Make This Into a Podcast!

Make This Into a Podcast!

KYLE: Hello everyone! Again. My name is Kyle.
We’re here just after PodCon finished. I’m here with Nick and Tyler. They’re
also creators. And because we have been focusing so much on podcasts over this
weekend, I thought it’d be fun to try to sit down and discover some podcasts of
our own. I’m way too busy to do all these, so what we are going to do is – as a collective mind
trust – try and figure some podcasts that other people can run with, and then maybe
give us a cut of that. NICK: Yeah, yeah. For sure, for sure. KYLE: Right. You want me to go first?
TYLER: Yeah. Of course. KYLE: Here is my idea that I think would be a hundred percent great, is this.
People hate conflict. They don’t like actually talking to
people. Sometimes you have to do this. TYLER: It’s an interview podcast that’s like, no. KYLE: NO! There’s sometimes
those instances where we have to write an email to somebody and we just
don’t know how to construct it properly. So I think there should be a podcast
where people come and say I need to send an email to this specific person,
with this particular subject. Can you write the email for me? And the hosts
conspire to actually write an email. NICK: I’d never have to do my work again! TYLER: But how do they tell you that? Do they email you? That they need you to email someone back? KYLE: Exactly. And then you send it back to them to make it look like they sent the email originally. TYLER: I need to email you a question, can you email yourself? NICK: This podcast is called Don’t Show Your Boss. KYLE: Understand how BCC works. NICK: BCC would actually be a great name for this podcast! TYLER: I don’t … what is BCC? KYLE: That’s blind carbon copy. So you do’t see who is actually on the email. NICK: Tyler! Have you not been using BCC this whole time? TYLER: No. It’s BC, blind copy. There no double C KYLE: There is a double C. TYLER: I guess I was
raised Christian, so it’s always Before Christ. KYLE: I always send my emails
before Christ. NICK: If you’ve been sending BC emails they’re all going to like olden times Jesus. TYLER: They’re being written down on tablets. KYLE: Ugh. This guy again!? Just hammering on tablets. TYLER: Moses comes down from Mount Sinai. “What? Whose Tyler?” KYLE: Nick, what are your suggestions? NICK: Well, I had some really great ideas that I wrote down. I
am just so excited. KYLE: I mean, the audience can’t see this but there is a lot of penises in that book. TYLER: It is very worn. NICK: Do y’all like beer? KYLE: I do. NICK: The sometimes drink? Okay that’s
fine, that’s fine. Well this podcast is called Tap
House. TYLER: Tap House? I’d tap that. NICK: Yeah. And it’s just an hour of somebody tap dancing. KYLE: You just hear tap dancing? NICK: The thumbnail is The Tap House! It’s got one of those tap pouring things. KYLE: And at the top is a tap shoe. TYLER: And the intro is beer being poured. And you’re like, man I can’t wait. NICK: Episode One: Stone Brewery. Guy walks in and without saying a word he just starts tap dancing. And it’s that for an hour. You could just fake it. Who would know if it’s actually a tap dancer? KYLE: I like this. It’s, like, a subset of like … Podcasts That Are Going to Annoy People. NICK: It’s my new genre of Rickroll podcasts. KYLE: It’s like I want to do another podcast of an hour of people just clearing their throats. NICK: Along the same line, vocal fry podcasts. TYLER: Alright, the best joke of all weekend has been, like, you know This American Life is like so good. So we’ve been trying to find like the best podcast here at PodCon. And so I’m like, we need to find that one podcast that’s gonna break through
the Ira Glass ceiling. NICK: We’ve been trying to get that joke– TYLER: We’ve been trying to get the best frame. Was that the best we’ve done? NICK: That was the best frame we’ve done. KYLE: Of the 18 other times I’ve heard that joke this weekend. NICK: We’ve been workshopping that joke. TYLER: We should have actually made a workshop at PodCon. How can we best formulate this joke?
KYLE: Tyler, what is your podcast idea? TYLER: We talked about it a little bit, but I think
I’ve thought through it more and more nuanced. It’s gonna be a podcast called
The Smash Cast, where – you might know where this is going –
where you go to the streets and you interview people. And you ask them, like,
what their their favorite song is and then like halfway through their answer –
when they’re talking about their favorite band like Young the Giant – and
they’re saying well my favorite band is Young the Giant, they have this new song and then you just interrupt them with like a blaring stereo and out comes Smash Mouth’s “All Star.” Some…body once told me– and they’re like oh yeah that’s my favorite song, yeah that’s right because that’s the only proper best song. NICK: Can we demonstrate what this would be like? So if you’re interviewing me how would this work? KYLE: Do some roleplaying! I’ll just pretend I’m not here. TYLER: Hey! Are you okay with me interviewing first? NICK: Oh yeah! TYLER: Welcome to Smash Cast! I’m here with… NICK: Nick Taniguchi. TYLER: All right Nick. What is your favorite hot smash? As in your
favorite song? Like smash. NICK: Well I’m really into this band Coldplay– TYLER: Some…body once told me! KYLE: Can we now make things “hot
smashes?” NICK: Because there’s that dumb podcast called Hot Rocks. Where people are tying to make that a thing. TYLER: People misinterpret me when I say, like bangers a lot. Because that’s got a lot of other connotations. KYLE: Let me tell you about sausages! I really like those weiners. NICK: Have you heard the ads for that? The Hot Rocks? What’s your hot rock man? And they
talk about their favorite music? KYLE: I feel this is a Pacific North West thing. I like the fact that we have not finished with Smash Mouth being a meme yet. We constantly have to bring them back into pop culture. NICK: Yeah, we haven’t reached peak Smash Mouth yet. TYLER: We’re still trying to smash that glass ceiling. KYLE: All right well thank
you so much for being guests here on the show. Nick, if people want to find you on the Internet what’s the best way to do so? NICK: I was gonna say Playgrounders. You can still follow me on Playgrounders on YouTube. I have a new podcast called
Crush Hour where we talk about crushes, feelings, and all that emotional goop. KYLE: I love it! Tyler, where can people find you on the Internet? TYLER: I am /tylermaymedia on everything. And I just remembered, like, this month
it’ll probably be good to plug Instagram the most, cuz I’m a freelance
photographer. So trying to beef that up. And I also do a podcast called Mr.
Feels Podcast. A podcast about mental health. I thought the title is
pretty clever. The logo is me with a mustache, and it’s just a podcast where we interview people about mental health problems, and talk about anything and
everything mental health related. KYLE: Well we’re not going to see each other again for another year so … TYLER: Should we have Nick play us out? KYLE: Yeah, play us out with the small guitars as I called it before we started. NICK: Just fade out. TYLER: Some…body once told me! TYLER: K, are we done? KYLE: Yeah, we’re good.

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  1. Golly, Goofing around for this video! Perhaps our new podcast will just be the 3 of us getting together to pitch some new podcasts?

  2. I like the chemistry/flow of this video. There's a lot of good ideas in this video lol. You could literally start a podcast where you suggest/think of random podcast ideas!

  3. yall are funny! i totally have the necessary skills to start that e-mail podcast except that my writing process is very boring and the podcast would not be as good as this video makes it sound!

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