LUAU Music TIKI BAR Relaxing Caribbean Steel Drums Tropical Beach Playlist Hawaii Happy Instrumental

99 thoughts on “LUAU Music TIKI BAR Relaxing Caribbean Steel Drums Tropical Beach Playlist Hawaii Happy Instrumental

  1. This reminds me of floating around in the pool after a visit to the tiki bar last summer. Very mellow aha.

  2. Sorry, but this is all royalty free music which I paid a license for. I cannot resell it, and the company does not offer consumer downloads of it.

  3. yes and no. Since you can't buy the mp3s, I do not list the song names from the royalty free companies since they do not credit the authors.

  4. that or usae such music in back round w/ some ocean sound effects to say you forgot to tell them about vacation that ud aredy whent on and that you are to far away to get there for awile till the vacation is over lol

  5. Lol this is fantastic. I outfitted my Google Documents with a tropical theme and have been playing this music in the background, and I must say that I feel in a tropical land right now haha. I hope my writing doesn't have Caribbean influence… just kidding. 😀

  6. Jules, not sure, but I think the first song is  "Aloha Oe."  It is probably the most well known song of Hawaii and one of my favorites.  Jhoana, I believe the third song is the famous "Guantanamera", another great song.  The music and video almost takes back to the islands. Wonderful.

  7. I got a weird spongebob lilo and stitch vibe, and now i'm sad because I miss ny childhood… 😢

  8. très bonne vidéo pour les personnes qui veulent apprendre le français. d'ailleurs mème les plus jeunes peuvent facilement apprendre la langue de Molière…

  9. Makayla Mavica you're right I noticed that too and also it sounds like something out of Pokèmon as well

  10. i play this when the bailiffs knock on my door and imagine i'm not in thousands of dollars of crippling debt

  11. Omg doesn’t it sound like that song from lilo and stitch at 0:56

    It’s makes me feel relaxed but also sad at the scene from lilo and stitch

  12. ths 3rd to last music sounds like elivator muzic and the 2nd to last sounds like spongbob or squidward in the great dipresion (sorry for the mispells kindle fire keyboard plus im 15) oh and ghe 2nd song is honalulu honey

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