100 thoughts on “Mall Food Court Hacks Taste Test

  1. This is why humans don't deserve to exist but as a lizard person I do enjoy the stupidity of humans so I guess this video is pretty good

  2. Food courts are mostly the same, but not identical. There was a greek restaurant in one food court and a cheesecake factory in another.

  3. Luckily for my mall in San Antonio they serve breakfast tacos with eggs ,cheese ,bacon and potatoes
    No need for hacks haha

  4. so you guys don't have subway in mall food courts in the USA? they have egg omelet rounds and bacon… that seems so much easier (but probably not as tasty)

  5. Arm all in Ocoee Florida is almost empty pretty soon there will be no mall in Ocoee Florida that was happening all over America

  6. About that beginning statement; the Palisades mall near me has a Ferris wheel in the food court AND a super tall zipline obstacle course. No joke.

  7. If Rube Goldberg took a time-machine ride into the food court in Mall of America . . .

    [Oh, haha, I didn’t know MOA would be mentioned!]

  8. Mall of America is in Minnesota I live near that mall. The roller coaster is part of Nickelodeon Universe which is in the mall

  9. Can i be honest? Sence you have josh now doing his own cooking show. I would rather see him make this. It's just more HIS thing you know?

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