Making Music with Post Malone

Making Music with Post Malone

[Ethan]: I’m here with ya boy, Post Malone. [Post Malone]: What’s going on, guys? Musician, Memer–
[Post]: Memer… Mostly memer– He memes harder than he makes music–
[Post]: I meme hard. –to be honest. His music’s dope, though. [Post]: My music is a meme. [mumbling] His music is… that’s true. Ya boi, Moe Bradberry, just hit him up in the DMs. Ethan didn’t follow you back, though. – Nah, Ethan- I can’t get the Ethan follow yet.
– Okay. Maybe one day; I need to be a girl.
– So, I don’t know if you guys saw it, but they basically threatened my life a couple of days ago and I’m fuckin’ shook as hell. [stabbing sound effects] [mouse voice] “H3H3 is going down!” H3H3 is going down! So if my body, like, floats up on a shore… in the next couple of months, tell the police who fucking did it! Alright? Now, now Moe hit up Post; he says “Yo, what’s good Post? “…big fan of the music.” And now we have it in, dude! [Post]: Okay, so we’re trying to infiltrate the Bradberry regime- the Bradberry op. – I have never had it in like this before, so we’re going to try to sneak into the DMs with Moe and see if we can get to Ethan, because let’s be honest, nobody cares about Moe. Dude, Post is like fucking giving me penis envy or some shit. My pe- my dick feels small next to his fucking Bud Light. [Post mumbles, they laugh] [While laughing] Like, what the fuck is that there? You – you blew up when [stutter] White Iverson exploded. [Post mumbles in agreement.] on YouTube. [Post Malone – White Iverson]
🎼 Watch out, watch out, watch out, yeah ♪ ♪ That’s my shot, that’s my shot, that’s my shot, yeah ♪ ♪ Spendin’, I’m spending all my fuckin’ pay ♪ ♪ Ooh- And I- And I am a YouTuber–
– Right. – And that video has like – what is it like 250 million now or something? [Post]: Yeah, 250 million, something like that. So… how does it feel to have, basically, our entire YouTube career… … in views, on one video? – Ummm.. It happened so fast. – Yeah.
– It happened so fast and I don’t even, like- I don’t even remember when we put the video out. – Mmm. – I just– I didn’t even know we were shooting a video. Just like I shot a video today and we just… knocked it out in one day, and then put it out and it just went crazy. – You mean you weren’t aware of the fact because it happened so fast?
– Exactly. – How did it come about? You guys were in the desert with a Rolls-Royce.. – Yeah. – ..and you weren’t famous at the time, so how did you set that up? – I mean, we put $5,000 into the video. – So, you invested your own money?
– Yeah. – You’re just, like “Fuck it, I wanna make this video”? That’s dope. – But that car wasn’t my car.
– Yeah-yeah. So, you rented it? – Nah, it was one of my homies’, and he didn’t know that we were doing that to it– [Ethan]: “We’re gonna go off-road with a Rolls-Royce?!” [Post]: Apparently, he said that they called him and was just, like “why did you do that to the car?” Like, Royce actually called him. – No! – Yeah. What?! “Fuck off, it’s my car, bitch!” – And I was just, like “You can’t tell me shit!” I wanna talk about on The Breakfast Club- -one of your first interviews you did [Post] Like when shit was really starting to go crazy [Ethan] They kind of came at you in a really shitty way [Interviewer] Are you afraid as a white rapper you might be considered a “Culture Vulture”? FYI, I think all white people with {unintelligible} look stupid What are you doing for the Black Lives Matter movement? [Post] What?! I don’t know [Interviewer] You know he’s gonna sleep with other women tho. You do know that. Are you aware of that? [Post’s Girlfriend] What? [Interviewer] He’s gonna sleep with other women [Post] No I’m not! [Post] I think it’s really easy to come at me You know cause I’m just a guy Just a guy that makes music and not only that but I feel like it’s his job to be a troll [Ethan] I can see what you mean cause you’re young, you’re an easy target- [Post] Right. And he still doesn’t like me Like, I went on- Uhh not to long ago, to promote the album and I asked him if he listened to the album and he said “Hell no” [Ethan] Hell no?! Man, fuck off dawg [Post] He said “Definitely not” but- [Ethan] That’s even worse! You got shit for that interview! [Post] Yeah! It’s just a fucken snowball They were sayin’ “You should’ve said somethin’ If you were in that situation, it’s a hell of a lot different [Ethan] Of course! And the fact that you got shit for that made me angry too [Post] It’s a funny place [Ethan] Yeah They love you, they hate you or they dress up in a Spiderman outfit and stab you 30 times [Ethan] Is it happening? Is it lighting up? GASP! [Ethan] Moe just said “I’ll FaceTime you” right now! [Post] Yo, I have to pee after that [Ethan] ‘Famous rapper Post Malone was murdered by some hooligans from New Jersey dressed in Spiderman outfits’ [Post] What’s up boi! [MOE] What’s good bro? [Post] What’s going on man? [MOE] Chillin’ Chillin’ [Post] How you been? [MOE] {unintelligible] [MOE] In the YouTube crib. [Post] Just kicking’ it? [MOE] We in the YouTube house you know we got Hookah, got some TV, the plaques. [Post] Y’all getting weird! [MOE] We got Ethan Bradberry [Post] The legend! How y’all been? [MOE] Chillin’ man. Just coming up with the next viral idea you know? [Post] Hell yeah! Where y’all at? New Jersey? [MOE] Yeah, Jersey. We live with like 4 or 5 YouTubers Moe and ET, Coby Person, and Denisscee TV [Post] Do you guys fuck with Ethan? [MOE] Who’s Ethan? [Post] Ethan on H3 [MOE] Who’s that guy? [Post] You don’t know him?! [MOE] Sounds familiar Ethan? [Post] Yeah Ethan [MOE] Ethan? [Post] Ethan [MOE] Ethan Bradberry? [Post] Ethan Bradberry! That’s my boy! Ethan told me he wants to patch things up with you [MOE] What do you mean? [Post] Are you down to talk to him? [MOE] Who? Talk to who? [Post] Talk to Ethan! [MOE] Who is that? [Post] Y’all don’t know him? [MOE] Send me his video [Post] Okay I’ll send it right now [Ethan] I was so close to coming face-to-face Do you know how hard I’ve tried my whole life to get those guys on the phone I’m shaking dude [Post] I’m fuckin’ shaking I’m fuckin’ in the middle of this shit I’m…I’m in the middle…I’m in the middle of this…of this…this beef, dude How’s this? [Ethan] Your goatee is kinda hiding your neck fupa [Post] I know. I need to get rid of this and then I can do it [Ethan] You got Moe on the phone [Post] He didn’t really want to interview me He was just trying to get (mumbling) [Ethan] I just want to get close to Moe, dawg [Post] This one’s for Jesus [Ethan] God, you fucken sucked that down dude! [Hila] That’s it? [Ethan] So the gravity helps suck it down? [Post] Yeah [Ethan] Cause I’m afraid that I’m gonna take a swig then just stop [Post] Don’t stop [Ethan] I don’t like not having the option to stop! What if I wanna stop? This is gonna be fucking humiliating [Post] 1, 2, 3 Shoenice Go, go, go, go, drink, drink! Hey that wasn’t bad though! [Ethan] Ugh! What the fuck! [Post] THIS IS ETHAN! Got eem! You wanna hit this? It takes the edge off I know your jaws are watering [Ethan] You got this [Ethan spills drink] [Everyone] WOOOAAAHHH! [Ethan] Now you get a mini beer bong [Post] Hila, Hila! Got eem! [Ethan] That was insane! Fastest time yet! So you ready to do another one? [Hila] No [Post] Don’t blink [Post] That’s my catchphrase because people be like “Let me fucking record this’ and I say ‘Don’t blink” [Post] If I do this in less than 2.5 seconds or if I made you smile press that motherfucken like button *Everyone laughs* [Post] Press that motherfucken like button, make sure you share, subscribe- [Hila] Post is becoming a YouTuber [Post] Rep ur naysh [Ethan] WOW [Hila] Oh my god! [Ethan] Fuck the haters dude! Did you blink Hila? [Hila] I wanted to zoom in on you but I missed it [Ethan] You blinked [Post] I like how everyone is rocking Stoney gear! Make sure to buy album Shameless plug [Post] Hey! Hey! [Ethan] How’d I do? Fuck yeah [Post] We should all go to fucken Beerfest [Ethan] That was pretty dope I feel cool dude I feel cool for the first time [Post] Yeah that was PHAT [Ethan] I’m gonna go puke [Hila giggles] [Post] You kiIIed it! [Ethan] Where’s the bathroom? [Guy] Right inside, right around the corner. [Post] What’s goin’ on guys, this is, uh, your boy, Post Malone I’m gonna teach you how I make a hot beat on FL Studio 12 So first what you’re gonna wanna do is take your mouse or trackpad [Ethan in background] Startin’ basic [Post] Either works, yea [Ethan] This is step one of three [Post] Exactly… trackpad is step 1, step 2 is make the beat, and step three is upload it. All you need to do is left click on this… you got a nice kick [Sick beats] [Ethan] Do you have any French horns? [Post] I’ll see what I can find I have a flute… [Ethan] okay! lul yeah… that works! [Post] It’s close [More fire beats] [Post] Sounds very… Halloween-y So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this crappy fuggin [?] beat and we’re gonna make it hip-hop [Ethan] Go keep it low like a… [?] [Hot beat] That’s how you make a hot beat [Applause] Since this is the first beat you’ve ever made… I’m gonna call this one… “hot beat number 1” because I know that you’re boutta make so many more hot beats SoFlo like A.. Oh sh*t Yeah…. SoFlo like A.. Ay SoFlo like Antonio SoFlo like Antonio SoFlo like Antonio SoFlo, you done stole my flow SoFlo like Antonio,
SoFlo like Antonio SoFlo like Antonio,
SoFlo, you done stole my flow SoFlo like Antonio,
SoFlo like Antonio Post Malone: [talking in background] so you can just take some. Just do it twice right here. So just these two.. Sound board guy: just these two? Post Malone: No, just take this, take this whole one out. SoFlo like Antonio SoFlo like Antonio Ethan: What chu know about SoFlo like Antonio SoFlo, you done stole my flow
Ethan: Damn! Post: SoFlo like Antonio,
SoFlo like Antonio Ethan: What chu know about Post: SoFlo like Antonio,
SoFlo, you done stole my flow Ethan: Damn! Ethan: SoFlo~ Where you at bwoi?
Where you at bwoi? Post: *laughing in the background* Ethan: SoFlo, where you at bwoi? Yo, I’m down at southeast Florida, You got [unintelligible] And just when I though he couldn’t take it any further… Damn! SoFlo is my father!! (Damn) x4 HE STOLE LOTS OF SH*T FROM MEEEE!! CAN YOU PLEASE JUST BACK OFF JUST LET ME HAVE MY F*CKING SNOW CONE IT’S GOT STRAWBERRY SYRUP IT’S MY FAVORITE FLAVOR YOU CAN F*CK MY WHOLE FAMILY TREE JUST LET ME BE F*CK YOU SOFLO, MAKE YOUR OWN SH*T STOP STEALING SH*T FROM EVERYBODY, GET YOUR OWN SH*T, DAWG F*CK OFF!! [violent coughing] [whole room laughing] Was that a cough?! [masterpiece continues]

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  1. Ricegum talkin about Hila being boring, while in this video Hila is literally drinking with Post Malone and they didn't pay Post to make him like them

  2. "Ethen?"
    -"ya Ethen"
    -"Ethen who?"
    -"you don't know Ethen?"
    -"ya Ethen"
    -"Ethen broadberry?"
    -"ya that one"
    -"from H3h3??"
    -"ya that Ethen"
    -"no I don't know who you'r talking about"

  3. Post is so cool. He’s the definition of not giving a shit. So many people hate on him and go at him and disrespect him and on occasion literally ddox him, and he just doesn’t care.

  4. Lol ive laughed so hard. When are you going to have him back on? Need to very soon. I love the Fam-Lay when you guys get together. Congratulations on Theodore ❤

  5. I love Post 💕 I hope I get to buy available post merch in our country :'(

    Also, he still doesn't have face tats here. 🚬👌

  6. Post is the long lost brother of Riley Reid. They got separated 20 years ago at a fair festival.

  7. You know I feel like post is such a normal person like he isn’t like other rappers who act crazy when they don’t rap or sing

  8. YO my man post is the coolest most normal music star i have seen cuz he got paper like anyone from cash money and all them dudes are straight dick heads to cool for school but post is normal and hasn't let the fame change him or well he hasn't got on Xanax or the Illuminati pills but anyway post is cool as fuck and i hope the cult Illuminati dont get something on him and he has to sell his sole or do gay sex with them or he will freak out like a bunch of the movie stars have …Keep post normal lol but for real he cool

  9. Great beat that hot beat.
    Would be a nice beat for an opening of a movie where someone is on a hill or oil platform thing.

    Have a wonderful day people.

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