Make Ringtone Using iTunes 12.7 & Higher [2018]

Make Ringtone Using iTunes 12.7 & Higher [2018]

Make Ringtone using iTunes 12.7 & Higher! Hello Friends! Welcome back to AppleFrendly. Video #74 If this video helps, do let me know down in
the comments section below and consider subscribing to the channel, if you haven’t already. So, without further ado, let’s get started! Firstly, launch iTunes on your Computer or
Mac. Supposedly, this is the song I’ve added
from my computer to iTunes and I want to make a ringtone using this song. So, Select and right click the song. Now select SONG INFO A pop-up window should appear. Select OPTIONS Now here, we need to change this START and
STOP TIME of the song. Now, first thing, select the checkboxes. Very important! Now change the START and STOP time of the
song. I’ve selected 10 seconds as my START TIME
and 25 seconds as the STOP TIME. This makes the total length equals to 15 seconds. Please make sure that the total length of
the song is less than 30 seconds. Otherwise you won’t be able to make a ringtone! So, when you’re done setting up the song
length, select OK on the bottom of the window. Now keeping the song selected, head over to
FILE option on the main menu bar. Select CONVERT and select CREATE AAC VERSION And now, you should find 2 Songs with the
same file name in your iTunes Library. And this is the AAC version of the song with
the reduced time length which we are going to use for creating the ringtone. So just right click this new Song and select SHOW IN WINDOWS EXPLORER It should launch the folder. Now, copy this Song to your desktop. Now, we need to rename the file extension
of the song from .m4a to .m4r And in case, if you don’t see this .m4a
file extension, do let me know down in the comments section below. But for now,I’ll start renaming it. And now when you press the ENTER on your Keyboard,
it should give you a pop-up. You have to select YES Now our ringtone file is ready. We just need to add it iPhone. But before doing this, you must delete the
AAC version of the song from iTunes Library first. So, right click the AAC version of the song. Select DELETE FROM LIBRARY Select DELETE SONG And select MOVE TO RECYCLE BIN Now, connect your iPhone to iTunes using your
lightning cable. Tap the little iPhone icon. Scroll down to ON MY DEVICE section. And select TONES Now, hold and drag the ringtone file onto
this ON MY DEVICE section. And here is your ringtone file in iTunes. In case, if dragging doesn’t work for you,
just Copy the ringtone and Paste it onto TONES section. And you should find the ringtone file into
iTunes. That’s all! Now just go and hit the SYNC button on the
bottom right hand corner. Let your iPhone sync with iTunes. When the syncing is over, disconnect the iPhone. And now when you launch the iPhone, you should
find your new ringtone under SETTINGS, SOUNDS and RINGTONE section. That’s all! So, that’s how easy it is to make ringtone
using iTunes 12.7 & higher for your iPhone! And what is your favorite ringtone? Do let me know down in the comment section below. If this video helped, give it a big thumbs
up and share it with your friends and loved ones! I’ll see you in the next one. Till then, take good care of yourself and
Thank you for watching!

100 thoughts on “Make Ringtone Using iTunes 12.7 & Higher [2018]

  1. In case it helps, for me the last step couldn't be done until my iPhone completed the 5steps in syncing

  2. are sir, u r amazing…its actually working…i was getting the same m4a problem..but followed procedure and got magic….you are doing really good job…god blessed you.

  3. When I attempt to drag my .m4r file to tones it doesn’t add. Copy and paste doesn’t work too😩 please help

  4. Hey dude I have problem with my iPhone 5s when I was playing music if I want to add another song the popup was showing only one add next it is not showing play later option can u tell me

  5. It didn't work for me. I wait for the syncing, I try and retry and retry… It just won't come up.

  6. My file didn’t have “m4a” attached to its name and I was unable to convert it to “.m4r” help pls!

  7. I'm on a Mac and there is no "on my device" section. and when I drag the file into iTunes it doesn't work. doesn't let me add it. any ideas???

  8. i did all the setps, my song is less than 30s but the song goes to "songs" and not to "tones". please help!

  9. NOTE: if you've changed your iTunes preferences to import CDs as MP3 files, when you select Convert from the File menu you will not see "Create AAC version" — you'll see "Create MP3 version" instead. (That can be a rude surprise if the file you're starting out with is already an MP3 file.) For users (like me) who have changed iTunes preferences to import CDs as MP3 files, it's necessary first to visit Preferences… under the Edit menu and, under General, where it says "When you insert a CD:" there's a button at the far right that reads "Import Settings…". Click this button and you'll see a pop-up window whose first option at top reads "Import Using:" followed by a drop-down menu. Make sure you choose "AAC Encoder" as your setting — otherwise you won't be able to create your ringtone, because you won't be able to export your MP3 file as an AAC file.

  10. When i was trying to drag the file into ON MY DEVICE it didn't work? I even copy pasted it into ON MY DEVICE and it still did not work.

  11. i cant able to convert to AAC version error showed as protected files could not be converted to other formats hepl please

  12. Hi there, thanks for this video but I have to say that Ifollowed every step and didn't work for me, when I copy/paste de m4r file the blue bar in the superior side of iTunes says Updating iPhone and takes a few seconds but the ringtone never appears on itunes nor in the configurations of sound of my iPhone, please, can you help me? Right now I'm using iTunes 12.7.5. Thanks in advance.

  13. I have an iPhone X and Itunes 12.7.4 on my Mac. Everything worked until the end when the song didn't show up on my phone in the ringtones page, can you help?

  14. Not worked for me, as its not allowing me to drag and drop the ringtones in Itunes.

    Need Help – Urgently

  15. when i open it with windows explorer it dosent name it with m4a. and my itunes is not showing the tones option i dont know why

  16. Of all the videos I have watched on how to make a ringtone, you are the only one who did not skip any single step on how to do it. I have followed the same steps as showed on other videos yet still I cannot make it to work. The thing is dragging the converted file to the tones section is not working for me. Until I saw your video saying if dragging doesn't work, it can be copied and pasted. Thank you! You are such a handy 🙂 Keep it up!

  17. Thank you very much for this video. It worked exactly as you instructed. But, what the heck is it with Apple and ringtones. With every software upgrade the procedure for making custom ringtones changes and becomes more and more complex. It's almost impossible to figure it out without assistance. Thanks once again.

  18. thank you, just got a new iphone and needed a new ringtone and this helps! my new ringtone is from assassins creed revelations, "the wounded eagle"

  19. This was by far the most helpful video I've seen in a long time, even for me that I don't have any special relationship with the computers.

  20. Hello, I am using iPhone 8 plus 256gb model. After updating my iTunes's version to in Windows 7 64 bit OS (genuine), I followed all the options mentioned in the video, I tried to drag the created file (as ringtone) to iTunes in tones tab, but unable to get it there. The tones's page remains blank even after coping and pasting it manually.

    For your information, I have changed the extension precisely and went through all your steps very carefully, but still facing the same problem.

    Awaiting for the solution!!!

  21. I don't know.
    I am sorry my friend, but when I hear an indian accent I turn off, purely and simply because of the many indian scammers out there, copying a variety of accents (badly!), but it is a turn off.

    Sorry bro
    Take care, good bye.

  22. i have n this shit is not working for ne.
    my file type is not changing n shit to whatever you have.
    This is fucking stupid when i had a phone like 8-10 years ago that did this fucking shit easy n im sitting here with better tech struggling. FML

  23. Oh my goodness..Thank you so much for your beautiful video and I really love it actually because Im a person who usually dont stick with same tone for long time and after upgrading the itunes and I really pissed off and sad and also bored with my ringtone.. now you solved it and you helped me alottttt… thankssssss alotttttttt

    Made Ringtone? Now watch this tutorial to understand HOW TO DELETE RINGTONES made using iTunes.
    If this video helped, please write THANK YOU ❤️ down in the comments below, as a token of appreciation. This will keep me motivating 😊Enjoy your new ringtone 😄✌🏼

  25. THANK YOU!! I was starting to remember why I wouldn't get an iphone back in the day because of dumb BS like this.

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