Long life depends on this: Gary Wenk at TEDxColumbus

100 thoughts on “Long life depends on this: Gary Wenk at TEDxColumbus

  1. Awesome Ted Talk – One of the best ones I've seen.  (Doesn't hurt that coffee, chocolate and cannabis are 3 of my favorite things to consume haha) 

  2. I am 65 now….7 years back I weighted in at 270 lbs and I am 6'4'
    I agree that it did not help….Now I am 220 llbs.
    I eat right….Loved your presentation….thanks

    Thank you for bringing this forward.

    Charles Adams

  3. Amazing presentation! The slides were great, loved them!
    You talk simply about a wide range of topics, amazing! much better than what i was expecting, and good theory! 🙂

  4. Blood Cary Oxygen into every  Body Tissue. Which Food has a role of  the slow long journey  through our digestive organs releasing Oxygen??

  5. two identical astronauts spent 10 years in space travelling to a distance planet.
    the air is identical and also the food both are deemed perfect for survival
    they do the same exercises: time, speed etc.

    but astronaut (A) is only even 5 years of food. other is given 10 years (B).
    (A) rations the food to last 10 years buy eat half to the allocated foods
    (B) does not, eats everything and runs out on the last day of year 10

    A & B arrive at planet same time as planed but die afterwards. NO EFFECTS from planet etc.
    My question is this…. who will die 1st?

    It seems you are saying astronaut B will die 1st.

  6. ive been wondering about the paradox of fitness/bodubuilding being good for you and eating less also being good for you. fitness people eat more calories and process much more oxygen. so, whats better?

  7. Coffee & a bowl of goodness….(not CEREAL) will be the new "breakfast of champions!" 😉 ! LOL! (Then one can more APPRECIATE the DONUT!!!) 😉

  8. The body stores fat, it breaks that fat down, when I eat, I don't get out of breath. I am taking in the same oxygen when I eat that I do when I don't. So this makes no sense. When you smoke you take in more oxygen, meaning smoking pot would lead to more damage in the body not to mention all the carcinogens.

    My point is one should eat foods that prevent oxygen damage as you are always breaking down food. Antioxidants.

  9. http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2Fsearch-adv.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&d=PALL&S1=6630507.UREF.&OS=ref/6630507&RS=REF/6630507

  10. Telling people to have a donut and coffee for breakfast is irresponsible. I don't care whether he was joking or not.

  11. The women booed when he said that eating dark chocolate only prolongs men's lives. Yes, how awful that there is something that prolongs men's lives, who have lifespans several years shorter than women's. Maybe we should just kill all men. That's what the feminists would want anyway.

  12. Relax! – Human Biological Immortality already is a fact – I got the Key to It – Staying Absolutely Healthy All The Time, for Infinite Health = Immortality – By doing my discovery (just an exercise for a minute a day), that cures and prevents any Infections (any Viruses are killed the moment they touch us) and any other Diseases, known on Earth, even Aging and Radiation Disease, for every cell of our bodies is shielded 100% from any external/internal (genetic) detrimental impact – I will describe my discovery to everyone, who sends me an E-check for one million US Dollars (money can be negotiated) – In less than a month everybody will become Infinitely Healthy, Radiation-Proof and Immortal – Like the Gods who created us humans.

  13. This closely describes my diet for about 30 yrs. ; it started with free coffee at work. When I ate dinner with my family daily I eventually gained 20 lbs. ; now, I generally just snack in the evenings and am a steady 5'9" – 160-170 lbs.. I am over 50 and have hardly any grey hair, though beard is half grey. What the DR. asserts makes sense to me.

  14. As a senior approaching the age of 73 It is not wanting to live to be 100, but the quality of life that concerns me. About 2 years ago I started having acute OA, first my hands, then my knees. I couldn't hold a knife to cook or turn the key in the door lock. Then about last October as I was volunteering at a historic park, I twisted my right knee. I could hardly walk, I thought like a younger person saying; I can walk this off but as the days past the knee became inflamed and the pain now is acute. As far as my heart and weight I am very, very healthy with the exception of OA. I just had the CMC surgery on my right hand and now scheduled for knee replacement in May. Living a long life isn't important to me, it living a quality life, the ability to do the things I like to do. If I drop dead at 78, so be it. If I live to 93 well, that will be amazing.

  15. What if you just eat more antioxidant rich food instead of eating less? I eat a lot but I am still skinny so can't eat less really.

  16. Uhh … no. Donuts and coffee have more effects than the helpful ones the good doctor mentions. The neurophysiologist my son was seeing for possible ADHD would be shaking his head at that advice. It even violates Dr. Wenk's own emphasis on the duration of the effect … donuts and coffee are short term, while school and studying require long term help … like bacon and eggs, and a brain running on ketones instead of glucose.

  17. Uh … no. Antioxidants we eat are weak. Our body produces much more powerful antioxidants than those in food on its own … glutathione is the one biochemists boast the most about.

  18. Wow, so wrong advertising for McDonald's and Tim Horton's…. we eat them because they make people hooked on artificial flavours … Let's not have TED's talks like this for the sake of people's health please!

  19. A-Hole. Experiment on yourself!! SAD that you have to obtain your self worth on innocent animals.
    For decades we have known that animal studies do not translate to humans.

  20. The Chinese proverb goes ''You are what you eat''. The Japanese proverb goes '' You are what you think''. My proverb goes ''You are what you believe.'' If everyone eats well and live well and longer, I'm sure ''how to depopulate'' will be a lecture topic most demanded with TEDx Talks!!!

  21. irresponsible shelling out of bad information….to promote donuts and coffee is harmful. …. the health benefits of dark chocolate is negated by the sugar and dairy it contains.
    the only accurate information this man spewed is eating less and eating colorful (should be WHOLE FRESH ORGANIC) foods is spot on…..overall a harmful message

  22. Thankyou Mr Wenk,very interesting,would it be more the cocoa in chocolate because the sugar may not be good,cocoa is so good for us.

  23. life time is given to all of us , as a PRESENT / GIFT you cant stay longer, but you can stay in much more better/higher QUALITY in the time,where is given to you……….take care
    and one big KISS in to your HEARTs,,,,,,,,, thats what you deserve and NEED…………

  24. make the best with the TIME you got……… TIME is a ILLUSION
    love is the only TRUTH everything else is just a smaller or bigger ILLUSION……….
    go further on to your higher own PERCEPTION in your HEART and open your PINEAL GLAND

  25. Studies have shown that its better to intermittent fast than to do caloric restriction over 3 meals a day, so do anything from 16 to 23 hour fasts each day. Or fast 24 hours once a week or even better do a 5 day fast once every 4 months, its all to do with autophagy which Gary Wenk did not discuss in this video.

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  27. How brilliant! An anti-oxidant is protecting me from my breathing! Because I breathe oxygen. Of course! I love scientists who explain science like this! And listen to/read Paul Thomas (below). He knows what he is saying. Also it is true that in that illegal puff is a health giving substance. However I never use it, never have, never shall. That substance can be legally extracted and taken without harm. I still haven't done that yet though, because I take fish oil for my brain.

  28. Wow I wonder who pays him although what he is saying has some helpful benefits the negative total body consequences are not good and there are hundreds of studies to show this. Deep fried foods are not good period such as donuts- white flour oils usually the cheap ones sugar and then deep fried in more oils. So now lets do the same study using quinoa and millet 1/2 cup each cooked 1/ 16teaspoon Himalayan salt also1 teaspoon of maple syrup 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder raw and 6 unroasted coffee beans ground to powder 1 teaspoon of raw coconut oil and a 1/8 teaspoon of raw marijuana. Now you really got something. There you go another freebie for those mining real truth

  29. A few ok points, but most of this talk is silly. Eat donuts for breakfast? Eat breakfast at all? Lots and lots of coffee raises cortisol. Fasting has been proven many times to be far superior to calorie restriction.

  30. this "doctor" destroys his whole talk by arguing that donuts are a health food….and he says "eat less" but does he mean less calories or less Frequentrly. Science of nutrition studies increasingly support the notion of eating less……..FREQUENTLY (i.e. intermittent fasting)

  31. The food industry, and perhaps the pharmaceutical industry must be a big sponsor of this guy's research.
    Anyone who biohacks and does intermittent fasting knows this talk is nonsense and to be ignored. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" was invented by an originator/member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. This advice was  heartily taken up by the processed food industry.

    TED talks are looking more and more like slick advertising for established industries and the status quo.

  32. The MJ residue is sticky, and it smells like a sXit pile burning, worse smell than cig smoke, smell make me want to throw up, so I hope you find another way, other than filling my air space with that MJ stink

  33. Shame how the more healthier we have to eat to live the more it cost. So live a life worthy of being healthy and wealthy.

  34. 2019–I find this appalling. Everybody knows brain only needs six carbs a day to function, AND there is NOT ONE carb nutrient that is essential for survival. Not ONE! Body is smarter than we are. If brain needs sugar (carbs) BODY makes them for it.

  35. Not practicing what he's preaching? – he's very grey. And those poor animals being tested on. smh. Most of his ideas are BS

  36. He is wrong. It is not about eating less. It is about eating smart. Eating foods that do not hook you into cravings. Low carb is best. Eat as much as you want once you give up grains/sugar. You will not want to eat more than you need. Strive for nutrient rich food…

  37. My doubt began when he said donuts. He completely lost me when he said the college girl was getting her Mrs degree. What an old worn out brain.

  38. fasting is so amazing. I now do OMAD and it is amazing. Been one meal a day for the last 3 months with a 48 hour fast every week.

  39. Moderation with potion control. Intermittent fasting, reduce the stress. Don't stress the small stuff. Smile more and live a long life! 🤔

  40. Treat yourself once in a while. Have some cake, ice cream, cookies, donuts, chips etc. Just do it in moderation. It would be terrible to go through life without experiencing eating some junk food.

  41. Drugs Are Poison remedies… Foods are Fuel for our Energy.. Dr wenk is a drug pusher like any medical doctor programmed and educated by Big Pharma. …No wonder he sees drugs & chemicals everywhere..''You are just a Bag of Chemicals …'''

  42. longevity can be attained, just by expelling excess of heat from the body. I can tell you how to do that.

  43. Soon you are going to your early death keep drinking coffee, and donuts……do me a favor research….research….and show us scientific proof…..not personal opinions…..

  44. i thought there was a war on drugs in USA, but they are having these huge buildings selling food and drugs

  45. Why is science of nutrition ignore in medicine…..do your research…..gives us proof , lard , oils , process foods , animal protein, all those foods are what is making Americans sick, you have an opinion that is damaging…..

  46. The bottom line that I’m getting is eat less that is with the IF 16/8 and the OMD the key is that you are eating less and the other take away is eat a more healthy diet quality meats dark colorful fruits and veggies stay hydrated get some sort of exercise daily another take away for me is that not everything is TERRIBLE for you like the 🍩 and coffee ☕️ that use to be my breakfast of choice but for me it wasn’t beneficial due to the fact that I was already over weight but for someone who is active who knows it may be an option to a great start of the day

  47. Interesting talk, but the advice of eating a donut in the morning is absolutely terrible. The eat less advice and eat colourful foods is the real info.

  48. Follow a high carbohydrate diet like he is saying you will have poor health and die sooner then you would normally.

    Also, fasting is one of the best things you can do for your health.

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