Logan Paul Fan Calls Into the H3 Podcast

Logan Paul Fan Calls Into the H3 Podcast

We have a Logan Paul fan on the line. Who wants to defend him. He thinks we’ve been inconsiderate. So in the spirit of fairness, and just hearing all sides, I want to bring Jordan here so that he can basically argue, you know, and on Logan side, so… Erik: All right. Jordan, are you with us? Jordan: Hello? *Laughing* Jordan: I’ve been watch…I’ve been watching you guys Ethan: Sorry, sorry I don’t mean to laugh What’s your name? Jordan: It’s okay, my name is Jordan, I’m from Ohio, I’m eleven and a half years old, just turned And I have a watching your live telecast here, and I think you’ve been saying a lot of slanderous, borderline libelous things about, uh, Logan Paul. Ethan: Well, I don’t think that I’ve slandered him. Why do you think I’ve slandered him? Jordan: I’m gonna- Well hold on, you son of a bitch… Ethan: Wait, hold on, Jordan. Erik: I did make a blog post where I slandered him really hard. Jordan: Wait you shut up.. First of all Jordan that language is not appropriate,.How old are you? Jordan: Well I don’t give a fuck what you think! *Everybody laughing very loud except for Jordan* Jordan: And I’m gonna…tell you something. And I’m gonna give you… and I’m gonna say something else right now, so get this: Now I’m gonna read something that you wrote down about Logan Paul, you said… quote “ha-ha” quote “ha-ha” “You laughed at somebody hanging, not cool.” Now, go ahead and explain yourself there, sir. Ethan: Well, I said… well, I don’t recall where I wrote that or what I said, but Logan did… Jordan: I see- I see- I see that- I see that online and you said it and it describes your, your personality, your name, you’re like this. Ethan: Well, well, Logan did take a picture with a corpse in the forest. You’re aware of that, right? Jordan: So what? *Everyone but Jordan laughs* John : Can I just, can I just say that I think that its very impress- Jordan: I- I- I- I hate to burst your bubble… I hate to burst your bubble there, sir. I know all of you coastal elites don’t think people die, but here in Ohio, we see people die every day so it’s not- Ethan: Yeah, but-but-but don’t you think it’s trivializing suicide to go and use them as like a prop in a vlog and put them in the thumbnail, and to just kind of use a body to get views ,don’t you think that’s a little inappropriate? Do you have any problem with that? Jordan: nuh- uh! *Hila laughs* Erik: Hey kid, hey kid, what’s your favorite crypto? Jordan: You know what? Y-You- You know what? That guy- Ethan: What’s your favorite crypto? Erik: What’s your favorite crypto? Jordan: Well, I’ll tell you something right now. I had I invested heavily. I stole from my parents purses. I have two moms. That’s okay. It’s 2018, that’s okay now. I stole from both of their purses, and I’ll tell you what I did with that money. I immediately went to my favorite- Erik: This is my favorite guest you have- Ethan: Who is this? Jordan: I invested in about 5000 dollars worth, US dollars. Eric: Jordan what-I don’t know what the hell you’re on man. We gotta get-I don’t know, man, we – Erik: Jordan what do you want to be when you grow up? Ethan: Talk to your parents. Dude, I don’t know, man. Ethan: Are you for real? Jordan: And I just wanna say one last… Jordan: Absolutely, sir, “are you for fucking really?!” Jordan: You son of a bitch and I’ll tell you something else… And I’ll say one last thing. And I’m not trying to- I’m not trying to alert the FBI or any kind of federal, federal- federal- agency, but I just want to say this: I do have about .5 Bitcoins to my name, and I will pay, I will pay all of that if somebody can… And I’m not making a threat *Everyone laughs except for Jordan* Ethan: Alright, alright, I dropped him. Ethan: That was getting too much. That was too much. Erik: “I’m not making a threat.” *everyone continues to laugh* Erik: You know what, Jordan, you gotta work on your not-making-a-threat skills. Everyone but Ethan: Thank you Jordan! Ethan: I dunno if that kid was for real, or what. Erik: I think he brought up some excellent points, though. John: He did, he really really did. Ethan: I mean his “so what” was a powerful counterargument. John: And people die everyday, you know and that’s just… What do we know. We’re just bicoastal, you know, frauds.

100 thoughts on “Logan Paul Fan Calls Into the H3 Podcast

  1. It brings me pleasure to know that there are people, to this day, that still think "Jordan" really was an 11 year old kid!!! 😂

  2. I have 0.5 dogecoin and I will spend every penny to have your head taken off by my father who works for the FBI and is a sniper

  3. “I know all you coastal elites don’t think people die, but here in Ohio people die everyday.”
    Fucking lost it, real shit bro

  4. Dude I legit fucking thought that was a kid at first, but then it turns out without my knowledge that it was just
    Zach/Psychicpebbles doing (in my opinion) a really good impression of a 11 year old

  5. borderline libel. so funny that when people get mad these days they think you should be in legal trouble.

  6. Hold on now idt poor Zach got to make his point here I think you should let him on again and give his 1st god given amendment lady’s and gentlemen it’s 2018 it’s okay

  7. Ethans eye brow game strong if there was a strongman competition for eyebrow muscles Ethan got that shit

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