Mas Sajady Program Reviews | EI Podcast 100 | Top Spiritual Questions | What’s the Meaning of Life?

For more information on my programs, please visit That’s Hello, this is Mas Sajady. Welcome to my podcast, Exponential Intelligence®. Today we’re celebrating our 100th episode. Very special. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to cover the top 13 spiritual questions of all times and I am talking all times, okay. So let’s go ahead and get started. For many of you who have done Exponential Intelligence®, right, or are becoming aware, these are going to be very simplified. So what we’re going to do for the advanced individuals and for you guys as well who are really interested, we’re going to do the top 13 advanced spiritual questions of all time at a later podcast. So look out for that one. So let’s just jump right in shall we? What is the meaning of life? And, again, there is nothing spiritual, nothing religious. I’m just telling you the way Exponential Intelligence® tells it to me. The meaning of life is really very different than what you expect. Many of us think that we’re supposedly here for…, we’re here for a purpose, we’re here for a reason. We’re really not. We’re actually here to understand density. That’s the meaning of life and you’re going to go well that’s not really romantic, right? Or what’s the purpose of my life, right? You’re going to think well it’s here to save the whales, it’s here to understand God, it’s here to rectify whatever that we’re doing. And, again, it’s really not. It’s for you to understand how to be here in physical form in full awakening. That’s what the meaning of life is about. So what you do is unimportant. What you think about is unimportant. What you strive for is unimportant and, again, you might think well that’s kind of boring, you know. Then why am I here, you know? What’s this density that you talk about, okay? So let’s just get into the science of why we’re here, okay. You are of Spirit level, right, or the higher form of a timeless being. We’ve created enough density or enough realization to create what we call the universe and then a living space called Earth, okay. Again, really fantastic. Unbelievable say technology to create a living atmosphere where we can create enough density, again, to create human life and other life forms, okay. So how did we do that? We dumbed ourselves down to the point, right. We slowed down our frequencies to the point that we can create say heaviness or density, right, or something that we can touch, feel, sense with the five senses, okay. What our purpose is is to say create that realization, okay, without dumbing us down. To be in full understanding or in full brilliance walking here on Earth. In religious terms, in spiritual terms, they might call it walking through or seeing the Earth through your spiritual eyes. That’s why we’re here, okay. For more information on my programs, please visit That’s Or join us on Facebook, for more information. We do a lot of Facebook Live.

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