Long Distance Kissing App

Long Distance Kissing App

– Kiss me through the phone. – Let’s talk about that. (techno music) Good mythical morning. – It’s a new year, a new season, and a new Wednesday. And in this new season, every Wednesday is going to
be a little bit different because we’re calling
it whatever Wednesday because we’re going to be talking about. – [Together] Whatever. – We talk about a lot
of stuff on this show five days a week. But there’s still seems
to be lots of things we don’t end up talking about. So we wanted to create a forum, a space every week, where we can hit you with
some different stuff, whatever it may be, so let’s do it. – Starting with, I just want to address
the elephant on my head. My hair, specifically. I’m not even trying to make
it look like an elephant, that’s not what I’m trying to do. – I don’t think it looks like an elephant. – But I will just acknowledge. – It does looks different than normal. – In the first two episodes of the season I’ve seen your comments, I’ve seen those of you who have put me next to a picture
of an ice cream cone. I’m going to take that as a compliment. – [Link] Or put one directly on your head. – Yes I’ve seen that as well. I’ve seen those of you who’ve said that this might be the
embodiment of the GMM logo. I’m going to take that as a compliment. – That’s cool. – But that is not what I’m trying to do. In fact it’s what I’m not trying to do, that is what I’m trying to do. Let me explain. This year I am letting the hair do what the hair wants to do. There used to be comb involved, and there was a blow dryer.
– Oh wow. – I have excised both of
those things from the process. Now I just put a little bit
of that mythical pomade, or pomade, whatever you want
to call it, into my hair, and then I just let
nature happen in my hair, because the hair wants
what the hair wants, and apparently in 2017
this is what the hair wants and this is what you’re going to get. I’m not gonna apologize for it. – And he’s not defensive about it. – Not at all. – And he hasn’t been
thinking a lot about it. – I haven’t been touching my hair at all. – Or talking to me a lot
about it outside of the show. I got something. There is a device, that you can plug into your phone that connects to an app, that will allow you to kiss someone remotely on the other
side of the Internet, on the other end of the world. – Stranger? – Yeah well, I don’t know. It could be anybody. It’s called the Kissinger. It’s basically a gadget. Look at this thing. You see this girl, she’s kissing this plastic oval thing on the bottom of her iPhone, and this is real time. It’s basically. – [Rhett] And that man on the screen is doing the same thing to another
device that looks like that? – [Link] Yeah and they
can feel each other. – Sexy. – Users simply kiss their devices’ lip-like interface at the same time, that haptic oval thing which
looks nothing like lips. – Yeah not very lip-like. – And it will copy the
exact pressure applied to your lover using a range of sensors. – Well hold on now. I mean, there’s more to
kissing than pressure. There’s no tongue hole in that thing that’s all I’m going to say. – Well there is no tongue hole because then there would
need to be a tongue. – I’m not singing up for it then. – There’d need to be a
tongue on the other end. And you’d have to buy two things, and then it gets really weird.
– Well it’d be weird because you gotta have a place
for the tongue to go and then you gotta have
another tongue coming out. You basically gotta have a mouth. – Exactly. – It should have just been a mouth. They should’ve just consulted us. – When I first saw this– – They shouldn’t call it Kissinger either because that’s like Henry Kissinger. Is he sponsoring it? – I mean if you buy that add-on you could kiss Henry Kissinger. Kinsenger.
– Really, oh Kinsenger? – But you know it’s like, if you did a rolling pin technique, then it would feel like a rolling, not that I’ve ever kissed anyone that way like a rolling pin. But I’m just trying,
it seems very limited. – What are you doing? – Like if you’re, like, if you like rub around on it. – I can see you trying to kiss like that. (laughing) That would explain a lot of things that your wife has told me.
– Hey man. – Nothing, I didn’t say that. – Nothing, I didn’t say that. This would be great on a plane. Sitting next to a stranger, and like making out with the
thing connected to your phone. – I don’t personally ever. If I’m away from my wife I don’t even ever like make
kissing noises over the phone. Like I’ve never, like, (smacks
lips), I’ve never done that. I don’t believe in that. So I’m definitely not
going to start making out with a piece of plastic and
pretending that its her lips. – Maybe, I don’t know, maybe this opens up that world to you. – Okay we’ll see.
– I’m actually more concerned. Does it come with sanitizer? I want to make sure that, well what does this thing
touch besides my lips? – Why don’t you? Okay. Now we’re going to give
you the news and weather from our home town Buies
Creek, North Carolina. This Friday there is a ribbon cutting for Kim’s barbecue and Seafood House at 10:50 a.m. sharp, 900
West Broad Street in Dunn. You’re going to have to drive
down the street to Dunn. Now do not be late, I don’t think the ribbon
cutting takes very long. You show up at 11 you’ll miss all the fun. Now I haven’t been to the seafood house, but according to Yelp it has been open for several years already
so I do not have any idea what the ribbon cutting is celebrating, but there’s only one way to find out. You just have to show up
and see what it’s all about. No word on whether barbecue or seafood will be served at the ribbon cutting. It’s probably safe to
assume that it will be. But I’m looking out for you, because Fred Chason’s
Grandsons has Barbecue. That’s not incorrect English. It’s a restaurant. I would’ve said have barbecue if it was just a couple of guys, but it’s a restaurant called Fred Chason’s Grandsons. You could pack a lunch, but if you show up with a lunch to a restaurant ribbon cutting, it could be an insult. So I just say take a chance, show up hungry, 10:50 a.m., now over to Link with the weather. – I’ve always wanted to be
a weatherman so here I am. For all you weather
lovers let’s get to it. What do we have in store, over here? This side? Here we go! It’s going to be nice starting out. I’m talking like sunny and 61. But as we lead into the ribbon cutting, we’re talking 64 but
there’s going to be rain. – That could be trouble. – That’s gonna be a problem. I mean is the ribbon made of paper? – I don’t know. – It’s going to shrivel. – It will just dissolve.
– It’s gonna disintegrate. – A ribbon dissolving if that happens. – So cut it early, and cut it often, and get there early for the barbecue. – And seafood.
– Don’t bring your own lunch. And then into the weekend woah look, we have a good Saturday, because then Sunday, it’s
going to get shrively again. – What specifically is
going to get shrively? What’re you talking about? – You know if you get wet. When you get wet, you
shrivel, like your hands. – In a tub. – If you’re in a tub for a long time. – Okay I know what you mean. Our dogs are about the same age. They recently passed one year in age. – No they didn’t recently pass. – Oh I’m sorry no. They recently passed the
threshold of a year old. We’re not announcing
the death of our dogs. The combined death of our dogs, no. That’s not what happened. – About a year old. – They’re about a year old. And I’ve noticed something about Barbara. And that is that she has started to fart. Not audibly, but I have
smelled a distinct fart that I can tell is not coming from one of my kids or my wife. (laughing) And it just happened about a year in. Have you been noticing this? – About a year in, yeah. – Is Jade farting? She’s a little thing. – I feed her consistently the same thing. I don’t think she farts
much because of that. And I don’t feed her table scraps, which I think make your dog fart. – Tater scraps?
(laughing) Don’t feed her tater scraps. – Table scraps. But I do blame a lot
of my farts on the dog. – It’s about the age. But that is the great thing. I noticed that Enzo, Stevie’s dog, he has a really rancid fart. And he’s great to blame farts on, especially when strangers are here, because we know exactly what
Enzo’s farts smell like now. – They get big too. – But like people we
have meeting with don’t. So we will blame it on Enzo. What I’m getting at is– – You just wanna talk about dog farts? – Not everybody has a dog,
and if you don’t have a dog, you might want to know whether
or not your pet animal farts, well thankfully science is
answering that question, because on Sunday afternoon, a researcher Dani Rabaiotti tweeted, this happened all on Twitter, she tweeted at biologist David Steen: A family member asked me
the other day if snakes fart and I did not know the
answer to their question. So do they? And David replies: sigh, yes. I don’t know why he
wanted to sigh about it. But apparently they do fart, and this started a Twitter fire storm. – I mean, they have an anus. – Yeah they do have an anus Link. A snake anus. A snanus. #Doesitfart blew up, right out of the snake’s
anus right on Twitter. – It blew out.
– Took off. And basically scientists
started to confirm whether or not different
animals fart, #doesitfart. And then Nick Caruso got in on this. – ‘Cause you know scientists
are always looking for a way to feel cool. And it’s like, if we can
talk openly about farts and make a Google spreadsheet about it. – Yeah the kids will be into science. – Which is great, I love it. – So they created this Google spreadsheet, with all of these Nick Caruso did, and you can go visit this. You can’t edit it because
you’re not a scientist. But you can do it, we’ve got
a link in the description. Anyway, just a couple
of highlights from this, things that I learned. First of all, most things fart. Let me just get that out of the way. Most animals do fart. Cockroaches, yes they fart, manatees fart locomotion. Chimps, of course they fart, ’cause they’re very closely related to us. – Not locomotion. Buoyancy. – What I learned is that
chimps sometimes fart so loudly that researchers actually
used the sound of their farts to locate the group of them, I’m not making this up. – That’s how I know where my granddad is when I go home and visit,
which room he’s in. – Well he’s always in the same room in the same chair every time
I’ve ever been over there. – And Nan is always
moving from room to room and leaving a trail.
– Walking farts yeah. Fish do also fart, sometimes they use farts to communicate. But the biggest thing, news flash! My world has been turned upside down. Birds don’t fart. Birds don’t fart. Put that on a t-shirt. – Birds don’t have an anus? – No they have an, I think they have, what is it, a cloaca? It’s where everything
comes out of one hole. – What do you mean everything? – Everything, everything
that you can imagine comes out of one orifice. Birds have that, but apparently everything
but farts comes out, because they don’t fart. I feel sorry for ’em. – Well how do they, I thought, they keep all of their farts in, and that’s what makes them fly. – Nope that’s not how it works. – That’s what it is. – So birds don’t fart, also
oysters and crabs don’t fart. And the common whelk doesn’t fart, so if you have a common whelk, which I have no idea
what that is, as a pet, then do not try to blame it, a fart on it in front of a scientist. – What’s a whelk?
– Don’t know. – Alright now let’s watch
two men shake hands. Look at that, that’s nice. That’s real good, slow. Was that slow motion? – I don’t think it was
slow-mo, but I still liked it. Thanks for liking
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hey guys I’m Matt
from Campbell University and it’s time to spin
the wheel of mythicality. – We’re doing an interactive
hot dog experiment on our Instagram at 9:00
a.m. Pacific, noon Eastern. So go over to our Instagram so you can play along and interact. – Yes and click the Good Mythical More, we are going to conduct a remote kissing simulation experiment. – Oh goodness. – Click for more. – Goodness gracious.
– Remote kissing. – BYMB, this is when we ask
you to be your mythical best, and today we’re asking you
to be your mythical best by giving a banana to your nana. – It sounds catchy and pretty best. – We want you to document it, take a picture of yourself giving a banana to your nana, and then hashtag it with
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being your mythical best.

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