100 thoughts on “Making S’mores With A Meat Grinder

  1. You ever see raccoons rushing to gather food with their human like hands. Or like a squirrel? David reminds me of that.

  2. Rhett and Link sitting on the wrong sides is fundamentally wrong— I’m so uncomfortable. We must rise up against this inexplicable evil, and protest.

  3. "I know where it's going to land!" – Rhett 2019

    It makes me happy when they make the wheel stop on gifticality. They are such good people.

  4. I miss when GMMore did this kind of stuff in GMMorning. I feel like it has become so calculated. I miss the days when I didn't know what was going to happen next, especially the random impromptu skits at the end of the show on the Wheel of Mythicality. The Gifticality is so great for the charities, but I would hope the randomness comes back. Just my opinion

  5. I push the chocolate into the center of the marshmallow, golden roast it than put it on the graham cracker.

    Or put the whole in a foil and set it on the side of the red hot coals, flipping it every so often.

  6. if they would have frozen the marshmallows and chocolate beforehand i think they'd get some more distinct pieces in there instead of the chocolate-marshmallow amalgamation we saw here.

  7. I would love to be the janitor for this show. After this kind of episode: "What the…. ya know, nevermind – I don't want to know." Puts on hazmat suit and proceeds like normal

  8. Thay shood have grinded up the marshmelows and choklet together and did a sandwich with that and the gramcrakers as the bred

  9. wait why do i feel like i've already watched an episode with rhett talking about how he makes s'mores? am i trippin or??

  10. Meet David Hill, the S'mores connoisseur… 😂😂😂 He needs more screen time!
    This GMMore episode was adorable from start to finish! 🥰

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