Lyndon LaRouche Webcast December 27th, 2013

Lyndon LaRouche Webcast December 27th, 2013

MATTHEW OGDEN: Good evening. It’s December
27, 2013, and you’re joining us for our weekly broadcast
of a live webcast on This is our last webcast
of the year 2013. I’m joined by Dennis Mason in the studio today
to ask a series of questions and of course, we’re also joined
by Mr. Lyndon LaRouche.
Now, we’ve gotten our first question in from a contact who
is very active in the institutions of government of the United
States, and the questioner wishes to know the following. They
say: “Mr. LaRouche, President Obama’s poll numbers are at an
all-time low, driven by the obvious failures of Obamacare and
Dodd-Frank, his two signature domestic policies. What is worse,
a vast majority of Americans do not trust him or believe him
anymore. Although you have been one of President Obama’s longest
and most outspoken critics, we have a two-part question for you.
First, what would you advise President Obama to do in order to
leave some positive Presidential legacy? Second, what
qualifications are you looking for in the next Democratic Party
Presidential nominee?” LYNDON LAROUCHE: To put the fine turn on it,
throw him out of office now. There is no reason to keep
him in office; he’s committed every possible offense. He’s an
ultimately impeachable individual. He’s almost impeached before his
birth as a result retroactively, as a result of his behavior.
He has to be thrown out of office. Anyone in the United States
government who thinks that Obama still has a contention to still
be President of the United States, has to be, there is something
very wrong with their mind. Here is a man who has done nothing
from the beginning of his occupation of office but
act with fraud. His campaign for election was a fraud. And ever
since then — fraud! His health care policy, you know, the campaign
to kill people, was his first major subject as President.
And he’s been working downhill ever since that time.
The problem here is worse than Obama. The problem here is
..PAGE that there have been a procession of degeneration
of Presidents and Presidential candidates, but Presidents
especially, since the murder of President Kennedy. There has been
no one qualified as President to really be President since that
time. You have a number of people who were not bad people.
You’ve had people who are good people, who would qualify in many
respects for Presidential qualities, {but} they couldn’t
live up to the job; either because they were blocked out as in
the case of Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan would have been a decent
President, a good one; he tried to be, but he was flanked. He
was flanked in his own office by the Bush family. And you have
to remember that Prescott Bush, the ancestor of this crowd,
was essentially the man who put Hitler into power in Germany.
So these guys are no good.
And therefore, the problem here we have is not merely we
have the worst President in American history by far — that’s a
very kindly appreciation of this creep. But the problem is that
we’ve been losing quality both in Presidential candidates and
also in politicians generally. Very few of the leading
politicians in the United States — elected politicians in the
United States — have been actually able to qualify for President
under these circumstances. You look at the record. For example,
school records. Take school classes since the time of Franklin
Roosevelt. The school classes, the people entering schools and
going on to secondary schools and universities were poorer in
each generation. That is, there may have been exceptions to that
rule, but the general tendency of each class, or each batch of
classes that came after the other, was worse than the other as it
came along. And this is the process. The problem here lies, essentially, the symptomatic
problem is the school system; the U.S. school system.
Now this is a part of a general moral degeneration which took
over with the, actually with the beginning of the process
leading into World War I. And that process of the ouster of Bismarck
until the actual entry into World War I was the process of
general degeneration. The people who were the greatest leaders in
science in the 1890s, still in the 1890s, are the best. From 1900,
the anniversary year of 1900, the century anniversary, there
has been a degeneration in the quality of education in
the United States because there was a degeneration in the quality
of what? Of the candidates. And that’s been the rule. Oh,
there may be an exception here and there. There were exceptions,
but that’s exactly what they were. You’d get three bums,
and then you might get lucky with a President who might be assassinated,
or thrown out for some other reason. So, the United
States and actually the European system, the trans-European system
has been in a process of continuous degeneration since Bismarck
was thrown out of office. That started the process. And the
wars started then. The assassinations and wars started with the
Bismarck expulsion, and it’s been in that direction ever since.
There have been exceptions; you have a good President come
in. He might get ..PAGE
killed; he might get, you know, as McKinley. McKinley was a
perfectly good President; so he was assassinated. Then you look
at what you got in that array in the beginning of the 20th
Century. Look at what you had once McKinley was killed. What
did you get? You got garbage all the way until Franklin
Roosevelt. Every President in that period, elected to office
after McKinley had been assassinated, and the assassination of
McKinley was intended from the highest level. That’s how it
happened. The same thing that happened to Jack Kennedy. Well,
when President Franklin Roosevelt died, you had the grave diggers
were already there. The Republican election, that fourth term
public election for the government, the Senate and so forth.
That started the countdown. Now as long as President Franklin Roosevelt
remained in power, as President, in his administration;
now he was dying at that point, he was in the process of dying.
He was extremely weak from the effects of his sicknesses before.
And the minute he dropped dead, as I wrote again recently,
my knowledge was, my firsthand knowledge essentially, because there
were two people walking down that corridor at the time that
the OSS chief left office — was leaving the President’s office,
and he said to my friend, “It’s over, it’s all over.” As they
walked out the corridor from President Franklin Roosevelt’s
office out to the street, and that was the end. So you had some
breaks in there, but then you got, once the death of Kennedy
had occurred, from then on it was mostly downhill. There were
some people who were not bad people, they had some good qualifications.
They might have made a good President if they had an
environment in which they could have become a good President. But
with the last bunch, under Vice President George HW Bush
and his son George W Bush and Obama, we were already in the pit.
And the Reagan Administration was a failure precisely because
the Bush family was involved in that. And that’s the same
Bush — Prescott Bush, the father of George HW Bush — who is the
guy who put Hitler into power in Germany. But he did that as
a part of a team, a British team. So the problem is, we have in
the United States, no longer have what you can call a real President.
The bums we’ve had in office are unfit to serve. They’re
morally unfit to even enter the White House, even as a guest;
every one of them. And they get worse and worse and worse.
Now the question is, we’re on the edge of a very interesting
situation. First of all, the Bush and Company and their
associates just lost a big one, because the plan had been —
organized by the British and with the support of Obama; Obama’s
crew, Obama’s nothing but a stooge for the British — that once
they had failed to pull a swindle in which they were going to
gain the ability to launch a thermonuclear war attack on Ukraine,
on Russia. When Ukraine did not go over to join Europe against
Russia, that was the crucial point. That has been the crucial
point at this time, which is what my answer to one of these
questions is based on this. So, what had happened is this: is
..PAGE that the plan had been that they would have
this thing rigged that if the Ukraine would give in and become
part of the western European system against Russia, then the U.S.
forces and their allies would have then moved in with a military
attack on Russia. And under those circumstances, Russia would
not have been in a position to avoid a second strike situation.
What happened is, the minute the Ukraine did not capitulate
to the gesture of the U.S. and Britain, then it was impossible because
of the relative correlation of forces for the United States
and Britain and so forth to proceed with an attempted destruction
of Russia. Russia would have been defeated; and a defeat of
Russia would have been a catastrophe for China and India and so forth.
What has happened is that because of the shift, which is
organized around a number of nations and is still being
organized. We don’t know how many of these nations are going to
join in this agreement right now or not. We don’t know. I wrote
about this thing on exactly that basis; that’s what my knowledge
is. And therefore now it’s a stand-off. The problem here is
that the issue here is not what is called a war; not a war among
nations, not a war among alliances. The intention of war here,
in other words, any group of nation-states, if operating simply
as nation-states, would now not dare to threaten thermonuclear
war on the planet. But, this is not a war. This is a war which
is not a war. No, which is not a war among nations; it is an
imperial war. The intention is, as the Queen of England has said
repeatedly over this past several years, her intention, the
attention of the Anglo-Dutch forces inside Europe, and the
intention of the leadership of the Presidency of the United
States, has been to launch a pre-emptive attack to establish a
world empire. And in the course of that to reduce the population
of this planet from 7 billion people personally presently to less
than one. The Queen’s policy is less than one. The warfare, the
scheme, the whole thing is not a war, it’s an extermination
warfare. The intention is to reduce quickly the human population
which has now been ranging about 7 billion people, to reduce it
to less than one. And the Queen has been repeatedly explicit on
her intention. So we’re not talking about here about a war,
we’re talking about something which is truly a hellish horror.
The intention is the Queen has said again and again and again,
“No, there’s going to be a reduction of the human population at
an accelerated rate from less than 7 billion people to less than
one. And that is in process now. As a matter of fact, the
current program of the present administration, under the present
President, is to start mass killing of the population. The
cancellation, for example, of protection of employment, the
unemployment swindle, is a mass murderous program. The policy
for what they’re doing in Detroit is a mass murderous program.
The food policy of the Obama administration is a deliberate mass
murderous attack on the population of the nation as a whole. The
Queen and others have gone fully ahead and moving toward an
extermination warfare against the U.S. population, against the
..PAGE European population, against other parts of
the world. So this is not a war; it’s something much worse than
a war. It’s an extermination campaign. It’s the Emperor Zeus;
the principle of evil in all European history — Zeus. And
that’s where we are; that’s what’s happening now.
Now, the funny part about it, if you want to know what the
funny part is, what happens now, the result is that in the zeal
to kill Americans, kill people in the Americas, to kill people in
central and western Europe; mass killing I’m talking about, not
just killing. Well, what they did is they destroyed the economy
of the United States. The United States no longer has a serious
economy. We don’t have an auto industry. We don’t have that
kind of industry. We have little pieces of things like that;
remnants of that. We have a process of accelerated mass death of
people. And the way that’s being done is by taking away their
jobs, taking away their security, taking away everything that
keeps them alive. And then break them; turn them into less than
slaves. The same thing is being done in western and central
Europe. Therefore, Germany is one of the few areas that is
somewhat exceptional in this area. They have some technology,
serious technology. They’re the only central European, western
European nation that does now. So now what’s happened is you’ve had an increase,
a development; you divide the whole world into
two areas. One area is the area of the trans-Atlantic region.
The trans-Atlantic region is dying; it’s not just mass murdering
its people, it’s dying. It still has a very powerful nuclear
weapon capability; that area. But, in the meantime, what’s happened
is that China, which is not being treated seriously before,
because they thought they’d win the war before then. They thought
that they’d crush Russia first, and if Russia got crushed, then
China would have a very difficult situation.
Now it’s shown, now, that China has a very ponderous
capability. Russia has gained a very ponderous capability. We
have now, from Belarus, all the way to the Pacific, we have a
broad belt of major nations of Eurasia, which are on the make,
they’re growing. They will tend to be more powerful, if they
don’t make mistakes. On the other hand, we in the trans-Atlantic
region, the Americas and Western and Central Europe, we are up
the creek, or down it, as you may choose. That’s the situation.
So therefore, you’re not talking about a war, in the sense
of the tension among nations, as to who’s going to win the war.
We’re talking about something quite different. You’re talking
about the tradition of the infamous Zeus, against Prometheus. So
that’s where we stand. So the issue here is, it would be
impossible, if we had some intelligence among our politicians, in
our United States and in some nations of Europe, if we had some
decent understanding of what the issues are, we would not be
subject to the threat of thermonuclear attack {now}. But as long
as the British Empire and what it represents feels itself capable
of running extinction warfare in the world, to control the
..PAGE world’s population by extinction warfare –not
warfare against nations, extinction warfare — as long as
the American people are {stupid} enough to keep this jerk, Obama,
in power, {then the people of the United States may be voting
for their own extermination.} OGDEN: Well, as Lyn just referred to, the
world has dramatically changed since Ukraine refused
to capitulate to the EU. On Christmas Eve of this week, this past
Tuesday, there was a very historic meeting in Moscow, of the
leaders of the Eurasian Supreme Economic Council, consisting of the
heads of state of the three member-nations of the emerging customs
union — Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan; plus three observer-nations
— Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Ukraine. And this
meeting was convened to lay the groundwork for the creation of
the Eurasian Economic Union, which is scheduled to launch on January
1, 2015, just a few days over a year from now.
And the day after this meeting took place — Lyn, you
immediately responded, as you did here today already, by stating
that this indicates the end of the old imperial system, which has
dominated the planet to this day, and the creation of an entirely
new system. You stated that this new Eurasian integration is the
expression of a post-imperial idea, and that it in fact
represents an entirely new conception of statehood itself. And
this is very clearly reflected, if you take a look at the draft
agreement of the Eurasian Economic Union, which was approved in
the Moscow meeting this week, which defines the key principles of
this integration as being, “The mutually advantageous cooperation
for converging our economies for their harmonious development and
for the enhancing of competitiveness, and that the implementation
of these principles is aimed primarily at improving the
well-being of our citizens.” And in President Putin’s opening
remarks to the group, he explained that this type of integration,
in his words, “will create the conditions for the dynamic
development of all of our countries, stressing that the aim is to
reduce mutual trade in raw materials, and to increase trade in
high-technology manufactured goods.” Now, to me, these principles sound very much
like what was expressed by U.S. President John Quincy Adams
when he spoke of a community of sovereign nation-states cooperating
with each other according to the Westphalian principle of
mutual benefit. And also, one can definitely hear the echo of
the U.S. Constitutional principle of the promotion of the general
welfare in the commitment to the improving of the well-being
of the citizens. Now, I’d like to put this in here, and then
ask for your response. If you take a look at Franklin Roosevelt’s
vision for the postwar world, as Lyn just referred to
it, what FDR actually intended was very different than what emerged
from the special relationship between Truman and Winston Churchill
after FDR died. It’s very useful to go back to the Christmas
Eve Fireside Chat that Franklin Roosevelt delivered in
1943, after he returned ..PAGE
from the Tehran Conference. And he describes the vision that he
shared in his discussions with Stalin. This is a quote from the
Fireside Chat: He says, “In these conferences, we were concerned
with basic principles, principles which involve the security and
the welfare and the standard of living of human beings in
countries large and small.” He says, “To use an American and
somewhat ungrammatical colloquialism, I may say that I ‘got along
fine’ with Marshal Stalin. He is a man who combines a tremendous
relentless determination, with a stalwart good humor. I believe
he is truly representative of the heart and soul of Russia. And
I believe that we are going to get along very well with him, and
the Russian people — very well indeed.” And Roosevelt went on
to stress that after the war, the responsibility of the Allies
was to “be united with, and cooperate with, all the
freedom-loving peoples of Europe and Asia and Africa, and the
Americas. The rights of every nation, large or small, must be
respected, and guarded as jealously as are the rights of every
individual within our republic.” And then, just one more item. This Tehran
meeting is also described in detail in Elliott Roosevelt’s
book, {As He Saw It}, in which Roosevelt says that he and Stalin
talked about “how to unify our policies, and to mesh our individual
nations’ interests in the interests of a general security of
the whole world.” And he said that his biggest task, his biggest
responsibility, was to make it clear to Stalin that the United States
and Great Britain were {not} allied in one common bloc against
the Soviet Union. And he said, “The one thing that could upset
the apple cart after the war, is if the world is divided again,
Russia against England and us. That’s our big job now, and it will
be our big job tomorrow, too.”
So, when one takes a look at FDR’s outlook for the postwar
world, and then you go back and you read the stated goals of this
Eurasian Economic Union, it’s very clear that indeed, we are
looking at the possibility of a revival of FDR’s vision of
relations among sovereign states, and I wanted you to say
something about this new conception of statehood. LAROUCHE: Well, you have to go back a little
bit further. Because there’s a point in history which is
usually treated as mythology, but which is not mythology. It’s
a point of history, in which there are two figures. One is the
fire-bringer, and the other is the bastard. That issue, that division,
between Zeus and Prometheus. Now, what’s happened is, there
are certain aspects of this knowledge, which is certain,
but qualifications are buried with a little mythology attached
to it. In other words, it’s a story which is true, but the
explanation has been buried a bit in terms of mythologies. But
you had two factions, and the faction is defined very clearly; it’s
defined by the advocates themselves, very clearly. One, is
the imperial system: Zeus. Zeus is the person who’s against man’s
use of fire. And opposing him, is the proponent of man’s use
of fire. ..PAGE
Now, what’s the difference mean? This is not mythology,
this is fact. Because the characteristic of mankind is that
mankind is the only living creature which exists on the basis of
the {mastery of the use of fire.} He is the opponent of the evil
Zeus. And Zeus is the one who’s the suppression of the use of
fire. Now, that continues all the way, from this point in the
mists of mythology, back into current times, known times. And
that’s what the issue is. Now, the two systems, like the Roman Empire
is a typical example of this, well known. All right, the
Roman Empire was pure evil! There was nothing good in the Roman
Empire. There is no leader of the Roman Empire who is good;
you have Cicero, for example, is an exception to the Empire, he
was opposed to it. So that’s the issue: The issue is the {oligarchical
system}, which says that mankind will not invest in fire,
in the use of fire for increasing the productive powers of labor
of mankind, that’s the issue.
So therefore, you have the whole imperial tradition, as it
became known, is actually this thing of the Zeus phenomenon: The
Roman Empire, was {evil!} There was nothing good in the Roman
Empire, {ever}! And similar empires, were never anything good in
them! They were evil! The fact that they continued to exist was
an evil. The empires that we’ve had, in Europe: evil.
Why did we form an organization inside the United States,
what became the United States? It was because we knew, as
Nicholas of Cusa understood, and preached, that you can not live
under empire. You can not live under the Zeus system. So we
went across the water, and in New England, in the course of that
century, or at least a few decades of it, we created the most
modern form of idea of society that has ever been known to man,
and that was the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was crushed, by what? By the Anglo-Dutch
forces, which were part of the Zeus faction! So you’re talking
about Roman Empire, Zeus, Roman Empire, and the British,
the same thing, the Anglo-Dutch — and the Dutch were worse than
the British. As a matter of fact, it was the Dutch who created
the British Empire, not the English. The English kingdom was one
thing, but what happened was the English kingdom was taken
over by the Dutch. And the Dutch empire took over. And the Dutch
empire was a sequel to the religious warfare of a whole
century. And so, we, in North America, we launched
something which was not something which was born in North
America, it was born among people who {got out} of Europe, in order
to contribute to the development, away from imperialism. The
Bismarck principle: Bismarck was a man who was completely dedicated
to the same intention as the United States. As a matter
of fact, Bismarck’s ideas came from the United States. It was
his conception, and as long as he remained in power in Germany, you
could keep the British under control. It was only at that
point that this thing went wrong.
And you had, from the beginning of the ouster of Bismarck to
..PAGE the present time has been a period of predominant
evil. We in the United States, since the crushing of Bismarck,
and Bismarck — his policies were {based} on those of the
United States, on the Lincoln policies. They were based on the
American policies. You had great influence from Europe into the
United States, and other parts of the Americas — why? Because
we represented something which they could cling to, with
all the imperfections we had in our own system at that time.
And as long as we, or people in Europe in power, could
connect to the United States, World War I could not have
happened. The minute Bismarck left, you began to get
assassinations. The assassination of the President of France,
for example, and a whole series of other assassinations, and the
whole thing fell apart. And we’ve been at war, and in Hell on
the way down, ever since that time! Now, what’re they doing to us now? They say,
you can’t use fire. You mustn’t use nuclear power. You must
never use it! That’s the new policy of the 1960s and ’70s.
So now, what has happened is, under British influence and similar
kinds of influence, we have destroyed our own technology.
We lost our auto industry! We lost our steel industry!
We lost everything! How? Under certain Presidents, who were opposed
to President Franklin Roosevelt. And the minute that Franklin
Roosevelt was dead, they began to destroy the United States!
But then, somebody kicked back, and you had another
President, someone who wasn’t too bad. A good veteran, but one
who led a fiery struggle, and that saved us. Then they killed
him! And they killed his brother! And once they’d done that, they turned the
United States into a complete catastrophe, with orders from
the Queen of England, and orders from similar people in
Europe. So the point is, in this situation, here we
are, we’re part of a system, the trans-Atlantic system, the
trans-Atlantic empire, shall we say, because that’s what
it is now. The United States has no power! Obama dictates the power!
He pays no attention to anyone! The institutions that’re
running the United States control powerfully. The Snowden case
is an example of the reaction against this thing. And if you allow
Obama to remain President, well, expect the Hell you’re going
to get, by your own hands, by your own foolishness in giving way
to this guy. Cowards, squeamish cowards who allow this
to happen, this is what the issue is!
Now: So now you have a situation, a situation, the world as
a whole is essentially divided, between two forces: One, the
trans-Atlantic region as such, that’s the {doom faction}, and
we’re part, in the United States, of the doom faction, unless we
can free ourselves from it. And on the other side, you have a
Eurasian faction, which comes from Belarus all the way to China,
and across. And that part of the world, which is now the
new part of the world, the landing on the Moon, which is beyond
any other landing ..PAGE
of that type which has occurred so far, it shows you the
difference between the progress of Asia, now, or certain parts of
Asia now, in this effort, as opposed to the self-destruction of
the foolish, silly people of the United States, who still put up
with this kind of crap! And that’s what the issue is!
Now, if we would mobilize and throw this bum out, and we
have every reason to do so; you don’t need a pretext. The
evidence is all there, this guy is starving people to death, he’s
committing crimes of all nature, on a scale never seen before in
the United States; you mean, we can’t impeach him? Who are the
gutless wonders who refuse to impeach him? Throw them out, too!
We need a new batch, who think differently. But this is what the issue is. This is not
some technical thing, where someone’s got a grievance and
there’s an injustice, and we’re going to punish somebody for committing
an injustice. This is not it! You’re talking about mankind!
The principle which governs the United States today, and
the Anglo-Dutch power, {today, is evil! It is pure evil!} And if
you can not remove that evil from this planet, you’re not going
to {have} a human species! Because if the rest of the world
were to go the direction that the trans-Atlantic region has
gone, then the whole world will go to Hell, fast!
This is not an issue of grievances on some minor issues, or
secondary issues, or even important ones. This is a question of,
we have a human species. This human species, ours, the {human}
species, has capabilities far, far beyond any other variety of
red-blooded creature. No animal can match the people of America,
the American people, the human people, {not} the Zeus people.
And so you have a contention: Which side are you on? What’re
you going to do about it? And talking about who’s going to be a good
President, who’s going to do this, who’s promising this, who’s
got the good guy, who said the bad things, — that’s not an
issue any more. We came close, very close: Had Ukraine capitulated
fully, to Europe, I would say the probability is, a
road to human extinction, beginning with thermonuclear attacks,
or equivalent attacks on Russia; and if Russia had been
left unprotected on its Ukraine front, then it would have been feasible,
to launch a thermonuclear attack, which would be used
to destroy most of the human population, by the same methods that
{Obama} is applying right now, beginning of this next year, against
the people of the United States!
And that’s the issue. And the Queen of England is an
accomplice in this plan of mass murder of human beings. The
Dutch part of the system, which is really the author of the
British part, is guilty. {We have lost our Constitution!} We
still have it on the wall, for those who care to admire it. But
when it comes to practice by our Congress, or by most of our
institutions of government, there is no Constitution. It’s only
an entertainment, not a substantive quality of a government! ..PAGE
OGDEN: Let me pick up on what you said about Edward Snowden.
Earlier this week, there was an extensive interview published
with Edward Snowden by Bart Gelman in the {Washington Post}, and
in that interview Snowden responds to those, like those close to
Obama, who have accused him of treason for violating the oath of
secrecy. And he says: In fact, my disclosure of classified
material is by no way a violation of my oath. My oath is to the
United States Constitution, and to defend the United States
Constitution. And when my own government is violating the United
States Constitution, they’re the ones who have broken their oath,
including Keith Alexander, including James Clapper, who lied to
Congress, and who are covering up for what this administration is
doing with NSA surveillance. Also in the interview, Snowden equates the
NSA’s warrantless surveillance with the use of general warrants,
or what were called “writs of assistance” by the British,
in pre-Revolutionary American, noting that the last time that happened,
we fought a war over it.
And ironically, Snowden was also invited by Britain’s
Channel 4 television, to give what they call their “alternative
Christmas Message,” to the royal Christmas Message of Queen
Elizabeth. And in that message, he said, George Orwell’s {1984}
comes nowhere close to what the capabilities are now, including
sensors in our pockets that are tracking us everywhere we go.
And he said: A child born today will grow up with no conception
of privacy, at all. This is a global police-state. And this is
a problem, because for individual human beings, privacy matters,
privacy is what allows us to determine who we are, and who we
want to be. And Glenn Greenwald echoed the same idea,
and I think gave it an even more developed perspective, when
he gave testimony to the European Parliament this week. He asked,
why do we need privacy? And then he answered his own question:
Because if we think that everything we do or say is subject
to eavesdropping, we become conformists. This prevents creativity,
and this is why police-states love surveillance.
So, I guess the question I’d like to ask, Lyn, is, how do
these actions of Snowden and his network, to expose this modern
Gestapo-type system of the new British Empire, how does this tie
into what is happening with this global realignment of power
that’s emanating from Eurasia now? LAROUCHE: Well, it’s simple: What we’ve done,
we’ve accepted a law, which is the Zeus law. We’ve
allowed that, which is the challenge of evil. So therefore, what
we’re dealing with is not issues, we’re dealing with a question
of {evil}. And what is controlling the United States today is
evil! These things, which are called laws now, are not laws! They’re
not laws under our Constitution, there’s no provision in
the Constitution for this! There’s no {basis} in the Constitution
for this! And also, the very existence of these measures is a
violation of the ..PAGE
Constitution. So it’s not merely the lack of authority,
it’s the fact that what they’re saying about the Constitution,
is a lie! And if you’re telling a lie, then you’re not guilty,
they are. And if they want to come and do it, then you’re going
to have to fight a war.
So now, this is the issue: You have Zeus, the Roman Empire
tradition, the idea that mankind can not use fire, to increase
the power of man per capita to produce, and to change nature, to
change the universe! That’s man’s power, it’s the creative
power. {Creativity} is the means {to change}, to increase the
power of the human species to exist, and to achieve things
that’re necessary. That’s the difference between man and beast:
Their law is the law of the beast! My law, is the law of man!
It’s Zeus, the {evil} of Zeus, as the Roman Empire, and the
British Empire, and the Dutch empire, typify that! That’s one
force. The other force, is mankind! Humanity! And we have a
law of the United States, and law, our Constitution, and the
precedence for that Constitution, is the defense of progress of
mankind, to the cause of human freedom {to progress}, not to be
forced down, but to progress. Now, for example, simple case: Here we are,
we’re in the Solar System, just imagine you’re in the Solar
System; for some people, they’d have to imagine that. Their
education is not too good these days. Therefore, what’s our function?
Well, we’re out there with all those big rocks, and these
big rocks there’re millions of them, perhaps, out there waiting
for us. And they could hit us, and many of these rocks, they
do hit us from time to time, but one of the big ones comes along,
it’ll take about one-third of the population of the planet
away! And a little bigger rock, hitting harder, will exterminate
the human species. Now, our real concern should be to save the
human species, unless somebody wants to go on a big suicide
junket. And therefore, if we’re going to defend the existence
of the human species, we’re going to need to use fire:
We’re going to have to go to the side of, guess who? So therefore,
we’re going to have to do that, and we’re going to go to higher
and higher technologies. We’re going to {fire}! The fire
principle of Prometheus: raise the intensity of the fire,
by man’s ingenuity, man’s creativity. Increase the ability to
defend the human species. Acquire now, the ability to intervene
with these rocks, these giant rocks, which can either exterminate
a good part of the human population on Earth, or even the
entirety of it. We have to at some point, defend ourselves against
those big rocks. And there are many other things. We have to
realize that we’re not just Earthlings. We’re living in
a Solar System, in particular, in an oligarchy kind of system
as well, and therefore, we have to be able to progress.
We have a {duty} to all mankind, to take those steps of progress,
which China is making, for example, presently, on the Moon!
What China is doing on the Moon is a new improvement which has
never been done, in ..PAGE
terms of dealing with the Moon before. And this is a step, a necessary step, because
the first thing, going to local planets, local stops,
like Mars and so forth, that’s not going to save you. Because
you have to get the means to intervene in Mars, if you want to
do something about that. And you’re not going to get the means
to Mars, with our present technology; if you’re going to try
to pump lead or pump fusion into that, it’s not going to work,
because you can’t do it. Because it’ll cost you too much to get
to the Moon from Earth, to get a good start on doing something
about these problems.
So therefore, mankind has to go to the Moon. And China is
doing it. And China’s doing the right thing; the United States
is doing the wrong thing. We call Obama a “moonatic,” for
precisely that reason. Hmm? [laughter] So the point is, mankind has a natural goal,
because once we recognize that we have a creative capability,
which is a fire-bringing capability, the ability of mankind
to exist depends upon the ability to increase the energy flux
density which is controlled by man. That is, if we rise to
thermonuclear fusion, that’s how mankind can say to our people,
“thus we can save you, we can defend you.” Only by that means.
And therefore, everything that is being done in
{policymaking} since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, by the
United States, is {wrong!} It’s going in the wrong direction
against the human race. There’s a mission out there! Going to
the Moon is not a fantasy; going to the Moon, means we have a
base up there from which to operate, at much lower cost than any
other way. From there, if we can set off thermonuclear fusion
drivers, we can reach other parts of this Solar System more
quickly, especially the nearby parts, such as Mars and all these
satellites and so forth in there. And that is a principle of our defense: To
mobilize ourselves to prepare to defend the existence
of the human species, which is actually under threat. And
these things flying by, they miss us again and again, we’re lucky!
Eventually, we won’t be lucky. One of these things will hit,
and the human species will be out of business.
And therefore, we have a natural requirement, for
{thermonuclear fusion power, which has been shut down} since the
beginning of the 1970s. Oh, they play with it, now; people toy
with it. But there’s no serious project effort to get that thing
done. If we get a thermonuclear fusion driver, which may take us
a dozen years, even from now, to get it done, once we get there,
we then have an opening to an entirely new, higher quality of
achievement. {This is the natural character of mankind},
is to be a creative person as no animal can be. Whereas,
Zeus, is an {animal}! DENNIS MASON: In that light, I have a question
about the ..PAGE
potential of China. You’ve outlined again here, tonight, that the
landing on the Moon by China is of great significance. Aside
from the development of a continued mission to the Moon — and
it’s good to keep in mind that the lander portion of the rover
was designed to carry a much bigger payload than the rover
itself, so you had research and development happening, even in
the middle of the mission. China has also been involved in
helping other nations reach out and touch the heavens,
considering the collaboration among nations in space missions as
a key to diplomacy — which is reminiscent of the United States
under President John F. Kennedy. There was an article published in {The Diplomat},
which is a Japanese publication covering the Asian Pacific,
which outlines the collaboration by the Chinese on launching
satellites with Nigeria, Pakistan, Venezuela, Turkey, Bolivia,
with projects in the works for Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka, and
Belarus. In the particular case of Bolivia, part of
the package was the training of 78 Bolivians, so that they
will be able to operate the newly launched communications
satellite as a sovereign nation. The Chinese have provided
this training and education for other nations that they’ve partnered
up with on satellites. According to Xinhua, Bolivia is
considering collaboration with China again, with the head
of their space agency, Ivan Zambrana being quoted saying,
“We wish to launch a remote sensing satellite in 2017, and China
is one of our best alternatives.”
So, you have proliferation of science, technology, education, on a mutually beneficial basis:
Both nations prosper by this. At the same time, in the case of
Bolivia, if they do proceed with their intent as stated by Mr.
Zambrana, this means that they will have the ingredients for precision
agriculture, as a sovereign nation: With a communications
satellite and a remote sensing satellite, you have the beginnings
of the capability to run agricultural operations in a much more
efficient manner, being able to see from above what you can’t
necessarily see from on the ground, and in much greater bandwidths;
and then the capability to run your equipment with far
more precision. Mr. Zambrana didn’t say that this was the
particular intention of Bolivia in this case. But this
is the type of potential which is being unleashed by the
Chinese, and I think that’s important;, when you back to the situation
with Ukraine, one of the worries was that the large international
farming systems would come in and eat up the Ukrainian
farms, as consequence of its joining with the EU, which
would be catastrophic to the Ukrainians; it would have
been catastrophic to Europe, with the dumping of the cereal
grains at low prices; while, on the other hand, China is providing
the means by which smaller nations can break out of this imperial
system altogether. So, I’d like it, if you could, elaborate on
the potential and the dynamic overall, on the ground, that
has been set into motion, with the success of the Chinese landing?
..PAGE LAROUCHE: Well, the first thing, you’d probably
change the subject a little bit, to get at the point.
Look, the issue here is the classic issue, is the increase of the
energy flux density, which mankind is able to command. So, particular
objectives, such as goals for cultivation of this and
cultivation of that, really, are not the issue, and should be treated
as secondary questions. Because if we can create and improve
the technological capabilities, by sharing those
technological capabilities, we can obviously increase man’s
options. But mankind has to foremost concentrate, on developing
those technologies.
And remember, you’ve got to look at the table of chemistry.
I know chemists sometimes are terrible; and university professors
in chemistry are sometimes worse. Because, they get involved in
too much detail, too much formalities. And the other part in
education, is the fact that people are so concerned about what
they achieve — what they think they achieve — that they don’t
understand the importance of {advancing to higher energy flux
densities}. In other words, the ability to apply a certain
energy flux density is not necessarily an achievement, if that
means you’re going to sacrifice going to a higher one. For
example, what is holding back the possibility of a rapid
recovery, of the planet Earth, and particularly the United States
itself, is the fact that we have not increased the energy flux
density! We do not have a thermonuclear fusion driver! Which
has been sitting on our lap as a potential, since the 1970s!
Which is what I got recruited into, that option. So therefore, the importance of us, is to
develop the quality of productivity available. That doesn’t
mean, “spread the good news.” It means concentrating on
getting as high and as far and as fast {as you can, first!} then,
take the result of getting as far and as fast as you can, then
can be turned into benefits for other people; but you’ve got
to concentrate, in the case of China, to concentrate China, not to
get China to diversify itself. Because it has limited capabilities.
What it’s doing in the Moon, and what that design of that
is, is a mission-orientation. We’re going to use the United
States’ development in China, or the American development in
China, we’re going to use that, as a {drive program} to increase
the {rate} of power of mankind. Now if you increase the rate of
power of mankind, then you are going to benefit everyone. If you
try to share out the quantity of effort, and dilute the quality
of effort, you’re going to set yourself backwards. So don’t talk
about sharing good. What you say, do is, {creating good}. You
can’t share good, if you can’t create it first. And that’s the
point. So therefore, what we need is a thermonuclear
driver! What we need to do, is get people who are stupid,
but are professors, to stop being stupid, or stop being professors,
one of the two. [laughter] And that’s our problem.
..PAGE So the point is, what China has done — here
we have, what has China done? Well, China has worked on
various advantages available to it, from the United States. It
also involves relationships among many nations, who are
working together in these areas. So therefore, what we’re doing,
you’re trying to concentrate {rate} of advancement, as opposed
to {breadth} of an unaccelerated advancement. And that should
be our policy. So the immediate — it probably will take
at least a dozen years to realize the potentialities of thermonuclear
fusion. It’s still sitting around there; there are
lot of stages that have to go through, it’s not some step from
one thing to the other. It’s a whole process involved. And
what we’ve been doing, we’ve been {sitting} on that, and holding
it back, deliberately sabotaging it: because we’ve
been told to. Instead of doing it.
If we had done that, if we had {not} stopped that in the
1970s, we in the United States would be enriched beyond your
dreams! And we’ve have taken the rest of the world with us, in
terms of those advances, because that kind of power, means
achievements that are otherwise impossible. And therefore, what
you have to do is always go, first, for the impossible dream.
And once you’ve realized that, then share it. But first do it,
first get that impossible dream. And that’s what we have to do.
We have a broken down United States, our people are {dying},
literally {dying}, of the policies of this government; they’re
being {murdered}, and the rate of murder is going to accelerate
during every week that passes now. So, therefore, the first
thing you have to do, before talking about good efforts, {throw
that bum out of the Presidency!} If you throw that bum out of
the Presidency, now you can talk about the good things you might
be able to do. As long as that bum is the President, you’re not
going to be able to do anything! And that’s what you have to
tell to every one of those stupid politicians who don’t listen,
and don’t want to think, and don’t want to face the truth: We
are falling behind! We have {fallen} behind! People accept the Green policy, they’re not
fit, they’re not human any more. They’re animals! They have
given up their right to be human beings, and they’re behaving like
animals. You know animals who are less capable than they were
in the previous generation. And that’s what we’ve got. We’ve
got {children} there, coming out of schools, being educated:
They’re more and more close to the animal status with each
generation. We have a whole generation of young people, who entered
adolescence and adulthood during the period of the Obama administration
and its predecessor. We have destroyed the ability
of the people of the United States! We’ve taken it away from them,
skills they did have, have been taken away from them. They
shipped them out of the country, they cancelled them!
And you’re talking about “progress”? You’ve got to throw
the enemies of progress out of the window, or whatever. Once we
do that, once we decide we’re going to do that, then we can make
..PAGE some progress. If you talk about the way people
are talking now, in terms of what they consider “acceptable”
policymaking, they’re going to kill people! Because they already
have the policies to which they’re committed. They’re making the
votes now! In the houses of Congress and elsewhere, they’re
making the votes which will express the {increased killing rate},
of American people! And you want to vote for these guys to stay
in power? Don’t preach fine formulas! Give us some action!
We’ve got people who are {dying} and {condemned to die},
under the policies of this President and this Congress, now!
We’re talking about mass killing. We’re also talking about the
kind of folly that lead to a thermonuclear war, which can be
an extinction war if it happens. Or something like that. What’re we
talking about? Talking about doing “good things”? How can
you do good things, if you’re not stopping the bad things? How
can you help people, if you won’t let the doctors give them treatment?
And that’s our problem now.
We have to reach a higher standard. We have to say, “Look,
{this crap has to cease, now!} Otherwise, we aren’t going to be
a nation any more!” And the danger is, that under the influence
of the Anglo-Dutch problem in Europe, coming into Wall Street,
and so forth, the Wall Street crowd, {extinguish Wall Street! Get
rid of Wall Street!} Just cancel it! We can create a new
banking system immediately. We don’t have to take these
permanent deficits that they’re using on us. But take the kind of measures, as citizens,
in voting, and in organizing the vote, which will address
these questions. We are {in grave danger, from our own stupidities}.
Our own capitulations, to these kinds of things. Trying
to “nice” to monsters. You get eaten that way. MASON: I have one final question for the evening,
which is on Glass-Steagall. In Europe there has been
a lot of motion on Glass-Steagall. In five nations there have
been some sort or another of parliamentary motions and legislation
put forward, these nations being Italy, Iceland, Belgium,
Sweden, and Switzerland.
In Denmark, Finland, Norway, Greenland, France, Germany,
Greece, Ireland, San Marino, Spain, and even in Great Britain,
there have been activism and advocacy for Glass-Steagall from
municipalities, regional assemblies, individual parliamentarians,
including letters to the United States Congress, and appearances
by European leaders to Washington, D.C. to speak with
Representatives and Senators in person. There is a huge potential for a break-out
on Glass-Steagall in opposition to the dying system of trans-Atlantic
finance, should it be unleashed. It seems the biggest
block to this, or the biggest catalyst for this thing to really
take off, is the United States.
We’ve discussed the idea of American Exceptionalism on this
program before, in a slightly different context — that time it
..PAGE was with Russian President Putin dealing with
Barack Obama. But on this question of Glass-Steagall, given
the amount of motion and potential in other nations involved with
the trans-Atlantic system, could you elaborate on why it is that
the United States is pivotal to this fight? Why it is that this
financial enemy needs to be defeated here, in order to unleash
this potential which is building in Europe? LAROUCHE: Well, Glass-Steagall is a name,
it is not a project. It’s a name given to something which
should be a project, but people talk about the term Glass-Steagall,
they don’t talk about what the term means. And
that’s where the first problem we deal with.
Now, Glass-Steagall means, essentially, cancelling Wall
Street! That’s what it means. If you don’t cancel Wall Street,
you’re not going to get Glass-Steagall, either in name or in
effect. So therefore, what you have to do — the whole Wall
Street operation has always been a swindle. {Wall Street should
be simply shut down!} Because, see what you do, how would you
shut Wall Street down? It’s very simple: Wall Street contains
two ingredients. It contains some things that are real, but
they’re in the wrong hands. So close down Wall Street, but take
the banking system and look at it, and if there’s something in it
that’s actually worth living, we will protect it, if it’s worth
doing. If it’s making super-profits — remember,
in this whole recent period, in the United States, {not
one cent} has been given to actually increasing anything! So
there has been {no benefit} to the people of the United States,
from this program, the counter-program. The cancellation of Glass-Steagall
was a disaster, so you want to have to eliminate
the {cancellation} of Glass-Steagall; you don’t have to get Glass-Steagall,
you have to get rid of the {cancellation} of it!
Then what do you do? You immediately reconcentrate all the
real assets, the physical assets, which are locked up in all the
banking systems; you keep the banking systems which are actually
banking systems, and not gambling centers, and you consolidate
those in a reorganized national banking system. That takes
simply one stroke of a process of law, to create a renewed,
refreshed Federal banking system. And we need a {Federal}
banking system, composed of public and private banks, alike.
Now, these banks, if they’re actually doing a job of
banking, as I would understand banking, that’s all fine. That’s
all we have to do. But all these phony profits, all this crap,
it should be {eliminated}. The fact that somebody has a
piece of legislation or piece of paper, that says they own this,
that does not mean that they represent property which could be
defended! You know, cocaine, is a substance, right? Are you going
to keep it, because it’s a substance? You’re going to buy more
of it because it’s a substance? No! You’re going to eliminate the
use of this stuff! ..PAGE
And what we’re getting is, we’re getting the equivalent of
super-cocaine, in the form of this Wall Street system. So let’s
get the cocaine out of the Wall Street system, and take the
residue, which is not Wall Street, and put that and say: Okay,
since these are assets, if they are really assets, from even this
crazy, filthy thing, we will willingly absorb those into real
banks, or even create new banks to do that. We will cancel everything that smells like
Wall Street. And we won’t even pay anybody for anything, because
we can prove it’s a fraud. We can prove this has been a fraud
all the way through. And as a matter of fact, it goes all the way
back, because what happened — look at Alexander Hamilton. Now,
look at Alexander Hamilton’s problems with the City and State
of New York, but especially the city. What had happened is
the Anglo-Dutch interests had, early on, beginning with the
17th century, had begun to accumulate banking institutions which
they controlled in the area of the New Netherlands. This became
the attraction center, together with various British banking
systems, which took over and established a grip, on the United
States, and New York was being pulled out of respectable institutions!
Like Jefferson was a fraud; Jefferson was a faker and an
accomplice in this crime! And much of the damage done to the
United States, was done with Jefferson’s accomplice role.
And so these are the kinds of things that go on in real
history, so let’s not talk about “terms,” “words,” names — let’s
talk about substance. And people have investments which are in trust,
in banking systems, legitimate banking systems, of the
United States, under our system. So we will reconsolidate these
things, to protect legitimate banking, and we know what legitimate
banking is. We may change some rules, because some of the
rules are not too good. But these rules will actually protect
the interests of the people of the United States, and all honest
people who are running in banking. That’s the way it worked
with Hamilton; fine, it’ll work again.
{Cancel} the swindlers! If they committed swindles, you’re
not going to protect their assets! So therefore, that’s the
issue. So what we have to do, is create a real banking system,
and American banking system. Don’t use this or that term. Make
sure that the words you’re using, have a meaning that you need
not be ashamed of. And therefore, that’s what we have to do.
We have to put these guys, who are swindlers, they’ve been
swindling people of the United States, and actually killing them,
by the various economic methods. We have to fix that. We have
restore this thing. Also, that the rules of behavior, pertaining
especially to finance, of the United States, today, are
rules of criminal behavior. And that’s the characteristic of
the Bush family rules, as Vice President Bush, and President
Bush, and Obama. The record is one of crooks and thugs. We
don’t want those kinds of people as Presidents or Vice Presidents
any more: We’ve had ..PAGE
too many crooks in the Presidency of the United States, under
foreign influences, exerted through financial means, against the
United States and its people. And assassinations and other means
of killing Presidents they don’t like, in order to get stooges
who will do to their liking. No, we in the United States have to become,
honorably citizens of the United States. We have to
have {true} patriotism, a loyalty to the legitimate intention
of our nation {and} of its people. You can not do mass killing
of people, which is being done by the Obama administration
and its accomplices, {now}, and is about to increase
it {greatly, immediately} on the beginning of the next
year, and call yourself a citizen. You’re not a citizen, you’re a
scoundrel. And we are at a point where, yes, there is
a new area — now, go back one step, back to Roosevelt’s
point, Roosevelt’s negotiation with Stalin et al. Now, this was
a bad time, because the Republicans had taken over a large degree
of the control, over the policies of the United States, during
that term of office. This had reduced the capability, the
resources of the President of the United States, {and} his
Presidency, had reduced it greatly! And he was becoming quite ill,
as a result of the burdens that this involved. So he was about
to die; and he knew he was about to die.
And the enemy, which Truman was the leading enemy, he was
the leading stooge for the British Empire; and everything that
Roosevelt had done, on his own account, in this respect, was to
make agreements, very much like, in some flavor exactly what
Russia has pulled together, {now}, in terms from Belarus, to the
Pacific, and so forth. What’s this? A group of nations, which
are sovereign, but are working together under a system of
agreements. Now, that’s what we always wanted! That’s {exactly}
what Franklin Roosevelt negotiated with Stalin and others in his
last meeting there. So how did we lose that? Who changed that?
Well, it was changed by Winston Churchill, and guess who?
The new President of the United States, the {traitor}, who started
the whole process, along with the FBI, and the FBI’s
new creation. They moved in, with the new Republican sweep into
the election; they moved in in a large scale, and began to grab
power through the Republican Party and through Democrats who
connived with it, and that is what destroyed the United States!
That’s what made the {treason} possible!
And what was wrong with the Republicans? They’re too much
like the Republicans that Roosevelt had thrown out, brought back
in again. And that is the thing that has destroyed our United
States, ever since, that that happened. Had Franklin Roosevelt be enabled, to secure
the victory over the Nazis, during that period, there
would have been no such thing. It was the wear and tear of warfare,
under extended conditions, that allowed these things to happen.
And the scumbags, shall we say, crawled back into
power, and they are the ..PAGE
ones who represented what is called the “Truman administration.”
And we had Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, who was selected by
Eleanor Roosevelt as her candidate for President of the United
States, and he did a good job; she did an excellent job. Then
they killed him; what happened? The murderers triumphed and
celebrated, and we sent our children to war in Indo-China. We
sent them over there and taught them how to suck drugs; they
turned them into vegetables, drug-eating vegetables. And that
was used to destroy the United States and its people, and to
start us on the big slide all the way down to the hellhole we’re
in today. OGDEN: Well, with that, I want to bring a
conclusion to our broadcast tonight. We’ve covered a lot of
territory, and I want to thank Lyn for joining us. And we will reconvene,
same time, same place, next week —
LAROUCHE: Next Year. OGDEN: Next year! Thanks for tuning in. Good

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  1. Well this guy LaR is the proof in validity of quantum mechanics, and multi-verse theorem. Because while his body is here, his brain is defiantly in another alternate reality. US, UK, and Netherlands, as he says British-Dutch Royal-US plan to launch a preemptive thermonuclear attack on Russia! This guy is utta here! As they say in baseball. Preemptive attack is conducted when there is high confidence that your enemy's launch is forthcoming and certain. There is no such signals from Russia, or out of Russia. This is something that cannot be hidden. Second, nuclear deterence l of both NATO and Russia are triad based. Each has force of land based missiles, submarine launched missiles, and aircraft. No attack scenario, from either side, could ever hope to, neutralize all three, and the opposing side's command and control. Counter strike would be a guaranteed. This holds true for Russia and NATO, with or without Ukraine. To suggest it is to break with reality at best, and vile slander  to precipitate conflict at worst.
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