March 12th: How to Make a Podcast

March 12th: How to Make a Podcast

Good morning, John. It’s Monday, March 12th. I have something I need to show you *whispering*
That’s awesome. Freaking awesome. Thanks, go to [Laila] of bookshelves of doom… You can go there and buy amazing shirts from her to support her book habit. I’m not sure if you can get this shirt. I think it might just be exclusive to members of the actual brotherhood. We’re not like averse to having… …honorary members of the Brotherhood. There is sort of Hank and John — we get perks. Look how big my hands are Today might be a little bit of a dry episode because I have to teach John how to make a podcast… …because I can’t obviously do it with his video, so he has to do it too, and I can’t send him a text-based tutorial which would be, frankly, much easier. So I’m gonna have to do it in video blog form. Yeah, I’m doing a podcast on how to make podcasts. If you’re not interested in making… …podcasts, this might not be your favorite episode of brotherhood 2.0, However, I will be throwing in some juicy bits, and you will definitely want to be around for those. So without further ado, Podcasting. First step: download Fetch. Fetch is an FTP program for Macintosh. If you don’t have a Macintosh download Smart FTP. You can download them both in all kinds of places, but I usually use because it is extraordinarily easy to remember. Thank you for downloading Fetch 5.1 at Ohhh my goodness gracious, that’s pretty cool. So we’re going to use Fetch to get into our FTP server and then upload something. What something, you ask? Well of course our MP4 files which we are uploading every weekday anyways to youtube. It’s important to note here for people who aren’t my brother that you can’t have a podcast if you don’t have web hosting. is hosted at I also host stuff at anhosting and midphase; all very good web hosting companies that I would suggest. That just finished downloading and I’m opening it so we have now installed Fetch and Fetch wants to know what the host name is. You might think it would be, but it’s not. The host name is The username is g-r-e-e-n-w-o-r- The password is the lake where the cabin was, followed by the first four digits of our old address in Orlando. Go into the public html folder and then go into the Brotherhood 2 folder. So now that you’ve logged in to the Brotherhood 2 directory, you will find a podcast directory. So basically just drag it on over.. The great news is that you can upload all of your videos… …just by clicking and dragging, and then dragging all of them over… and go get lunch or something because it’s going to take several hours… because we have a lot of videos already. Now John, once you’re done uploading all the files you have to go to Then go to the podcast syndication tool, sign in using my email address and the password that we’ve had since we were like babies. I think you know which one I’m talking about. You go in there and then you say create a new podcast. Then you can fill in all the data Including most importantly the url of the place where the file is now. So if you’ve uploaded it to the podcast directory of, it will be http colon slash slash slash podcasts slash march8th.mp4 or whatever it is. Then, you push publish, and you have published that podcast to our podcast RSS feed Then we just have to publish that RSS feed for everybody to find; we will have a podcast and people who can’t get YouTube at their work will be able to watch our videos. Woo!! I promised you juicy bits. This is a gigantic picture of me as a baby. Baby, I have really curly hair, and I’m wearing a Mickey mouse shirt. I am Hank. I’m a giant baby We’re gonna miss you [say]. Juicy bits number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12… you can find at by clicking on our pictures. Katherine and I did some scanning this weekend! Hmm! I’ll see you, and hopefully your podcasts, in the podcast directory tomorrow.

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  1. "then this may not be your favorite episode of Brotherhood 2.0."


  2. I ha a rather random thought on seein that shirt. The idea:
    Pants should be made… and the tags should have tags that have an illistration of a book. The illistrated book should have the title "in your pants."

  3. I saw your comment, and I thought 'What a stand-up idea!'
    Not being of legal drinking age, I got some Mtn. Dew and a shot glass
    I ran out of Dew.

  4. You're right you are at 50/200 (=1/4) of the 2007 brotherhood 2.0. However you where talking about a long and hilarious journey. The journey doesn't end at the end of this playlist it will contiue for a long time, 1080 eps right now, 50/1080 is where you actualy are right now (maybe not anymore I'm at ep 110 right now) and 50/1080 = 1/21.6. Sorry if my English wasn't correct or I explaned it way to much but it's 4:30 AM and I was just about to go to bed when I read your reply.

  5. Yeah, but it is currently my mission to finish the 2007 videos first, then go on. Small segments. Sorry for keeping you up!

  6. Hi. My name is Keith and I started my mission to watch every vlogbrothers video, like many of you already have. But I'm going to try to watch them all in less than 15 days, I just started today, wish me luck.

  7. I remember when SmartFTP was the best choice. I think I actually prefer FileZilla now. I have both and I use both regularly but I'm growing happier with FileZilla as time goes on.

  8. 50/200 on just this playlist..I'm only 1/4 of the way through..oh god. then there's like 6 more playlists…..

  9. Several hours… :L Nowadays it takes (a) minute(s) to upload a 4 minute video, and I don't even have good broadband.

  10. Has it been pointed out before that "communication" is missing an i in the opener of these videos? Probably a million times but I can't read YouTube comments for very long.

  11. I love the Green brothers, but this might be the most useless thing they ever put on YouTube.  Was he just pitching some of his favorite websites and downloads, or was there anything in this I would find helpful?  Yeah, I know this video was uploaded eight years ago, but…

  12. I made it to video #50 (51 if you count the lost video from January 2nd) and you did too, faithful nerdfighter, we are 1/4 of the way done part one of 2007, oh my goodness this is gonna take a long time. But never fear, look at all we have witnessed so far… the beginning of the word "nerdfighter", the nerdfighter gang sign, the "good morning John/Hank it's ____" intro and "John/Hank, I will see you ____" outro, the beginning of the 4 minute rule, the birth of project for awesome, and SO MUCH MORE. We're gonna get through this, brave nerdfighters, stay strong, dftba – 2:07am, December 4th, 2017

  13. I think I'm having my first "Time is SO WEIRD" moment watching these.
    Because like, 2007 is a looooong while ago, but it's still measurable time for me?? I had no idea who the Greens were yet, but I was THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN! I would've been fourteen in December which I probably reminded people of a whole bunch at the time! WHAT THE HECK.
    (It's July 28th 2018!)

  14. What was once a sort-of-boring episode is now a strangely fascinating time capsule about bygone forms of web hosting.

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