Living in Spain Podcast 01

Living in Spain Podcast 01

Hola amigos que tal? Stuart here from Spain
speaks today with the first podcast that we’re going to be doing normally I’ve
just been putting out videos about my experiences here in Spain but I’ve
decided to go into the podcast format and I’m joined today by John who is
another long-term resident here in Spain 20 years I think John more or less it is
20 years 21 years next year 21 years in Spain so we’re gonna be talking about
some of our experiences over those 21 years some of the things that we have
done to survive in Spain for such a long time because it is a long time right
it’s a long time and it’s something that I wasn’t expecting to do as well so I’m
not your typical tourist or typical Brit that comes over to Spain to live in the
hot way there on the coast it’s a very different story for me so I had to adapt
to the country and adapt to the way of life and also to my surroundings which
aren’t what I had in the UK it’s not completely different I suppose very so
what what brought you to Spain in the first place well my career in the UK
started off very very quickly by the time I was 21 I was already general
manager of ten pin bowling centre so I was extremely young held the liquor
license in there in the bar and the bowling centre obviously as well and
everything so basically I starts off with a quite stressful life working a
lot of hours seven days a week often and I had an opportunity after about four
years of doing this to go to Mallorca work for eight months in Mallorca I was
offered a job there and still returned back to the UK with the same job and
actually in fact it would have been a promotion when I got back to a bigger
site but I arrived in Spain my very first day in Mallorca I met my
now wife we got together obviously after 6 8 months you don’t know where that’s
going to lead to in the future so I decided to stay on because I’d
already fallen in love and she agreed to stay New Yorker as well for more time
and and it just went from there there was no talk of going back to the UK we
did actually try to go back to the UK after a couple of years
unfortunately I chose probably the worst time of the year to go back we landed on
the 1st of December so we went through the worst part of English winter plus
Christmas without air with my wife away from her family and friends and after
about 4 months she’s like yeah that’s not gonna happen
so I ended up coming back so at the end of the day you were the one who had to
make that Christmas sacrifice let’s say to to have to go back every year at
Christmastime and yeah very much so I mean in the beginning it was impossible
I went back when I could we said anything come back at Christmas could we
just couldn’t afford the flights at Christmas time and and things that I do
get extremely expensive red letters yeah easyJet and things but unless you booked
it well in advance if you’re going around the holiday season the prices are
always going to go up high so you know I wasn’t earning a great deal of money
when I first got got here and I couldn’t afford to go to England at Christmas so
we used to go back during the bank holiday days at the beginning of
December and we’d go back to England and we’d celebrate Christmas literally for
three weeks before Christmas with all my family and then come back here and have
Christmas here because Spain does have those public holiday or bank holidays as
you said at the beginning of December right it’s six firm 8th of December the
bank holidays holidays obviously a lot of companies also create what they call
a point the the bridge which means you often get the 6th 7th and 8th off of
work which gives you a good opportunity to go it’s still actually a little bit
more expensive to go back to England at that time because a lot of Spanish
people also take advantage of those dates and travel but it was definitely
cheaper than Christmas had you heard of that um, Puente concept before you can be
Spain where you have a holiday in the middle of the week and you take the
Monday the Tuesday as well or the Thursday in
the Friday that was completely new to me I had no idea that you existed
in the UK when we have a bank holiday it’s never actually fixed we’re not
normally fixed on a specific date so for example may days the first Monday of May
they those always on the Monday yeah they’re normally always on a man they
refine exactly so we don’t have the concept of the blending which is the
other one that they talk about with the longer one the long one with a couple of
days in between yeah yeah that’s right here then those are important days here
in Spain those that type of holiday because being a tourist country everyone
you know goes to the coast or they go somewhere and the tourist industry
really loves those um those that type of holiday oh definitely I mean we live in
Madrid now I spent three three years in Majorca first and I eventually caved and
came came to Madrid because my wife’s from Madrid and I just couldn’t believe
the bank holidays during Christmas and and the bigger bank holidays the point
is as well in Madrid it’s like an exodus it’s just all of a sudden the whole city
empties and everyone disappears to the coast for a weekend or to the
countryside to the mountains it’s quite funny some sight to see right yeah well
it’s an exodus every weekend yeah as well you know and bank holidays and
every weekend people just try to escape the city which probably says something
about the city actually that you know it’s a fairly stressful month
stressful Monday to Friday and people just want to get out and go to their
village or their town or wherever on the weekends right because you know they
even a flat or a little box somewhere in the city and I want some space yeah I
mean I’m I’m a country bumpkin now I grew up in Stony Stratford in Milton
Keynes and Stony Stratford is a very old town a lot of history we’ve got all
countryside little villages on one side of the town and the other side of the
town we’ve got the city of Milton Keynes so I kind of grew up with the best of
both worlds but I didn’t have to live in the city and Milton Keynes isn’t a huge
city a population of about 300,000 it’s not a massive City when I got to
Madrid I’ve gotten mail as a fish out of water
we is too big too big for me to be too big and too busy I hate I hated the
traffic of having to travel in the traffic I quite enjoyed the Metro I’ve
got the underground the metro system is very good is quite new compared to
others especially compared to London and and I enjoyed travelling it I do admit
but the leaving your house in the morning especially either flats and I
grew up in a house I always had a garden let’s say I’m the countryside next door
as well you know I spent most of my youth out near the river played football
on grass and heroes and just all concrete and people and cars everywhere
very urban yes yes and where you live now obviously here 20 kilometres away
from the centre you’re able to find a bit of open space a bit of a bit of
group well not much greenery but open space here yeah I mean we we worked
extremely hard for the first few years in Madrid and saved up as much money as
we could and eventually I actually bought a house in a small village 40
well actually 50 kilometers from the center of Madrid and that was great I
was a detached house in a nice little village of about a thousand people
reviews across a little Valley lots of green trees lots of greenery
around and that was great but it was a little bit too far away and a bit too
isolated it’s not the same as living in a village in the UK so now we live 20
kilometres from the centre when rebus got that population about 85 thousand
people now and all it’s grown a lot he’s grown an awful lot but it’s still got
his parks it’s got the countryside nearby I’ve got a little lake nearby
rock and going of a fish or walk the dog and I and I enjoy that I enjoy you being
out in the fresh air anything else and I now the garden as well which easy but
Spanish countryside has nothing in common with the greenery that you get in
stonee for example not here the north of it exactly I mean Madrid is
just if you go to the countryside here it’s very desert like countryside to try
and describe it in one way there’s not much grass or small plants around really
as mainly trees ceased you see a few trees around there normally short trees
why call short trees really whereas if you goes through the UK I’m very tall
big bushy trees very green lots of greenery around it’s very yellow and
brown sort of colors most of the summer which is not what I’m used to you know
I’d say it’s a very very dry place here for probably six or seven months of the
year yeah so it is a bit of a a bit of a a change from what you’re used to
yeah for me the change well obviously I have the disadvantage that I’m just so
far away you know I just can’t get back as often as you could I mean you know if
you wanted to go back for a weekend you know it’s a lot more feasible let’s say
I mean for me it’s almost impossible to do and so for me yeah the first few
years were a bit of a culture shock as well you get used to it you know you you
you work hard and you’re Monday to Friday goes fairly quickly and then you
start to get used to things as well and it’s easier when you’ve got a Spanish
partner I supposed to get some things done for you that you know that you
probably wouldn’t be able to get done yourself yeah we’ve got quite a good
relationship in that way we we work very well as a team I’m not very good with
the administrative type of things in Spain I speak fluent Spanish now my
grammars not perfect laughs it was just just on that how long did it take you to
because did you come here with language skills on and not Spanish I I’d learnt
German at school I’d a GCSE in German lower it’s all great if he likes not not
very fluent but I had a I had the the exam results for that which I passed and
I’d learned a bit of French as well but I had no Spanish whatsoever we didn’t
have the option of Spanish in England at that time everybody learnt French and I
just got to high school when they started offering other languages and
Highschool it was German which is what I took so I’ve got to me Mallorca literally I
could count from one to ten in Spanish and order up to one to ten beers that
was literally all I knew had to say I mean I’ve worked with Spanish people the
first couple of months but most of my colleagues in the hotel where I worked
they were nearly all my okyun they had their own dialect there so they spoke my
okyun and all of my customers were British the hotel 100% British so I only
learned vocabulary and that was through my wife and her friends when we met at
night time every now and again often very noisy bars so it was just
recovering yeah yeah and then it it sort of hit me hard when I got to Madrid and
that’s when I pretty much got fluent and I could speak and understand everything
within six months I really yeah it was straight into it as I say you get thrown
in the deep end yeah as literally what happened I had to work I worked in Sol
for the first year and a half working a bar or something
I started selling tickets for tourist buses in the middle of Sol which
actually was very good for me I spoke a lot of Spanish
that I could to the Spanish people I sold a lot of tickets because anyone
that heard me speak English is oh my god as someone who speaks English and then
any Spanish people heard me though I was really funny it’s an English guy trying
to speak Spanish so he attracted people from all over the place and I sold a lot
of tickets I didn’t do very well there and then I I got job in Hawaii was the
landlord or the manager of a pub an irish pub just off of Sol i was there
for about six months yeah just in case people don’t know
Sol is it’s this that bang in the centre of Madrid riders the main tourist
area yeah it’s actually got the kilometre zero which is where they
measure all of the radial roads that go out from from Madrid to all the other
parts of Spain so every every year every roads that’s in Soll start by the the
kilometer distance markings that you see on the roads start
from the KM to 0 so obviously the motorways don’t finish in Soll so you
have the a 3 for example goes from Valencia through to Madrid and when it
gets to Madrid the actual motorways stops at Conde the Casal but the the
kilometer marker is from kilometer zero so yeah so when you see let’s say here
so which is I think we’re 19 or something that’s wrong so that’s 19 from
here to salt exactly which is the center of Madrid let’s say I don’t know I don’t
think it’s the center of Spain I think the center of Spain is down here in San
Cristobal I think did you know yeah yeah nice is this the center of Madrid yeah
that’s right so yes so um an interesting experience
how would you rate your your career your well if you can call it a career your
work experience your time working in Spain
it’s it’s been a bit of a roller coaster to be honest at the beginning I just
took whatever job that could so says and the tourist bus tickets there I was
managing a pub and then out of pure chance I was asked to help a company it
was a British company that it started selling products in Spain to gymnasiums
it was all audio and visual equipment and they needed someone who could speak
Spanish in in the center and move around Spain and it just so happened that they
found me offered me a job and I started working for them unfortunately that
company actually went bust two years later in the UK which meant their
Spanish section enter close as well but through the contacts I’ve got from from
the work there I was offered jobs with companies like Life Fitness we’ve got
pre-core Technogym not so much but a few other big companies that deal with gym
equipment they offer me some self-employed work fixing machines and
putting machines together when they sold new machines to new gyms and that was it
was very good for a couple of years but it was self-employed so I could be
earning or invoicing 3000 euros in December and
then you get to July in August everything just dies and I was actually
paying more money out in July and August than what I was receiving now I was I
had no work but I still had to pay the self-employed rate are you right you’re
on that self-employed scheme as well exactly I was paying 300 euros per month
to be self-employed but in Spain it doesn’t matter whether you’ve earned any
money or not you still have to pay that money so it cost me a lot of money and I
still had and I couldn’t stop being self-employed for a couple of months
because I still had a few bits and pieces going on
you actually that’s one of the biggest complaints people have about that system
that even when you’re not working so if you do get a couple of months where
there is no work and even when you teach English which which is what you know we
do now you as well those months where things do drop off
because in July and all those things do drop off people’s mentality changes
completely here as soon as the weather starts to warm up you know they’re just
not thinking about work or that’s all education or anything you know they’re
all they’re thinking about did they go into holiday mode yeah and you have to
keep on we don’t have to keep on paying it but but to go on and off is a bit of
an inconvenience and you still have to pay that two hundred and eighty or
something or three hundred whatever it is that we pay yeah it’s it’s a
difficult situation this year I’ve changed a little bit what I did I work
from September until May with fixed classes so I have classes actually done
for my house also self-employed so obviously I can give invoices to
everyone etc and I obviously have to pay all the taxes and everything and then
basically what happens in June in Spain the the schools have a shorter timetable
they actually finish around about one o’clock quarter to one near like a
summer timetable yeah and obviously that disrupts the children’s routine and the
parents but that’s only if the kids don’t have lunch at school well even if
the kids have lunch at school they still finish at 3:00 whereas normally they’d
be leaving the school at 4:00 or 4:30 so what happens is is the classes that
would normally start and have been starting from made
from September till May when they finished the school earlier but they
have their English classes at 4:30 they’ve got this gap and that gap of an
hour and a half two hours isn’t always what the parents want so in June I
probably have maybe if I’m lucky 15% of my classes 15px 15px it goes from 24
classes down to about 3 or 4 it’s it’s very low so it makes it makes life very
difficult for the summer you have to think about the summer you have to save
money every month to cover your your summer period and then in July and
August I have nothing at all there’s no work at all enjoying all this there’s no
classes so I actually come off of the self-employed scheme this year during
those two months and it’s fine it wasn’t a big issue I used the hysteria like a
accountants type administration firm and they did the work for me but you’re not
paying into the system for those two months as well which also affects your
retirement and your pension later in life so it’s not something that I want
to continue to do I would like to be able to earn enough money there so that
I can still keep paying into the system in in July and August even though I’m
not earning any money I’d not have that issue in there in future life yeah
because as you said your your pension is dependent on that right yes exactly and
if you don’t pay in you don’t get out so um yes so it’s been in interesting 21
years let’s say the experience in general John more positive than negative
oh definitely I mean I love the Spanish people
I love the the concept of family the family life
there’s a lot of very good positives that come out of Spain I couldn’t
honestly tell you if it’s a better place to live in the UK or the UK is a better
place to lived in here there’s so many pros and cons and they’re so different
the two countries that you really have to live the experience to see and it
depends on the sort of things you like the sort of life you have your family –
whether it’s a benefit to you or a negative and to me it’s been both yeah
so you’ve had your ups and downs yeah of course yeah I think everybody goes
through those those ups and downs especially I mean I always say that you
can have the same experiences living at home you know some days you’re good some
days you bet you know some days the UK or England’s the best country in the
world some some days it’s it’s the worst you know and the same thing happens here
but of course you know when you’re living in a foreign country sometimes
you can look for that foreign country excuse do you know what I mean to blame
everything on the country or all the lack of opportunity sometimes you can
also put it down to that but I agree with you that in general you know it’s
been a fairly positive experience otherwise we wouldn’t have been here for
so long I suppose but how do you as an Englishman here how are you treated by
the Spanish you said that you know Spanish a great people have good time
etc do you feel that they treat you okay or do you get some of the typical
stereotypes pop up every now and again I mean in general the space people treat
me really well most of the time I mean because I speak fluent Spanish they
don’t really treat me any different to anyone else yeah we the stereotype does
grind on me a bit sometimes they see you as British and automatically are you
must be you must love beer you must be a bit of a hooligan and I think they get a
very very the concept of the normal British people
because of the the tourism in Spain and I find that as a horrible stereotype
because if you imagine the amount of tourists that come over from the UK
you’re talking millions of people every year how many of those are actually bad
people bad tourists the ones that get blind drunk all the time it’s not that
great a percentage and when you look at the the problem with some tourism in the
in Spain from the UK tourists they’re normally focused on certain areas one
fantastic example which I lived and saw personally was megalith in Majorca
absolute dive of a place when it was full of British tourists absolutely
beautiful place surroundings everything when it wasn’t full of tourists but
doesn’t doesn’t a place like magaluf don’t they deliberately attract that
type of tourists though with cheap alcohol cheap hotels cheap food
precisely this is this is the thing and and the owners of those restaurants a
lot of the times and bars this this Spanish businessman it’s a big mix
Magaluf is a big mix but this is where I see two problems here
the first problem the the whole of Magaluf was sold as a cheap drinking
experience basically so what did it attract the attract families no it
wasn’t so many families what it was was a whole ton of really young people 18
the 18 to 30 range which is what they sell it to but mainly 18 to 20 24
year-olds well a lot of these people they’re going to on their very first
holidays they’ve just started drinking they’re not used to drinking in great
amounts and then all of a sudden they’re sold a holiday which no word of a lie
you could buy for a hundred and fifty pounds for a weeks all-inclusive holiday
105 150 for a week for a week all-inclusive yes I mean just just three
years ago I was looking to go to New Yorkers and visit friends because we
still have friends in Mallorca and we were trying to get a package deal
or even just flights and then hotel from from Madrid it was cheaper from the UK
and I found so ridiculously much cheaper we actually found the cheapest holiday
we could find was around about 700 euros per person from Madrid and that was the
cheapest at the time and that was also all-inclusive yeah and it was in the
summer it was actually that might have been half board actually and it was in
the city in the summer it was in the main summer period but looking at the UK
I actually found it was cheaper for me to get an easyJet flight back to the UK
and then buy a package deal from the UK to me Orca the the cost from Madrid to
Majorca was three times four times more expensive exactly yeah it was gonna cost
me about 245 pounds service man maybe at the time and maybe about 275 to 300
euros per person from the UK with the children free free UK because they’re
under 12 there was nothing with the children free now all of these come from
the deal was that Spanish hotels had made with the tour agents in the UK so
wearing where the problem arises the Spanish hotel sells the whole hotel to
the spider to the UK agent and the UK agent obviously gets a really good price
because you see they buy all the rooms for the whole season
then they sell the hotel and the price they want to but when it gets closer to
the summer season if they see that they’ve still quite sorts of rooms left
they start reducing the price and that obviously makes it a lot cheaper for
people to go last minute then when you get to the resorts all you find really
cheap bars pound a point or euro a point for a beer how much do you pay for a
pint of beer in Madrid if you go to the bars or the
the Irish pubs for example in the center of Madrid the cheapest you’ll find pints
of beer would be around about 5 euros ok so you can imagine the difference this
is a big difference I think you don’t 5 euros is around about the right the same
price is what I’m paying for a pint of beer back in my town yeah so it’s no
difference to the UK price but here for a pound you can get a pint your great
pound for a point yeah I think Benny dorms the same yeah and it’s and and
it’s not all owned by UK air or British people is a very big mix in fact one of
the places are used to frequent a lot when I was working there there were all
owned by Spanish people the ones that I was visiting then you have some that
have been sold to English people and this comes to my second point of the
problem the second problem you’ve got is the amount of property the amount of
businesses that the Spanish governments have allowed to be sold to foreign
people so when you say foreign people you mean anyone from UK Russian German
okay I mean so not only European Union but also there’s a lot of Russian owned
properties in in New Yorker as well they may have passports European passports I
don’t know but I know people Russia in their own businesses in America as well
and that I think is a big problem massive sell out basically exactly
you’re selling your country basically to other nationalities which is all well
and good at the beginning you’re receiving an enormous amount of money
coming from other parts of Europe as a big boom more things get built but at
some point everything stops and all of a sudden a lot of these businesses and a
lot of these bars even hotels now as well owned by people from the UK from
Germany and obviously that then becomes very difficult to control which type of
tourists you’re bringing over and if they’re making money from the worst of
the worst by bringing over drunks and people that
just want to go and drink get stupid because they don’t care what
their accommodations like etc they’re going to carry on doing it
magaluf is taking a turn around it’s actually improved the Council of wised
up to the problem and it has improved a lot
so there is a way around it and Benidorm needs to start doing the same thing I
think yeah there’s a lot of bad press here in Spain about especially the Brits
and every now and again a couple of things pop up which I really get under
the Spanish skin let’s say there was one a couple of months ago or maybe at the
beginning of August I’m not sure where so a homeless guy in Benidorm had his
forward tattoo did you hear about that yeah I read that article disgusting no
in absolutely disgraceful from the people that did it but again you’re
gonna get stupid people everywhere yep so but this is bad behavior obviously
I’m not going to I’m not going to condone that behavior but the the tattoo
artist should have perhaps said let’s come on we you know I think one of the
problems also is that guide the homeless guy already had a tattoo on his forehead
anyway yeah yeah I mean obviously they took advantage of a homeless guy which
is amazing well they had a tattoo I gave him a couple hundred pounds or something
yeah I think 100 anything was that much I think was 100 euros or something they
go them which is nothing but to a homeless guys a lot and well it doesn’t
really matter if he’s already got a tattoo on his head or not and they were
still abusing this this homeless guy be on tattoo artist I think is just as much
to blame yeah as the people that were paying for it well I can see here it
says ninety pounds to have groom’s name on forehead forward yeah so now you’re
right James Jamie Blake North Shields in e28 that’s
what he wanted to to put on the guy’s head so yeah they probably thought it
was a bit of a laugh at the time and drugs probably a few illegal substances
had been consumed as well I presume I meant of them
it was plenty of them in Spain enjoy yeah so that’s obviously something that
you know highlights the that see I always get the impression because
obviously coming from Australia you don’t get the same you know there’s not
the same my history that the that Britain and Spain have but I do get the
feeling sometimes at the Spanish press and the British press or sound can be a
little bit anti Spanish and the Spanish press can also be a little bit nd
British and yeah and when these things pop up they they really get highlight
they take advantage of it and it’s a turns me because as I said I’ve never
had any sort of ill feeling towards any nationality really I mean in 2001 I
founded a Cricket Club here in Madrid the very first exactly wasn’t very first
quickly clubbing in Spain years and years and years ago and I helped
resurrect it in 2001 and we’ve got 14 different nationalities in our club 14
14 yes it’s crazy Afghan ease to Indians and British people obviously all the way
through the German American South African everywhere we’ve just had an
enormous amount of nationalities even Argentinean and they don’t even play
cricket in Argentina so yeah he’s it’s it’s a huge eye-opener for some people
they get to the club and all of a sudden they’re they’re able to connect and
speak and learn about other cultures to these people and I think it’s a
fantastic thing to do and it really saddens me when two countries get this
little niggling problem and they anything they can do they just jump on
the back of the other one and obviously I think a lot of the problems stem from
history and still from Gibraltar and there’s obviously an issue there well
obviously you’ve you’ve on that cricket aspect it hasn’t been easy to convince
people here in Madrid at least about the validity of cricket as a sport right to
get facilities and ground even and virtually impossible yeah I mean quickly
just unknown in Spain really you say you play cricket
and people think you play polo or they think you played croquet anything yeah
quite they say no yeah see I’ve seen here where we live here in Revis there’s
badminton clubs there’s softball there’s baseball even American football yeah and
you know all of these other sports have been given facilities and ground to play
but cricket seems to hit a brick wall yeah I mean there’s at least in here I
mean it’s probably different you know down in there on the coast it’s easier
because of the expats population but that’s another subject that we can quite
easily discuss the difference between expat and immigrant is there one but now
the the population of immigrants on the coast is obviously it makes things
easier to to do down the coast and it also brings in a lot of tourism as well
and that’s the hard thing to sell to the Madrid council the the council’s here in
different areas we actually haven’t asked for any money from anyone here in
Madrid yet and we’re not planning on doing either we haven’t asked for
anything for free either we have asked for a piece of land to use to rent to
pay money to use this ground and we will actually pay to build the grounds to the
specifications of a cricket ground how can we do this well a lot of our members
aren’t very rich at all in fact we we actually have quite a few num quite a
large number of students we also have two refugees from Afghanistan who we
sponsor so we we pay their match fees we pay their membership we buy their whites
that the clothes that we use to play cricket because we want to promote the
sport here and we want to help as well as much as we can how do we raise the
money we have a tournament every year where do we have a tournament not in
Madrid because we don’t have a ground yeah so we literally have to organise an
international tournament in La Manga every year
the money we raise from that tournament half of the money goes towards war
percentage of money goes towards Madrid CC and a percentage goes towards the the
charity of choice Lemang get La Manga being in mafia that’s right on the coast
with you so we’ve been doing that for 12 years now and you raise a few thousand
euros every year and we’ve managed to save 30,000 euros for for our ground but
even with this we’re explaining to the council’s that having a cricket ground
would actually bring cricket teams over from all over Europe to play here so
you’re filling hotels you’re using restaurants more tourism in the centre
as well we’re paying for the ground we’re paying rents we’re developing the
ground even with all this information it’s still becoming impossible the
reason one I think it’s a doubt that what we’re saying is actually true
although we can show what other create clubs have done I think that’s part of
it lack of knowledge of what the sport actually is and if you look at cricket
it’s actually the second biggest sport in the world when you look at viewing
numbers not sure about playing numbers but definitely viewing numbers because
of India because of India Pakistan Bangladesh the the color X colonies of
the UK obviously have large populations but it’s played all over the world but
just in specific areas and it’s played in West Indies South Africa New Zealand
Australia as well of course as well as the other Asian countries that we just
mentioned and now he’s growing in Europe you’re getting some quite strong teams
coming out of Ireland Holland even Germany now is getting a
good team together so it’s hard for them to really understand the sport that’s
not played in their country hardly at all when we started the club up in 2001
there were eight clubs in the whole of Spain after being one of those eight
when we finished the league last year I believe we had a hundred and ten clubs I
mean it’s he’s improved enormously and it’s improved enormously in Barcelona
well in catalunya the Catalonian governments
have realized the potential of cricket yeah because of the I’ll just said
because of the Indian popular Indian it’s not many Catalans playing ossified
they’ve got fewer got some plane one of our ex members is playing in a club
there and he’s got a few people playing there that a Spanish but not it’s just
is very difficult to promote cricket to anyone until you’ve got the facilities
to do so so now the Catalonia government of given facilities or provided
facilities for those clubs they’re actually growing faster they’re getting
more publicity and they’re getting them out there in Madrid is very difficult to
do so now we’ll just move on to another topic here quickly which is obviously
the brexit situation a lot of a lot of the press at the moment we can see here
brexit exodus thousands of British expats living in Spain return to the UK
expert Exodus from Spain thousands of Brits quit and brexit fears etc etc I
don’t want to really you know go into why brexit happened obviously there’s a
lot of different thought on the subject but how is brexit going to affect you
John as an English person living here in Spain I think honestly I think it’s a
very hard question such the answer I think anyone really knows how it’s going
to affect us at the moment this is the point so it’s been nearly two years yeah
and what do we know we we know for a fact now that a lot of the the
campaigning was regards to breaks it was a lot of scare mongering there are a lot
of lies told by both sides as well and I honestly believe we’ve made the wrong
decision in leaving I didn’t get vote because I’ve been here for 15 year more
than 15 years at the time of the vote I wasn’t allowed to vote so but if I had
voted I would have voted remain obviously I think it’s the logical
choice to stay in Europe however although I felt that remain was the
the correct decision and it and obviously I was very disappointed with
the leave vote I do understand the people that voted leaf for various
reasons one some of the people the voted leave did so because they were scared
they were told a lot of Lies a lot of scare mongering by the leave campaign
and I think a lot of people actually were scared and they they voted leave
for that reason another reason we’ve we’ve obviously always been a very
different country compared to other parts of Europe we’ve separated by
waters in Ireland we’ve grown through the years and evolved through the years
on an island so we were still driving on the left-hand side of the road we still
use our own current currency etc and the reason for that is is because of
experience in in the UK what older people would have experienced
with the change of the summarization so I do understand why a lot of people
wanted to leave they also believe that we’ll have more control over things such
as immigration which people have said to have become a problem in the UK now
however I think that’s more of a government policy rather than anything
to do with Europe and that’s that’s been you know the main the main thing that
people have been looking at immigration the scaremongering I think all of that
has really put pressure on people to vote leave so I do understand it but I’m
very disappointed and you hear a lot of um I suppose it is scare mongering now I
mean everyday you can read in the papers here that driver’s licenses could be
affected obviously the residency situation if there’s no agreements
there’s a couple of YouTube channels there that are also talking about the
the importing the exporting of goods into the UK the travel issues as well
all of those things I mean but as you said nobody seems to know exactly what’s
going to happen and we’re not you’re not really getting any clear messages are
you from either the Spanish government or the
government as to not as to whatever as clear as mud no now um so the situation
before just let me try to get this clear because I saw a video here on YouTube
and it was a woman I’ve got it here and I’ll just see if I can find it says how
I got residency in Spain is a freelancer now this lady apparently I didn’t watch
all of the video all the video but she said that she managed to get residency
in Spain she showed her little piece of paper that she has here and she said
that she had to have 7,000 new pounds in a bank account and she’s a freelancer or
something now I understood that the European Union you can work you can come
and live here without having to go through that process exactly I don’t
really understand what she’s talking about there to be honest I came to Spain
with a thousand euros in my pocket yeah so maybe it’s change in those 20 years
obviously well I’m not sure but I what I understand that the European Union is
that if you want to go and live in another country you can do it so here
she says that she had to hire a lawyer I saw she also had to have that money in
her bank account so obviously it’s not that easy to move
around the European Union if you listen to what Ana glo else and glowing Suki
says yes I’ve heard stories of people that are coming here to live as retirees
people are retired they come here to live and they yes I understand that they
do have to have at least a minimum amount of money in the bank to help
support themselves they have to go through a process to get residency here
as well and that you can understand because they’re not going to become part
of the working population they’re not gonna be paying taxes here because
they’re not working on things so you can understand that there’s there’s a
process to that but I was under the impression that the younger people if
they came here to work they could get residency with the complete freedom of
movement throughout Europe as young people
from Spain to UK yeah that’s what I thought but apparently her situation is
that she’s not going to be working in Spain she’s going to be getting her
income from the UK but she wants to live in Spain but that then goes back to the
point I made before about the people that coming here as retirees
that’s the situation working here she’s not paying any tax
yes she’s paying tax in the UK but I also was under the impression that if
you did come here to live and you got residency here and you were working for
an opening and the UK or anywhere else where you had to then start paying tax
over here I think within six months that things change I’m not really up-to-date
with all these thing it doesn’t affect me ya know it doesn’t really affect me
either so that’s the point so if you reside in
Spain for a hundred and eighty three days that’s it yeah it doesn’t matter
whether you’re inked where your income comes from you’ve got to pay tax here
right Sophia Rhett’s well that’s why I didn’t really understand what her story
was I’ll probably have a look at the whole video I mean we’ll just have a
look here at wet and a minute and see what she says it’s about how I managed
to get my residency here in Spain as a self-employed person so there’s one way
of doing it which is by getting a job now that changes depending whether
you’re from the EU or not and there’s the other way of doing it which is how
I’ve done it I’ve looked in by still doing it before breaks it and I was
really focused on making sure that I got it done because nobody knows what’s
gonna happen next it probably wasn’t too much of a
pressure for me to need to have it because I go back and forth between
England and Spain so much I didn’t really need to be a resident here at
first but because the climate is so changing we don’t really know what’s
gonna happen and because I also want to legally marry my boyfriend then then it
was a really really useful and important thing to do here’s what you need to know
you need your passport a lawyer and a place to live at 7,000 pounds in your
bank so as I fully understand it is that I I still pay my
taxes to the UK because this is where I earn my money what do you think the
government so that’s the point she pays the tax in the UK but if you live
those 183 days in Spain which I presume she’s gonna do she’s gonna have to pay
tax here yeah I mean people I think people are actually taking the mickey
when it comes down to living in Spain in many respects you cannot expect to come
to Spain enjoy life in Spain living in Spain but earning money in the UK and
paying taxes in the UK because if you’re living in Spain obviously if you don’t
pay taxes you’re not contributing towards Road okay
rubbish rubbish clear well rubbish collection normally gets paid through
local taxes local taxes but but other things as schooling education things
health system everything so if living in the UK living in UK you’re living in
Spain and you’re paying taxes in the UK you’re basically cheating with Spanish
people which is wrong and and I completely understand why Spanish people
get upset about that completely let’s see what’s a little bit more honest it
is just to simply know that you’re not gonna come here become a resident
suddenly become a burden to them so they want to know that you are able to
support yourself financially and obviously if they’re not giving you any
jobs you need to provide you need to provide your own evidence of that first
things first and I got a lawyer I if you want to find out who I used she’s in
Malaga and send me a message and I’m happy to send you her details she does
only speak Spanish though so it might be worth looking doing – goofy searching
into someone who specializes in residency’s who speaks English and I’ve
known people to get their residency in three weeks it took me five months five
months to get your residency no I don’t know see like I said I I had to go
through a completely different process coming from Australia and I don’t have
that that European advantage but it seems a
little bit strange it could be the case III don’t know it’s here in Madrid I
would imagine is probably quite normal because you have to go through all the
paperwork process and everything so I mean it could take that long but I mean
so many things she just said there which I just made me laugh because it’s
exactly what’s wrong with this type of situation first of all you know they’re
not giving us jobs so then give you jobs you can get a job yeah it’s right you
know I think they’re the youth of of today I’ve got to a point where it’s
like being self-entitlement I’m entitled to this you’re not you work for it you
have to work for it yeah that’s ridiculous
and then the second point which actually says the lawyer only speaks Spanish you
know I mean this of course she’s Spanish she lives in Spain if you’re gonna come
and reside in a country there’s two things either one you get here and then
you learn the language and your while you’re here you start learning the
language but if you if you’re gonna come here and you know you’re gonna live here
you should be learning the language you should make an effort make an effort
I mean it’s such a problem on the coast because people come here they go to
little british areas and they don’t learn in spain probably a little bit
alienated yeah let’s just see what else she says here just quickly but you
either need to own a house or show that you’re renting and basically show that
you’re not homeless so I imagine it would be pretty hard if you’re doing the
whole van life thing to get residency here they bought my contract with me and
they bought my passports and I registered myself for an Empadronamiento and that’s basically just telling the local town of torremolinos not that I
am living here with you in your town so it’s a little bit complicated from I
can’t work out here with the empadronamiento their own um en door which is the
difficult work to say let’s be honest but yeah so this is the the type of
stuff that we’re gonna be seeing all the time
yeah because Spain is still gonna be a desired destination for British people
let’s be honest I mean there’s things here that you can’t get in the UK like
the good weather for example and especially in Malaga so again people are
gonna be coming here so you know this type of video here and she could be
right I mean I have no idea how the system works but it seems complicated
that you have to go through all of this theoretically still being part of the
European Union if you know what I mean yeah well Spain’s
always been a bureaucratic nightmare no matter whether you’re English or Spanish
yeah but we just saw a homeless guy from Norway or somewhere I don’t think he’d
have a residency right but he’s living in Spain obviously as a Europe Norway
European Union I don’t think it is but he’s come down but he’s come down here
and he’s living there or Swedish where he was from
and you know so I mean there’s just so much information it’s just so
complicated to work out what’s going on yeah you really need to pay a lawyer to
get all this done or hastily I mean depending on what you’re actually doing
but again it’s is this the whole concept that people have have of this exodus of
people leaving because it breaks it and why people come to Spain Spanish Spain
is a tourist destination at the coast of Spain is extremely popular with a lot of
European countries not just the UK but extremely popular over the UK yes and
it’s going to continue being so I mean I don’t think there’s going to be much
changing because it breaks it in that sense however the reason that we’ve got
so many people coming to live in the UK is because of the amount of UK tourists
it’s not just oh I want to live in the beach people see an opportunity to open
a business which is something that would attract their British tourists and
making some money from a new business venture in a different country but also
taking advantage of the weather and all of those things and all those things as
well so so basically if you the whole world our concept of the exodus I think
is a very mixed situation I think that a lot of people are still returning to the
UK because of the crisis there has been an increase in tourism
over the last couple of years but it’s maybe not enough to keep supporting
these people that made a business when before the crisis hit there’s still
people leaving I know people that are leaving Spain because of the crisis and
yet they’ve literally can’t support themselves yeah so that’s it we’ll
probably never get to the to the bottom of the situation
I’ll get any type of conclusion but we’ll see what happens over the next few
months leading up to brexit and we’ll see if the exodus does continue
so John I’ll say thanks we’ll cut the the podcast there short today we’ll be
back next week I think right yeah definitely and we’ll chat about
something else we’ll see what’s what pops up over the next week or so I’m
sure that there’ll be more information coming through about Spain and Britain
and all of those things that we need to talk about if you guys have got any
questions that you like to ask us just leave them in the comment section below
give the video a thumbs up if you liked it I’ll say good bye John goodbye thanks
for popping in today and as I said we’ll see you again next week
to the viewers out there like I said give the video a thumbs up and we’ll see
you in the next podcast and you can hear us in the next podcast of course if
wherever you are watching this whether it be on Facebook YouTube or on the
webpage hasta luego

26 thoughts on “Living in Spain Podcast 01

  1. Some nice points. I agree with everything John said on the perception of the British and the uncertainty created by the Brexit vote. Exodus may make those of us who stay more marketable though!

  2. Anyone who has lived for more than 15 years outside the UK should NOT be allowed to vote to say how I should live in the UK, I think that is a reasonable time duration. After all I was not old enough to vote for or against the Common Market in 1978, which was all it was supposed to be, but that was dishonest, we were sold a lie because for 40 years I have lived under a political EU hidden agenda which now control our laws that say how I should live. Immigration is nothing to do with the UK government when Angella Merkle backed by the unelected, globalist elite in the EU invites all and everyone to come and the UK indisputably becomes the number one target destination. It would continue to destroy our culture if we were to allow maters like this to continue. I was not told a lie about these matters when I voted, I can see the sickening transformation of our culture on the streets for myself and that is why we have said enough. With your gloomy faces I am trying to decide if you are promoting Spain or otherwise because that is where I would like to settle. I'll have a game of cricket with you anytime, not all 'Brits' are interested in 1 euro a pint.

  3. There is nothing strange about what Anna Glowinski is saying about needing 9,600 euros in the bank per annum to prove to the Spanish authorities you can pay for yourself without relying on the state. Something we should be doing in the UK. Check out

  4. Hi Soundgrounder,
    I pretty much agree with you (to a point) about not being able to vote after being abroad for more than 15 years. I pay taxes in Spain and not the UK so that's fair enough, but at the same point I can understand the frustration of people like me that are affected by the vote. We're pretty much stuck with whatever everyone else decides.
    I do have my own opinions on the Brexit vote though and what I think it means to the UK. I do believe that we may well regret the vote in the future. But that's just my opinion and I could be wrong. Only time will tell!
    Regarding my gloomy face….. I didn't think I was particularly gloomy! Maybe it's just my face! Haha I don't expect to ever become a top model or a news reporter, I just sat down with Stuart to have a chat.
    On an important note… I'm not taking part in this to promote Spain. Just give my honest opinion on my experiences here. It's up to each individual to decide whether leaving the UK is a good option for them.or not. It's not for everyone and certainly not something I should or shouldn't recommend. It's an important personal decision and often comes down to many local factors in the UK rather than here in Spain (family ties, employment and careers and even hobbies).
    You're more than welcome to come over for a knock. One fantastic thing about Spain is that our cricket season starts earlier than in the UK and finishes later! 🙂

  5. Hi RossBayCult,
    Salaries depend on where you live in Spain. The cost of living is a lot higher in Madrid, for example, compared to other areas of Spain. Many coastal cities can also have higher rents, but as you go to smaller villages and towns away from the city the rent reduces drastically.
    In Madrid most locals regard anything around 1200€ per month as a decent salary and 1500€ a good one. However, this obviously depends on what work you're doing as well. Unfortunately there are a lot of people here trying to live on 800-900€ per month. Many people with these lower salaries are working in retail, bars, cleaning etc (examples based on friends or people I know) but I also live on the outskirts of Madrid so these salaries can vary in the capital.

  6. The "hate" between our two nations is historical. The black legend still hurts and is teached in schools. So any time a brit does something bad in spain it explodes.

    Like that piece of news that said that each year brittish tourist fake stomach diseases and other stuff to get free hollidays. 50 million euros last summer.

  7. Good to see you again Stuart. I''ll be honest, this format is not my kind of thing. I far prefer your own take on things Spanish. It's your show so do it how you want. I'm just saying. Cheers. WT

  8. Im a spanish man looking for some lisening practise and I found this really interesting conversation about the point of view of an english, clever, guy living here. Congratulations!

  9. Greetings from the states! Very much enjoyed this new format and look forward to more like this. Contrary to criticism from those who are in favor of your regular vlogs, I feel the podcast allows you to focus more on meaningful discussion and go more in-depth about various subjects. However, I do enjoy your vlogs, as well, and hope you don't abandon that format entirely. Hope, too, we see more of Jonathan as he seemed to speak with authority on many subjects.

  10. Hello guys. Thank you for the amazing information about Spain.I am Sam from Texas USA and I am planning to come to Spain by November-01-18. I have 1 question about jobs. Does Uber allowed to work in Spain? How it works for non eurpion people?
    Sorry it's 2 questions hahaha.thanks

  11. It seems that both of you came to live in Spain due to falling in love with a Spanish woman.For Stuart,the journey would've been more work to get a grip on how things are done in Spain.
    I'm an Australian born Spaniard and never went out with a Spanish girl in my life.There weren't many to start with.You must have been one of the lucky ones!

  12. "puente" concept for holidays exists in french and french canada too as far as ive seen, maybe in a different way, but i know ive heard 'faire le pont' very often when hearing people talk about a holiday connecting/extending at peoples' convenience

  13. In regards to Anna's video, I've watched it and seen many similar stories. i'm not sure things are as free as they were before, there are many posts online where people say they've been asked for months of proofs, various documents, etc etc. It's also very difficult to find the real requirements on the spanish government websites. So you have to rely on a mix of stories, forums, articles, videos, government sites, etc etc.

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