Making A Rotten Hot Car Sandwich

Making A Rotten Hot Car Sandwich

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of the same but different because it’s still stuff that’s hot, in a car, for long periods of time, But different things. – You look good, man. – You look good too, dude. You truck-nutting it up and
you’re dice-facing it out. – This is one of those moments. You know, we talk about
like what it would be like if our middle school
selves could see us now. – And this would make total sense to them. – They would be like, yes. – Yeah, we get it, we get it.
– Mm-hmm. – Listening–
– You know what, don’t even need subtitles. – Listening testicles on the chest. And dice on the ears. (laughing) – Look at that, I’m a double three. – I’m a nine.
– You’re a niner. – I’m nine on both sides. – We could do a commercial
for guys who wash rigs. Wash 18-wheelers, hey you
got a dirty 18-wheeler? Come on over and see the
truck-nut chest boys, with dice face.
(laughing) – Well it’s really dice ears. – Dice ears. – I mean, it is on the
head, maybe dice heads? – Dice heads. – Do you know how they make these? Those are real testies in there. (mimicking dinging) – We’ve got all the
ingredients of some sandwiches, of a sandwich that’s been left in a car. I can’t really think or talk correctly with these on my ears. – I feel like when you get a vasectomy, you should be given a pair of these. – Right, okay. – Feel like that’s the
one thing that we miss when we got our vasectomies. Hey listen, a lot of you people think that we got our balls cut off
when we got a vasectomy. Google it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want a pair of golden testicles
to signify the operation. – I actually don’t want these. I don’t want any part in what
– Take ’em off – we’re even talking about.
– and I’ll wear both pairs. – My experience was totally different. Actually, they actually
cut off my testicles. I’m a little appalled
that you said that’s not part of the process. – I’m surprised I missed that
considering I watched it. (laughing) – Yeah, that was rough. That was rough going there. – I’m beginning to smell the ingredients. – All right let’s make–
– I don’t know what– – Let’s make a sandwich. – I don’t know what part that smells like, what I’m smelling right now. But, it’s not half bad. – So what is bread
that’s been left in a car and gotten over 200 degrees look like? – Bread.
– Bread. Now, it’s a bit– – It’s hard.
– It’s a bit hardened. – That’s a cracker, that’s a cracker. Don’t break it.
– I’m not gonna break it. – ‘Cause that’s our base layer. – I’m gonna make a pedestal for it. Now we wanna spread some mayo on there. Oh my gosh, look at this. – Somebody’s gotta do it. – Don’t squeeze it now. – I’m not squeezing it now. – It look like the lid
has tried to pop off. – It’s hard for you maybe to see this. But like, instead of the mayonnaise just being straight across here, it has ballooned up and gotten brown. – It’s like there’s a dome
and there’s oil above it. – There’s a mayonnaise dome. Oh gosh, look at that. (laughs) – Oh my gosh. – Look at that. I suspect that’s not safe to eat. They say that if you leave
mayonnaise out for 24 hours, you shouldn’t eat it. Maybe it gets safe again, after 24 days. – There’s definitely a crust.
– That’s like a mother. It’s like a mayonnaise mother. You know what I’m saying like, in kombucha? It’s created its own mother. – We gotta spread it. – Mother mayonnaise. It’s my favorite nursery rhyme. Oh gosh it’s a mayonnaise burger. Just put that whole thing–
– It’s a mayonnaise patty. – That’s a mayonnaise patty. Just put the whole thing on there. Give me that other knife. – I mean it looks like
cheese cake under there. – I think you can probably eat that. – It smells like mayonnaise. – It does, it just smells like mayonnaise. – Be fearless. Smell the mayonnaise. It smells like cooked mayonnaise. – And then of course you wanna get some of the good stuff down there. – That’s the good stuff. – Look at that it’s almost cheese cake. It’s a little curdled. – No that’s a lot. – Slightly different consistency than, yeah I like a lot of mayonnaise man. Like a lot of mayonnaise. (knives scrapping on hard bread) You can’t have too much mayonnaise. – Woo! Woo!
– I’m just gonna– Look at that, that’s like–
(disgusted yelling) – Get a whiff of that, brother. I dug in there deep. (gagging) – Now the whole container has warped. – Yeah, 210 degrees, 12 degrees, whatever. 212 degrees is boilin’! – We need some meats. So what do we have here? We’ve got some smoked ham. – Oh yeah, it’s smoked. – Oscar Mayer not a sponsor. Feel how warm it is, I mean, – It was all just taken out of the car right before we shot this. – You’re yelling. – Yeah I know ’cause I’ve got the– – Muff head!
– Dice ears on. (laughing) Did you say muff head? – Ear muff ears.
– Yeah. Oh look at that it’s
fresh down in the middle. Show ’em the middle. It’s fresh in there. – It gets pink down in there. – There’s still a fresh part, cut it out, eat it. – Pick a ham, any ham. – I’ll get that middle ham. You get some of that middle ham– – That’s some cooked ham.
– Ooh ooh that’s good. It’s all stuck, it’s really,
really stuck together on the bottom there. – Oh yeah.
– Just coming off. – That’s for you. – Hold on. – I like a lot of ham on my sandwich. – It just smells like ham. It doesn’t smell bad at all. – Hot ham.
– I think you could eat that. I’m pretty positive you could eat that. I think you should try it. – I’m pretty positive you could eat that. You could–
(laughing) – You know it might cure that cold. You never know. – It might kill that man. (laughing) Man you gotta look out for my wellbeing. Smells good though. I am tempted. – It just smells like good ‘ol ham. – Good ‘ol hot ham. Hot ham, ya’ll. Now look at that. Now that is some hard edge. – That’s like a burnt end right there. Put some of that on the sandwich. – Yeah, put some of that on there. (Cajun accent) All right and look, no hot
ham mayonnaise patty sandwich is complete without some fisheries. And was does a sardine
look like that’s been in the car for a month? Like this. It looks like a fish that’s
been sitting out on the shore just gettin’ hard, gettin’ white, what’s it called when something dries out? – Gettin’ dried out. – It’s somethin’ iculated. What’s that word?
– Iculated. – When somethin’ dries out and it’s called somethin’ somethin’ iculated. – Gesticulated.
– Nope. – Testiculated.
– Don’t be uneducated. – Manipulated.
– Desiccated. – Desiccated?
– Desiccated. That’s the word I was lookin’ for. – I’m gonna break one open here. This is what the inside
of a sardine looks like. (flaky snap) – There’s a lot of dust, inhale that. Just breathe deep. You wanna inhale that desiccated sardine. – It’s actually not bad. I think it’ll settle right
there into the mayonnaise. – I wanna create, I wanna
create a lot of sardine dust. (flaky crumbling)
There we go, there we go. That makes it crunchy. You want your sandwich to be crunchy. Desiccated, that’s the
word I was lookin’ for. Desiccated. – Okay I will give you– – And look at that boy. He’s just sittin’ there, he didn’t realize he was gettin’ a tan. – How much money to take a
bite outta that sandwich? – Line up, ya’ll. – Where’s Mr. Beast, last one to not eat this sandwich, first one to eat this sandwich
gets 25 thousand dollars. – Now I’m gonna push on this sandwich, I’m gonna smoosh out the– – You better watch what you say. – The mayonnaise patty. – Is there somebody
here that will eat this? – We’ve got several people standing up. – 25 dollars. – Here we go, I’m gonna push on that. I’m gonna push on this in three, two, one. (crunching) – What’s happening to that patty in there? – The mayonnaise patty is
giving it a nice even push. (crunching) – Well you kinda desandwiched it. – All right I want you all to line up and everybody’s gonna take a bite. When you’re sick and under the weather, it actually feels good to talk like this. – I’ve noticed, I notice that you feel that way. – Oh, look at that edge. – Catch a wave of discounts
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