Lyndon LaRouche Webcast, May 9th, 2014

Lyndon LaRouche Webcast, May 9th, 2014

MATTHEW OGDEN: Good evening. I’d like to welcome
everybody watching to our Friday night live webcast
from My name is Matthew Ogden, and today is May
9th, 2014. We’re joined, as we always are, by Mr. Lyndon LaRouche,
and I’m also joined in the studio tonight by Jason Ross,
part of our Basement scientific research team.
Now, we’re going to start tonight’s broadcast with our
institutional question, which reads as follows: “Now that the House has finally established
a select committee to probe the 2012 Benghazi attacks,
what should be the criteria, scope, and actions of that panel?” LYNDON LAROUCHE: Obama’s career may not be
long-lasting. What has happened, finally, is that Obama
is now implicitly encharged with covering up and making false
statements respecting what happened in Benghazi in the conspiracy
to assassinate members of the team of the United States.
Now, everyone in the process knew it, and denied it, including
Obama himself. And so therefore, Obama has sustained a {lie}, a
denial, concerning the planned murder of an official of the United
States in the Benghazi affair. In other words, he could
be sent not only to impeachment, but to other indictments much
more severe, because the very specific and aggravated falsification
of an intentional murder by conspiracy of officials of the United
States government, is a capital felony. And even
Presidents are not exempt from capital felonies of that sort.
Now, this is only one very crucial event in the course of a
pile-up of many prospective indictments of the Obama
Administration–not the entirety of the Administration, but a
number of key figures in the Administration who have committed
and participated in crimes of this nature. Now, what’s happening in process is, there’s
a process of delay coming from CIA and other circles, who
are trying to slow down the process of uncovering of the evidence–it
comes down to criminal evidence–against the President of
the United States and circles associated with him. So, this means
that he’s on a short pitch.
It also means something else. Obama is not controlling his
conflict {against} Russia. He’s only a stooge of the British.
Now, this operation has two stages, and the whole issue of the
charges against Obama coincide with this–the charges on this
question of this particular incident. Obama was only the stooge.
Now, often in major warfare, particularly when an Empire
like the British Empire is involved, some part or agent of the
British Empire, or agency–for example: When 9/11 was done as a
British operation against the United States–part of the British
operations against the United States, which was actually
tantamount to a state of war–but what happened was that the
British, who controlled the financing of the entire operation of
9/11, used the Saudis, who are nothing but subjects of the
British Empire, in order to set up the 9/11 operation. Both the
Bush family, the Bush Administration–meaning Cheney, eh? and
also Bush, as himself, but he’s only a slob–he’s not mentally
all there–he never has been–but also Obama: again a slob. He’s
not an intelligent person; he hires witches to do his work for
him: male and female witches, like this Nuland creature, who’s a
Cheney witch, whipped up from something or other. I mean, it’s
like one of these monsters of the witches. So, therefore, it’s a complicated process,
but what the logic is, if you understand the principles
of strategy in major warfare, first of all, the British Empire
is an empire, it is not a kingdom, and the entire apparatus. The United
States is also a victim of the British Empire, especially when
it comes to Wall Street. Wall Street is historically a British
agent, and a treasonous British agent operating inside
the United States. This goes back to a British assassination against
the former Secretary of State of the United States, who was assassinated
by a British agent. And there have been many assassinations
of Presidents of the United States, and of other figures, by
British agencies. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the British
Empire–personally. So, we’ve come to a point that the real enemy
here is the British Empire. The other thing is to understand
why the war, the threat of war, is going on now. The threat
of war is not a threat of a war between Russia and somebody in Europe.
The threat of war is a threat of a thermonuclear war, launched
as a last-step desperation measure of the British Empire.
What is about to happen, is the economic system of the trans-Atlantic
region, from the United States to the trans-Atlantic region
as a whole, from London itself: That whole system has been
going through hyperinflationary process in recent times,
especially since the repeal of Glass-Steagall. The repeal of Glass-Steagall
sent into motion a hyperinflationary mechanism which
has drained down the public of the United States, drained down
our economy for some period of time, now approaching 16 years.
So, therefore, the time has come that the hyperinflation,
which was the bail-out system of that whole period, the bail-out
system has now gone into a hyperinflationary picture. In other
words, the real physical economy of the United States is {dead}.
Whole categories of employment are wiped out. Whole categories of
{people}, who lost their jobs, or never got them, are dying. Most
of the young people, the youngest generation of people who are in
the employment area today, are starving. They have no
opportunities. For example, the weather system: We don’t
have weathermen anymore, to speak of. You are running around
in bad weather with no weatherman to speak of, because you didn’t
{hire} them. Now, you get a student who graduates from a university
process, and gets into a $50,000 a year kind of expense–you
know, for that career–and they’re not hired. So, the weatherman
is not there. You don’t even know what the weather is, because
the number of people who can follow these stations, which
is the weather stations, are diminishing, they’re vanishing.
A similar thing with all other kinds of careers of
government officials. They’re being depleted. The job is being
cut out. The service is lacking. Medical care is lacking, because
of reforms in the medical system. We don’t {give} people medical
care anymore. You have a visitor who comes in as an official, and
{he}, the official, does the work, but he’s not the visiting
doctor, he’s not the physician on the job! He’s not the resource
of people to go to in the community for medical care, and the
institutions of medical care. This is now an entirely Wall
Street-controlled activity. Medicine has become a Wall Street
trading operation. So we’ve now come to the point, that the whole
system, the whole European system in the main part, and
also the American system, the trans-Atlantic system, is now
headed toward a general breakdown collapse. If any effort is continued
to maintain the Wall Street British system, only if we get
rid of Obama, who is only a nuisance–he’s expendable already,
because he’s not been able to deal with the game they’re trying
to play with Putin. They’re trying to play a preliminary nibbles
process against Russia: the idea that they would harass him,
they would cause him to make mistakes, and so forth, create a confusion.
And it didn’t work, it backfired.
Germany, for example, in the large part, is totally opposed
to this operation. Other parts of Europe are “guuuuhhhh!” coming
into the same focus. So, Obama is about to be finished. On the
one hand, he’ll be discarded, to protect the British Empire,
and because he’s no longer useful to them. Get rid of the garbage!
But the plan is on the British Empire part is to go a full-throated
thermonuclear attack on the world in general.
The purpose of the British Empire has always been stated
recently, to be the reduction of the human population. That has
been the policy of the Queen, that’s the policy of her chief
agent, her son: is mass murder throughout the world, to reduce
the population from what it had been recently, 7 billion people,
to less than one. That’s what the green policy is. The green
policy is a systemic policy created by the British Empire,
by the British Queen herself–and that’s all on the record.
And the record is to reduce the population of human beings on this
planet. Now, this was done by the Roman Empire–not
quite on that method–that’s this whole ancient system of
Zeus: Reduce the ordinary population to a relative handful
of survivors, as was done in the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire
killed off its own population, to reduce it. And the families
which had wealth would take their gold and silver and goodies and
so forth, and they went up to the north in the Adriatic Sea,
lived for a while largely in a swamp, and came back as the Venetian
system. And you’re dealing with the Zeusian system,
as it’s called: the oligarchical system. The British Empire
is the last major force of the oligarchical system. It’s now
dying, because it’s going bankrupt. All of the great assets of
the British Empire, all the great assets of Wall Street, are in
the greatest part worthless. It’s totally bankrupt.
Now, there are banks in the United States which are still
functioning. These were traditional banks which bought their way
{into} cooperation with Wall Street. They were always connected
to Wall Street, but you have to look at the great {gambling}
feature of the Wall Street operation. And it’s that great
gambling, that quick turnaround, fast turnaround, and that
hyperinflation, which has come out of the Wall Street system, and
out of London, for the rest of world, has created a situation in
which the trans-Atlantic world, the trans-Atlantic economy, can
no longer live with a full-throated population under these
conditions. The policy of genocide is the policy of the British
Empire against the American people, as against others. Anybody
who supports Wall Street is an enemy of the human species, and an
enemy of the people of the United States. So, that’s what the real danger is. All the
rest of this stuff is dog and pony show. OGDEN: Now, Lyn, I got to read a preliminary
release of your new paper “History Is Closing In on Obama,”
and one of the things you emphasized, and you’ve repeatedly emphasized
this, is that the so-called World War I, which nominally
began in 1914, a hundred years ago, actually began in 1890
with the ouster of Bismarck, and that a series of smaller wars
were unleashed to merely set up the preconditions for the launching
of World War I, which in fact never ended: There was merely
a pause, and then this was renewed under the name of World War
II. Now, today, the 9th of May, is Victory Day.
It’s celebrating the end of World War II, 69 years ago. And
there were massive military parades across Russia. There was
a military parade in Moscow, which was attended by President Putin,
who then proceeded on to pay a special visit to Sebastopol in
Crimea, where he oversaw formation of the Black Sea fleet coming
into the harbor there. And this was to mark the anniversary
of signing of the articles of capitulation by the Nazis, marking
their official surrender to the Soviet Red Army in Berlin
in 1945, and the end of the Great Patriotic War, as it’s called.
And the day serves as a remembrance of the 27 million Soviet citizens
who died in the cause of defeating fascism.
Now, obviously, these celebrations are occurring in the
context of the Kiev coup, which were perpetrated by what you
could call the “Nuland Nazis,” and we’re now seeing fighting and
bloodshed spreading across eastern Ukraine, marked by the
massacre last week in Odessa, where over 40 people were burned
alive in the trade union building there by Right Sector fascists.
And the speaker of the Russian Duma called this “genocide.”
And leading Russian officials are continuing to make
statements, making very clear that they see that the threat of
fascism is still a very real threat. The Defense Minister Shoigu,
for example, said that this year’s Victory Day celebrations have
particular importance to demonstrate to the world that Russia has
zero tolerance for fascism. And Vladimir Putin gave a speech
yesterday, after overseeing major military drills involving
Russia’s nuclear strike aerospace defense systems, and a test
launch of a Russian strategic nuclear ICBM. And he said this is
critical to maintaining the sovereignty of Russia, and then
warned of the danger that militant nationalism is again rearing
its head, the same kind that brought on the appearance of Nazi
ideology. So, it’s clear that the threat of thermonuclear
war is as dangerous as ever. Now, earlier this week
you released a statement which we discussed as “It’s the
British Empire, stupid!” and you made this point in your opening
remarks, but I kind of want to come back to it. In this new
paper, “History is Closing In on Obama,” you state that it would
be a severe strategic miscalculation to ignore the fact
that it’s the British Empire that’s responsible for provoking this
thermonuclear war, and to assume that Obama is anything but a
stooge for the British intention. And you say this:
“The {de facto} British puppet of today, U.S. President
Barack Obama, has been merely the assigned merely nominal
protagonist representing the British imperial intention to
attempt to launch a provocation for a thermonuclear world system
of warfare at this present time. The currently attempted British
imperial taunting of Russia by use of the traditional Hitler Nazi
organization, which had already been planted by Adolf Hitler
himself in the Ukraine, has only been a pre-world war taunt set
into motion by a mere British stooge and miserable wretch, U.S.
President Barack Obama–a pre-stage to a new version of those
preliminary wars, the so-called Balkan wars, used to set up World
War I. The British Empire is simply using its stooge Obama to
assemble the forces for a planet-wide World War III.”
Now, your unique insight into the beginning of World War I,
and really the beginning of this entire century of warfare
beginning in 1890, roughly, sets you apart from anybody else who
considers himself a historian or a strategist. I’d like to give
us an insight into your idea of strategy which allows you to have
this insight. LAROUCHE: Well, first of all, actually the
world war system began with the assassination of Lincoln. Now,
what happened was, Lincoln was assassinated by the British. So
the continuity is perfect. The British Empire, from that time,
from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln–which {it}
did, in its own name–eh? So, therefore, anybody who attacks
Lincoln’s regime, Lincoln’s programs, is a traitor to the United
States. Eh? But look at the number of people who were part
of the Confederate tradition who came into play. What Presidents
of the United States were assassinated, and which were not?
You will find that, for example, with the assassination of a President
in the 1890s and going into the century, you got then,
now, in the middle of this, the British Empire moved to get Bismarck,
the Chancellor of Germany, out of power. It was done by the
British monarchy as such. Once that happened, the President of
France was next assassinated. The assassination of President
Carnot of France set into motion a process of chaos in France,
and coincided with the launching of a series of wars, of regional
wars in various parts of the world, including Asia, {beginning
in the early part of the 1890s.}
This continued through several processes including wars,
until 1914. So, the war started then, and it started as a part
of an imperial action trying to destroy the United States
utterly, and to crush all Europe, and to conduct a policy to
conquer the world. So the purpose of this was to establish this
solid control of a world empire over the entire world population.
Now that’s what the issue is. So today when you’re talking
about Wall Street, you are not talking about everybody in Wall
Street, but you’re talking about the institution of Wall Street,
has been since the Manhattan organization of the Dutch, the Dutch
bankers and others, who were the responsible parties behind the
British action to assassinate the Secretary of the Treasury of
the United States, Alexander Hamilton. The Hamilton
assassination, and the corruption of the United States into
accepting state by state policies, state sovereignty, as against
the nation’s sovereignty, trapped the United States into blocking
the Constitutional provision, that no state in the United States
has the right to set economic policy contrary to the national
economic policy. The fact that you had Presidents of the United
States after George Washington, until President Monroe, and all
of these Presidents committed a treasonous action, in violating
the article of the Constitution which demanded the prescription,
of a single system of economic policy of the United States. And
they went to the idea of a states’ rights issue.
As a result of the states’ rights issue, most of the
Presidents of the United States were either traitors to the
United States, or were opportunist fools. Only a few Presidents
were actually fit to be President. And you can look down the
list of those Presidents who were assassinated — you’ll find
they were the honest Presidents. ROSS: Well, to bring in another personality
from that time period, I had a question for you about culture.
To follow up on what you just brought up now, and what you’ve
been bringing up in your speaking and writing quite a bit recently,
about two events around the turn of the 20th century. The 1900
International Congress of Mathematicians, in Paris, which
was the beginning of Hilbert and Russell’s actions to axiomatize
mathematics and destroy science, which continues to have a
deadly effect on the ability to make new discoveries. And second,
the ouster of Bismarck, which you just spoke about.
I’d like to ask you about Johannes Brahms, whose 181st
birthday we’re celebrating this week, and whose 1897 death marked
the end of a defense and progress of Classical culture against
the irrationalism and degradation of Liszt, Wagner, Strauss. The
destruction of the notion of truthful beauty, and that severing
of humanity from an emotional connection to a developing world in
which we belong, that fed into politics, into culture, into
science as well. Now, the recent Schiller Institute performances
of the Mozart {Requiem} in honor of John Kennedy,
those were major interventions into this cultural environment.
So, the question I’d like to ask you is: How does the death of Brahms fit into this
shift at the turn of the 20th century, and to what extent must
a cultural revolution be a part of the overall sea-change
of affairs we need to end Empire for good? LAROUCHE: Well, first of all, the issue has
been always, as far as we know the history of mankind, I mean,
we know of a pre-history of mankind, and that’s a complicated
question as well; but in what we might call the history
of mankind, which comes from the legendary Zeus as one force,
which is the force of pure evil, you have a history of mankind which
goes through various kinds of developments of culture.
What you can track in this thing, is the fact there is a tendency
of division of culture to what you may consider actually
human in its orientation, as opposed to people who are
predatory. In other words, you had two kinds of culture.
You have the predatory culture, we don’t like somebody, we
eat them, or something to that term. And you kill off the people
you don’t like, or you make slaves of them. So the history of
human slavery as a systemic feature, of European civilization,
and so forth, is the mark of a force of evil which is called the
Zeusian principle. It’s the principle of oligarchism, as it’s
otherwise called. So the Roman Empire was a sort of evil from
the beginning, it was inherently evil. The British Empire,
which was built on the model of the Roman Empire, explicitly,
on {The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire}, that was the policy
which established the Roman Empire as the British Empire, as
such. So these are forces of evil.
The Dutch role, in terms of the 15th and 16th century, is
also part of that evil. What happened to the Massachusetts Bay
Colony? It was the Dutch that shut down the Massachusetts Bay
Colony, and crippled the formation of the United States for a
long period of time. We had to go through almost a century to
get the United States, what was the American settlement, back
again. So that’s the general landscape you’re dealing with.
Now, what’s happened is, there was a process in the totality
of history, which is unique, which is the formation of the great
reform of post-Venice. And this was led by people such as
Brunelleschi, who was one of the great scientists of that period.
And he was actually a {founder} of modern science. Cardinal
Nicholas of Cusa was an actual {founder} of physical science. And
Kepler himself put a conclusion on the efforts of both of the
previous two. And which created modern science, typified by our
greatest scientists. So therefore you had a war going on between
the imperial tendency, which is typified by the ancient
systems of that type, and the struggle coming out of the Renaissance
period, to achieve a new form. The breakthrough had come as a
result of the Renaissance, because a fellow called Christopher
Columbus was converted into becoming an advocate of a policy
of crossing the ocean, given to him by the circles of Nicholas
of Cusa, who had been the great intellectual leader of the
Renaissance. So what happened was, the influence of the American
settlements, especially those in North America, all of
which came out of Columbus, and reached a very strong form,
a successful form, in the area of New England. This influenced the
entire world. Actually, the advent of science in Europe
as a systemic progress, came as a result of this process of the Renaissance.
So therefore, there was a turn in the direction
of history. Since that time, the whole process has been
an attempt to crush that out, to go to a purely Zeusian,
purely oligarchical form. The form today that that oligarchical
system represents is called the British Empire. What’s happened
ever since, because of what happened in the defeat, with the introduction
of states’ rights into the American System, destroyed
the ability of the American Revolution to sustain its purpose.
We had people in the United States who would defend this, and did
an excellent job in doing it. They often were killed in the process
of doing that. Most of the assassinations of Presidents were
done by the British Empire, like Abraham Lincoln; you could go
through the whole list. The two brothers, John and Robert Kennedy,
were assassinated because of that reason.
And you find that politics in the United States has been
dominated by what we call the oligarchical tradition, the Wall
Street moneybags, who are representatives of London, or actually
agents of London, have been the directing forces in crushing and
corrupting our United States. So we have an empire out there.
Now, what’s happened, we’ve reached the point now, where the
decline of the British Empire; remember the British Empire is
{totally bankrupt}. There’s no way that its money system can be
sustained. What it’s doing now, is what was done by the Roman
Empire: Kill the people! Reduce the population, kill the
people! And try to control a smaller population, in a more local
region. That’s what happened to the Roman Empire. The Roman
tradition still exists as a Roman tradition, as fully evil as
Rome was, as ancient Rome. The Venetian system was pure evil,
the product of the Roman system. And the Venetian system, still
is, like a Wall Street inside Europe. So, this is the process of
history. So the struggle here, is to recognize that
there is a nature of mankind, which is good, and there’s a contrary
nature of mankind, which is evil. And in between there’s
a lot of confusion. But what happened is, in creating
the Americas, creating the United States, was a product
of the effects of the Renaissance, of the great Renaissance which
was the rebirth of humanity. And it was this Renaissance, which
even while being crushed, by British and other influences at
that time, was able to create a new nation, in North America,
which went through struggles, defeats, recoveries. But then,
the enemy, the oligarchical enemy centered in the British
Empire, was able to kill and confuse American leaders.
And the problem was, that those few great American leaders
like Benjamin Franklin, on whom the whole achievement of the
actual Constitution depended, both for science and for other
considerations; and geniuses, like — I could name a whole bunch
of them, who actually contributed to this process, such as
Alexander Hamilton, who was one of the greatest geniuses in
economy. Alexander Hamilton today is actually emblematic,
greatest genius of economy on this planet. Now, I’m completely
familiar with his genius, and I can defend it and prove it
against any damned fool who wants to come up against me.
But the fact, is, what we have to do and recognize, we have
to have a mission. You can’t merely attack bad things. You’ve
got to bring in good things, not attack bad things. And we have
to establish, first of all, eliminate Wall Street! Eliminate
administrations, like the Obama administration, or the
Bush-Cheney administration, eliminate them! They’ve caused the
greatest evil in the past 16 to 18 years on this planet, from us.
Get rid of these guys! Put ’em off in a cave someplace, or some
desert island, or something like that. Get ’em outta here. They
don’t bathe well! Whatever is wrong with them, it’s wrong.
So therefore, we should have a mission: Our mission,
knowing that the trans-Atlantic region of the planet, in any
case, is finished in its present form. The trans-Atlantic world
is so corrupted, that in its present form, it can not survive.
The only hope of survival, comes in the Eurasian section of the
world; that doesn’t mean the United States will be dead, or that
Western Europe will be dead. But it means that they’re crippled,
they’re culturally crippled. They don’t have the cultural
capabilities, of restoring the kinds of achievement that many of
them had earlier. The recent period, since the assassination
of the Kennedy brothers, the United States has been on a
{steady downward trend, in culture, in economy, in everything!} So
you have almost everybody, who I used to know, is dead, and
what remains are the people who are still living, but who don’t
have the ability, that those who had died, had once represented.
So we have to have a leadership in the trans-Atlantic region, a revival of the trans-Atlantic region,
to the true, original purpose of the trans-Atlantic discovery
and development. We have to do that, realizing that there’s
no longer a possibility of general war throughout the
planet: General war throughout the planet would be thermonuclear
war. Not nuclear war, thermonuclear war. Nuclear war is not
a possible alternative, thermonuclear war. And thermonuclear
war fought among a generality of nations on this planet
is human extermination warfare. Because the effects
of thermonuclear warfare are of that nature.
Therefore, {we} have to come, to an understanding of an
accommodation among nations, at least among the viable nations,
who are not the fruitcakes and nutworks and mass killers of
society; we have to form a series of understandings, among
sovereign nations, because you can not organize society
effectively, except through sovereign people, people who have a
sense of a sovereign community. So you want to take the
sovereign communities of the planet, or what should be the
sovereign communities, and create a system of cooperation,
because we’re now coming to a point where the future largely
lies, not in space, but in mankind’s ability to {cope} with the
challenge of nearby space. For example, we are threatened,
immediately, or, we don’t know when but sometime not so distant,
if we don’t fix something, that some satellite, is going to come
roaming in our direction, and actually not miss hitting Earth,
head-on. Such a satellite encounter, on Earth, would exterminate
the human species. Therefore, we have, in the threat of extermination
of the human species by this kind of lackadaisical
attitude, we have bought into ourselves, a loss of the preventive
capability, which under the conditions we know, under terms
of modern science, {we could prevent such things from happening!}
So therefore, we have a mission, a new mission of humanity,
for a community of nations, or national groupings, who operate on
the basis of their own culture, by which they best understand
themselves, bring these nations together, in a system of
correspondence, because warfare as we have generally known it, is
no longer possible! Therefore, we have to bring the planet and
its system into order. And without that, there’s not much hope,
for the future of mankind. The time for doing this, is about, right now. OGDEN: All right, so we have a question from
Kesha Rogers, who I’m sure has plenty of experience battling
states’ righters down there in Texas. Kesha Rogers is candidate
for the United States Senate in the state of Texas, running
as a Democrat, and the run-off election is coming up {two weeks}
from this coming Tuesday. Now, her question is the following:
“Hi, Lyn. As I have traveled all over Texas with my Senate
campaign — I’m now currently in south Texas — it is very
apparent that we are dealing with a population which has been
beaten down by a slave mentality, stemmed from continuing to
reside on the Bush plantation, and caught up in thinking that
only local solutions can solve the crisis and the problems that
we face, such as the devastating drought hitting Texas,
unemployment and food shortages, to name a few.
Throughout all of my discussions with the population, with
news media, and with different political groups throughout the
state, I have strongly taken on the states’ rights mentality, and
also, so-called local solutions as a failure, and I have
challenged people to think big. We need a national mission, a
real science-driver mission for the country. So my question to you, is, how do we continue
to free people from this slave mentality, perpetuated by
a lying media, and a political system that has beaten the population
to despair, and get them to contemplate ideas, and solutions
of national interest? How do we get people to free themselves
from the enslavement, that forces them to continue
to capitulate, to no-good political candidates that go against
their true interests? LAROUCHE: There’s a certain kind of complication
to addressing that kind of problem, because you’re
talking about the willing and the able, as opposed to those
who are simply going along to get along. Now, we’ve reached a point,
as in Texas, and it’s being hit in California; it’s hit in
most of the southerly states in the United States, that there is
a drought in process, which is going to, on the basis of all available
forecasting, it going to continue through several generations
or longer, in which, in the course of what is the trend
now, you will find that Texas, and most of the other states, including
California, in most of the areas of those states, there will
no longer be people living. The water systems will be dead, the
areas of habitation will deserts, the sources of food supply will
be nil, and therefore, we face this greatest threat, which
is a natural catastrophe, from the cyclical behavior of
the Sun itself, which has gone on one of its bad turns, as far as
we’re concerned — we’re not getting the water supply any more!
We are going to have to mobilize the United States, and others,
into create a system of water management, which enables
us to take some of the water which is flying around in the upper
areas of the atmosphere, and directing the flow of that
water, in part, through areas in which rainfall would be deposited.
Now, we had a program, we worked on in recent decades; the
program was called NAWAPA, the North American Water And Power
Alliance, and that would have worked. It was one which involved
Alaska and Canada, and also the Southern States. Now, the
division of labor was between producing water, and growing food.
Under the northern part of this hemisphere, northern side, you
can get water, but you can’t grow food, without water. If we
have water in the southern area, and we have seeds which we
raise, then the seeds will actually cause a growth of irrigated
territory, and you will get food again, as in the recent times,
the recent history in Texas and in California, and in the
relevant states in the southern part of the West of the United
States. This is the only solution, for now, because
the desiccation of the state of Texas, the state of California,
and other states, has reached a point, it’s going to accelerate!
Things are going to become very much worse, very, very, fast!
Now, if we are now faced with problem, which is a very clear
problem, but with an uncertain cure. Our job is to have a
mobilization, of several varieties, in order to increase the
irrigation of the potential croplands and so forth, to shut {all
fracking} immediately! If you want to save the United States, the
first thing you must do, {you must shut down all fracking inside
the territory of the United States and northern Mexico.} You
must do that! Otherwise, you’re going to get problems that you
can not possibly deal with. No more fracking! Shut it down now! I don’t
care what the agreements are, shut it down! And no fracking
being used in Europe, either. Fracking is a very stupid
thing: You know what fracking came in as? Fracking came in as the
proposed alternative to thermonuclear power. If we
go back to thermonuclear power, we don’t have any fracking
challenge! What we have to do, we’ve got a problem also
with our scientific community. That, actually since
what happened at the beginning of the 20th century, we moved to
cancel science, to eliminate science, in favor of, what? Mathematics.
So you have people out there, today, who are called scientists,
who are not; they’re trying to practice science, but they
don’t have competence in science as such! They have competence
in things they’re trained to do, mechanical procedures,
you know, mathematical procedures, with machines, computers.
But a computer has no intelligence. Intelligence
lies only in human existence, in the human mind. And the human
mind’s function is actually the noëtic powers of the human mind:
It’s in chemistry. That is, mankind is different from any other
animal. Mankind is not an animal, in fact. The human being,
actually, cooks its own food. No animal on this planet, has ever
cooked its own food, unless they fell into a geyser or a
volcano. [laughter] Right?
So the point is, that mankind has the willful power, which
is called the power of chemistry, which for the edification of
students these days, you would say, start with the table of
elements. Now, that’s a rather crude term to use, from a
standpoint now, in terms of defining science. But what it means,
essentially, is that mankind has increased its power {over} what
we call the elements of the chemistry table. That’s a simplistic
version of it today; it has much higher implications than it ever
had in the 19th century. That we use the principle of chemistry,
to give mankind per capita and per unit of action, a power to
increase man’s power, in and over society, not as people, but
over the territory of society. We not only cook our food, we go
to higher levels of the use of fire. We stop burning wood, we
burn charcoal; we burn coal; we discover chemical elements which
enhance the whole process of making the tools, and the things
which are necessary for mankind to progress. No animal does
that. Mankind is the only species that can do it.
Now, this means that the principle of fire, as such, or the
blank idea of fire, is not science. It does not give you any
means for mankind’s progress. It’s the development of
discoveries, which we call, discoveries of principles of
chemistry, for example, which is a convenient categorical term,
baggage; you know, throw all the things into it, and similar
things. We’re now going to thermonuclear fusion. Now,
thermonuclear fusion means, chemistry as used to define
it doesn’t mean anything any more. And we’re going into other
things beyond that, beyond what we call this kind of higher
chemistry. Mankind now has a degree of power, to begin to control
development on the Moon, to begin to move out and defend Earth
from the threat from asteroids. All those powers are now coming
to us. And also, we have increase of productivity. We have power
to increase the productivity of the human being per capita,
at a rate which has never existed in human existence before. We
have that in progress, available to us, now. We merely
have to breed, and train the younger people coming up, to acquire
these cognitive skills. And the skills are {cognitive} ones,
they’re not {practical} ones! They are discoveries, they’re
not mechanics — they’re discoveries.
Like Archimedes was only a mechanic. Eratosthenes was
scientist, that’s the difference. And Archimedes gets all the
popularity, he conducted no science. He couldn’t even solve the
problem of simple circles. {But!} On the other hand, we had a
discoverer of principles, which defined the entirety of the
principle of modern science. So, our problem is, we’ve got to realize,
that the green policies, the zero-growth policy, is actually
a swindle, by brainwashed people, who follow the doctrine
dictated to them, by {idiots}, who are sometimes called college
professors, who are called politicians, they’re all idiots. Their
thinking has no correspondence to {the human principle}. They
call themselves “practical,” because they can’t think. ROSS: All right, well, this will be the last
question for the evening. And it continues the theme you
just brought up. You had mentioned about fracking versus nuclear
power, that the only reason — I mean, if we had nuclear power,
would anyone consider fracking? It’s kind of silly.
So, at your direction, an educational program has been
instituted and is taking form, Lyn, to bring those less familiar
with your thinking up to speed. It’s taken the form of
discussions and planned presentations on economics, on global
water flows, on the science and promise of fusion, on its
suppression, and the great habilitation dissertation of Bernhard
Riemann, whose you have said has shaped much of your thinking.
One particular theme that has come up recently in this
educational process, are the concepts of energy flux density, and
the difficulty of understanding it, as opposed to economic
activity or capital intensity. I can give two examples. One homework assignment,
on capital intensity, somebody wrote that: “An
increase in capital intensity is the increase in the amount of
work that goes into your entire production process, by society
as a whole.” Now, there’s more to it: increasing production,
as by everyone working two more hours a day (at least those
with productive jobs), that would increase economic activity,
but it wouldn’t change capital intensity, which is a measure
of how much investment goes into making production possible,
how much is invested per laborer. For example, investing
in large amounts of machinery or infrastructure, can allow a more
efficient production technique, which, despite requiring
all those inputs, is actually cheaper. That’s economy.
On the other side, on energy flux density, and the challenge
to the students to think of an energy flux density increase that
was not usable because of a lack of capital intensity, someone
said, well, the Soviet Union, where there was a military
science-driver that developed processes of higher energy flux
density, but the civilian economy had no capital intensity to
make it possible to be implemented. So, these questions are generating a fair
amount of difficulty, so I’d like to ask on behalf of
these activist students of your work, could you please clarify:
What is {energy flux density,} and why must an economist understand
this concept? LAROUCHE: Well, it actually means, you know,
if you take the velocity of the speed of light, and the
question is how many rotations do you get, vibrations do you get,
in terms of a unit of the speed of light? And you find that the
greater the intensity, or of the frequency, as it’s otherwise
identified, the increase of the frequency, in broad terms,
without going into some kind of recipe, but in broad terms, it
means that the increase of the density of power, the density
of action; so the density of action determines the potential
productive powers of labor. That, as mankind has to depend on,
how can we generate and control increases in the energy-flux density?
Now, thermonuclear power is a standard today, of the kind of
general policy for the United States, which the United States
requires, if it’s going to continue to exist. Today, because of
the Zeusian factor of corruption, which has destroyed the mental
processes of so many of our citizens, particularly the recent two
generations that have just come through as new generations; the
two new generations have reached a level of degeneration, in
intellectual capabilities and moral conditions, that they don’t
exist! That’s why the drug policy! That’s why the drug usage!
That’s why the educational systems in schools, is actually
murderous and treasonous! What’s being taught, the way they’re being
taught is treasonous, because you’re destroying, the
population of the people of the United States! You have, for
example, you have two {terrible} sets in office: We have the Bush-Cheney
administration, right? There you have eight years, two terms;
you have the Obama administration, about six years, now, right?
Now, what age-group does that represent? That means that most of
the young people, reaching the age of about 18 today, are
mentally incompetent. They are not capable of heating their own
food. Therefore, they take other substitutes, which they either
smoke or suck, or something, instead. Why do people live and go out on marijuana?
Because they’re morally dead.
Because mankind depends upon mankind’s progress, historical
progress, in increasing the productive powers of labor. This is
not merely a performance stunt. This is the inherent destiny of
mankind! When mankind {does not progress, mankind is dying! The
human species is rotting!} And therefore, the increase of
energy-flux density, which now goes beyond thermonuclear fusion,
and if you can not apply thermonuclear fusion, which is
{virtually prohibited} in the United States since the beginning
of the 1920s, Everything in the direction of progress, especially
the progress associated with the administration
of Kennedy, everything has been turned down! {There has
been no net actual progress, in the economy of the United States,
since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.}
And that was the reason why he was assassinated! Because the
British Empire, found out that he was a clever fellow, who could
get things done, that he was in the Eleanor Roosevelt tradition
of Franklin Roosevelt; it was Eleanor Roosevelt who created his candidacy
for President, out of the Senate! So he was killed, he was
{murdered}, by circles who I know, I know the interests involved.
And that’s exactly the problem we have.
We have to understand, that if we are going to be truly
American, and if the United States is going to continue to exist,
we have to get rid of Wall Street, it’s the first thing. Now,
that’s a simple thing to do. It’s already bankrupt. All we have
to do, is put in Glass-Steagall again. Now, Glass-Steagall is an
imperfect tool, but it’s not imperfect, if it has also the
accompanying requirements: We could, by restoring a
Glass-Steagall system, {now, which could be done on any proper
election day, of a national election: Any national election
could vote in Glass-Steagall.} Now, the effect of that would be, that Wall
Street would be virtually shut down, because it could not
meet the standard of a Glass-Steagall system. So, what? We get rid
of Wall Street! {Who needs it?}
For example, take some of the banks that are part of Wall
Street. You don’t have to shut down all the banks. What you
have to do, is shut down the {part} of the banks, which do not
conform to the U.S. Constitution. In that, then, the banks which
have assets in the, which are not Wall Street-type assets, well,
we have to save them. How do we do that? Well, the United
States way: The Treasury Secretary of the United States sets up
a system of auditing, and says that any banking system, of any
type, that will meet the standards of American banking, we will
help to rescue, to solve their problems, and to try to maintain
the worthy assets within the processes of those banking
institutions. That reform. Then, we have to have another thing. We don’t
have any technology, or, we’re destroying it. So therefore,
we need a new basis, in addition to that banking system,
we need to get, first of all, Federal credit, to go with the reform
in the banking system. So the Federal government will have
to commit itself to supply credit, {to all worthy borrowers},
and the banking institutions that are associated with them,
or investments. We also have to create a pool of investment,
for the high-technology development, like thermonuclear fusion.
So these elements, combined around a Glass-Steagall, and
going back, and recognizing that we, in the United States,
{cancel states’ rights}, economic states’ rights. The states, as
composed of people, have sovereignty, relative on a state level.
But the {financial} operations of the nation, the economic
operations of the nation, are under the control of the
{Presidency} of the United States, and the associated
institutions of the Presidency. And the Congress has only the
right, to regulate as a total, the way in which the procedures
are set up under law, to set these things into motion.
So there is actually, a relatively simple solution, in terms
of type, to save the United States, now. Get rid of this
President. Go back to the Glass-Steagall system. And we in the
United States, under our Presidents, if we get a competent one,
and competently staffed, we can begin to rebuild the United
States right now. So the issue is, again, {the enemy within
us}, the British enemy within us, the Wall Street enemy, which
is British, within us, this is Satan! Well, we don’t believe
in killing people, but killing Satan, that’s a free shot. OGDEN: Okay! On that note, I think that’s
going to bring a conclusion to our broadcast for tonight. So,
thank you very much, Lyn. And thanks for joining us here,
Jason. Thank you for tuning in. Goodnight.

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