on hold there for us, I know. Sorry, Michael
McDonald was singing. Everyone in the
room got caught up. – You know, we tried
to turn on the mics they wouldn’t turn on. They wanted us to hear
more Michael McDonald. – Your video Autumn,
a viral sensation. Worldstar Hip Hop, I still have
a dream of having something of mine, I can’t in
the world get a video on Worldstar Hip Hop. But you made the cut,
which was awesome. I don’t know if you’re loving
the attention, not liking it. Fill us in. [Autumn] Well, at first
I really hated it. But honestly I don’t
really care anymore. Peoples opinions of me, they
just don’t bother me anymore. – Okay, when it happened… [Autumn] I’ve got a lot
of negative hate from it, but I’ve also had a lot
of positive reactions from a lot of women
reaching out to me, that have been
through similar things that I’ve been through. – So that brings us to
one of the questions that we were wondering. Because our producer
Lou, Black Lou, LJ as Sean Fury calls him. Said that he knows a
lot of these stories and the dudes always do
something crazy to merit this. And all you got was the reaction
shot of you keying up his, and let me guess this
properly, Nissan Maxima? [Autumn] Yes, it was
actually a rental car, but… – Oh.
– Enterprise, I told you. Did he rent from Enterprise? [Autumn] Um, I think so. – Yeah, awe man. – Man, Dan nailed that. – First off Autumn,
thank you for confirming what I already knew, which is that Enterprise
has the best deal on Nissan’s day to day. Also, Autumn, second question. We have a bet going on the show because we don’t see his face. We just heard…
Is this your ex-boyfriend? I don’t know what to call him. What do we call him, your ex? [Autumn] Yes, he
was my ex-boyfriend. We dated for about two years. – All right, so he’s your
boyfriend of two years. And we had a guess,
there are seven of us. And we all guessed
what ethnicity he was. He used bruh, he used… We were trying to guess
from the way he talked, what was your ex-boyfriend? – He was white and black.
(group yells Ahhh in unison) – Shit.
– Let’s go baby. – I pulled it because of you.
– (crosstalk) or what? – Bruh. – Our one and only black
staff member called it. – Yeah, which means we
are ignorant pink racists. [Autumn] What was
everyone guessing? – We had a couple Dominican’s, we had an Urban
Asian guess from Sal. – Yeah, my guess was, I
thought I heard him going when he said, “You’re
kidnapping me. “You’re kidnapping me, Bro.” sounded very Cholo to me. – Yeah, no, you
thought it was some… – I’m an idiot. Would you mind, Autumn, at all, telling the story that
led up to this moment, because it really is the
only context of it is, girl loosing her shit, but
there’s gotta be a reason. [Autumn] That was his point, it was his point to make
me look like I was crazy, that’s what he wanted
to gain from this video. Looks like he gained that. – Yeah, so what happened? What led to this moment? [Autumn] So, actually
before the video was taken, you only see his side really. So before the video was taken,
we were at my apartment, where he assaulted me,
put his hands on me, like he does all the time. We had a lot of
domestic problems throughout our
relationship of two years. So we’re at my apartment
and he assaulted me and stole my cell phone. And I had already paid to
fix my phone about four times that month and I had
to buy a new phone because he broke
the last one so bad. So I was pretty angry
that he took my phone. So I got, my car wasn’t
there at the time, he had dropped me
off at my house. So I got an Uber to my car and I was just chilling
in my car, rolling up, just about to chill, take my
mind off what just happened and he pulled up behind
my car at Chick-fil-A, blocks my car in. He starts beaming through
there, recording me. Trying to antagonize me. – So you were in
the parking lot? And again, you…
– We have to say… – We have to legally say,
he allegedly assaulted you, because we can’t be legally
put on the line for this. But you’re saying he
allegedly assaulted you and then this was
later in the day. You were just in the parking lot and then this is
when he pulled up? [Autumn] No, this is
exactly, this is like, okay. So right when that happened,
I got an Uber to my car. So this is all within an
hour and a half time span. – Okay, so you guys are
fighting, you leave, you take an Uber to your car. [Autumn] Yes. And he blocks my car in there. – But his Maxima is
in the parking lot and your car is blocking him in. – Yeah.
– So how did you get to there? If you were parked and
then he blocked you in? [Autumn] So because we
were at Chick-fil-A, he has my car blocked, I drive
over the curb to get out, – Chick-fil-A.
– He starts driving off and I’m like, you know
what, I want my phone back, and this dude has made
me pay so much money between punching
holes in my wall, allegedly punching
holes in my wall. – Oh no, you can claim the
actual assault on the wall. We’re just worried about,
we don’t think the wall will sue Sirius. – You can attack,
walls are fruit. – Drywall doesn’t have
access to legal council. So, he would punch
holes in walls. Also, I just want to say,
as a video game player, that can be a cause
of it as well. So he cost you so much money that you go stop
him from leaving? – [Autumn] Yeah, well,
yeah, I go to and I’m like, you know what, I’m gonna
make him pay for money. He starts recording me
like he always does. I’m like, you wanna record
me, I’m gonna give you a show. And that’s why I’m kind
of smiling in the video. I was like, I’m tired
of you making me pay for all of this stuff, it’s
your turn to pay for something, I’m gonna key your car. So I keyed his car. – So it wasn’t even cheating. I think we all just assumed
it was gonna be cheating. – We thought it was cheating.
– No, no, no, it has nothing to do with him
dumping me or cheating on me. He drove to my house
right after that and tried his best
to get me back. He was begging me,
saying he was so sorry. He definitely did
not cheat on me, definitely did not
break up with me. – Also, do you have
any more money? – [Autumn] That is not
what happened, whatsoever. – Why did he have a rental?
Fender bender? – [Autumn] Oh yeah, he had
gotten into a fender bender like a week or two before.
– Nailed it. – Ugh, Sal. – So keying the rental
car actually isn’t that big a deal because it’s
going back to insurance. Did he buy the insurance? – [Autumn] Honestly,
I have no idea, I just know that I didn’t
have to pay for anything. – I guess, the question
I’m asking you is, is he more half
white or half black? (group laughs) – [Autumn] I’m not
really, for sure. He’s just equal, half
white and half black. – Now what has been your
dealings with him since? – [Autumn] This video
was taken in May. So I broke up with him
about two weeks ago and then that’s when he
sent the video around. And that’s how it got posted. – Oh, you stayed together
after this night? – [Autumn] After this night,
yeah, we did get back together. – I don’t know if you did, but I bet if you guys
hooked up that night, I bet it was intense.
– Crazy. Were you guys doing the thing where you’re almost
biting each other? – Like kissy face punches. – Like muah, haa haa, muah. So you guys, I’m sorry I
wasn’t paying attention. You guys got back together? I was laughing about
your joke, sorry. The half white, half black
thing fucking killed me. You guys aren’t back together or have not been back together? – [Autumn] No, we broke
up about, like I said, about two weeks ago and
that’s when the video went viral, is because
I broke up with him, so he sent it
around to everybody. – Oh, shit, so you guys
had made up after this and then he put it viral. And you haven’t spoke to him since the video
went viral, right? – [Autumn] I’m
actually in Los Angeles and we’re about to go
on the Dr. Phil show. – Well what if I told you that
Dr. Phil was here right now? – You’re going on Dr.
Phil with the guy? – You’re going on right,
have you filmed it yet? – [Autumn] We’re
filming tomorrow and whoever did an
impersonation of Dr. Phil, that was trash. That was not a
good impersonation. – I’ll fight you, I’ll fight
you, I’ll key your car, I don’t even car
if it’s a rental. – I will key your car.
– Bring it. – That’s my favorite
thing I’ve ever heard. – [Dan] I’ll fight
you in a parking lot. – (crosstalk) it was trash. – What’s odd is that it’s
such a good impersonation. – I don’t know why she’s
such a Dr. Phil fan, she can’t shit on
a guy a little bit. – Oh shit. – Are you going on
with the ex-boyfriend? – [Autumn] Yes, and I’m
telling my side of the story. – Oh, all right.
– And I have proof to back everything that
I’ve been through up. – So you’re gonna
be there with him, it’s not like you guys
are going on together. You’re going there
as adversaries? – [Autumn] We have to
go on at different times because I have a restraining
order against him. – No shit.
So it’s serious. Dr. Phil you know he dives in. – [Autumn] Yeah,
he’s been to jail. Yeah, he’s been to
jail for this already. – Oh, so he went
to jail for this, not for this video, but for other assaults? Which if he has been
convicted are legal assaults and we can’t get sued for that, so we don’t have
to say allegedly. – [Autumn] Yes, he got
aggravated assault. – Oh, shit.
– I’ll tell you after this Dr, Phil appearance, if you have any
lyrics inside of you that you can drop
a few rap bars, you will get looked at for
at least a record deal. – Dr. Phil is a king maker. – Really?
– I’ve heard. – And I’m gonna watch Dr.
Phil to fucking nail down this impression because
apparently it’s trash. You mean woman. – Yeah, you need
to work on that. – You work on it. (group laughs) I’m just getting all pissed off. – Now you’re gonna
get in a fight and get the Dan going,
hey you’re kidnapping me, you’re kidnapping me. – Hey, yeah. She goes, do you think I care? I go, this is a… – [Autumn] What you can’t
see is the other side of the hotel, he
could have driven out. I wasn’t even blocking him in. – It doesn’t even
matter, I’m surprised… – The part that made
us laugh the hardest was when your ex-boyfriend
goes, “You’re kidnapping me. “You’re kidnapping me.” – [Autumn] Yeah, he is a joke. He is the whole joke. – That’s what I’m saying, I’m surprised you
got back with the guy and gained a chance
for sexual attraction to a guy who yelled, you’re
kidnapping me, to you. That seems like such a weird
thing to get past, you know. – Yeah, yeah. – Hey, Autumn, Black Lou,
our producer has a question. – Is the ex a
athlete of some sort? Because he seems very
tall from the video. – [Autumn] He’s pretty tall,
but no he’s not an athlete. – He didn’t play ball at all? – [Autumn] He used to, but no,
he doesn’t play basketball. – Black Lou’s going
for the trifecta. Christine, we have
Christine on the show here. Same scenario she describes,
do you key up a car? – [Christine] I don’t know,
I’m not a very physical person. – Did you have a
thing with a guy where you paid for everything and got taken
advantage of like that? – No.
– Just me? – [Dan] Autumn, how
did you two meet? – [Autumn] How did we meet? We actually met on Instagram. – Okay.
– Really. – [Autumn] He slid in
the DM’s, you know. – He just reached out. – [Autumn] Yep,
he slid in the DM. – Black Lou.
– How many kids does he have? – He has one kid.
– Boom. – [Jay] Man, Black
Lou’s on it, God. – He walks back in and goes
I got one more question. He’s like Columbo. You said that the car was
borrowed from Enterprise. Well, I know if
you’re renting a car you gotta get insurance on it. Is that a trash Columbo? Come at me. – You think there’s a
chance that his kids mom. Have you and the kids mom had beef before
over the two years? – [Autumn] No, I’m
a mature adult, I didn’t really pay
attention to ex-girlfriends. But I’ve never met her. – [Dan] No, but what I’m
saying is that some times they come at you. She might have come at you. – Yeah, so there’s been no
drama with the baby mama? – Nope.
– Damn. – Well that’s good at least. I’m so excited to watch the
episode of Dr. Phil now. I wanna see him, so bad. – Do you feel like you
still have feelings for him? Or you feel like you’ve
had the last straw, you’re completely over him? There’s no chance of you
ever reconsidering him? – No.
– No chance? – [Autumn] No chance, I have
bettered my life and moved on. – [Dan] All right,
well that’s good. – What if he
proposes on Dr. Phil? – That’s a weird left hand,
try to flip it around. – Well Black Lou will tell
you, on our squad here. Black Lou is Team Autumn
all the way, 100%. So if you need somebody
to call on Dr. Phil and give a shining testimony,
it’s gonna be Black Lou. – He’s had your back since
we watched the video. He didn’t doubt you from the
second we watched the video. – Black Lou said, “That dude
did some fucked up shit. – Yeah, that’s
exactly what he said. – [Jacob] I’m with
Lou, she’s won me over. – Then he’d be correct.
– She’s won you over too. You won Jacob over. – Autumn love hard. – She does love hard. Autumn, could I interest
you in a radio producer named Jacob Battat. You’re single now,
this guy will not do, he’s got his own cashola, Jacob. How do you feel
about maritime law? – [Autumn] How do
I feel about what? – Maritime law, it’s sea law. – Just the ocean laws. – The ocean laws?
– Yeah. How do you feel
about shipwrecked? – It’s not your fault
you don’t know this. – Maritime laws, it’s
a different set of laws and standards from
other sovereign nations or any other
international bodies. Let’s get to the nuts
and bolts of this thing. How do you feel
about shipwrecks? – [Autumn] How do I
feel about shipwrecks? – Are you a Titanic fan?
– Never been on a ship. – Really? – [Autumn] I’ve never
watched the Titanic. – You’ve never
watched the Titanic? – [Jay] That’s gonna be
a deal breaker for sure. – This isn’t gonna work.
– Yeah. – But you know, Jacob,
you can show her Titanic. How old are you Autumn,
if you mind me asking? – I’m 20.
– 20 years old. – Do you know
about boats at all? – [Dan] Do you know
anything about boats at all? – No, I wouldn’t
either at that age. – [Autumn] Do I know
anything about books? Yes, I’ve read a lot of books. – No, no, no, boats.
– Boats, the things that
float in the ocean. – [Autumn] Oh, boats, no I
don’t know anything about boats. I’ve never been on
a ship or anything. – We were hoping to
hook you up with Jacob. – [Jacob] She was born
after the movie came out. – That is crazy. – Ah, that’s gonna freak
you out a lot Jacob. – Well, Autumn good
luck on Dr. Phil. – Yeah, have a great show. I hope your point
gets out there. You make this guy look like
an ass hole that he is. Right Black Lou?
– Yep. – Yes indeed. Thank you so much
for calling us. We’ll be right back after this. It’s The Bonfire. – She got real 20 year
old girl at the end. Where she didn’t
understand the references. You know, it’s like when
you’re confused you get angry. She started thrashing. – I almost got keyed. – Dude, no she tried
to come for you. – I mean that girl
on Instagram is hot. – Yep.
– Pretty hot chick. You now, but definitely hot. – 20, you guys were right,
the Columbo impression probably flew clear
over her head. Like enough fucking air space for it to be cleared for flight. – Your Dr. Phil
impression is garbage. – Oh my God, you’re
Dr. Phil, you suck. – Sal, thank you so much
for hanging out with us man. – Thank you guys for having me. – Did you have fun? – Always, always blessed. – You got to meet your
future, lunatic ex-girlfriend, Autumn Rowe. Which I guess you can
catch coming up soon on Dr. Phil. – But don’t worry…
– The real Dr. Phil, not that hunk of shit
impression we get in this bullshit ass studio. – [Sal] I wish her the best. I do, I do, especially if
that guy needs to be exposed, all that stuff. – Yeah but also, my Dr. Phil
impression is pretty good. – It is pretty good. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Meet the World’s Most Unlikely Viral Star (feat. Impractical Jokers’s Sal Vulcano)

  1. She said “ No chance” to seeing him again and then f’ed him the night of this recording.. lol girls are crazy.. dudes a douche canoe too

  2. Disclaimer
    WARNING, The following program contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other.

  3. 1. Something tells me this chick is full of shit. She comes off as the type.

    2. I was sold on urban Asian as soon as I he said it.

  4. dude in the red shirt needs to chill out, you can't be completely hilarious 100% of the time, it's 75% cringe when you attempt that

  5. Really the guy who super chill-ly holds a camera while you key his rental car is abusive? why didn't he just slap you away instead then lol.

  6. Yeah I’ve been listening to the bonfire since their first episode and this is the first time I’ve ever seen jacob and he is far from what I pictured him looking it’s so weird listening to someone’s voice for years then you see them for the first time and that voice coming out of someone’s face is almost like it doesn’t match haha

  7. I don't know if this gets funny later because I couldn't make it through the first 45 seconds. Oh my fucking god, shut the fuck up you annoying fucks.

  8. Who fuckin Cares. , Jay must be out of material .(ask her if she would shit in a bucket for $100). Lazy at Helium Jay. Very Lazy

  9. You guys making jokes about them hooking up is so fucking weird. You guys are like 40 and their barley like 20. Fucken weirdos

  10. Sal seems like such a cool guy, even though he has irrational fears of common animals i.e. Cats and chickens. I like his show.

  11. That was a painful 25 minutes. I hoped I'd hear Sal more and not this trashy story. The hosts impression was spot on of Dr. Phill. The girl had too much attitude and I hope her 15 min of fame is over soon.

  12. I reallyyyy don't dislike videos too often, but this whole thing is so ????confusing?? is it me or does that host Dan honestly seem, like, a really fucking high narcissist LOL?? not saying weed is bad ! but being high or under the influence of something during a huge radio show is questionable.. also WHY was a big chunk of this conversation on the viral video all about wanting to know what the guy's race was?? I don't understand why that was something to zoom in on lol like huh???? also why don't they make the guest Sal feel all that included? I have so many questions lol jesus christ Comedy Central what is this

  13. Good job Comedy Central on including the Lou drops and giving the rest of the crew more camera time.

    Before they just focused on dan and jay and you could hear the crew in the background.

  14. It's weird how these things on the bonfire keep happening near me. First it was Shondra the Christian Comedian lady and racist comments at Sidelines Restaurant in Ashland City,Tn. Then this Black Snack Moan chick and Your Kidnapping Me Bro guy are both from Clarksville. I'm from this area of middle Tennesse and it's crazy how Bonfire content keeps tieing back to my Motherland. CRACKLE CRACKLE!!

  15. Disappointed for nobody asking the real questions:
    If the guy was a violent crazy thief, then what the fuck attracted her to him, and made her stick around for 2 years?
    Massive dick, best sex ever? What? How? And he has a kid with someone else! Wtf…
    This chick had it coming if the situation was all the claimed it was.
    Personally I think she was cheating on him with some rich dudes, who only wanted to pump and dump her, so she had to stick with this guy, who then got jealous and started acting up. So many questions, so little sense…

  16. @10:37 in already I see this girl Autumn, is an SJW type. The exact type that would SUCKER PUNCH Nick DiPaolo. Her first 51/50 was at 15yrs old. Takes psych meds, the wrong ones, and another that's too hard to see but will hit her at 35, kill her 3 kids, husband and then understand while having a puff waiting for the cops? "We ALL got winning trophies on the team at school, but I was always better". GR8 pull guys. Great parenting for Autumn? Hey mom, dad, abortion WAS an option, loser parents.

  17. Turns out a bunch of comedians suddenly subjected to a domestic violence story is oddly entertaining

  18. Why are we all ignoring that this bitch keyed a rental car, enterprise did nothing to that woman. They are a quality company, and they give you the tools to be your own boss.

  19. I had an ex total my car cause I wouldn't leave my new girlfriend and get back with her. I mean.. it looked like a junkyard car when she was done. Everything you can break on the car, she broke it. In the middle of my apartment complex. And NOT ONE person called the cops. Un-fucking-believable.

  20. I laughed so hard this episode. It's like a gentle roast of these crazy people. So shitty. Also Dan's impression of Dr. Phil was funny, but her white trash ass is probably a better judge than I am.

  21. U had to fix your phone “4 times that month”!? Was he breaking it every time u walked outta the electronics repair store & telling u to walk back in!?

  22. 2 things,

    1st… she and this dude were 💯% on Dr. Phil

    Second.. homegirl definitely sounded like the joker ..

    Heath Ledger's


  24. This girl is crazy, accomplished nothing by keying a rental car, and is relishing in the attention all this brought her.

  25. Coming back to watch. He assaulted and stole from her so she decided to block him in and cut up his car to his face? Doesn’t sound like someone who has just been assaulted. He must be a real pussy cause she isn’t scared at all. She does sound like the type of chick to make up some shit after she looks like an idiot though.

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