MATRIX BREAKDOWN! Secret Easter Eggs, Visual Analysis & Deeper Meaning!

Hi, I’m Eric Voss and The Matrix, the Wachowski cyberpunk masterpiece, has for the past 20 yrs inspired a revolution in the philosophy and the aesthetic of Hollywood films and we mainly go to Blue Ray of every annoying college roommate ever. And AS one of those annoying college roommates- myself I decided to take a break from the usual deep dives into superheroes, dragons and droids as philosophical many of them are, to examine The Matrix scene by scene. To explore it’s influences, how IT influenced nearly everything that came after it and all the hidden visual secrets in this movie that you might have missed the first your friend’s older brother who wore sunglasses a lot showed it to you. The film opens from the point of view of the matrix itself. In the form of this raining green code. The color green was chosen to reflect the green tint of early monochrome computer monitors and and throughout this movie the color green filters every scene that takes place inside the matrix. In order to show it’s artificiality compared to the REAL world which is tinted in the color blue. This imagery was inspired by the opening credits of the famous 1995 anime Ghost In The Shell. A HUGELY influential manga and film series, Ghost In The Shell is set in the future where humans are cybernetically enhanced and their brains can be hacked. It explores the philosophy of artificial intelligence and detached identity.

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