Hey guys, welcome to SK energy episode II.
My name is Brokenshard, and this time I am joined by the lovely, the suave, the
magnificent Jorge Casanovas, better known as Mastoking but probably better
known as SK Werlyb. Welcome to the show my friend. The killer of toplane, the Poppy main, Jorge Casanovas and there’s cheers. Anyway. Welcome to the show, (thank you)
for those of us or people at home who don’t know why don’t you tell us a bit
about yourself. What brought you to League of Legends like how did it all
start for you? Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Jorge Casanovas, but I’m known as Werlyb
you said and yeah, basically I have been playing in League of Legends for many years since
yeah like beta season one Well yes, right now I am top laner for SK Gaming, but in the past I’ve been playing for many different teams. I think it started
as a hobby like I guess most… (We’ve all started as a hobby yeah) yeah like I
didn’t even know this was possible like 10 years ago
I feel no one knew this was even possible… Probably back at that time it
was not even possible so there I was playing, playing a lot,
playing family, with friends friends and then you know one day you realize that you are too
good for them and it’s kinda boring to play with your friends, I mean… (you’re
too good for them, ok sure) It’s kinda boring, you’re like “Uh, this is no fun anymore…” and you just play alone that’s the place
that you can I get up there obviously no one started playing the game thinking
you know what I’m gonna go pro, guys… I mean, nowadays…nowadays actually
that’s true because it’s become so popular but I’m talking about 2010 game
just come out no one’s sitting and installing League of Legends saying I’m gonna be a pro
player that that didn’t happen back in the day… So you’re Spanish (that’s fine) and
currently we’re in Germany you’re playing for a German team and you played
in the German league but that’s not what you always did in the past you played in
many different Spanish teams you played also in
the LCS at one point for Giants gaming you also at one point we’re playing for
several EU challenger teams like Houma for example who made it to the
qualifiers as well so you basically had quite a long I would maybe not as long
as others but you’ve played for quite some time and in different leagues… How has that been for you? Obviously, you came to the to the German league in a
strange time because you came a transition period where they’re going
from the old to a new league and in the middle they had to quickly make
something and obviously the format wasn’t that great… so maybe less about
the leagues but talk to me about the types of players that you played against…
how was it like to play against any German players or players that you
played against recently that you’d say impressed you or something like that? I mean it felt like the biggest difference was that in Spain at least I feel like
there are some top teams and there are like not top teams and then when you
play against them you already know it and you with more confidence and you can know
what you’re gonna expect from that team, but I felt like in Germany was kind of random, like
almost every team can win and there is only like really few teams that are
actually bad compared to the others but they’re actually many teams that can
get the win… (so there’s a lot more good teams) Yeah, and it’s also like…
it’s more like fine, you know like… it’s more like… it’s not so divided good
teams and bad teams. I mean when you played on Mad Lions… last year, it felt like… I
also was competing against you the in the Spanish scene in the beginning of
the year. It felt like at the very top there were, there was Mad Lions
undisputed at the top and then it was like Movistar Riders and Giants and
then everyone else, like everyone else was really really bad, but at least now
in the in the German scene it seems like you’re right…
there’s better players or more better teams. But, obviously coming at the end of
this year you played in the LEC and in the National League. I’m mostly
looking to ask like if there’s a player because obviously you’ve played against
many different top laners over the last few years… Who did you enjoy most playing
against in both the LEC and non LEC like who was the guy that you were really
like holy crap this guy’s so good or did you notice anything about that
anyone that played super good like that in German league or in the LEC? I will start with LEC. I think the first one I
remember actually was LCS but the first one that I saw and I felt like “Oh,
this player is different” was have Alphari like two years ago, maybe, the way
he played the lane and the way he manipulated the waves and so… It made me realize
you know, that this guy’s actually doing something that I’m not doing.
That was actually first guy that made me realize that I could be much much better
and this year I would say, I mean… I know people will say that is typical, but
it’s actually true. It’s Wunder. (yeah I was expecting you to say that) he was like:
“No we have to abuse the matchups” and even in many scrims you know that is
like not as huge… Still he could see… if he was behind, if he was like playing
a different champion on trying new stuff the way he played and the high high
mechanics he has… like I think it’s very hard to find a player that can… – I think one thing
that that I remember specifically is when you played against him when we beat
them, remember when we came back in the end, You we’re playing Poppy into Irelia and I
remember because I was listening to comms and you said this guy plays Irelia
like I never saw anyone play Irelia like this before…
– Yeah because at some point in that game I remember that I played that matchup
many times (yeah it’s a matchup you wanted) Exactly, I wanted the matchup. I know in the laning phase I’m gonna be behind, later I’m gonna be more useful. this
means he knew exactly how to abuse every single moment and in a normal case, I’m like 20 CS behind, that’s it. In that case I would be like maybe 70… So
definitely, he knows how to abuse it, he knows how to put the pressure into the map
because he knows where is the jungler It’s not only him that’s very very good, also the team,
you know and I felt like, you know I’m not… capable of doing this kind of… like
abusing these matching lanes and that made me realize that he’s super good…
– It’s interesting that you mentioned these two top laners because I would
consider them, Alphari and Wunder to be on the younger end of top laners like
they’re the new generation of top laners if you would compare Wunder and Alphari
to players like Odoamne and Soaz, it’s like the new guard versus the old
guard even though they even play for some time… How do you feel like, do you
feel like they have revolutionized in a way, how top lane is being played? – I
feel like it’s kind of different… I don’t… It’s also because for example versus Soaz… I’ve played versus him many times, so for me it’s not… nothing new I also don’t feel like Soaz is someone who is gonna abuse your lane, I don’t feel like that… Or maybe not that…
Bwipo, for example, this guy is an absolute maniac in lane but I would put
him on the new generation how dude how are they different?
Like what separates them? What makes them better, what makes them worse? – I feel like
for example young, new players new in a way, like these last 2 years, maybe They are more like… I don’t wanna say they don’t care that much about Junglers but they are more like…
Proactive, they’re more like agressive like they’re really aggressive, like I feel
like when you’ve played for many many years you can do a balance and you’re like:
“Ok, maybe it’s not worth to take this trade (yeah) because if I die to a fight, I’m gonna
lose much much much more than if I don’t.” But I feel like these players, many times, they kind of risk it, and for example, Bwipo is a good example, you
know like, many games you see him and you are thinking like: “This guy’s kind of inting, you
know?” but also all all the games, he’s so good at it, he knows how to put pressure, like
enough pressure to make the Jungler go there, to make… the Jungler will be waiting waiting in the bush, but he doesn’t die and that’s one thing super valuable for the team, because he
creates time, so I feel like, I would say that new players take more risks overall, but old player are more like… (careful) careful and also like, I feel like they
probably, you know I haven’t played with all of the top laners, (yeah) but I feel like
probably they give more to the team, like experience, micro game and like
knowing how to solve, you know, situations. Because at the end, when you have played
for 6 years, or competing for 6 years… (you’ve seen it all) yeah, you kind of, like, you have almost experienced every single case. As a top laner yourself what do you value?
Do you value like okay a lot of people see toplaner, as like the rock of the
team, like you should be a consistent player… Do you value that safe play style
or do you think that the aggressive almost inting play style that Bwipo has
versus the very mechanical play style that Wunder has, do you think that that’s
more valuable or what would you say is the more… What would be the ideal top
lane for you? obviously you can say one that knows both sides but it’s difficult
to master that. The thing is, I don’t feel like, I mean, I wouldn’t say
both sides but I would say that it depends on the team, like if I’m not
playing in a team that I know that my midlane is insane, is super good, he plays super aggressive, and I know that my jungler goes to midlane, they are almost always gonna win 2v2,
I’m totally fine, you know, like playing defensive plane, playing you know a more like
defensive role or just like going to teamfights and microgame, blah blah blah blah.
But, if for example like things like, players that I know that maybe are good at
team fights or they are good at… playing between champions and so on, you know, I think it’s also important as a toplaner to know how to play champions to abuse,
to play super aggressive, I wouldn’t say it’s that much out the player, I will also say
it’s more about the team, you know if you have a player who plays super aggressive, but the other 2 lanes play super defensive, and you know that the jungler can cover that lane, I think that’s totally fine, the problem is if you have 3 lanes, who play super aggressive, like monkeys then probably the enemy jungler is gonna have… a fine time… (he’s gonna go 10-0) So, it’s like I don’t feel that much about the play style, it’s about how you play as a team… So, you would mostly say that
the top laner is the most versatile he should be, being able to adapt to every
situation… – Yeah, I think so, for example on AD Carry, – You kind of know what you’re
getting out of an AD Carry, yeah. – At the end, you know it’s the matchup, you know the champion, you know… “Ok, if I get 3 items, I’m gonna… be in some teamfights, a lot…” and toplane is kind of different. So, 2 of our players from SK prime are now
playing in the LEC. Sacre who replaced you and Jenax, who is now up there. First
off talk to me about Sacre, like I know you guys are very close
I’ve seen you work together as well when he was in house, talk to me what do you
think about him like as a player. I mean, as a player, I will say I know him,
enough, I don’t know him that much, because I feel like it’s kind of different to…
First of all I feel like he has changed, a little bit in the last month, I think that’s normal, like I think when you, especially when you go first time into like high high level, like LEC or LCS back in the time, I feel like you actually
change a lot, because you play versus players who know how to abuse, for
example, he was probably the best, or one of the best (For context, he was
like 150, 200 CS up in most matchups in the National League against top laners) A lot of matches when he was winning at some… For example, he was like the best, or one of the best obviously, apart from the LCS,
but also, he was playing versus people who are not that good at abusing bad matchups as Alphari, Wunder, blah blah blah blah, so I feel like you actually learn a lot when you go there…
I think he’s good, because I think he… like, in the past, for example, I still think that he was not good at playing weak side (yeah) Like when, you know when, the team is playing for botside, he would die, or he would be really behind or he would be asking for a lot of attention… I don’t know how he’s doing with that right now because I’m having vacation, but I feel like… He’s doing fine, you know, I don’t see him suffering when they play for botlane, I also feel like, they kind of play for him, like… decidedly, a lot, and I think that’s smart, because I
feel like he, back in the time, with your team (Yeah SK Prime) You guys always play for topside, so for me it would be kind of weird, you know if you guys take him to
the main roster and then you (don’t play around him yeah) it would be
like stupid you know, because he’s a guy who is used to playing
for him. So I think it’s nice, I remember the first game, I think he was
really nervous, because the first game, you know it’s when I was like more fresh
on the situation, so I wanted to see how he was playing and I was noticing
everything and I could see that he was nervous, but that’s totally normal.
I was also nervous and I’ve been competing for many years, but I felt that he was actually growing better with the time and I think he is fine, like I think he’s…
– I think he’s very… he’s hardworking and some people refer to him as a baby
Wunder because that’s kind of his play style he is the lane dominant player he likes to play those weird champion mages that
Wunder plays very similarly… Doesn’t play Irelia, unfortunately like Wunder does,
but I think there is a lot of similarities and you’re right, he is
improving, but the one that I really want to talk about is Jenax, because we’ve
talked a lot about him. He’s playing in the LEC now, tell me about Jenax. what
was your impressions of him coming in, obviously when you were in the LEC
and you watched some of our games and then you got to play with him and then talk
to me a little bit about Jenax… I mean, for me, I actually remember, after the season, I was expecting Jenax to at least be with us on the Like as 6th or 7th player or whatever, but I thought, it was like, Oh Jenax was gonna come with us, because I felt like we had so many
communication issues you know having 2 koreans is always not as easy as having 5 europeans and so on, and I saw Jenax with Sacre… You know, they we’re obviously the 2 good players of SK Prime, the last season And I saw it clear, I saw it clear that he should be, you know at least having the chance to fight for the spot, And actually I was surprised, you know when at the start of the game… When we were playing the first weeks with SK Prime I realized that he knows how to
carry games, like he knows how to go 10-0 you know, carry a game, he knows how to say
“Hey guys I need this in a teamfight” or you know “play for me” and “cover me because I’m gonna win the game right now.” And I feel like that’s important. Like when you have a midlaner… not always but you need him to be able
to carry, like some games you need to rely on him, and I feel like he has it. Also I think he has a really good mentality, good attitude… I like a lot overall.
And yeah I feel like the team was totally different when actually they finally
decided to give him a chance as well, I feel the team improved a lot and yeah
actually I would have seen, I would have liked to see him from the start, because I feel like he’s a really good midlaner. He has level for sure. You’ve played with a lot of rookie mid laners
actually in your career. In the beginning you had Godbro,
then you had Nemesis actually at one point and then Jenax. How does he compare
to Nemesis because Nemesis is the big name now. He’s in Fnatic he’s, quietly
considered as the best of the 3 rookies that came in between him,
Humanoid and Abbedagge. How would you compare the two? How are they different,
how are they the same? who would you would you rather have on
your team, like as a player? I mean, obviously I would choose Nemesis, not only because I feel like he’s probably gotten better, but also we’re like friends,
I know him already, so it would be easy to work with and I feel like he has
changed a lot, I remember when… I mean, he has always been insane in mechanics, always really insane, but he was really stubborn at the start, like he was really stubborn,
just never taking a pink He was really good in Solo Queue, but many times there was like macroing things or overall things, you know to, like improve or anything And he was maybe so stubborn at the start, like, he couldn’t see the new, but I’m talking about like one year and a half ago and a lot of time ago, but I feel like it since he changed a lot, I think that has been improving and improving and improving… I just think that we’re gonna see him more mature, obviously. I don’t know him that well, you know, but when I talk with him, I feel like he’s
more like, I don’t know, I see him… (growing) you have changed, you know
but in a better way, and also his play style I like it a lot, because I feel like, he’s the young player, who like, imagine, I don’t know, we play Solo Queue and then
you play versus Rengar midlane, imagine… It’s not happening, you know, as an example, and then that Rengar does well he will be like: reading a
lot about why… He will go to “Rengar One Trick Ponies”. You know reddit, whatever… He would try it
and then, that’s why he has like an insane champion pool, like he can play
kind of strange champions or weird champions and many different styles… – I guess that’s very similar to Jenax, that they both actually play a lot of
good champions… You know Nemesis has his TF mid which he was kind of
revolutionizing with the Klepto, Jenax has his Renekton mid, for example,
which is one of his signature picks so… Do you think that… that rookies… it’s
becoming a common trend that they’re kind of coming in with a really fresh
mindset. Do you think that this fresh mindset that allows them to kind of see
the game differently is putting them above veteran players? I think so, I mean some things… Is that, would you say, is that their biggest key to success? they’re willing to learn? – Obviously, because if you have a rookie, and
he’s not even willing to learn… Then you’ve got the wrong rookie.
– You’ve got the wrong player… In my opinion, you should always try to find a balance
between mature players, like players with 22, 23, 24, 21, or at least players who, you know, like, who know how to handle situations, who… you know, who are not gonna create conflicts, and so on
with young players… that they also don’t like only wanna play play play play… with players who have sort of experienced a lot of years and they are also like playing a lot, but they don’t wanna get burned up you know like, I
think that there must be a mix inside the game, but also outside of the game, I think that’s important… I think if you put 5 rookies that things are gonna probably explode, like it’s not gonna work… (too risky) yeah
unless you have a really good coach and… Misfits Academy, for example, playing in the LEC…
Explosive… Good and bad. There was no balance. I don’t know how it was in the team inside
so I cannot really tell, but yeah like, I feel like… I think that balance is always like the right thing… Also, for example, for me as a player it’s really hard for me, for Soaz, for anyone it’s impossible to keep a
exactly a motivation as the first day that I went into LCS, you know? It’s normal… I’ve been playing for 5 years in a row with maybe stopping one
month you know each year, and blah blah blah… But that’s why you want a rookie, you know, that you see him and you’re like: “Wow, I was like this 4 years ago and then he motivates you to
play, you know, and then it’s kind of a mix. Like you kind of teach him, if he wants to… You know?
(I get you) You actually mentioned now that
you’ve played 5 years with no break and we’ve also spoke in the past that you said
that you’ve been living in gaming houses since you were 15 or 16? 16, so you’re in
your 20s now. That’s a long time, you know? And now in this split you were
playing a little bit from home sometimes we came here to the beautiful Magenta facility
of SK which is badass, by the way, and talk to me a little bit about that like
living in gaming houses in your life and then being able to play from home like…
Tell me about like how that helped your mentality and your burnout and
everything like… How is the experience for you? I mean I feel like,
for sure, teams should work together like they should work in the same
environment, but I also feel like and I also believe, that they shouldn’t live in
the same place that they work. For example, right now it’s less and less
common that this is happening. Like, there are many teams with visas and so on, but in the past every single team had gaming houses, you know? and I think that’s really bad for everything (long-term yeah) Like obviously at the start, you save time, you don’t need to go to the office… You’re all friends, but it’s normal that you have like these small fights or
that you get tired of someone, like that happens with your friends, with your best
friends. Obviously it’s gonna happen with someone that you don’t even know
deeply, you know? So, for me it’s like, for sure, you must like work in the same place if
you want to like improve and you wanna be a top team… but, for example, I will also think… and I will also like teams and players overall, because I was in teams, but I
feel like this, especially should come from players, to be more social, like to
do more stuff than just playing playing playing… Because yeah, when I was like 17
I could play 14 hours a day, and I would only play. When I was 18, I could play 15 hours you know? But I didn’t wanna spend my whole young life (I got you) only only
playing and not having a social life. ´ – People need to grow up, they need to experience life. Exactly, and I feel like obviously you need to play a lot, and to sacrifice things,
obviously I have lived that all my life, but at the same time I feel like
you plan it correctly you can also go out sometimes, you can go to
dinner as a team, you can make fun activities and I feel like there must be a
mix, because otherwise, yeah, you know everyone is really motivated, but not
everyone can be motivated after 6 years if you are only only playing…
because if you only play, yeah maybe you’re gonna win in everything. You’re gonna be
really happy you know you’re gonna be super motivated, but it’s impossible
unless you are God… – When you put your whole life into League and it doesn’t
work out it can affect your mentality, that’s why balance is important… – Faker,
for example, always wins so imagine if you only only play and you are
putting all your happiness and all your life into playing in a team game, you know? Like some times can’t even play good, and you will lose, like that happens, so I don’t feel
like it’s right (good) or it’s even good for you, and for your mentality to put everything into playing
and into this side. There must be a balance in your life.
– Speaking of balance, we actually had Phrenic on as the first guest of the
show and we talked a little bit about physical fitness and I know that you go
to the gym quite often… How important would you say is physical fitness?
Not just for you but for athletes in general… Obviously I could spend some more time at the gym,
and you spend quite a bit of time at the gym but talk to
me, like, do you work out? Does it help you? Do you think it’s important? Do
you think other players should look to do it more often? Other teams should look to make programs for players? I feel like it’s super important,
if I would be like a coach or like… any important you know like…
(manager) I would make it like mandatory like at least once or twice
per week I understand you’re like: “Oh guys I want you to be like…” (shredded)
“the next model of Calvin Harris” No… That’s not the idea, but,
like at least I feel like it’s really important First of all because, as I said,
there’s people who yeah you know they move and so on, but there’s also
people who only play and it’s really bad to be in a chair for like 12, 14 hours. I’m
not doing any exercise… Like at least stretch, at least do some cardio,
go to a gym 20 minutes, play a sport like you don’t need to go to a gym,
just play some football play some basketball, anything that you
like… I think it’s very important… for me personally, it’s very important in many
many ways for example if you have a bad day you’re going to scrims, you go 0-5, 0-6, really bad day, but at least if you went to the gym or if you did
some sport, or read a nice book… If you did some thing that’s apart from
that, at least you know it’s not a waste day because some days in esports life you feel
like “This day was useless…” It was even worse than like… Yesterday
we were better and we were like happier, or everyone was in a better mood than today.
So you feel like that day was a waste, but at least you say “Ok, you know I woke up early, I
went to the gym, and you know I studied this or I read this or I did something
different…” I feel like whatever happens that day, at least you did something…
– The routine kind of pushes through… up and down, it makes things consistent…
– Exactly and also because like for the stress and so on, it’s normal that there are like conflicts
and there are like fights, there are like… out of pressure for the match or because you are not playing as good as you should, or as a team… you guys are not you know understanding
each other, blah blah… I could have many examples and I feel like that’s important, you know, to liberate the body and the mind especially A lot of people have
pegged you, at one point, as a Jax one trick. Back in your days as the giants or
Huma, like if you’ve got Jax, that’s it game was over, you won the game, but
what actually is your favorite champion to play? To play? Actually I would say like, probably Fiora…
– Fiora?! Ok… So I feel like it’s kind of like Jax,
but it requires more skill and it’s like, I feel like the outplays that you can make are like cleaner, and yes, I love playing Jax,
but many times I just feel like There’s not like a huge combo…
– It’s a very simple champion, you just run at a person and he dies, but Fiora you have outplay potential, you can W, I can understand that. Yeah, I would say Fiora. For some time I don’t know like, Hecarim, but I wouldn’t say it’s my fav champion. My favorite champion I would say it’s Jax, but the champion that I enjoy most… – Not your favorite champion, what do you enjoy to play the most, like if you were going to go into a game and
your sole goal was to have the most fun you could have, playing your role, what it
would be? – I would say Fiora. Fiora, that’s a good one. Fiora is really fun. So now we’re gonna talk a little bit about Worlds… it’s kind of at the end of the year,
we’re getting there. Some teams have already locked in their
qualifications: G2 TL C9 Griffin finally made it to Worlds.If we’re gonna ignore
EU, no EU teams, who are you most excited to see it at Worlds or who would
you like to see the most at Worlds? Of any team, in any region… Being honest, I’m curious about how will Griffin do, because they’re always like…
they’re so good but when it comes to like going to an international event or into Worlds,
they don’t even make it or if they make it, they choke. They never actually, never
went to an international event… Griffin didn’t go once. – Not once?
– Nope. They choked every single time at the last minute, this is the first time we will see Griffin an international event. The one that you’re thinking of is Kingzone.
Kingzone was the hyped one and they go to Worlds and they choked at Worlds, but
Griffin actually never made it to an international event, this is the first
time we’ll see them. Ok, so now I’m even more excited for them… Especially, because when they were like because right now, obviously they’re like a top top team, but
there was a point that they were like the best team by far, (kind of like the G2 of Korea)
like really insane, And back at that time I was a
gamer like watching all the games, like studying the toplaner, how he was playing, like… (Sword) I really studied toplane and midlane and how Jungle was pathing everything so much, that I actually, I wanna see now, because for example, last weeks or months I haven’t
watched their games, but I actually studied them a lot, so I’m curious to see how they’re doing now. It’s interesting you mentioned Sword, because for me Sword is always like a really basic toplaner, he
plays a lot of basic champion, Sion, Urgot, and this is his best play style, but
the team that I’m actually most excited to see at… if they can make it to Worlds
from Korea, is Damwon Gaming, they have Nuguri and they have Flame…
– I like Nuguri a lot… Nuguri and Flame, like this is the perfect, strong side weak side combo, you know, and they
both have good carry potential, but obviously Flame, well-known player,
actually his form is good, he plays good, but Nuguri, this guy is crazy the best
Ryze and the best Vlad I’ve ever seen in the world, this guy I think is one of the
best top laners in the world … Obviously TheShy from IG, well-known, but I want to
see if Damwon can make it to worlds that’s the team I’m looking at. (Yeah I would like to) Showmaker, Nuguri, but it’s complicated. In Korea you have SKT… you have…
– Almost every single team, you would like to see them. For example, I said Griffin, not because I feel like Sword, you know is the best, Actually I don’t think so. But,
you know, I studied him, like I was watching the team a lot, I was watching how they draft, (how he plays) how they pick, How he plays, even though, you know he was just playing Sion, – But how he played Sion, Some said: “everyone can do that”. Yeah, but I don’t feel like everyone can just play Sion in the best team in the world, you know? – he was the best Urgot and Sion
from Korea 100% and I know it’s like: “Oh best Urgot…” or “best Sion” it’s like best at walking,
everyone, most people can do that, but yeah there are certain things
that he did special on those champions And not only like: “Oh how he plays Sion”, but how he goes into teamfights, When does he choose to go in? How inside he is in teamfights? Who is he covering? who is he flanking? and so
on, like these small small things I was actually like always watching him and
overall like watching Griffin overall, so I wanna see that… Who is of all time your
favorite player? It doesn’t have to be a top laner. Who is your favorite player of all time? League of Legends I don’t think I have one to be honest…
Like if it would be in Europe, I would say Perkz, Perkz, yeah okay that’s good one.
– For sure, I like him a lot, I feel like it’s insane that… I also think he’s the best player in EU Maybe not in individual skill level though he has very
high individual skill, but he can play so many things, but yeah I think that’s a
good one, that’s a good choice… I don’t feel like I have any player… Is there a player that you really look up to? Not really, that’s the thing. I’m overall, not only in esports, like overall, I don’t really have people… that makes me think like: “I wanna be like this guy.”
Doesn’t happen. Ok, that ends the initial part of the podcast, now we
get the really spicy stuff Jax or Poppy? Poppy. You made these questions? Madrid or Barcelona? this was one for you…
– For what?! Madrid or Barcelona? We got him good. Barcelona.
– Ok, Barcelona… Smart cast, or no smart cast? Smart Cast. Gank Top lane, or gank Bot lane? Obviously, gank top lane Tanky or Squishy? Squishy…
– Squishy? Oh ok… Alright… Mr. Poppy… Better Jungler wins, or better bot lane wins? Both.
– What do you mean both?! Pick one. Jungle or bot Lane? Who carries games more?
You’re playing solo queue, you lose the game you’re mad, you’re pissed, you just want
to let out some steam, you write in chat “better what wins”? Jungle. Pizza or pasta? Now this I wanna say pasta,
but in the past I would say Pizza. Infernal or Mountain? Got him. It depends on the comp, but…
– No no no, there’s no “depends on the comp”. What do you want? I like the Mountain…
– The mountain drake, ok… Flash on D or flash on F? Obviously flash on D. Good boy, spicy or not spicy? Not spicy, I hate spicy… Spanish person who doesn’t like spicy, ok… Too hot or too cold? What do you prefer? You prefer to be hot or cold? Hot. I like that one too. I mean you
kind of said it before, but Caps or Perkz? Perkz. heal or shield? Shield, because that one you can outplay easy… Like heal has no outplay, you just press heal. Skin or no skin? Usually I pay with his skin, but it
depends, like there are some champions that look… He’s really bad at this… You’re supposed to be one or the other.
What do you want? Skin or no skin? Skin.
– No skin! Ok skin is good. AD or AP? AD. Ok, and now the most important question:
Maokai or Cho’gath? Maokai. There we go. We love the Maokai. Thanks everybody for watching, obviously thanks Werlyb for coming on
board and talking to us a little bit and entertaining us and hope you guys
enjoyed the show have a great night.


  1. Spanish subtitles are available for this video!


    00:49 Introduction Werlyb

    02:00 Spanish vs German scene

    04:03 Thoughts on Pro Players & Toplane Players

    17:45 Gaming House vs playing from home

    20:40 Physical fitness

    24:05 Thoughts on Worlds 2019

    28:15 Hot Seat Questions

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