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♪ Listen, listen
Listen Out Loud ♪ ♪ Find out all you need to know
About life in The Loud House ♪ [music playing] What up, people?
Welcome to Listen Out Loud. Lynn Loud, AKA LJ, AKA Five Time Winner
Of The Presidential Fitness Award, in the house! [crowd cheering] For my podcast, I’ve come up
with a kick butt “at home workout” So you can learn how to break a sweat
without ever leaving your house. Why? Because gym memberships
are expensive! Also, because sometimes people get banned
from all the gyms in town for eating spicy subs in their saunas. [horn blowing] Whatever, I offered to share! Anyway, listen in
for how you can work out! [buzzer] First up: cardio! One easy way of getting
the old ticker going is running laps. Personally, I don’t run my fastest
unless I’m being chased. So for extra motivation, I’ll be using my big sister, Lori,
for this demo. We’re outside her room right now! OK, Booboo Bear, it’s your turn,
if I was a fruit, what would I be? – Um… a blueberry?
– Oh, that’s so cute! – OK, go on.
– This is really gonna make Lori mad but in my defense,
she drank my last protein shake. Here we go! [heavy breathing] – I’ll take that!
– Hey! Give me back my phone! This is where
I really wanna pick up those knees. – Stop it, you maniac!
– Babe, are you being kidnapped? Tell me what to do! You little– Ow! Lynn! [panting] Hopefully, I can get in a solid five laps
around the house before Lori tires out. Lynn, I am literally
gonna rip your pony tail off! Gotta catch me first! Come on, LJ, push it, push it! – Ha-ha! I beat my personal best!
– OMG, I hate running! This is why I golf! Babe! Should I get ransom money together? Sup, Bobsled?
Your blueberry’s just fine. Here’s your phone back, Lori,
thanks for being a sport. Like I had a choice! Lynn, it’s literally covered in sweat! OK, listeners, let’s head inside
for another cardio staple. [buzzer] Might as well do this at a light jog
just to keep the heart rate up. [panting] So we’re gonna play some racquetball. [groaning] Don’t have a court?
No prob, Bob! Just use the hallway. [bouncing] Serve’s up! [groaning] [crashing] Really?
With the racquetball? Heads! [crashing] [screaming] – My lab!
– Oh, my B, L-dawg! Your B just cost millions in grant money. Woo, alright! Now that we’ve got a good sweat going,
it’s time for some weight training, baby! Let’s head to the dining room
where we can activate beast mode! [buzzer] Dear Principal Huggins– It’s no prob if you don’t have
a weight bench, you can use other junk! Like your dining room table! Substitute teacher cry… Yo, Mom, you mind taking five
while I power through some reps? I guess. Now, you wanna squat down
and lift with your legs… not your back! [groaning] [crashing] Er, Sweetie,
maybe you could lift something else? I really need to finish this email. Oh, sure, Mom, my B,
I’ll just live the china cabinet. Good idea, Honey… wait, what? Lynn Jr. absolutely not! Fine, fine,
at least I got a little quad work done. [buzzer] Now, let’s move on to our abs! Personally, I find sit-ups boring,
so I’ve developed a more fun way to go. All you need is two people in a fight! Luckily in my house,
fights start all the time! Oh, come on! Ew! [laughing] Dude, stop hiding pudding in my boots! – It’s not funny!
– What did I tell ya? Sorry, I know you’re not a-custard to it! One more pun and I’m serious, I’m gonna– Fine, I just thought
you’d be tapio-kay with it! [screaming] Great, let’s head upstairs
while this fight is still raging. [screaming] [fighting] Now, my technique is to jump in…
plant your feet firmly… – Stop pulling my hair!
– And push back the two fighters! You really wanna work your core here! – Let me at her!
– Don’t let her at me! Hold as long as you can! What are you biting for?
You got metal in your mouth! And release!
Uh-oh! [screaming] [crashing] [buzzer] Whoo!
Alright, that was a great set. Now, let’s talk about
increasing your vertical jump distance. All you need is a surface
about three feet off the ground, which is the exact height
of my sister Lucy’s coffin. [groaning] I recommend… three sets… of ten reps! Lynn, I’m in here. Oh, cool, what’s up? [groaning] – Could you cut it out?
– Ah, sure Luce, my B. [creaking] Great, you’ve scuffed the varnish. [buzzer] Ugh, alright. Next, I’m gonna teach you guys
how to get definition in your arms, like Michelle Obama. She’s my upper arm role model. For this demo
we’re gonna need to go to the kitchen. All you need are some cans. Ah, this sparkling water
should work nicely. Now, keeping the upper arm stationary,
exhale and curl the cans. Keep going until you feel the burn
in your biceps. [groaning] Boom!
Done! Oh, hey, Lynn!
Can I have one of those? Er, sure, Stincoln but you might wanna
give it a minute ’cause– [screaming] [buzzer] Lastly, I’m gonna teach you guys
how to turn any room into a steam room! Since there’s no one in the living room,
we’ll do it here. First, you wanna turn the thermostat
all the way up. – Grab a hose and–
– Are you obscene? Oh, cool!
Group steam? Sweetie, no, I’m sorry
but your at-home workouts – are a little–
Annoying! Yeah, you’re driving everyone crazy. – Yeah!
– I’m just glad it’s over! Oh, my B, guys! I didn’t realize I was being
such a pain in the glutes. It’s OK, LJ,
we know you didn’t mean any harm. Do we know that? Hmm, what if there’s a way
I can still work out but instead of annoying you guys,
make you happier than you’ve ever been? – That sounds unlikely.
– Yeah, how are you gonna pull that off? Well, taking out the trash
is your chore, right, Stincoln? Check it! Boom!
Trash! Boom!
Recycling! [panting] Boom!
Curve! See, did your chore for ya
and worked on my triceps! Sweet!
Thanks, Lynn! You know, I like where this is going. Luna, I can lift the sofa
while you’re vacuuming. Oh, and Lori, I can speed fold
all the shirts after you wash them! Hey, you wanna help your old man
organize the pantry? Got a lot of heavy cans in there! Don’t you know it?
Great for the delts! – How about walking Charles?
– Done! In fact, I was just about
to tell the listeners that I always end my workouts
with a half marathon! Come on, Charles!
Let’s go, buddy! Alright, we’re gonna pause the podcast
for a second, be right back, listeners! [music playing] Hey, guys!
LJ back with ya! Just dominated everyone’s chores
and now it’s time to wrap up the podcast! But don’t forget
the most important part of your workout, Always stay hydrated. Oh, sparkling water! Lynn, you might not wanna– [splashing] [coughing] My B.

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