Love Playlist | Season2 – Fan meeting of Love Playlist (Click CC for ENG sub)

It was really fun.
I wanna come again next time! I must have regretted
if I didn’t go there. Love Playlist was like our story. It was funnier than the dramas. It was good to see the actors. Pretty, handsome… The actors all rock! Are you crazy? Why are you so pretty? It took quite a long time to be here,
but it was so funny. The fan service was actually cool. Go! Love Playlist! Love Playlist Season 2 Preview & Fan Meeting Love Playlist
Preview & Fan Meeting Part 1: Watching Love Playlist
Special Edition Their reaction was awesome… Thank you for your active responses! Finally the actors are coming in! Hello. This is Kim Hyung-suk. This is Jung Shin-hye. This is Park Jung-woo. This is Lee You-jin. I’m actor Choi Hui-seung. I’m Min Hyo-won who played
the role of Do-young. This is Lim Hwe-jin. The fan meeting starts! Who has more attractiveness
than I have? Wait a second!
Can you act charming? Ppuing ppuing. Sit down, if you came here to see
other actors except for me! Anyone having more than
three meals a day! Anyone who has confessed her mind
to a younger man! To the fans who remained
until the end, we will give the chance of embracing with the actors!♡ We will have a dance battle. Today’s highlight! Actors and fans together! Dance battle of chaos and craziness! We need to take pictures
for our good memories. It was the first fan meeting I had.
It was so much meaningful for me. It would be very much of
a precious memory. We sincerely thank you. I’ve been a huge fan of Love Playlist
since its season 1. I was so glad that I could
come to the fan meeting. Also, the preview was awesome. So happy to dance and take pictures
together with them. Today, the actors were so kind. They were really nice to all of the fans.
They kept eye contacts with the fans. It was so meaningful. Go! Love Playlist! Go! I had an unduly happy time. Thank you so much. Thank you for loving Love Playlist. Love Playlist, forever!♡ We sincerely thank all of you
who loved Love Playlist Season 2. We sincerely thank all of you
who loved Love Playlist Season 2.

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